the bass in this song tho :'')

modern emo bill headcanon

-bill was 16 when he started his emo phase!

-it all began when he was looking around on youtube and stumbled across a my chemical romance video

-he was really hearteyes for frank. like. He Was In Love

-so naturally he started a fan page on tumblr!

-he was actually one of the first fan pages on tumblr

-he started getting more and more into them and branched out into other emo bands as well

-nobody really noticed this “phase” until one day he showed up to school and his hair was black

-he earned many comments from richie when he started wearing all black

-“who’s funeral are you attending, bill?”

-and stan was actually?? so in love w emo bill

-bill would skateboard and wear all black converse and striped white and black long sleeves and all around it was A Look.

-he’d start putting up band posters like panic! at the disco, mcr, ptv, etc etc

-georgie was kinda confused on why his brother started wearing eyeliner but never doubted that it looked cool

-his mother and father were worried for him tho

-“bill, your phase is worrying us.”

-“mom, it’s not a phase!”

-bill would follow the underground bands all across the country during the summer, much to his parents dismay

-he’d always have merch on



-when stan and bill started dating bill would play songs on the guitar for him, and write him songs, and stan was just over the moon

-mike got him a bass guitar for bill’s birthday with his saved up money!

-bill started crying during the party when mike handed it to him

-he started smoking with beverly but then decided against it because eddie wouldn’t stop his nagging


-stan bought tickets for an underground show so they can go together!


Pete, to a parrot: whats your favorite food?

Parrot: I️ want a cracker.

Pete, laughing: Wow, hes so smart! He’s telling me what he wants!

Store employee: sir, he can’t understand you. He’ll just repeat anything he regularly hears.

Parrot: Oh man, not that lame song about lighting it up again!

Store employee, trying to cover his tracks: Haha! He could be talking about any song on the radio!

Parrot: That band sucks! And the bass player is such a dick! With that whole trying to be emo thing and that dumbass tattoo he got over his crotch! Isn’t he like 40 and a dad? It’s like he just doesn’t know when to quit!

*Pete glares angrily at the store employee*

Store employee, nervously sweating: That… that could still be someone else!

Parrot: The name of the man I’m talking about is Pete Asshole Wentz!


Pete, smiling: Oh, phew! For a second there, I️ thought he was talking about me, but my middle name isn’t Asshole, it’s Lewis Kingston. I️ feel sorry for that other guy, though. He’s obviously got issues.

I have this one question @blur fandom…. WHY DO YALL IGNORE ALEX’S BASS IN MUSIC IS MY RADAR?

or more like


References mentioned in ‘’A Series of Unfortunate Events’’(SPOILERS!!)

It’s not a lie that Daniel Hadnler really likes to reference and do easter eggs of his favorite writers and artists in his book.

So i tried to find and collect some of the references mentioned in ASOUE (They are A LOT so if i forgot something tell me to add it! Also because i have read the books in greek and some of them in english, and a lot of things are lost in the translation.)

