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Soulmates - (4/?)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1, 2 and 3 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show. It will have a continuation. Don’t give up on it just yet, it will be a nice story.


Whatever was it that you guys were painting, it was looking great. It was an explosion of colors. You added the details and painted things with an actual shape, like people and objects, carefully avoiding too much realism so it could match Jeff’s part. His stuff were more abstract, some mixed colors and patterns with an outcome surprisingly beautiful for someone who never painted anything before.

“So… what are you gonna do with your life once you wake up?” Jeff asked.

“I’m not sure” you answered.

“Well… what do you like?”

“Arts. Theater, music, painting, drawing, dancing… But it’s all out of my reach” you pretended to be indifferent, but thinking about that actually hurt you a lot.

“How come?”

“I’m a bad actress. My singing is nothing out of the ordinary, and so is my painting and drawing. And the dancing… well, I’m a terrible dancer”

Jeff wiped the paint from his fingers in his shirt and walked towards you.

“What are you doing?” you asked, as he took you by the waist and held one of your hands. You realized what he was doing and laughed. “I don’t mean that kind of dance”

“I know” he said, but started dancing anyway. There were music playing somewhere, in another room or outside on the street. Some slow song. Barely audible, but it was enough for you to keep up with. “See? You’re good at it. We only tripped twice and it was my fault”

“Like I said, it’s not that kind of dance” still, neither of you stopped dancing.

“Which kind is it?”

“Ballet. Contemporary. Jazz” you explained.

“I think you can do anything you put your mind to. It doesn’t matter if it’s dancing, painting, becoming president or developing a cure for cancer” he said, in all seriousness. You let out a nervous laugh.

“I think you overestimate my capacities”

“I don’t” he shook his head. “I’m just telling you the truth”

“You’re wrong” you reaffirmed.

“You want to go down that road, fine. Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you think you can’t do whatever you want?” he asked, patiently.

“It demands hard work, Jeff. Talent. I’m not a hard worker and I’m not talented either. Most of the time I’m just too tired to do anything. Tired of what, you might ask? Breathing, probably. Because that’s all I do. Breath, eat and sleep”

“That’s all fear of exposure. You involuntarily keep yourself from trying because you’re afraid of what people, or even yourself, will think if you fail” he said, looking deeply into your eyes.

“I don’t fear failure. I anticipate failure. That’s different” you tried to argument.

“How can you be so sure you would fail if you never even tried?”

“I tried, Jeff. And I wasn’t good enough. End of story”

“That’s it? You give up? Perfection is not the goal, (Y/N). It’s just a concept that, for whatever reason, motivates people to improve themselves. Think about those people you told me about on the car…”

“Picasso and Da Vinci” you reminded him.

“Take Da Vinci. What do you think would have happened if he reached the so called perfection? If he looked at his first work and thought: ‘That’s it! That’s good enough’? He would never grow, never shoot for the stars. He wouldn’t be known and admired until nowadays, almost five hundred years after his death” he was almost whispering, with a low and sweet voice.

“I get your point” you nodded, but not completely convinced yet.


“But see, the world is a hard place. Even the most competent people struggle to find the place where they belong. Some don’t find it at all. So if they can’t, how can I?”

“The world is a huge place, filled with opportunities, options and places where you can belong. You, an artist, should have that perspective. We are raised to believe there’s only one way to succeed in life, and that success means money, a nice partner, two plain and boring kids and a dog. Do you think that’s all there is?”


“So don’t you think you’re being small minded by saying some people don’t ever find where they belong?”

“I guess…”

Jeff left out a sigh. He softly tightened the grip on your waist and pulled you closer. He leaned his head on your shoulder, his face resting on your hair.

“Whatever you decide to do… You don’t have to be the best at it, (Y/N). You just have to do it”

After that, you just danced around in complete silence. His breath against your neck gave you chills. His hands didn’t leave yours for what seemed like hours. It was perfect.


A week went by and nothing changed. You and Jeff grew closer and closer. You did lots of other things together, such as going to the arcade, watching some movies at the Crestmont (Hannah and Clay being nowhere to be found), visiting museums, animal shelters and parks, and in one particular afternoon Jeff even taught you some baseball moves.

“I miss my family” you said one day, while you two were about to go to sleep at an empty hotel room. It was one of the rare occasions he took his cap off. You admired his dark messy hair. You got so distracted by it that you let that confession slip off your mouth, like a secret revealed by accident. You did miss your family and friends, but wanted to avoid the subject so you wouldn’t hurt Jeff. Too late for that.

His voice sounded weak when he responded.

