the baser


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader and Dean are…you guessed it…hexed.  Is it a sexual curse or something more?

Word Count:  2111

Warnings:  Lots of language, lots of smut (rough-ish smut)

As always, feedback is appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.

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There is a time and place for everything, this is neither the time nor the place. Not for Dean to be looking at me like that, no sir. Had I always hoped he’d fix those ethereal green eyes on me that way? My mama didn’t raise a liar, so I’m not going to lie to you. Yeah, I want that man to fix those eyes on me just like that. Wanted him to for a long time now. There’s a lot of things I want from Dean Winchester.  That man is a walking wet dream, sex on bow-legs.

Things is, he’s not supposed to be looking at me like that. Sure as hell not right this very minute.  It’s not part of the plan. We’re working a fucking case for god’s sake. I’m not talking about research or footwork, interviewing and investigating. We are legitimately standing in this room right the fuck now and a motherfucking witch was just here with us. There is a blade in my hand and a gun in his. We had a job to do, one goddamn job.

Now that bitch of a witch is gone. Poof, vanished, adios amigos, just fucking gone. She mumbled some shifty spell work and now Dean fucking Winchester is looking like he wants to screw my brains out.

I’m looking right back at him and I got the same look in my eye.  

I don’t know what that piece of shit did to us, but my breasts are heavy, achy. My nipples are straining against the fabric of my bra and if somebody doesn’t touch them right this very instant and relieve that pressure, I’m going to scream. Or come. I don’t know which.  

There’s a burning in between my thighs, I’m squeezing them together hoping to ease some of the pressure but it’s only making it worse. Times infinity. My skin is all heat and fire, I’m consumed by need and lust.

Dean is a mirror, his eyes reflect back at me the same fever I’m feeling. I can see his cock - Jesus fucking Christ - swelling and straining against those blue denim jeans. In three short steps his crossed the room, a strangled sound leaving his lips before his lips press to mine. Our weapons clatter to the ground making one hell of a racket, but I give no fucks.

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Transference (M) – Chapter 07

cr. [X] 

Summary: You and Hoseok struggle separately to process what has transpired between you.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 7,733

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, mentions of alcohol, profanity.

A/N:  This chapter contains both the Reader and Hoseok’s POV and will be labeled whenever it switches. It’s a sad one, but necessary for the rest of the series. Hope you enjoy!

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07

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‘The best thing for being sad,’ replied Merlyn, beginning to puff and blow, 'is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then–to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the thing for you.’
—  T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone, 1938
Star Trek: Discovery to ditch a long frustrating Trek rule

Star Trek: Discovery is shedding a creative restriction that’s long frustrated top writers on previous shows in the franchise.

Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg — working from a creative roadmap laid out by executive producer Bryan Fuller — are delivering a Trek saga that gets rid of one the franchise’s decades-old limitations in an effort to evolve the series.

As part of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future (and one that Trek franchise executive producer Rick Berman carried on after Roddenberry’s death in 1991), writers on Trek shows were urged to avoid having Starfleet crew members in significant conflict with one another (unless a crew member is, say, possessed by an alien force), or from being shown in any seriously negative way.

This guideline wasn’t strictly followed across all 700 previous franchise episodes, of course (there are especially some notable exceptions in The Original Series). But in an aspirational effort to make the future more idyllic, Starfleet crew members typically weren’t supposed to demonstrate baser human flaws. For writers on Trek shows, the restriction has been a point of behind-the-scenes contention (one TNG and Voyager writer, Michael Piller, famously dubbed it “Roddenberry’s Box”). Drama is conflict, after all, and if all the conflict stems from non-Starfleet members on a show whose regular cast consists almost entirely of Starfleet officers, it hugely limits the types of stories that can be told.

So for the CBS All Access series coming Sept. 24, that restriction has been lifted and the writers are allowed to tell types of stories that were discouraged for decades.

“We’re trying to do stories that are complicated, with characters with strong points of view and strong passions,” Harberts said. “People have to make mistakes — mistakes are still going to be made in the future. We’re still going to argue in the future.”

“The rules of Starfleet remain the same,” Berg added. “But while we’re human or alien in various ways, none of us are perfect.”

The handling of these inner-Starfleet conflicts will still draw inspiration from Roddenberry’s ideals, however. “The thing we’re taking from Roddenberry is how we solve those conflicts,” Harberts said. “So we do have our characters in conflict, we do have them struggling with each other, but it’s about how they find a solution and work through their problems.”