  • The name Beatrice and also the name Baudelaire, are references to the ‘‘cursed poet’‘ Charles Baudelaire and his long poem ‘‘Beatrice.’‘ This is actually a reference in a reference because this poem is also a reference to Dante’s Inferno. The Baudelaire’s poem and Inferno are both about a beautiful woman, as Beatrice Baudelaire was. 
  • This is not exactly a reference but Lemony’s dedications to Beatrice reminds me of Shakespeare’s dedication to the ‘’Dark Lady’’ in the ‘’Sonnets’’
  • The name Poe is a reference to the poet Edgar Allan Poe. Also Mr.Poe’s son names are Edgar and Albert. 
  • Edgar and Albert could be a reference to Edgar Alber Guest
  • Eleanora Poe is also a reference to Poe’s short story ‘’Eleanora’’.
  • Violet Klaus and Sunny is a reference to a real crime (i’m not sure about that) but i dont remember a lot for that.
  • Briny Beach takes its name from the poem The Walrus and the Carpente by Lewis Carroll.
  • One of Monty’s snakes is called Virginian Wolfsnake is an obvious allusion to writer Virginia Wolf. 
  • ‘‘Prospero’‘ and ‘‘Stephano’‘ are taken from Shakespeare’s ‘‘The Tempest’‘
  • Also ‘’The Tempest’’ as it name says, it has a lot to do with sea and that’s why the boat to Peru is named after this specific play. 
  • Sunny after Monty’s murder in TRR says ‘’Ackroyd!’’, a reference to Agatha Cristie’s mystery novel ‘’The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’’
  • Somewhere in TRR Lemony mentions the Cafe Kafka, named after Franz Kafka. 
  • The ‘’Damocles Dock’’ is a reference to Greek Mythology and the story of Damocles (Δαμοκλής in greek) is a story about Dionysus who offered to Damocles to live a day as an King. But the whole day a sword was tied with horse’s hair above his head. Yes im Greek so i know a lot about greek mythology. But also ‘’Damocles’’ today symbolises the great danger. The kids in the first illustration of the book are sitting in the dock with a sword above their heads. Brilliant! Isn’t it? 
  • A lot of things in TWW are allusions to Franz Kafka like the name Josephine (Josephine is also a Hurricane) and the whistling thing. I dont have read a lot of Kafka so i cant explain further. 
  • Shirley, the name Olaf used when he was disguised as a receptionist,  is a reference to Edward Hopper’s painting ‘’office at the night’’. There’s a receptionist in the painting, Hopper’s wife (Jo) named ‘’Shirley’’. 
  • Dr. Georgina Orwell is one of the references i found when i was still 12. So if my 12 years old found it, im sure you did. Is obvious. Is an allusion to the writer of ‘’1984′’ George Orwell. ‘’1984′’ is actually the ‘’grand-father’’ of The Hunger Games. A dystopian society with tyrant, who sees and knows everything and everyone is (not literally) hypnotized by him. Georgina seems to know everything that happens in Patryville and she also hyptonotizes people. Also the ‘’symbol’’ of 1984 is an eye. And Georgina is an optometrist and her damn whole office is an eye. 
  • The eye sign with the glasses is a reference to the Great Gatsby. 
  • Olaf’s disguise is Coach Ghengis. A nod to Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire. Olaf wears a turban; there is a tale in which Ghenghis had a dream that involved him wrapping a turban around his head. (from @carmelitaspats)
  • Principal Nero is named after Emperor Nero. A Roman tyrrant. Emperor Nero also did a lot of awful concerts tho. 
  • Isadora and Duncan are named after Isadora Duncan. One of the most important dancers of all time. 
  • When Isadora introduced herself Sunny said ‘’Sapho.’’ The name of the lesbian icon poet Sapho who lived in ancient Greece. I have visit the cliff she jumped off, it was actually 40 mins away from my house. Told you, i know a lot about ancient greece. 
  • Mrs. Bass Mr.Remora and Mrs.Tench are named after… fishes. I think that is the first hint for the Red Fish Statue. It was hinted a lot. 
  • ‘‘Prufpock Prep’‘ the poem by T.S. Eliot  The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
  • The last illustration is a hint for the theme of the next book but also the second hint for the Red Fish Statue. 
  • 667 Dark Avenue. So 667 is a number after the 666, related with evil. The whole book mentions the number six a lot. There are 66 floors in the 667 building. So now you know why his name is Handler. 
  • Esme Squalor’s name is a reference to the ‘’For Esme with love and Squalor’’ by J.D. Salinger. 
  • The Vern Museum Violet wants to visit is a reference to the author Jules Vern. 
  • The  Akhmatova Bookstore is named after Anna Akhmatova a Russian poet.
  • Pincus Hospital is one of the most funny references. The hospital is named after the doctor who invited contraceptive pills. I think is funny because Sunny was born in this hospital. (so it’s obvious that Berdrand and Beatrice didnt use those pills. Ah you lovebirds)
  • This is one of the easy references too. When the kids are hearing behind the apartment doors they hear someone saying ‘’Let them eat cake’’ something Marie Antoinnete said in the French Revolution when the angry mob of poor people was outside of her palace. The people were living in harsh conditions and someone of the palace said to Marie that they dont dont even have bread to eat. So Marie responded with the legendary quote ‘’Let them eat cake’’. Marie gurl THEY DONT EVEN HAVE BREAD.
  • Sunny said Armani when they were messing around with Jerome’s tie. Armani is a fashion house. 
  • Also another one greek mythology reference! When they were trapped in the elevator Klaus said that the situation reminded him Scylla and Charybdis. Two sea monsters. So they were metaphorically ‘’trapped in the sea’’. Then Sunny said ‘’Glaucus’’ a sea god who was warning and saving sailors. Sunny also saved them from this metaphorically ‘’trapped in sea’’ situation. 
  • The whole Seventh Book is a reference to Poe. In principle ‘’Nevermore tree’’ is a reference to ‘’The Raven’’ a poem in which a raven repeats the word ‘’Nevermore’’. Ravens are sitting in the Nevermore tree. 
  • The name Detective Dupin is a reference to Poe’s character C. Auguste Dupin.
  • When Hector sayin ‘’Curiousier and curiousier’‘ he is quoting  Alice in Wonderland. One of Baudelaire’s favorite books as we learned. 
  • Heimlich Hospital is a reference to Henry Heimlich, a pshychologist.
  • There are two patients named Haruki Murakami and Mikhail Bulkagov. The first one is one of today’s most important writers and the second one is a Russian Novelist.
  • When Sunny is saying Orlando to describe the persong who looks neither man nor woman, is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘’Orlando’’ in which the character (a man) becomes a woman.  
  •  In an illustration, one of the Volunteers Fighting Disease plays a guitar with the inscription “This Volunteer fights disease.” Probably a reference  to Woody Guthrie, who inscribed “This machine kills fascists” on his guitar. Realised that after i read Paper Towns. 
  • Hugo’s name is a reference to Victor Hugo. Hugo is also a hunchback a reference to Victor Hugo’s book  The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • “Elliot” and “Beverly”, the aliases Violet and Klaus use when disguised as a two-headed freak are those of twin brothers in the David Cronenberg film Dead Ringers.
  • The Mortmain Mountains is a reference to the Statutes of Mortmain.
  • VFD’s “the world is quiet here” is a reference to the first line of The Garden of Proserpine by Algernon Charles Swineburne: “Here where the world is quiet.” (from @antique-symbolism-main)
  • An excerpt of this poem also appears later in this book: “That no life lives forever / That dead men rise up never / That even the weariest river / Winds somewhere safe to sea.”
  • Violet names her knot ‘’Sumac Knot’’ after a singer she likes. That’s probably the singer Yma Sumac. 
  • Sunny says “Matahari” to refer to her spying on Count Olaf and his troupe. Mata Hari was a female spy during the first world war. 
  • When the Baudelaires and Quigley Quagmire are trying to find a way to escape from the top of Mount Fraught, Sunny says Rosebud, prompting them to use the toboggan. This is a reference to the movie Citizen Kane. “Rosebud’‘ is the first and the last word of the movie . Also Olaf mentioned Citizen Kane at the netflix show in the third episode. 
  • Queequeg is a reference to a character from Moby Dick. Also the members of Queequeg boat are wearing a unifor with Herman Melville’s face on it. Melville is the writer of Moby Dick. 
  • Whidershin’s monologue is a reference to Plato.
  • Gorgonian Grotto is another one reference to greek mythology. Gorgon (Γοργώ in greek) was a sea monster. A woman with snakes in her head. 
  • Sunny says the word ‘’Hewenkella’’ when they are trying to figure out how they will find their way in the grotto. This word is a reference to Hellen Keller a blind and deaf writer. Handler probably used that word because the kids cant saw or hear anything while they were in the grotto. 
  • Dewey’s name is a reference to Dewey Decimal System. Also the hotel is working with this system 
  • The name Denouement, is a reference to the literary term denouement, which refers to action that takes place between the falling action and the resolution of a plot. That happens a lot in that book. 
  • Sunny says the word "efcharisto” to Dewey. This translates to “thank you” ‘’ευχαριστώ’’ in Greek. I realised that when i read the english version. Because in the greek version Sunny is already saying ‘‘efcharisto’‘/’‘ευχαριστώ but in greek. Told you, a lot of things are lost in the translation. 
  • The name Ishmael is another one reference to  Moby Dick, and his insistence of “Call me Ish” is a variation of the first line of Moby Dick: “Call me Ishmael.”
  • All of island citizens are names after famous castaways or people associated with the sea. 
  • The castaways, who dress in white and whose consumption of the coconut cordial keeps them docile, are an allusion to the Lotus Eaters encountered in The Odyssey.
  •  The sheep strapped together are also an allusion to The Odyssey. Odysseus escapes the cylops’s cave by hiding his men under sheep that are strapped together.
  • When Lemony says  “…the heroine of a book much more suitable to read than this one who spends an entire afternoon eating the first bite of a bushel of apples…” he means the girl from Beezus and Ramona. Also in this book, Beezus’s real name is Beatrice. 
  • The scene where Ink gives the apple at Sunny is probably inspired by Bible’s scene when the snake gave the apple to Eve. But Ink saved Sunny (and the Baudelaires) and the Snake destroyed Eve. 

