the basement stacks

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Err... I... don't 'tough it out'... Certainly not me... I know what I said sounded a bit wrong. I'm sorry for that. I'd like to be able to find the words that could give you courage.

*shakes head and hugs* Dude, nothing you said is wrong. I’m envious of the fact that you can still *do* things when you get like this, but I also understand that it doesn’t mean it isn’t hard for you.

I– well, I’m kinda stuffing my foot further and further down my throat, aren’t I? But please don’t think you said anything wrong. You really didn’t.

Courage. Man, I have plenty of courage! Barrels of it fermenting in my nonexistent basement. Stacked against the walls of the pantry. Watering the lawn. I’ll be the first to say that I’m a damn courageous person, I just get low sometimes. I’m still courageous, and so are you. Anyone that deals with the big black dog on a regular basis is.

If you're a college student and hate your job ....

Check out your local library - they often have student assistant positions available . I’m not sure if you can get full time , but it’s worth a look.
The hours are decent , they work around your college schedule , and you get all government holidays off .
If you’re introverted or have social anxiety it’s even better, because largely what you do is reshelve books . When you’re in stacks ( the basement that is off limits to the public ) it is AWESOME .
I did it in college, and I LOVED IT - there is a social aspect to it with helping people find what they need …. But …. You get to be around books alllll the time . ;) always a good thing .