“Me too” Jeff looked up to the lightbulb on the ceiling. You realized he was trying to hold back his tears.

“Oh god. I’m sorry, Jeff. I didn’t mean to make you cry” you apologized and climbed into his bed. He was sitting by it’s edge, so you hugged him by his side.

“It’s okay. I just…” his blue eyes met yours, and he seemed so utterly hurt that your heart broke. He blinked a few times and shook his head. “I mean, nevermind”

“No, tell me” you held his hand. It was ice cold.

“It’s just that nothing will ever be the same, that’s all. No more baseball, no more anything” he bit the inside of his cheek and his jaw clenched. He wanted to cry so badly.

“It’s okay if you want to cry, Jeff” you said, gently. “I’m here for you”

That triggered something in him. He turned around angrily, not at you, but the situation. Jeff had been suffocating on his thoughts every since the accident and he was finally letting it out.

“These last few days… I wish it could have happened differently. I wish we had met before, and went on all those adventures on real life. I wish I could introduce you to my friends and family, have you cheering for me at my games, cheer for you at your recitals and plays and everything else you’re great at without even knowing. But you know what? I can’t. That night took everything away from me and I’m not ready to lose it all! I’m seventeen, damn it! My life barely began and it’s already slipping through my fingers!” tears now rolled down his face freely, and he was sobbing. “I’ll never get to go to college. I’ll never-”

“Jeff, stop it right now!” you interrupted him and cupped his face with your hands. “Listen, baseball is not the only way to get in college! Weren’t you the one who told me life is full of opportunities and different ways to succeed?”

“I don’t have a life anymore!” he shouted.

“Yes you do! We’ve been through hell and we still have a lot of crap to deal with when we wake up, especially you, but we’re alive! I can survive whatever sequels I get. You can survive with one leg and one hand. It’s not ideal but we can do it!”

He shook his head.

“You don’t get it”

“Maybe I don’t. I don’t know how it feels to lose a passion like yours. But I do know there are thousands of other things out there to be passionate about!”

“(Y/N)! I’m trying to make you understand, but you’re missing the point! I’m telling you I can’t do anything anymore! I can’t just wake up, get up from wherever they put me and do as I please! I can never do the things I could before the accident. I can never do something like this”

Without any kind of warning, Jeff turned around and kissed you. Your chest was about to burst, it felt amazing, but also horrible. He kissed you like it was the first and last time. He broke the kiss after a minute, and pulled away from you.

“Jeff…” you started, after gasping for air.

“Don’t” he asked.

“We can make it work”

“I can’t be with you, (Y/N). What I lost at the accident-”

“Jeff, I don’t care! Okay? I don’t care if you’re missing a leg, a hand, if you’re paraplegic, tetraplegic, brain damaged or whatever! I still want to be with you! I want to support you and help you, be there for you!” You yelled, frustrated.

“I don’t want you to!” he yelled back. You moved away a few inches.

“What do you mean?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe we should go to sleep now” he mumbled.

“I asked you a question”

“And I don’t want to answer”

You closed your eyes, all the frustration from the last days accumulating. You clenched your jaw and took a deep breath. It made sense. Jeff never said he was upset for being unable to kiss you. He was upset for being unable to kiss, period. That kiss between you two was just an impulse from a guy who believed that once he woke up, no one would want him anymore. He didn’t have feelings for you. He was just angry.

When you opened your eyes again, Jeff was looking at you with a deep concern. He seemed to be holding back the urge to touch you. You shook that thought away. He didn’t care. He didn’t want you.

“I’m going home. I’ll crash there. Then I’ll spend the morning watching over my parents. You should go home and do the same. If you feel like it” you emphasized the 'feel like it’, angrily. “you can meet me at noon at Monet’s”

You got up from the bed. Jeff reached for your hand.


You walked away.

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I didn’t make the plot line up! The idea goes to the respected creator I just took my own spin on it.