Another major change is the new series is heavily serialized, unlike all the previous iterations which mostly consisted of close-ended episodes (with occasional story arcs that were two or three episodes long, plus Deep Space Nine‘s more ambitious Dominion Wars arc, among other examples). Serialization likewise makes it very difficult to keep all conflict from external sources because Discovery isn’t telling a new destination-based adventure each week. When you create dramatic storylines among the crew that spans an entire season or more, there should be some real friction and not just have the crew sitting around cheerfully playing tri-dimensional chess whenever they’re not under direct attack.

There’s also the fact the last Trek series (Star Trek: Enterprise) went off the air 12 years ago and the TV drama storytelling has evolved to be more realistic since then — and so has sci-fi. A former Trek writer, Ron Moore (who, like Piller, was outspoken about Trek‘s limitations), conceived of his acclaimed 2004 Battlestar Galactica reboot as a way of telling the types of morally murky stories that Deep Space Nine and Voyager wouldn’t allow. Moore, Piller and Discovery‘s Fuller all worked on late 1990s Trek shows, collectively trying to push the format’s creative envelope in bold new ways. Mind you, Discovery isn’t nearly as dark as BSG — it’s very much Star Trek and Starfleet officers have still evolved in all respects from where we are now. As always, they’re admirable people you wish you knew in real life. But the show’s producers will have the freedom to depict a wider and more realistic bandwidth of human (and alien) drama.

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On Monday, CBS announced Star Trek: Discovery will debut Sunday, Sept. 24 (first on CBS, then shifting to CBS All Access streaming service). EW has more to come, follow @jameshibberd for the latest.

Call Me Mistress – Ramen (M) (Part 3)

Summary: The Mistress has her first session with Ramen, her newest client.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 12,176

Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Domme!Reader, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, nipple play, masturbation, teasing, edging, overstimulation, sex toys, profanity

Series: Call Me Mistress

A/N: If you thought Part 2 was something…Enjoy, dears!

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen (Jungkook): Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 | (more forthcoming)

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yoongi scenario | a vampire’s kiss

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prompt: I’m a vampire, and you’re a human who’s prone to getting hurt. Please take better care of yourself, or I might not be able to control myself!

pairing: vampire yoongi x reader

requested by anon | 900 words | fluff

Yoongi always panics when he sees you wielding a knife. Knowing how clumsy you are, he’s come to realise that you plus cooking is a bad combination – particularly with his stomach being empty and your blood always smelling so good.

So when he comes home to find you in the kitchen, humming to yourself as you chop tomatoes his first instinct is to yell, “Stop!”

Which in hindsight was a bad idea.

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funnymen usually come in 2 types. 1st type tend to be musicians (seth, randy) w/ a baser sense of humour but a near-unlimited power cap. 2nd type are almost always huge biology/zoology nerds(often w a special focus on entomology but not always) with more obscure jokes . type 1 definitely less sj-oriented than the 2nd type and w/ obscurer jokes

Spider Boyfriend 2

Ya’ll asked for it, so here it is! Part Two to my Spider boyfriend story!Read the first part here. You’ll learn his name in this chapter as well.

   You’ve settled into your new home and every box has been unpacked. For the longest time, you had been traveling back and forth between home and school. It was hard to adjust at first but you soon came to look forward to your long weekends back home.

   “Why do you always rush back home?” One of your friends asks you. “I thought you used to hate going back home.”

   You think for a long moment, remember the event that brought you back home, to begin with. You remember the faint tapping on your window and the face that greeted you. You smile, thinking about him always made you smile now.

   “I’ve learned to love it again,” you reply.

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anonymous asked:

What are some canon or canon adjacent fics that you'd watch as a movie? like top 5 i guess

Wow, that’s a rly hard question tbh! I love a ton of fics, but this would require some TW knowledge and minimal sexytimes for a screen release(honeslty idgaf about sexytimes but they’re hard to get away from in fic)…buuuuut i guess here are my top 5(ish)?

1. Hagalaz - An unfinished series by an amazing author, but what is here would make a great film or series IMO

2. Rat’s Alley - An amazing post apoc fic that would def make a cool movie!(the MCD is not Stiles or Derek and it’s also at the very end)

3. Run To You - by @pale-silver-comb​ - quintessential cursed derek! so good! Derek only trusts stiles after being cursed by a witch into his baser wolf form

4. Move A Mountain - by @zainclaw​ - i can’t even with how much i adore this fic. generally I NEED the whole werewolf aspect to be interested in a fic, but this one..sheesh, it’s just soo feel good summer vacation fic, summer love, love at first site kinda…just perfect! OH ALSO! biker Derek(and also biker!stiles(where those manips came from wuwuwu)) the little chapters for later in life are just the icing on top of this delicious cake of awesome.