So that’s it. Tell me if i missed any (i probably missed a lot) so i can add it! Hope you liked it and you learned new things about the references in Asoue :)

Evolve in a nutshell:

I Don’t Know Why: just Dan screaming about someone’s love being dangerous and electronic sounds in the background. You can either love or hate this song there’s no in between.

Whatever It Takes: Dan rapping, cowbell. It somehow has something to do with horses and whIP WHIP RUN ME LIKE A RACE HORSE HOLD ME LIKE A RIP CHORD *inhales* BREAK ME DOWN AND BUILD ME UP.

Believer: awesome drumming and Dan screaming agaPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN.

Walking The Wire: such beautiful vocals!! and instrumentals!! and screaming!! can I just marry it!!

Rise Up: motivational but the chorus sounds like the “I get no sleep cause of y’all” meme. Again americans mentioning the 4th of July because why not.

I’ll Make It Up To You: a kinda 80s song. just. beautiful. definetly needs more appreciation tho. can we just talk about how amazing the bass sounds in this one.

Yesterday: some say it sounds like Queen, some like The Beatles, some like Speak to Me EP. Some deep shit about remembering the past because you are who you are thanks to it but also forgetting it and focusing in the future?? what @ Danny Rey.


Thunder: thunder thunder thun thunder thu thu thunder thunder thunder.

