the basement show

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next time anybody says there isn’t an extremely difficult art to making physical comedy, lock them in a basement and show them this.

twenty one pilots performs Holding On To You in front of 12 fans (on their first show outside of their home state of Ohio)
Basement show, Chicago, June 2011 (x)

Jackie mentions to Donna she lost her soul in Cheerleader Camp, and my headcanon is that yes, yes she did because that was when she realized she didn’t have real friends and thought her only choice was always going to be eat or get eaten.

She was so excited about going to camp, her dad buy her all she needed and all the outfits she wanted. And at first, everything was great until she refused to make a prank on someone her friends didn’t like. It was messy and disgusting, she didn’t want to be part of it.

Never thinking something bad could happen after that, Jackie spend the rest of the day in activities, having fun and just being happy.

Then came night, and as she slept, someone was still awake and make her part of the prank chain.

When she woke up, a big lock of her hair was gone right in the middle, leaving her with no other choice but cutting it even. She has never used short hair, she loves her hair as it is. Long, wavy, black and naturally soft, and shiny. Why would she cut it? But he has no other option.

After that, she knew she had to be mean all the time if she wanted to survive in her social circle.

My thoughts on the teaser

There’s the smoke which resembles the gas that Hap uses. The gas makes them forget whats happened, and we know that there’s a risk of amnesia from travelling with the movements. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that OA forgets anything

Then we have the water. I think the water is supposed to be the water that runs through the basement. It shows up a lot in other parts of the story as well, such as in the premonitions, but is focused on most in the basement.

This takes us to the bridge- the very same bridge that OA jumps off in the first scene! She says how she was trying to get back to the others using it. I think the fog around the bridge is interesting, and they’d be water going underneath it. Possibly the fog is a reference to the gas, the river is a reference to the water in the basement. This would mean that the two places are crossing over, Crestwood and the basement.

More of the same. “Sangwoo-ya, not there…!” Casual register, implying closeness and familiarity. 

So, Bum goes down in the basement. Sangwoo shows up. Sangwoo, naturally, speaks in the casual register, which can imply closeness but can also imply disrespect. 

Actually, Sangwoo does something interesting throughout this chapter. He switches back and forth between casual and polite register. He’s using the polite register to be mocking. He says “Let’s go upstairs” and later, “You shouldn’t scream in a lady’s face” and “How did it feel spending the night with her?” in polite register.

Bum thinks to himself about Sangwoo in the third person (”The Sangwoo I know isn’t like that!”) using no honorific. 

“I fell in love!” Polite register. From this point on, almost any time Bum speaks to Sangwoo, it’s in the polite register. He also calls him “Sangwoo-ssi,” as he continues his love confession. 

  • Natsu: (disguises his voice) Hello, I have a certificate for a free erotic photo session.
  • Jason: Oh, yes. Your name?
  • Natsu: Eh…Batsu…Dragneel.
  • Jason: Cool! All right, Mr. Dragneel.
  • Natsu: (in normal voice) Aargh! Who told you!?
  • Jason: Don’t worry. These photos are perfectly legal. Many husbands use them as a romantic gift for their wives.
  • Natsu: Uh, you’re not going to ask me to pose nude, are you?
  • Jason: Well, yes. Unless you have some issues with revealing your body.
  • Natsu: Well, I don’t. But, the block association seems to. They wanted a traditional Santa Claus.
  • Later, Natsu surprises Gray with his collection of sexy photos.
  • Gray: Woo woo. Look at those silk pillows. It’s like the set of some high-class porno film.
  • Natsu: Heh heh. No, no. It’s our basement.
  • Gray: Mmm…hold on! That’s our basement?
  • Natsu: Yeah, so? Come on. More kissing?
  • Gray: It looks so elegant. And all it takes are some lace curtains and a beaded lampshade. (takes Natsu by the hand and leads him towards the basement) You’ve got to show me exactly what you did.
  • Natsu: But I was going to score.
  • Gray: No, you weren’t.