5. Not Quite Lost(not Quite Found) - by @alocalband​ - i found this one a little earlier this year and wow, how did it slip through my fingers? it’s such an amazing Derek/Stiles healing fic, it’d easily be turned into a slow romcom imo, i love this

honorable mentions!!!

Seeing Wolves(Where there Are No Wolves) by @loserchildhotpants


I’ve been Everywhere With you by @alocalband 

Both AMAZING healing fics that i believe could be great movies as well

this was a really hard decision as there are SO MANY AMAZING STEREK FICS, but i rly feel like these could be turned into such awesome movies.

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Janeli and Megan

It’s snowing which is how she knows her lover is lying to her. Janeli is the only one who sees the flakes falling from the coffee shop ceiling, the only one who feels the bite of their chill on her skin, the only one who can see the way they fade away to nothing just a moment before they hit the ground.

She wraps the scarf around her neck more tightly, lets the hand-knitted wool turn her skin red, and taps her nails on the table.

Megan looks back at her with soft eyes, hands wrapped loosely around her tea (non-caffeinated). She looks like she’s telling the truth, calm and collected as she always is, but she’s not.

Janeli realizes that Megan doesn’t know that lie detecting is one of her skills. She can’t imagine how she doesn’t know–unless she thinks she’s doing something to stop Janeli from telling. She sniffs the air and smells magic–ozone and licorice, not her scent. She feels a curl of jealousy, of something dark and possessive, of something not human stirring in her DNA. Megan had gone to someone else for a glamor. Someone else had laid magic on her. Megan is hers in the only way a lover can belong to you. Intimately. Without restrictions or bars or–


“You don’t love me anymore,” Janeli repeats. Her voice is flat.

Megan meets her eyes evenly, body still loose. “I don’t.”

The snow begins to fall faster, small flecks of white swirling around them.

Janeli leans back and crosses her arms over her chest. The words hurt, of course they do, but they’re a lie. Why? “So you want to break up.”

“I do,” Megan says. Her eyes flick to the right, over Janeli’s shoulder, and then back again. As if she’d wanted to scan the room, but couldn’t. As if she was still hiding things from Janeli. “It’s what’s best for us.”

And the snow blinks out of existence.

Best? Janeli thinks with disbelief. She hides the curl of her lip in her coffee cup and very carefully keeps her baser nature locked down inside. How could she believe it’s best?

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T'es fanée ma pauvre. Tu es laide. Regarde ton teint blafard. Ton rouge vulgaire. Tes yeux froids comme la glace. Et pire que tout : tu es stupidement normale. Comme les autres. Tu me dégoûte !! Tu es fausse. Tu te donnes des airs supérieurs mais tu es inférieure parce que bête et méchante. Tu te donnes des airs d'artiste mais tu n'es que fausseté. Saleté. Naturelle de mon cul ! Ah mais je ris ! Quand l'hôpital se fout de la Charité. Avant de critiquer regarde si tu es exempte de critiques.

Message en provenance de https://fleur–

Je ne répondrai pas à ce message. Il ne m’atteint pas. Néanmoins, je me sens concernée en tant que femme par ce que je viens de lire.

L’histoire ? Cet homme est revenu me parler après plus d’un an de silence. Je l’ai toujours trouvé étrange, gênant, parce que trop lunatique ou négatif. Je n’aime pas les gens négatifs, c’est mon choix. Là n’est pas la question. Par respect, et parce que je n’aime pas me fixer sur un avis peut-être trop hâtif, j’ai décidé de lui accorder une seconde chance, me disant que je l’avais certainement mal jugé, et qu’il avait peut-être, lui aussi, changé.

Malheureusement, mon ressenti fut le même : je fus victime d’un malaise immense. J’étais mal à l’aise face à ce changement de personnalité, face à cet état lunatique qui déstabilise et qui donne l’impression de parler à une toute autre personne. Ce manque de naturel. Ne le supportant plus, et voulant être honnête (car c’est un de mes principes), je lui ai fait comprendre, certes, peut-être un peu trop brutalement, que je ne souhaitais plus lui parler, car j’étais mal à l’aise et que je ne désirais pas le connaître, ou “explorer en profondeur” les “choses” en sa compagnie.