Betty happily crept up the stairs and slowly opened Veronica’s bedroom door. It was dark, she could see the outline of the raven haired girl lying down. She tip toed over to the bed and slid next to her, placing a hand on the smaller girls waist.
“Hey love bug!” Betty kissed the tip of her nose. Veronica looked indifferent through the moon light and turned away from her girlfriend.
“Please go away…” she mumbled through her pillow. Betty’s heart sunk, she scooted closer trying to nuzzle the neck of the other girl.
“Woah what’s wrong?” Betty backed off and furrowed her eyebrows.
“Nothing. I just want to be alone. Now go away.”
“V, you never want to be alone. I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s wrong.” Betty tried to lace her fingers with Veronica’s but she pulled her hand away. “Veronica ple-”
“You weren’t there…” Veronica interrupted.
“I wasn’t where?” Veronica turned back to face the blonde girl.
“The variety show.”
“…oh… OH! Veronica I’m so sorry I got so carried away with the inv-”
“The investigation. I know… I smell his cologne on you…” Betty was quiet. “I don’t even have to hear the story. Let me guess, he kissed you?” Betty remained silent, her heart sinking more and more with every second. “Listen, I get you aren’t out to your parents or anyone else. But that doesn’t mean you can go around letting people kiss you to avoid suspicion. You have to still be loyal to me. To us… I can’t do this if this is what you’re going to be like.” Betty felt like she was hit with a truck
“V, I-”
“I don’t want to hear it. I want to be alone. Goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Betty saw Veronica’s eyes fill with tears and she silently got up and head to the door.
“I’m going to make this right V. I promise.” Betty took one last look at the dark figure before walking out, her throat closing up, and her heart breaking.
Veronica hugged her pillow close. Her mind racing at a million miles a minute. She hugged her pillow close and let the tears fall out. Before she met Betty, she didn’t believe in committed relationships. Everything was temporary. But Betty felt permanent. At least, she thought Betty felt permanent.
The next day wasn’t easy for either of the girls. Veronica awoke to her eyes feeling heavy, probably from all the crying done the night prior. Betty awoke to crescent shaped cuts in the palm of her hands. Usually it was Veronica that kept her away from doing that, but she felt as if she’d lost her.
Betty arrived to school earlier than she normally does, just to get a little extra alone time. It was perfectly silent other than the scratch of her pencil on a rough draft of a Blue and Gold article she’d been working on when the last person on earth she wanted to see came in the room.
“Hola Bets!” Jughead Jones the third slid in and sat on the desk she was currently trying to work on.
“What.” She responded in a slightly annoyed tone, Jughead continued on talking as if he didn’t even get the hint that she wanted to be left alone, she didn’t even hear a single word of what he said until the end when he asked
“Would you like to go out sometime? Just me and you?” He didn’t seem nervous at all. He looked like he was expecting her to say yes. But she lost it.
“No! Jughead no. Actually you kind of ruined this thing I had going with someone else. Someone I’ve been falling for now won’t talk to me. Because you kissed me. Jughead I am a FLAMING lesbian.” Betty stood up and paced back and forth rubbing her temples, preparing for the disappointment in Jugheads response. But there was none. Instead, this damn white boy started LAUGHING. Betty stopped pacing and turned to stare at him. He had to calm down for a second before he could start talking.
“Thank fucking GOD you realized that. I didn’t think I could handle the whole kissing Betty cooper until she realized she was a lesbian. Who did you have a thing with? I feel slightly bad now and want to help fix it.” Betty took a large swallow and kicked at the ground. She didn’t even have to answer.
“Oh fuck dude was it Veronica?! I didn’t accidentally tear up Bonnie and Clyde? Mom and Dad? Romeo and Juliet?” Betty still didn’t answer. “Ah damn I’m a moron. Well, I guess it’s my job to fix it up.” Jughead hopped off the desk and paced around Betty.
“You have a car right?”
Veronica arrived to school in less extravagant clothing than usual. She wasn’t wearing her iconic dark lipstick, or the sassy smirk that seemed to have permanent residency on her lips. She walked with less pep in her step, and more of a long drag. As she approached her locker, all she could think about was how much she wished she hadn’t left New York. The locker door creaked open and a neatly folded slip of paper fell into her hands. Before she could even open it, Kevin slid next to her.
“As the towns certified gay I must do my duty and formerly apologize for the feelings you are experiencing at the moment.” He said holding his chin high
“And what might those feelings be? Walk me to class Keller.” They turned and walked towards the west wing.
“The feeling of being straight blocked. The feeling of falling for a heterosexual human being. It’s tough.” He said sincerely.
“That’s the thing though Kevin. She’s not straight! I know she’s not! All the sleepovers, all the times me and her ‘went to the bathroom’ together, all the times we told you and the other guys 'we’d catch up’, what did you think we were doing?” Veronica gripped her book so hard her knuckles began to turn white. Kevin thought for a moment and went pale.
“Oh my… you, and Betty-”
“And you, did-”
“And she-”
“YES, honestly I thought you had a gaydar?!” Veronica exclaimed rolling her eyes, she slipped into her geometry class leaving Kevin behind in the hallway. Baffled.
When Veronica sat down she remembered the slip of paper from her locker. She unfolded it and looked at the message written inside
Please meet me at the old drive in after
school today. If you don’t I understand,
but I need to see you
Veronica didn’t want to go. She wanted to ignore Betty. But there was something about that damn girls cursive handwriting and the way she signed her name with a heart that made Veronica’s insides squirm.
They managed to avoid each other all day. Veronica skipped lunch and hung out with Ethel in the library instead. And after school, when Betty usually picks up Veronica and they go to sweet water river for some… activities. Veronica just walked instead. She saw Betty’s car in the drive in parking area and wandered over to it. Her heart pounding out of her chest. Betty was leaning against the hood, wearing a white t-shirt and that baseball cap she knew made Veronica weak in the knees. Betty turned and grinned at the sight of the girl.
“Hey!” Betty looked the girl up and down.
“What is it?” Veronica said not even returning the greeting. Betty took a few steps towards Veronica and looked deep into her eyes.
“Veronica, I’m sorry. I’m not going to make excuses for what I did and what I let happen. You don’t even have to know the whole story because it still hurt you. Honey, you are by far the most important person in my life. Even just today without seeing you made me so much more irritable. I missed you and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I don’t even know why I thought what did would be okay” Veronica couldn’t help but get lost in the green eyes in front of her. She glanced down at Betty’s hands and saw the marks on her palms.
“Are those from me?” She asked quietly motioning to her hands. Betty frantically shoved her hands in her pockets.
“No! No. They’re not because of you. It’s just- nerves,” Betty lied and shot her a smile. But Veronica didn’t buy it. Her breath hitched in her throat at the thought of Betty clawing at herself because of her. “Listen, V, if you don’t forgive me. I get it. You can never talk to me again-” Veronica cut her off by placing her lips on hers. Betty pulled her hands out of her pockets and placed them on the small of Veronica’s back, puffing air lightly out of her nose that made Veronica’s lips tingle. They pulled away reluctantly.
“Please just tell me you won’t go around kissing guys to hide your sexuality.” Veronica bopped Betty’s nose with her pointer finger which caused Betty to scrunch her face up.
“I promise I won’t. And I can’t prove it.” Betty pulled away and travelled to the back of her truck, there was some sort of cloth folded up in the back. Betty grabbed it and unfolded it in one swift movement.
It was a very sloppy looking handmade flag that had
“I’m in love with Veronica Lodge” written in sharpie. It was very clearly written in Jugheads handwriting. Betty smiled and quickly duck taped it to the back window of her truck.
“You are such a dork.” Veronica laughed crossing her arms.
“That may be true but I’m your dork and you love me.”