Start Over: a really happy song from ID + amazing drumming? you’ve come to the right place if you wanna dance and cry at the same time. so proud of my boys.

Dancing In The Dark: you either love this one or hate it too. Weird but it sounds super cool? V deep tho.

Okay, but really imagaine this:

CowChop is a shitty emo screamo band and all they do is covers of popular songs, their favourite one to cover being Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. All or Nothing by O-Town is James’ fav tho. Sometimes they do write songs that sound worse than their covers.

James is the lead singer who’s a little to into it. He loves the band and swears up and down that screamo should be the only type of music to ever exist ever.

Aleks is obviously the guy who screams bc he thinks he’s the best thing since Mitch Lucker. He also thinks he’s the best bass player in the world.

Joe’s the timid keyboard player who doesn’t get to play a lot but fucking rocks when he gets the chance.

Trevor’s the weird and annoying drummer who fucks up on purpose all the time but he’s the best drummer they’ve found so they suffer w him.

Asher’s the guitar player whom play a little to quietly, partly bc he thinks he’s not that great and partly bc Aleks plays over him all the time. Asher and Aleks fight a lot but sometimes they write good shit.

Anna’s just there. She doesn’t know how she got involved w these fucking idiots but she some how managed to score being an occasional back up singer when she’s not trying to find them gigs.

Brett’s like their roadie/manager who fucking hates doing it but he’s damn good at it.

Lindsay keeps track of their v limited founds and finances and keeps track of the merch.

Daily Blog Theme Songs!

So, out of complete boredum and lack of inspiration, I decided that I’m going to be making dope af Themes for Daily blogs (or any other Pokemon theme blogs).
@decidueye-dailyreport already has one coming soon (Magpie Garden).

I thought, why not make some for others too?

So if you’re a Daily/ask blog, just hit me up or reblog this letting me know you want one!

My music can span from Calm stuff like Epic/Classical and Ambient, melodic stuff like Future Bass and Melodic Dubstep, to heavy stuff like Hard Dubstep, Hard style and Hybrid Trap.

Just take note music takes a while, and if you can provide art (Cover, Youtube Video etc) for the song of request, that would be great! (Even tho you dont have top, just preferred).

So go ahead, give me a shout. And i might make you something Dope!


most of u can keep scrolling - really - post performance post mortem - seem to getting a handle on performing again - no shaky leg - tho i have played well nervous - almost sticking to songs i planned - not hating my voice as much - less messed up chords and mumbled forgotten lyrics - its usually not magic tho - but - i miss it when i dont have the bass player - but then again - i have more freedom solo - can take more chances - its too late to go thru lean hungry years and build a telepathic  bond by playing hours daily w other musicians - tho something similar happens when i back up poets - i keep thinking i should stage patter but its not my style - but i seem to be doing something lately to get the attention of the ppl who r otherwise conversing - tbh im not sure wot - if i think about it too much i prob will fuck it up

alright ok my brother’s band got a new drummer who looks exaclty like andrew minyard also im crazy about the tfc Band AUs (pls i need more) so @im-not-dun-yet and I came up with a Jazz Band au bear with me

