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My albums selection for the next week …buy CD’s , LP’s , listen on bandcamp , do something !

- SCORN :  Ellipsis

- SHANNON WRIGHT :  Division

- BASTARD :  Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-Off

- KLAUS SCHULZE :  Blackdance


- FAUST :  71 minutes

- KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN :  Schöner Flußengel     

- THE NECKS :   Unfold        

-  JOACHIM NORDWALL :  The Power Of Repetition     

- ATRAX MORGUE :  Morder Machine                                                                                                

Japanese Fans Choose the Spring 2017 Anime Worth Watching

This week the role of “other people” is played by Japanese readers of polling masters Charapedia, who’ve asked their readers to rank the spring 2017 anime they’re still happily watching. Let’s check out which series have been hits so far this season.

20. Alice & Zoroku
19. The Laughing Salesman NEW
18. Sagrada Reset
17. Tsukigakirei
16. Rin-ne
15. Anonymous Noise
14. Hinako Note
13. The Eccentric Family 2
12. Sakura Quest
11. Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys-
10. The Royal Tutor
9. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
8. Re:Creators
7. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat
6. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
5. Star-Myu
4. My Hero Academia
3. Eromanga Sensei
2. Natsume’s Book of Friends
1. Attack on Titan Season 2

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Top 10 Males from Spring 2017

10. Aino Seiji (Love Tryant)

9. Yuzuhira Kanade (Fukumenki Noise)

8. Nidaime (Eccentric Family 2)

7. Alexandre Cena Davis Celibidache aka Sandal-San (Sakura Quest)

6. Finn Deimne (DanMachi Sword Oratoria)

5. Gareth (Danmachi Sword Oratoria)

4. Glenn Radars ( Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor)

3. Nomura Fudo (Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism)

2. Yuuya Mirokuji (Re:Creators)

1. Willem Kmetsch (Sukasuka)

Arthur let one toe out from under the duvet.

“It’s cold.” He sounded sulky, even to his own ears.

“Yes, and your tea is hot,” said Merlin. “Although it won’t be for long, especially if I drink it all…”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” Merlin mimed bringing a mug slowly to his lips. “Mmm! Lovely, hot tea!” He made a loud slurping noise.