La réponse fut la suivante : un ramassis de haine, car je lui disais non. Peut-être trop violemment, mais je suis restée correcte, et, si j’ose aller encore plus loin : je suis restée polie. Je lui ai dit respecter ses pensées, mais rester mal à l’aise ; que je souhaitais écourter notre échange. Je n’ai eu ni le temps ni la possibilité de répondre à cette violence (si évidemment il y avait quelque chose à répondre), puisque ce dernier a décidé de me bloquer.

Quelques heures plus tard, je me reconnecte sur Tumblr et je reçois ce message. Ce n’est pas seulement un message qui se veut blessant, mais un message qui se permet de me juger sur un physique. Un physique visible sur une image dimension 100x100. Un physique qui ne me définit PAS, un physique que je n’ai pas CHOISI, un physique qui n’a pas, comme tous les autres, à être CRITIQUÉ. 

Et surtout, ce message critique quelque chose que l’auteur est actuellement en train de produire : juger naïvement. Juger sur une apparence, juger sur un bref échange, tout simplement parce que j’ai souhaité ne pas me LAISSER FAIRE.

J’ai 22 ans. Beaucoup ne me connaissent pas. Beaucoup ne sont pas au courant de ce que j’ai vécu. Je suis une femme blessée. Je suis une femme qui a été victime, à plusieurs reprises, de viols, et qui se bat tous les jours contre sa peur des hommes. Je suis une femme qui a tenté de mettre fin ses jours à cause de ce qu’on m’a infligé. Je suis une femme qui a été battue. 

Je vis avec ce physique que je n’aime pas spécialement tous les jours. Disons qu’il y a des jours avec et des jours sans. Les gens me demandent sans cesse, ahuris : “Pourquoi n’aimes-tu pas les compliments ? Pourquoi n’aimes-tu pas ton physique ?” Mais je ne peux leur répondre tel un bonjour : “Parce que j’ai été violée à mes 17 ans et que voir mon visage, c’est comme voir mon âme, et cette âme est bousillée.” 

Je me suis forgée une image que j’apprécie. Je ne suis peut-être pas la science infuse, je ne suis peut-être pas le dernier mannequin en vogue, mais tous les jours, je travaille sur ma personne, pour tenter de l’aimer un peu plus, et vous savez quoi ? Je suis fière de moi. Ce n’est pas un message de la part d’un merdeux qui va me faire pleurer, pourtant, je suis en colère. En colère qu’en ce jour, les gens se permettent encore de se baser sur un physique, sur des premières paroles, pour critiquer avec cette méchanceté gratuite que je méprise et que j’accuse ; que les gens se permettent de s’indigner et d’oser reporter la faute sur les AUTRES alors qu’ILS sont fautifs.

C’est à cause de ce genre de messages que des hommes ou des femmes finissent avec des complexes qui bousillent leur vie chaque jour. C’est à cause de ce genre de messages qu’une personne dépressive peut avoir envie de se blesser, si elle n’a pas la force nécessaire pour en faire abstraction. C’est à cause de ce genre de messages qu’une personne peut finir en larmes, en perdre le sommeil et se sentir comme une moins-que-rien.

Car, oui, ne sous-estimons pas le pouvoir des mots. Personne ne mérite de recevoir ce que je viens de recevoir en plein visage. Se cacher derrière l’anonymat est lâche, proférer des insultes sur un physique, l’est encore plus.

Je suis peut-être laide, je suis peut-être “stupidement normale”, mais je suis vivante et j’apprécie ce trésor qu’est la vie. J’ai des principes. J’ai du vécu. J’ai l’espoir. Et je vais continuer à me battre, à me battre contre mes démons. Me battre contre tous ceux qui, comme lui, tyrannisent. Pourquoi ? Parce que j’ai de l’estime, parce que je me respecte, et parce que je vaux quelque chose. Comme vous ; vous qui lisez ce message.

Au contraire de toi, 

Toi qui es tapi dans l’ombre,

Toi qui as honte,

Toi qui n’assumeras jamais les conséquences de ton acte.

If you can make things simpler, do it. Drown yourself down to your baser instincts. The crime is in holding back. If you get hurt, tear your heart out and cry. If you dream, dream the most beautiful dream and if you love, then darling, love with wild abandon.
—  and never in between // Genefe Navilon
A Morning with Mr. Han

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC. After the Extra Story.