  • the upperclassmen own a little cafe
  • right across the street is the music shop that Andrew’s lot owns
  • the upperclassmen are always asking them to gig at their cafe cause they need entertainment, and the monsters always say no
  • one day matt is desperate cause their landlord says they would have to close the cafe if they don’t get more business 
  • so matt goes over one more time, ready to embrace sweet sweet death cause andrew said if he ever came back he’d skin him
  • except its not andrew behind the cash
  • its this new guy, neil (matt is questioning his sexuality once again)
  • so matt thinks ‘oh what the hell’ and asks neil if he wants to gig over at the cafe
  • not knowing the unexplained grudge that andrew’s lot has against the cafe, neil agrees
  • so nicky needs neil to cover a late shift one night and neil says he can’t cause he’s got a gig across the street
  • everyone freezes
  • kevin’s like “you signed up to play…t h e r e??”
  • “yeah got a problem?”
  • “yah you’re the problem wtf man”
  • so the monsters have a conference
  • [huddled up, whispering] “ok we can’t let him do this”
  • “he’s already signed up what are we supposed to do”
  • “well… we could have him join our band”
  • “ok but we don’t even know if he’s good or not”
  • “good point he could suck for all we know”
  • andew’s thinking ‘yeh… suck my dicK’
  • so they decide to go to his gig in disguise (fake mustaches and hats, neil totally knows its them but doesn’t say anything just thinks ‘what a bunch of nerds’) to see if he’s good
  • let’s just say
  • andrew is trying not to stare
  • kevin’s jaw is dropped
  • and nicky is trying to conceal a boner
  • so they’re like we have to have him
  • the next day they’re like hey we’re in a band and we need a singer why don’t you join us
  • and neil’s like idk man i gotta see you play first
  • ofc the monsters have another conference
  • they’re like okok im willing to perform if it means he’ll join us
  • so they tell neil sure
  • but neil has one condition
  • by this time he’s made friends with matt and the upperclassmen
  • and he wants to support their business so they have to perform there
  • the monsters share this look but agree very very reluctantly
  • so they schedule a practice after they close the shop and they’re like man we really need neil this would sound so good with him singing
  • because he sings like an angel
  • and so the night comes
  • matt is very friendly to the monsters “heyy so you decided to play here after all! lemme get you guys a drink on me” and andrew glares a hole through him
  • so the monsters play
  • and it’s jazz
  • aaron on upright bass (its funny cause he’s so smol)
  • andrew on drums
  • nicky on trumpet
  • kevin on keys (and also clarinet when they need it) 
  • (idk kevin reminds me of squidward with the whole “i need to practice” idk)
  • someone write a spongebob au
  • neil didn’t think it was gonna be jazz, i mean c’mon if you look at the monsters you wouldn’t think jazz
  • and even if neil agrees that they would be better with him, jazz isn’t what he specializes in
  • so he turns them down
  • the monsters are like “what do you mean you won’t join”
  • “i mean i won’t join. its not my style”
  • and so now they have something of a grudge against neil
  • and they find the only way to get revenge
  • is to become his rival
  • so the monsters also book all the gigs that neil has so it’s one after the other
  • it’s torturing nicky cause he has to listen to neil sing and try not to get turned on
  • and it’s torturing everyone else cause almost every one of his gigs are at the upperclassmen’s cafe
  • this goes on for months
  • (neil still works at the music store cause despite all this they really do need more staff)
  • neil’s made a bit of a name for himself around town, and so have the monsters
  • over time neil starts to notice something about them, progressively more each time, he just can’t put his finger on it
  • but one night while waiting to go on, he’s watching the monsters and it clicks
  • its that they all look so lost in what they’re doing
  • nicky’s eyes are closed, kevin is moving slightly to the beat, even aaron looks like he’s having fun
  • then neil’s eyes move to andrew
  • the look of pure concentration on his face, the way his muscles move when he hits the snare
  • neil can’t help but think ‘wow he really knows what he’s doing with those sticks’
  • watching them get lost in their music, neil falls into something of a trance
  • the bass playing off the drums like a conversation
  • the trumpet’s bright, melancholy melody
  • the keys moving them all forward
  • he wants to be a part of that, to have that kind of connection
  • and so afterwards he asks to join their band
  • and of course since he asked, andrew agreed
  • neil’s not used to doing vocals for jazz (like scatting and tonality and stuff) but he learns
  • as a band, they play not only at the upperclassmen’s cafe but on stages too
  • the first song they play together is this one (im not really imagining neil as chet baker’s vocals tho)
  • and later on they branch out into jazz fusion (idk like this but neil on the vocals)

if anyone wants to come and talk to me about jazz or jazz fusion or music in general hmu i listen to everthing

anonymous asked:

Can you believe I listen to Young Forever everyday and cry buckets of tears? Lay the song dissection on me ~F

oh my god fhasdlgadg there is s omuch happening in this song, i’ll try my best to address them best i can. you could spend three days listening to it on repeat and still find hidden parts in the instrumentation or the vocals or the soundbites i just ugh. while reading this, please keep in mind that i’m not a professional musician nor am i an intense music student nor am i even particularly good at playing my any instrument(s), so if you belong to one of the categories above: please don’t hate me lmao

1. electronic vocals (?)

in the original ver of young forever, the addition of electronic sounds manages to enhance the piece w/o overloading the listener. a lot of top 40′s lay on too much of these toggling effects after recording & i get bored of it real fast; it’s banal af and most songs ends up sounding the same. however, whoever produced this / was in charge of sound editing did a great job avoiding a lot of overdone trends ! 

the song opens with a really quiet, rather high vocal scat (for lack of better words) that is repeated throughout the rest of the piece w/o trying to catch attention. the whole point of this motif is to bring variety to the basic synth piano that starts off namjoon’s verse, but it keeps getting looped back over the chorus and is half-drowned out by the melody later on. it’s an interesting decision to bring it back again, esp when the casual listener won’t catch it.

when most of the instrumentation cuts out around the 2min mark with jungkook’s line, it becomes more prominent again, returning the theme of “quietude” back to the audience. the ending is pretty bare to the bones musically, but this high line is reminiscent of the beginning of the song, and brings everything back full circle. it’s drowned out most of the time, but i’m still in love with this tiny lil touch idk

