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November Third (part eleven)

@o0o-chibaken-o0o I can’t believe I made you wait five days for this. I sincerely hope the dirty talk™ makes up for it.

bingo l part one l part two l part three l part four l part five l part six l part seven l part eight (a) l part eight (b) l part nine l part ten l part elevenupdates to come..

Draco held off for as long as possible. He toyed with the idea of passing November third altogether without talking to Potter but he knew he couldn’t go through with it. And now he’d left it too late to do anything remotely clever - like ‘accidentally’ running into Potter in the Ministry. No, there was nothing else for it. He was going to have to call.

Potter picked up right away. “Malfoy.” Shit.

Draco froze for a second and considered denying it…before realising how pointless that would be. “How did you know it was me?”

“What do you want?” Potter asked. He sounded tired.

“I never gave you my number.”

Potter ignored that. “What do you want?” He asked again.

Draco hadn’t actually thought that far ahead. He’d imagined that because it was November third, Potter would just be amenable to… Well, he didn’t think he’d have to work for what he was after, is all. “I just called…to check up on you. It’s been a year since your visit to St Mungo’s and protocol requires me to…to make sure you’re…healthy?” Yeah, that sounded believable.  

“Protocol,” Potter repeated drily. “And you call all your patients at 11.30pm, do you?”

Shit. Why had he left it so late? Abort abort abort. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’ll -“

“I didn’t say it bothered me,” interrupted Potter. “I asked whether you call all your patients at 11.30pm or just me?”

Draco didn’t appreciate being interrogated like Potter did criminals now that he was a qualified Auror. “I don’t know what you’re insinuating, Potter. I’m just trying to be professional.”

“Of course. You were very professional when you attended to me.”

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- SCORN :  Ellipsis

- SHANNON WRIGHT :  Division

- BASTARD :  Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-Off

- KLAUS SCHULZE :  Blackdance


- FAUST :  71 minutes

- KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN :  Schöner Flußengel     

- THE NECKS :   Unfold        

-  JOACHIM NORDWALL :  The Power Of Repetition     

- ATRAX MORGUE :  Morder Machine                                                                                                

Original Bonus Track - Part 1
Saezuru Drama CD 4
Original Bonus Track - Part 1

Saezuru Drama CD 4 - Bonus Track Translation Part 1

~ The Shinseikai Group on a Party Boat Cruise ~

I felt productive today and finally got around to translating the original bonus track of the fourth Saezuru drama CD. It’s quite long and probably hard to follow at once, so I’m splitting it in two parts. Part 2 will follow later or tomorrow, depending on your time zone.

A little disclaimer: Lots of yelling, cursing and vulgar language. Ryuuzaki is going all out. And Nanahara isn’t exactly one to hold back either, as we all know. XD Also, English is not my first language, so please excuse any mistakes or weird word choices. ;3

And now please enjoy our boys being the hilarious bunch they are. ;3

Yashiro(drunk): „Doumeki, you damn heavy tank! You’re getting cheeky lately.”

Nanahara (coming in from outside): “Ugh, I’m freezing!”

Sugimoto: “It’s hella cold outside, isn’t it?”

Nanahara: “Huh? The boss is sleeping already? After we went out of our way to charter a party boat for his birthday …”

Doumeki: “He said he drank too much and got seasick.”

Nanahara(mumbling): “He’s unexpectedly sensitive in the weirdest situations. Nevermind, what the fuck are you doing there?!”

Doumeki: “Eh?”

Sugimoto: “He’s sleeping in his lap …”

Nanahara: “Who in their right mind would offer their lap as a pillow?!”

Yashiro (snoring peacefully)

Doumeki: “He said my thighs were comfortable.”

Nanahara: “Uh … I see … No, I don’t! Move! Obviously my leg muscles as a former boxer are way more comfortable than your chunky thighs!”

Doumeki: “No, it’s fine. We’ll only wake him up.”

Nanahara: “What was that?! I’m telling you to move your ass out of the way! Here, look at this graceful pair of legs!”

Sugimoto: “Aniki, please, just let it slide.”

Nanahara: “You shut the fuck up, Sugimoto!”

