the bat thing

Shortaki Week Day 4: Tears/Reunion 

Ok so, I personally have the falling out/break up around 7th grade. Maybe near mid-way through the school year? There’s problems on both ends b/c they’re kids and dealing with all sorts of stuff and don’t really know how to handle things or what they really want yet, etc. If I finish the fic for this I’ll go into more detail. The fight is. A doozy though. And shortly after that Arnold’s parents tell him about the move.

I have Arnold returning around senior year of High School. There’s still feelings there on both sides but a) Helga has worked hard to get by without making him her entire world and is afraid of jumping into anything more than friends right off the bat considering how bad things ended the first time and Arnold respects this completely and b) they’ve missed quite a few very important years and they’ve both changed and need to get to know each other again. So they both stay friends, and of course, become best friends. I’m thinking they don’t get back together as a couple until second yr of college.  

I have my reasons for Helga’s look but I think I’ll get into that whenever I finish the big timeline pic I’ve been working on.

Dick Grayson is a Goddamn Dork™ ACTUAL CANONS

1. The discowing suit. I mean, really?

2. Canonically was responsible for naming the batarangs, the Batmobile, and probably every other bat- thing in the cave.

3. Continued to defend those choices, even as Batman. “That’s a stupid name.” “You mean *awesome*.”

4. Little kid tries to punch him (as a cop!) and he responded by saying, “you’re throwing a punch wrong. Here, hit me again, like this”

5. Built an entire secret room in his apartment for vigilante purposes, still leaves his Nightwing suit in a heap on the ground next to his bed where Goddamn anyone can see it

6. Puts his fingers up by his head so that thugs who see his shadow will think he’s Batman

7. When deciding what to call his new a batarang equipment, unironically decided to call them “wing-dings”

8. Is honestly flattered when supervillains compliment his butt


10. Does not bother to park the Batwing or even bring it low, flings himself out of it from 1,000 feet up because *aesthetic*

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

Why aren’t Fruit Bat Vampires a thing???? Like they have 15 fridges or somehing and are obsessed with watermelons and pineapples. They are more day-light and people friendly. Like super chill. They love just chilling in flowerbeds. They like to farm and garden. “Why would you attack a human WHEN YOU COULD HAVE THIS NECTARINE??”

Literally everything about Batman is so much better when you think about all the little behind the scenes things that must have happened to make Bruce such a goddamn dad

Like yeah he’s really bad with change and his communication abilities are really lacking due to being extremely heavily isolated and traumatized for the majority of his formative years, but like

I am at least 99% convinced that all the bat-named things like the batmobile, batcomputer, batfridge, etc., were originally normal phrases like ‘the car,’ ‘the computer,’ etc., but then Robin showed up he started calling them bat-things because he was nine, and Batman went along with it.

It’s too late to turn back now. Too late to make excuses to anyone. He’s committed. Nightwing doesn’t say anything. The other Robins have no idea. No one has any idea.

Everyone thinks Batman is legitimately obsessed with bats.

No, he just wanted his cave to be child-friendly, and when it turned out Robin #1 really liked the bat idea and thought it was cool enough that it should be incorporated into everything, Batman fucking incorporated it into everything. He just wanted to make the kid happy, damnit

His son is terrible at naming things.