2. usage of silence

right when namjoon’s voice comes in, the editor made the deliberate choice to leave in his intake of breath. this serves the purpose of making the bass line feel more impactful (aka that note drop u hear; i’m still trying to place what instrument that is) it’s the juxtaposition of the opening, the intimacy of the inhale, and how namjoon gets past the first couple words w only synth support all serve to intensify that first real heavy note

not to forget, hoseok’s verse builds up the tension so high before wiping out completely. it’s the two (? maybe three) lines of percussion and the synth (sounds like unwinding VCR tape) that crescendo with his voice. the whole thing seems to “break” as it reaches the climax, serving to make his scream at the end even more intense. the whole rap part has been leading up to it, and i get chills every goddamn time mmfalsdkhg

this is the same with jungkook’s part. the vocals have a more noticeable percussion line, and the snare (?) drum speeds up + crescendos into the silence. only when EVERYTHING drops out with him, do the busywork of all these melodies and countermelodies smooth out into clapping, the high opening line, and very obvious piano. there are also tons of layered vocals weaving in and out.

there is so much power in the silence as well. the silence right after hoseok’s verse where he yells into the deep, his lines climbing higher n higher every time, silence at 2:03 when jungkook sings, and silence at the beginning of the song. all of it is important to bring about a suspended, anticipated feeling to the listener ?????????and it makes things the song less cookie-cutter + more interesting

3. that One Bass Note

when counting in 4/4 (idk if it’s cut time or not lmao; both seem to work fine w the rhythm), that low bass comes in on the down beat of every two measures, so the suspension is more engaging than to have one every bar. it’s a really small thing, but it helps with the languid, drawled-out sorta feel that this song aims for.

both yoongi AND namjoon have very minimalistic starts to their lines. their rap begins on the pickup and the third word or so is really emphasized bc of the drop (idk what’s producing the noise tho / what exactly to call it). hoseok still gets that bass note, but he starts right on the down beat, which immediately changes the mood of the piece, but draws relatively little attention to it ????

4. musical buildup

the song gets built up verse by verse. namjoon starts with that high line, sparse piano chords, a sort of high-beeping noise that sounds like synth woodblock or something lmao. that sound goes off on the 3rd beat of every measure, while that bass note is the down beat of every second bar.

yoongi gets a fuller sound with low vocals, synth piano in a high ass tessitura (likely to compliment the opening motif), a really nice percussion line, and some nice low bass-y chords to bring in more depth. this is when the song starts sounding healthier, heartier, more gut-wrenching.

hoseok gets double percussion with the start of his lines. there’s a brassy, brush-like sound going on every beat, and a rat-a-tat-tat sorta thing that starts outta it at 1:06, and then takes up a life of it’s own. it has nice syncopation & it gets held off to every 3rd beat, right until taehyung starts singing. then it becomes a consistent line in the background of the song and it makes me nut so hard every time

this signifies a change in the overall dynamics and sound (???i guess) bc it calls in a more harried tone when vocal line goes In For The Kill. from then on, things stay pretty consistent (the electronic woodblock and that one bass note too!), except there are a bunch of easier heard percussion weaving in and out which is expected

5. layered vocals

throughout the song, there are tons of echoey lines, the ones that branch off from the main lyrics right away, others that circle back and show up while hidden way in the background. all it of constitutes to a hallowed sort of feel, like you’re standing on the beach or off a cliff or in a canyon with nothing around you for miles and miles and miles and it just???it takes that feeling of being Alone / at the end of ur time and really drives it home. this effect really goes with the theme of the song, especially when the lyrics turn out to be a death knell of sorts ;((

ex: there’s one really muffled, hidden line mirroring the melody at 2:21, and the first time i tapped into it i Freaked??? who tf is singing????? why is this so genius??? it grounds the half-belting real nice-like. not to forget the way bts harmonizes with themselves but also leave spaces for single words to shine thru (until filling out all the gaps by the end) goes so well with the theme of playing with silence in this song. it’s Genius, i’m telling you. Genius.

6. the singing itself

the vocal line has a natural progression from the lower melody to higher notes. jimin and jungkook both have high ass riffs in falsetto, but every one drops a third, i think. i don’t have enough theory under my belt to break the melody down further (like why the notes sound good or the sound is very unique etc), but the choral parts are my fave bit. i love the minimalistic instrumentals (clapping on the off beats god ,,, always gets to me) while vocal line sings their hearts out on top of it (ಥ﹏ಥ) and then all of bts joins in. the full multi-layered voice effect is so nostalgic n sentimental and that’s exactly what they were going for with this???

wow truly incredible i love bts

in conclusion:

this song utilizes typical effects often heard in pop music, but they’re used in very unique ways that help the listener stay engaged. the sound mixing is impeccable, the melody is neither repetitive nor boring, and hidden instruments as the moving line are done tastefully.

also: silence? yes. silence.

kerfundlesnatchle  asked:

AAAAAAAAA SOng bird revali he SING HEADcanons plEASE


- like lonely voe said in the guilty pleasures ask, he has a beautiful tenor voice. if he would swallow his pride, he and teba, a velvety bass, could have a m a z i n g duets i’m melting just thinking about it

- he wont ever let anyone witness it though. the only times he’s singing around other people is for humorous effect like in the audio post i linked above

- lmao he can’t help himself tho at birthday parties!!! when its time to sing happy birthday, he sings wonderfully but under his breath. mipha’s heard him but she never let him know and she wont tell anyone until he’s ready to show off to the others himself

- also sings to himself a lot in flight where he’s alone, but the wind being shoved into his mouth isn’t much fun

-mod makar

for more fun audio stuffs about revali tho, u should check out @sonicmega (his VA)

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14 for all of them please..?