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Ha these fan pics from CT......Mr. Heughan sure looks like a miserable boyfriend missing his beloved girlfriend whom he had to leave behind tens of thousands of miles away. Not. He's beaming like the sun and you can tell how happy he is.

CAN YOU BELIEVE how good he looks??? I go weak for him in a baseball cap no matter what but like. the guy just got off probably a very long overnight flight and he looks like THAT. I got off a 5.5 hour flight yesterday morning and have since slept like 11-12 hours and my coworker told me my eyes are puffy today. I need Sam’s secret.

but yes the change in his demeanor is noticeable. I noticed it even at the con in the pics w Cait vs by himself, never mind with anyone else.

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Long brown hair pulled into a pony with a baseball cap on and she had really cute dimples and holy shit her eyes are so blue that i accidentally tuned out her telling me the price and gave her 2x what she needed. oops

OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK who let all the brunettes with light eyes out in public tonight?!?!?! is it a full moon?!?! we’re too weak for this

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A moment of weakness (ask-nathanhale

22. My muse is in a frightened or nervous state (why is up to the mun) @ask-nathanhale

Montparnasse looked at himself in the mirror for a bit before grabbing all the knives he had and hurrying out of the building, putting on a black surgical mask, bulky sunglasses, and a baseball cap. He grabbed Nathan by the upper arm. “You need to get out of here.”

casual clothes headcanons (karasuno)

because i am a slut for these


suga: a slut for sweaters and ripped skinny jeans (likes to borrow daichi’s cardigans too)

noya: probably owns like two shirts and a pair of shorts and never washes them

asahi: wears sweater vests unironically

kags: swageyama is as good as it gets

hinata: a hoodies and gym shorts kinda guy. ALSO WEARS CUTE PATTERNED TANK TOPS IN THE SUMMER!!!

yams: i think he’d like that kinda OF skater look. with the cuffed pants and brightly colored socks and hoodies with baseball caps n stuff (THIN KABOU T IT!!)

tsukki: probably won’t go anywhere near a pair of skinny jeans but i can dream



shimizu: i feel like even outside of games she usually just likes wearing sweatpants and t-shirts