the bat in the hat

[me, standing outside gerard ways house at 2:48 am on a tuesday morning banging two pots together with a tinfoil hat on my head]: UNLEASH THE FUCKING BATS

These girls have all the powers they need…from within. “EMPOWERED” is a limited print available in my online store for preorder. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the ACLU. Keep your heads up folks!

ok get this i just had a great idea: baseball bat/referee ability kirby

white baseball hat with a black peak/flap thing/whatever you wanna call it and black bobble thing at the top (great terminology here, huh) that he’s wearing slightly tilted or off center, and two black lines positioned like an equals sign (=) replace the blush stickers

attacks could involves a chargeable baseball bat, fast but weak when uncharged and slow but powerful when charged, though to charge it you’d of course have to hold a button and stay completely still, and executing it perfectly could end with a star ko animation for the enemy killed with it

baseballs as fast and moderately strong projectiles

and some attack that involves loudly blowing a whistle

is this a good idea or am i just thinking too hard about a dumb concept again

I’m gonna talk about that one softball mabel au because not only is it good and pure, but it also brings back many fond memories:

-she would totally, without a single doubt, do that thing where she gets her name spray-painted onto her batting helmet in many colors with flowers and rainbows around it

-she loves leading the cheers in the dugout. Don’t tell me she wouldn’t

-she’s a very ambitious base runner. The coach tells her to hold back, but if she’s feeling it, you bet she’s gonna sprint to the next base. She rarely gets tagged out when she does it, and the coach starts to trust her more than they trust themself.

-she plays second base ok

-Mabel loves the little signals the coach does to tell her what to do when she’s up at bat (ex. touch to the hat = bunt) because she finally sees it as a code that only she knows but Dipper doesn’t. She holds it over his head any chance she gets.

-you know those practices where the team takes a field trip to the batting cages? Yeah she loves those

-she is so supportive. She’s so great at rallying the team up for big games (even small ones). If a teammate’s not feeling their best she’ll give them a little pep talk in the dugout and send em off with a hug and a pat on the back

-she’s a quick little bugger

-i remember when I was younger one of my coaches would name the “player of the game” after each game. Mabel would stand in front of her team and name off what great things each and every one of her teammates did that game. She wants everyone to feel happy with their performance.

-she is smol but fierce

-she’s that batter that the opposing team fears whenever they’re on defense

-SHE LOVES TO SLIDE. Even if she doesn’t need to, she slides onto that base dammit

-her family is the most obnoxious family in the stands. They scream and yell and cheer her on constantly. Also during games they buy her candy from the nearby snackbars and push it to her through the holes in the dugout’s chain link fence

-when they’re in the dugout eating sunflower seeds Mabel and her teammates playfully spit sunflower seed shells at eachother. It’s gross but let them have their fun