the bathingsuit


@jordynjones 🇺🇸 4th of July 👙🌊 bathing suit by @victoriassecret @vspink✨ Snapchat: jordynjones11 #vspink #summer #swimsuit

Now that I’ve finally seen Wonder Woman, can I gush about this photo for a minute???

I was so happy with the whole movie and pretty pleased with her outfit too because I wasn’t a WW fan before and the bathingsuit style outfit always annoyed me, but this picture in particular pleases me so much because LOOK AT HER. She’s front center, she facing forward, not a side pose to take up less space, and with the addition of the full cloak over her shoulders she has a more full and solid appearance. Other times in the film before reaching the front line her strength is downscaled with more slimming outfits and covering up, but this is just after the revelation of her armour and her first actual battle. This is Diana after her first consequential victory, and this photo portrays her as a figure of power.