This is gonna be a long one ;u;

Since you asked for it, I won’t leave anyone out! Whether they’re up to snuff or not is a different question TuT

Not a dance expert, so sorry if any of these sound weird 

14. Dancing headcanon


  • Jumin is very athletic, but he doesn’t dance. He’s never really had an interest in it, so he doesn’t prioritize learning.
  • He can at least do a basic waltz and some other ballroom stuff, but nothing too fancy.
  • He’s not one for dancing, but he’ll never reject an invitation for slow dancing from you. He can slow dance all night if you want.
  • One time you urged him to take dancing classes together. He only did it because you were his partner.
  • It’s a little-known secret, but he’s really good at the latin dances. Salsa, tango, rumba, cha cha, etc. Like, REALLY GOOD. His teacher was crying at how good he was, but he wasn’t interested in taking on dance as a career. (he really only brings out the best when he’s dancing with you though)
  • He doesn’t like dancing in a public setting much (because he doesn’t want anyone else to see you in your cute and sexy little outfit) but it’s ok if it’s on occasion.


  • Zen can dance just about anything. I mean, he is a dedicated musical star. He prefers the more theatrical dances though, and especially dances that focus on strength and with an emphasis on masculinity.
  • Things like ballet, contemporary, etc.
  • He also really likes sensual dances.
  • But really, he’s up for learning any type of dance.
  • When the two of you dance together, he likes lifting you in the air and just spinning around in circles <3 (kinda like a dog lol) Of course, he’s really careful not to drop you.
  • When he just started learning, there ended up being a lot of girls in his class lol. His dance teacher never wanted him to leave lololol.


  • Seven is all about the beat. He likes melodical songs too, but he likes the ones that get his blood pumping with the bass line more.
  • That means pop, hip hop, break dancing, crunk etc.
  • Also, he learns those k-pop MV dances, and gets really good at them.
  • Sometimes he’ll dress up as a girl and dance alongside Yoosung lol
  • Of course if you’re ever thinking of opening up a dance cover youtube channel, then he’s your guy.
  • For times when you’re both just dancing for fun tho, he likes to dance something more fun. Like the swing dancing. or just random corny dance moves, like dabbing, or moonwalking etc lol
  • He’s also learned belly dancing, but just for fun haha


  • Yoosung’s not much of a dancer, but he’s learned some anime and k-pop dances by heart.
  • And by k-pop dances, I mean the ones with all-girl bands. He’s really into k-idols lol
  • He dances with Seven or his idol club sometimes, and ends up being really serious about it lol.
  • Recently he’s been trying to learn hip hop, break dancing and pop (like Seven). He finds it really cool, but his body just won’t move the way he wants to… How do those people get their joints to move that way???
  • He’s a big romantic though, so he’s taken some ballroom classes to learn the basics. Just in case.
  • I feel like he’d really like square dancing though. Just saying.


  • Dance? What? Jaehee doesn’t dance.
  • I mean, she might wiggle around and spin while she hums her favorite musical songs
  • But she doesn’t dance. She doesn’t have time to dance.
  • There are some really cute baby videos of her pretending to be a k-pop star though, but only if you can find them. she’ll never let you find them
  • She’d look really pretty in a crop top doing hip hop or something though
  • The only thing she’d be remotely interested in is traditional korean dance, or maybe classical ballet.
  • It’s a secret that she dances with the broom and mop while cleaning in the cafe ;3


  • V is not a dancer. He’s not an athletic type.
  • He’d enjoy watching you dance more rather than dancing himself.
  • He’ll slow dance with you, but that’s about it. 
  • It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he’s just got two left feet lol.


  • Saeran is also not a dancer.
  • Doesn’t get the point in it. He’d rather do something else.
  • You’ll literally have to drag him into it if you ever want to see him dancing.
  • If it turns out he’s really bad or ends up liking it though, he’d never admit it. 
  • You can see him around the house, sneaking in a few minutes of practice every now and then. 
  • But you stay quiet, because you know that if you said anything, he’d get too tsundere to continue lol


  • Ok, two words: pole dan–
  • User is unable to continue due to being killed by Vanderwood.
  • …Jk lol. Vanderwood probably isn’t a dancer.
  • If he is though, it’s something that trains his strength. Like pole dan–
  • Something like gymnastics or acrobatics (would that be considered dancing??)
  • Maybe martial arts dances.


