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J.K. Rowling teaches us of four types of child, namely: the Ravenclaw, the Slytherin, the Gryffindor, and the Hufflepuff.

The Ravenclaw, what says she? “What are all the spells, jinxes, hexes, charms, divinations, potions, and enchantments, and how do they work?” You must thus reply to her with all of the laws of Hogwarts, that one may not enroll in Advanced Thaumaturgical Theory until after completing at least a semester of first-year Transfiguration.

The Slytherin, what says he? “How will graduating from this school benefit me?” “Benefit me,” he says, and not “benefit us”, thus excluding himself from the community. Therefore you must cast a Bat-Bogey Hex upon him and say, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to leverage my social connections into a successful career.” “I don’t know about you,” because if he keeps up that attitude, he won’t have any social connections to leverage.

The Gryffindor, what says he? “When’s Quidditch?” You should tell him: “Quidditch is at the end of the day, after all of your classes.”

And as for the Hufflepuff who is just happy to be there, you must begin the conversation for her, as the text states: “I think the feast’s already started.”

to count the stars

seven times james and lily meet on the train, and one time they don’t

ie, this is me skewing the jily week day 1 prompts a bit because i am the trashiest of trash.



It’s a bleak September morning the first time she sets foot on the Hogwarts Express.

Lily sniffles, glancing over her shoulder, not at her parents whose grins were so wide that she feared it would split their faces, but at her sister, her Tuney, who pouted and frowned and whose eyes had a strange sheen over it. She’s only seen it a few times, when they got into fights that lead to broken dolls or hair tugging.

Petunia Evans was a cold type of sadness. She would pout and sulk and her lip would quiver, but she would never, ever cry.

Lily was the opposite. She was an explosion of feeling, a forest fire too big for her body that left its confines in wet, noisy sobs that had the whole house shaking.

A lone tear made it’s way down her sister’s cheek and she was ready to jump off the train and back to her if it meant stopping the impossible.

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Help I’m in middle-aged domestic AU hell with Codywan. I’m so smitten with them just quietly holding hands and politely spooning and reading the newspaper in bed with their legs casually entwined and hiking in the afternoon with their dogs and wearing terribly blah sweaters unironically and swing dancing on the weekends and doing their taxes and grousing about things being untidy and taking turns rubbing each others’ shoulders and feet after long days of trying to corral schoolchildren and rookie cops who may as well be children.

Richie Tozier moodboard 

(I don’t know how to make moodboards but everyone is making them and I got really excited and I wanted to be included and I’m sorry)

Have Him [1]

Even, clear dark skin.

Light green eyes.

Long, curly dark brown hair cascading down an hour glass figure.

She even had a dusting of freckles on her face.

Micaela Ojerdas. The newest member of Hamilton Broadway. Fresh out of college with a degree in musical theatre and not sore on the eyes.

You fought the urge to roll your own eyes. The sight of her pressing herself against cast members, batting her eyelashes was revolting.

And many of the cast members didn’t object to her flirtations. They just flirted back.

A large hand squeezed your cheeks before it forced you to turn your head to your right, Andrew looking down at you with a raised brow.

“How about you take a knife and stab her with it already? Because, clearly, you glaring daggers at her aren’t working,” he snorted.

You slapped his hand away and resumed your position leaning on the dance room wall, only this time your best friend stood beside you.

He shoved his hands into his pockets before sighing. “Give her a chance, [F/Name]. She doesn’t seem all that bad.”

Wrong move on his part, you growling at the taller man which caused him to jump a few inches away.

“Damn girl,” Andrew said with raised arms. “Don’t take it out on me that she can do something you can’t.”

You grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and pulled him down so your were nose to nose to him. “Excuse me? I was the top student of my college classes, even being deemed the next Broadway star. I came onto the show in the middle of my sophomore year of college because I worked my ass off for this. And that was only two years ago. Nothing she does will surpass me.”

Andrew only shifted his eyes off of you to settle behind your line of vision.

“Linny!” Micaela’s voice rung out, the sound of her heels clacking against the wooden floor to -who you can guess by that god forsaken nickname- Lin.

You released Andrew and looked over your shoulder in time to catch the girl leap into Lin’s arms. The latter stumbled back a bit but was able to hold himself up and hugged the younger female.

Scoffing, you walked passed Andrew, ignoring the knowing look from him. That is maybe the one thing she had over you: the ability to talk to Lin. Willingly.

Since becoming a member of the cast, you really only talked to the Puerto Rican when it came to reading lines or working on harmonizing a song. You both ignored each other apart from that.

Onlookers would say that there were strong feelings between the two of you but with you being considerably younger than Lin [You being twenty one and him being thirty four], you kept your distance from one another.

That didn’t stop them from pushing you together whether if it was simple walks to lunches or making sure you sat by each other during table readings, you held some sort of contact with him.

Complete poppycock, you always told yourself.

You always made sure never to fall for someone you worked with on stage knowing how you can easily fall for someone you work closely to. That only causes heartbreak and heartbreak wasn’t something you needed at the moment. You have big plans for the future and relationships would only get in the way.

But you couldn’t help but notice the sting whenever you would walk by each other without even a glance or when he speaks to someone of the opposite gender.