Sugimoto(sighs): “Now you’re acting weird like that, too. What is it with you guys?”

Nanahara: “Huh? What do you mean, ‘you guys’? Don’t put me on the same level with a petty underling like him.”

Sugimoto: “Well, no … I just mean … Is Boss really so … you know …

Nanahara (demanding): Huh?

Sugimoto: “I… Is he really … THAT good …? The boss I mean …”

Nanahara(bewildered): “G… Good?! What do you mean ‘good’?! I haven’t done anything with him yet!!”

Sugimoto: “Yet?! I mean, no, that’s not what I meant … No, wait, I guess this IS what I meant. I mean, even Doumeki is doing THAT with him already.”

Nanahara: “THAT?! What is ‘THAT’?

Sugimoto: “And then there’s the thing with Ryuuzaki too …”

Nanahara (yells): “Huuh?! Ryuuzaki?!!”

Ryuuzaki: “What was that about meee?! Huuuh?!!”

(Motor boat noises and waves clashing)

Nanahara & Sugimoto: *sigh*

Nanahara: “Anyway, what is ‘THAT’, Sugimoto?”

Ryuuzaki: “How dare you ignore me, bastard?!”

Nanahara: “Seems like we’re being followed by a creep on a motor boat.”

Ryuuzaki: “What the fuck are you whispering there, you assholes?!”

Sugimoto(whispering): “Wouldn’t it be best to just ignore him?”

Nanahara: “Right. More importantly, what is ‘THAT’?

Sugimoto: “Uh, well, how should I say …”

Ryuuzaki(yelling): “Hey, you punk! You’re not trying to tell him anything stupid nobody gives a shit about, are ya?!”

Nanahara(yelling back): “And what would that be exactly?!”

Ryuuzaki: “Who the fuck cares?! More importantly, where is Yashiro, that bastard?!” (makes weird noises when he discovers Yashiro in Doumeki’s lap, then screams) Yashiroooo!! What the hell are you doing, sleeping there like that?! G… G… Get the fuck off of your underling’s lap, son of a bitch!!

Sugimoto (sighs): As expected, here we go …

Ryuuzaki: “However poor an excuse of one, you’re still a yakuza! Kashira* too! A man! (to Doumeki) Get the fuck away from him, brat!”

Hirata: “Well said, Ryuuzaki! And what about you? If you’re really a yakuza and a man, how about you stop chasing Yashiro’s ass all the time? Huh?”

Ryuuzaki: “What?! Hirata?!”

Sugimoto: “Ugh, the kumichou**?!”

Nanahara: “Where?!”

Ryuuzaki: “What the … I’m hearing voices in my head …?!”

Nanahara & Sugimoto (thinking): “Just how backed into a corner are you?”

TL notes:

* kashira = short for wakagashira, second-in-command

** kumichou = the group leader and also the polite way for his subordinates to refer to / address him

Japanese Fans Choose the Spring 2017 Anime Worth Watching

This week the role of “other people” is played by Japanese readers of polling masters Charapedia, who’ve asked their readers to rank the spring 2017 anime they’re still happily watching. Let’s check out which series have been hits so far this season.

20. Alice & Zoroku
19. The Laughing Salesman NEW
18. Sagrada Reset
17. Tsukigakirei
16. Rin-ne
15. Anonymous Noise
14. Hinako Note
13. The Eccentric Family 2
12. Sakura Quest
11. Kenka Bancho Otome -Girl Beats Boys-
10. The Royal Tutor
9. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
8. Re:Creators
7. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat
6. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
5. Star-Myu
4. My Hero Academia
3. Eromanga Sensei
2. Natsume’s Book of Friends
1. Attack on Titan Season 2

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The Neighbour Upstairs Part 6

You had trouble falling asleep that might, After you had gone to bed and had a pity party, and when you just felt like you had fallen asleep, a loud thud from above you, woke you right up. You groaned into your palms and lay still, hoping the thudding would stop.

“Fuck!” You cursed as another thud was heard, followed by another and another.

Soon the thuds were in succession to a rhythm, and your irritation and pity party grew to a raging level. You threw the blankets off of yourself and pulled a long t-shirt over your pj shorts.