  • Rika is also not a dancer. It’s not a talent of hers.
  • She enjoys watching others dance instead, like on stage in a musical.
  • She’s not too athletic either. She does morning runs, but that’s about it.
  • She doesn’t dance, but she’d enjoy just having fun moving bodies with you not in a dirty sense
  • Like holding hands and spinning in circles, or slow dancing to some nice music. She likes the sense of intimacy.
  • Imagine her being into disco though, omg

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((SAME. VANDERWOOD IS EVERYTHING)) okey dokey i was wondering what the minor trio's music tastes were like 😂 Genres and small quirks like humming or dancing to them too please 💕


  • dude probably likes classical music and opera and shit
  • what a pretentious loser
  • When he’s alone, he’ll sometimes get really into the music and start pretending to conduct with whatever he’s got on hand
  • (sometimes it’s a glass, sometimes it’s a pencil, sometimes it’s his pipe fun fact V smokes a pipe that is canon)
  • He’s definitely taken Jumin to ballets and enjoyed ~*~*~culture~*~*~ with him
  • He also really likes musicals and sings the catchier songs to himself under his breath.

(Unknown) Saeran

  • really though Saeran things listening to very loud music (particularly loud American music) with a lot of bass makes him cool
  • ok just for a moment tho imagine Saeran going through a ‘tries to rap’ phase but he’s trying to do it in english. BABY NO…
  • He’s also into dubstep and electronica, but secretly
  • and i mean S E C R E T L Y
  • he listens to k-pop to help get to sleep


  • rock. like. Beatles sort of rock. they think of themselves as having ~classy~ tastes.
  • they also like jazz. louis armstrong? duke ellington? billie holiday? hellll yeah. they probably tried to learn how to play the saxophone at some point but gave up because it was hard.
  • Whenever they listen to jazz they’re imagining the cool parts of being a spy. it’s their ultimate ‘i-need-to-sulk-after-707-teased-me’ music.
  • One day Saeran turns them on to electro-swing and they’re like… ?????? at first but end up getting pretty into it.
  • (like really listen to this, it is basically the soundtrack for 707 and Vanderwood hijinks.)
  • unironically enjoys Wonderwall and thinks American rock bands stole everything from the British.
RWBY Band Headcanons

Ruby is totally percussion. She loves the drums and the variety she gets. She can try out new things all the time and loves to rock out.

Weiss is obviously the lead singer. That’s pretty canon, but she also plays piano. She’s a sucker for calming music, but has a guilty pleasure when she gets to sing rock songs.

Yang plays guitar and does any rap parts in their songs. She loves the energy, much like Ruby, but also loves the spotlight she gets when it’s only her playing a solo. She lives for it.

Blake is bass and sometimes jumps in as backup for Weiss. It’s something that’s so integral to the band, but also allows her to not be in the spotlight, especially compared to the rest of the band. She loves staying in the shadows, while still being needed.

sun tzu would not approve

left feeling empty - game got weak its showin - psychic defenses barely holding - felt like i wanna walk away from - the one place that i almost fit in - said my goodbyes early  - even a tight hug barely got thru - without out saying it she knew  (i think)- will u be here  next week?  - good i  will see you - (fuck im not even tryin to rhyme) - she never comments on my performance - tho one time she said she liked it when i sang instead of only playing instrumentals - sometimes if not 2 bizzy bartending she rings a bell to show she listening and likes it - performers who know - its the highest compliment - no itz not a romance 

  took the bus home cuz i needed to decompress - 

kinda feel like i strayed from my vision - but the lyrics arent flowing lately - and my playing is sub par often - a few songs i outgrew and dont even like much anymore - 1  i never play -(sorta jammed it once w bass on a slow night w few performers without singing ) cuz itz tricky and the lyrics unfinished i keep thinking inspired i’ll play it and free flow -

my intro verszion is showin - no panic attacks just the always slightly uneasy - and i forget that its ok - messy and realz how i roll - i told someone tuesday - who is afraid to play - a bad note wont kill u - fuck then i forget it myself - but i hatez playing bad notes and wrong chords and 4 get words - theres a line in jim jarmusch move - “its a strange, sad and beautiful life” - or something close  -i keep forgetting - for 20 years nobody heard me = cept my cat and my wife and 1 guitar student who couldnt pay me - i didnt need the money anyway - u only as good as ur last trade is trope - that part of me believes - i got 3 trades on right now - 2 short term too small to move the needle - but if they worked out some needed cash flow - right now they a wash - 1 working out the other not - 1 long term might take a year or more to play out - either a big win or complete loss - its the only way to play this one - the loss wont be major but a win could be big - and the 1st one in a long time 

we r only here a short time - but - tout le matin du monde (its a movie - all the mornings in the world)  are waiting 

patiently eternal

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I just bought a guitar and i have no idea what I'm doing. Does anyone have any tips for beginner guitar players?

Strum the strings as fast and as aggressive as you can and scream about killing nazis and you will make a perfect punk song that is all you need to know.

~ mod Petar
(Seriously tho, I’m bass idk guitar. Followers?)