You shook your head as you entered your dressing room you shared with Alysha. You grabbed your wallet, ready to head to the nearby cafe for a much needed caffeine break.


You twitched at the sound of your name. Turning, you see Lin leaning on the doorframe, eyes cast down to the floor.

You sighed through your nose. “Yes?”

Eyes still downward, he pushed off the door with his elbows and shuffled forward towards you. When his shoes were an inch from yours, he raised his dark brown eyes to look into your own.

“I know I don’t ask much from you -or at all- but I was hoping if you and Andrew,” he seemed to growl his name out, “would go over some things with Micaela. You know. Just some quirks and tips to handle being around here.”

Your eyebrow twitched. It was really too early for this.

“Can you not do this yourself? And what was Andrew’s answer?”

“I have some…obligations to attend to this afternoon so I won’t be here,” he said shifting his eyes to his right before meetings your eyes again. “And I didn’t know that Andrew ran your life.”

“He fucking doesn’t,” you snarled, stepping up so you were glaring up at him. “I’m only taking in consideration of his thoughts. If he already said no to it then I don’t want to say yes and cause confusion.”

It seemed like time stood still as you had a staring contest with, basically, your employer. When you thought about moving back to ask him again on Andrew’s answer, Lin stepped away first.

“Don’t worry about it,” he mumbled, turning around to face the door. “I’ll find someone else to handle the task.”

He looked over his shoulder at you. There was no way you could’ve missed the swirls of emotions behind his eyes.

“Sorry to have bothered you.”

Pennyworth Down!

Prompt: Could you do a Tim Drake x reader where the reader is really close friends with Tim and knows about the batfam and so one day she’s staying over at the manor and they need someone to man to computers bc there so much stuff going on and so they bring her down and she helps them and ends up becoming vital to the batfam or something Thank you!!

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

Word Count: 609

TW: None

You had known about Tim being Robin the moment he got the job. The two of you had been close since infancy, you had no secrets between the two of you. So, you had gone over to the manor for sleepovers constantly. Bruce wasn’t a big fan of you knowing the secret, but when he saw they way you always had Tim’s back at school, he couldn’t really argue.

You had been over for another sleepover, Tim was ready for a movie night, Bruce was going around town being Batman. When the Riddler had struck.. make that Riddlers, there were multiple riddlers running around Gotham, and Alfred had a cold!

Tim and You both rushed to the grandfather clock and threw the door open when the alarms sounded, Batman was caught in a riddle, and Alfred struggled to get past the two of you to get down the stairs, “No,” Tim chastised the older man, “Alfred you need to get back to bed!”

But you could hear Bruce on the comm unit, “Alfred?!? Alfred are you there?”

You decided to take matters in your own hands. You turned to Tim, “get alfred in bed Tim, then get suited up and to Batman. I’ll man the computers.”

Tim nodded and turned the feverish Alfred around. You leapt down the stairs two at a time. You raced over to the big computer. You picked up the ear piece that was sitting on it,“Hello? Mr. Wayne, it’s Y/N! Pennyworth is down, you’re going to have to deal with me for now.”

There was a graon as Batman lamented his position as well as fought off one of Riddler’s henchman, “Alright Little Wing, get on the Batcomputr and start pulling up the schematics of this place. Than get Robin out here to assist me.”

You pulled the wheel chair up to the computer and started typing away, getting used to the controls while asking questions to make sure you were doing it right. You got Tim out and guided him to Batman, both of you working in tandem to save the caped crusader.

Several Years Later

You tapped away at he batcomputer keys, calling orders on the comm units, “Bluebird, go left, that way you can catch the baddies off guard. Robin, do not open that door unless you wanna get electrified.” You had laser focus, saving the team more times than Tim could count as he limped into the bat cave. That cast around his ankle had not been your fault, he had engaged the crooks against your advisement.

Tim wrapped his arm around your front as he leaned against the chair, “Hey beautiful,” He cooed, “How’s it going?”

You smiled up at him and sighed, “Good. How are you feeling?”

“Like a caged bird,” Tim admitted, his focus going up to the screens that showed all the active patrolling members of the Batfamily. Babs leapt over one henchman to kick another in the face, “Ooo, would hate to be him.”

You sprang into action, “Cass, get back in the shadows you have a patrol unit headed your way!” Blackbat leapt up into the fathers as a heavily armed patrol unit ran right under her. You looked up at Tim, “Sorry babe, is there anything I can do for you?”

Tim shook his head, “No, just wanted to check our fearless eyes in the sky. When you get a break I’d love to go grab a bite with you though.”

You smiled and lifted his hand to kiss it  before you started barking orders again. You turned to look at him, “Thanks babe, sounds great, I give it another half hour tops!”

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Summary: Rick leads Negan into a trap only to have an unexpected turn of events causing things to heat up between them.

Pairing: Negan x Rick Grimes

Word Count: 3337

Warnings: NSFW, strong language, violence, apocalyptic gore, dubcon, domination, angry sex, asphyxiation with a scarf, ass slapping, fingering, anal sex, orgasm denial, Rick being a prick

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

A/N: Written for Ash’s 2K challenge and Negan Smut Week. Somehow all my smutty one shots slowly evolve into dark erotica. Sorry not sorry. Rick had a mind of his own here. Not my fault. Did I actually write this?

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