“I told him not to keep me up with his sex and he did!” As you prepared to leave your apartment, you grabbed your cellphone and shoved it up your sleeve.

“I told him not to wake me up with his sex noises. Sexy bastard. I don’t wanna picture him with that redhead…” As you slammed the door behind you, you stomped up the stairs, rage building.

You took three big steps to his apartment door, raised your fist and started pounding. You took all your irritation and anger form earlier and focused it on your fist.

“Open the door, right fucking now!” As the door swung open, you lowered your fist as if to knock, slamming it against a hard shoulder.

“Y/N?” You lowered your hands to your sides, and as if trying to appear tougher, decides to cross them over your chest.

“What the hell did I tell you? I told you specifically not to wake me up with your sex noises. And what did you? You tried banging a fucking hole through your wall to the apartment next to you. And it May surprise you to know that you have neighbours and your neighbours do not want to hear you banging a woman when they’re trying to sleep!” As you finished your angry rant, you felt your face growing hot, as Thorin looked you up and down, smirking as he focused on your bare legs.

“Hello asshole! My eyes are up here!” You jabbed your finger into his chest.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’ll tell Dwalin to keep it down. He’s still…occupied.” You cut him off again, with narrowed eyes and a scowl.

“Dwalin? It wasn’t you…banging?” You visibly shuddered at the thought of Dwalin and sex, not because you didn’t think he wasn’t attractive, because he was, but sex with Dwalin…

“It’s Dwalin banging.” Your face heat up as he laughed and leaned against the door frame, his own arms crossed over his bare chest.

When you realized that he was indeed topless, your eyes snapped to his broad and bare chest, and you salivated in your mouth.

Thorin, was no doubt, all man. ALL MAN. From his broad and toned, but not disgustingly toned, chest and his chest hair, which was a panty wetter, to his ‘V’ that led to his package.

The very sight of Thorin bare chested made your brain blank. You couldn’t think, barely speak and definitely couldn’t move.

All you could think of was his bare chest and running yours hands over his skin, trailing down until you got his package. Fuck, as your brain came back from the dead, it was purely filthy.

None of you thoughts right now were clean. Not one. All you wanted to think about was how fucking sexy he would look naked on a bed.

“Y/N…” His voice was thick and deep, sexy. As he called your name, his fingertips touched your chin and raised your head.

“My eyes are up here, darling.” Look away. Stop staring. Look away, now.

Fuck you didn’t want to look away. He was so god damn attractive and sexy, like holy fuck. You just…you couldn’t think.

“Umm…I have to go home and sleep now…” As you spoke, and didn’t move, your brain kicked into high gear and you cleared your throat.

“Goodnight Thorin.” As you turned, and actually took a step, a hand on your arm stopped you.

You turned back and looked at Thorin, face still heated, and eyes still wanting to wander back to his bare chest.

“I didn’t sleep with her, Y/N. I kicked her out.” You were pleasantly surprised by his confession, and smiles to yourself.

“You didn’t have to do that Thorin. You should’ve had fun.” You frowned as the words that fell from your lips left a bitter taste in your mouth.

“Why won’t you go on a date with me? Why won’t you say yes?” You glanced at one of the spare clocks in the hallway and frowned.

It was 2:45 am and you were tired, you wanted to sleep and sleep well. But shirtless Thorin was much too tempting.

“Just one date. One date.” You turned him down once, and you were miserable for it.

“Okay. One date. But after I’m well rested and not in my pyjama’s.” You bit your lip as Thorin stood up straight, and gave you a half smile-half smirk.

“I like your pyjama’s. Shows off your legs.” Thorin bid you a goodnight with a wink and walked back inside, closing the door behind him.

“Don’t freak. Don’t freak out.” You tore down the stairs and back to your apartment, straight to your bed. As you flopped down on your bed, you grabbed a pillow and screamed into it.

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Arthur let one toe out from under the duvet.

“It’s cold.” He sounded sulky, even to his own ears.

“Yes, and your tea is hot,” said Merlin. “Although it won’t be for long, especially if I drink it all…”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t I?” Merlin mimed bringing a mug slowly to his lips. “Mmm! Lovely, hot tea!” He made a loud slurping noise.