Pairing:  Jumin x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life

Rating:  M? Like, I refer to stuff…

Word Count:  Approx. 2500

Protip:  Showering together saves water. Unless you get distracted.  They did not get distracted, in this fic.  So, they saved water.  10 points to Slytherin.

He always set an alarm, but it was often the morning sun that awakened Jumin.  He had an east-facing window in the bedroom, and the rising sun’s light tended to rouse him before his alarm could.

Before, he had felt lonely on some mornings, waking up with only the sun to greet him.  Then, even Elizabeth the Third had not been enough to satisfy his solitude.  But now, that was no longer the case.  The young director rolled over in bed, away from the bright, morning light, and opened his eyes to one of his favourite sights:  you, his beloved wife, sleeping soundly beside him.

A small smile played on his lips; you were beautiful as you lay there, the sunlight bringing out the lighter tints in your hair, your breath even and slow as you continued to dream.  His mornings were that much brighter now that he had the honour of waking up beside you.

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There are three relationships that have grown in both seasons and they bring me so much joy.

First, Will and Kala. Will always comes across like the protective older sibling, but I love that Kala is like the middle sibling that looks after him without him realizing it, like how she took control with weaning Will off of heroin. I love how she effortlessly appealed to his baser instinct to protect, serve, and be a good friend, so she came to him under the guise that she needed help and rambled on while removing the drugs from his hand and keeping him from shooting up again. He lowkey realized this but went along anyway because he has a genuine fondness for Kala, but also he knew she was right. Their relationship became more mutually rewarding in season two. It was more equal. But he has this way of looking at Kala like she’s his little sister. I’m convinced Kala legit has Will wrapped around her finger. He also tends to be in awe of her intellect and genuinely trusts her abilities. Riley gets credit for being the caretaker and mom of the cluster, but Kala has mom friend vibes. She’s smart and also soft, but has a wicked streak as well…anyway their relationship is one of my favorite.

Sun and Lito. I adore them because on the surface they couldn’t be more different…but they’re not, which is why they connect so well. Sun is so badass and stoic that she’s more often than not viewed as callous and unfeeling, but really she’s so vulnerable and soft and emotional but it slowly seeps out and isn’t as overt. Lito has a reputation for being the dramatic, emotional one, but he legit internalizes a lot and he holds back more than he lets on. Think of all the little things that Hernando is still finding out about him and never knew. Lito is a master of appearing more open than he really is. But I love that Sun doesn’t judge Lito for being emotional and Lito doesn’t judge Sun for being repressed because deep down they actually SEE each other and know the truth. Lito gets to expel and express all the emotions and feelings that Sun can’t bring herself to do. He gets to emote all the things that she’s almost too afraid to emote because she doesn’t want to appear that vulnerable. Lito takes that on for her no questions asked because his entire career revolves around channeling someone else. Lito happily does that for her because he knows more than most what it’s like to go through life putting on a mask. I also like that Sun basically spent her life at the service of others, it’s never been about her. She was always tasked with looking after her brother, or keeping the business afloat while pretending she wasn’t. She always had to pretend. She always had to put others first. Given that her experience in season one with sensates was fighting to protect them (Capheus, Nomi) or giving advice (Kala, Riley) which she happily does, Lito is the one who actually serves her and puts her first…allows her to be her emotional inner self (like Lito experiencing her menstrual cycle or crying for her). He takes on her feelings for her so she doesn’t have to, which when you think about it, it’s pretty freaking kind and amazing. It’s an interesting bond and I love it because it’s unexpected, important, and deep.

Will and Wolfgang. They’re another pairing that shouldn’t work as well as they do, but they do. The cop and the criminal. I love that they make the perfect duo when it comes to protecting the cluster or organizing something because they’re both strategist who come at things from separate angles. Their knowledge combined makes the best plans. They don’t judge each other either. You would think Will would be disenchanted with Wolfgang and his methods and try to play savior or “fix him.” You would think that Wolfgang would be wary of Will because he’s the law. But they genuinely respect each other and don’t judge. They only butt heads when they’re trying to figure out which approach is the best approach to use at the moment. But Will keeps Wolfgang from falling too deep into the dark side, and Wolfgang keeps Will from being blinded by idealism and playing things too safe to the point of jeopardizing them all. They know why each other are important and they give into each other when it’s necessary.

I think the reason why our sensates have been so badass despite being so inexperienced and virtually clueless is because they never fought each other or judged each other. Not really. They adjusted quite well and recognized that each of them brings something to the cluster, something that the others need in some way and they figured out how to blend the essence they each have and make it work.