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Temporary rules update

In case you haven’t noticed we’ve been censoring behavior mentions on some of the posts. Intentionally or not a lot of the confessions we get are glamorizing EDs. The more obvious ones glamorize it by saying “I did x y z so I could be lovely”, etc. Others will list all of their disordered behaviors, their lowest weight, how many times they’ve been hospitalized, etc. in order to prove how Truly Sick they are/were, before getting to the main point of the confession. And we see thinspo/pro ana blogs reblog them like baseball cards, which is not what this blog is for.

That’s why I started censoring the behaviors. They don’t make a confession more credible, they just send the message that readers who haven’t done x y or z aren’t credible. Which is toxic and triggering to many, including myself. 

Sometimes the behavior mentions are specifically relevant to the main point of the confession (e.g. “My teeth are ruined from purging, I’m scared my dentist will figure it out”). Those will not be censored. The only ones which will be censored are ones where the behavior can be edited out without affecting the meaning of the rest of the confession (e.g. “X, y, and z behaviors have ruined my life.”)

Obviously, this is a blurry line, and the mods are merely human. So, the new censorship of behavior mentions will be tried out for a given period of time, and we welcome your thoughts on it! If you have comments about this, please comment ON THIS POST rather than sending us more messages to sort through. If you have concerns about whether your confessions meets the criteria, send it to us un-anonymously so we can message you back privately.

Thank you!