the barn dance

Guys My Age (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2554

Warnings: Lap dancing. ANGST.

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.

A/N: Thanks for the anon who recommended this song. I thank the heavens I found it because it’s so fucking relevant. I can’t seem to write smut without just a tinsy bit of a plot. But here you go.

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Ok, so, the gang’s at a random “school dance” in a barn.

Though to be fair, they prolly should’ve chosen a location without an open fusebox…

and a wagon wheel that teleports in out of nowhere.

The bad guy turns off the lights, so everyone freaks out and leaves…

…but when Shag & Scoob clean up the food, they’re back on?

And yet, when they take the dishes out, they’re off again?

And on again, when they hide in a haystack?

And off again, when they get scared in the entrance?

And… still off, but somehow brighter and different in the exact same framing seconds later?

But are fully on again when they jump from the rafters?

Maybe it’s actually a strobe light, but a reeeeaaally slow one.

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Steve and Bucky seeing what people call gangsters today and talk about the Irish and Italian mafia when they were growing up and how they got some money during hard times for doing some runs for the mafia

“Huh.”  Steve looks over to Bucky where he sits curled up in a deep, cozy papasan chair. “I don’t think we qualify anymore, Buck.”

Bucky hummed, cheeks stuffed full of popcorn.  

“I’m sorry, what?” Sam leaned forward in his seat. “You don’t qualify as what anymore?”  The anticipation on his face was incredible.

Bucky shrugged.  “’Snothin’. Steve n’I just did odd jobs back in the day.  Had to make ends meet, you know how it is.” 

Clint narrowed his eyes.  “Wait.  Waitwaitwait. Odd jobs.” He looked at the screen to the rolling credits of the movie they’d just watched and back to Steve and Bucky.  “Oh my God.  Is that your way of saying you were Old-Timey Gangsters?”

It was Steve’s turn to shrug.  “Not really.  Sort of. –I mean.  Officially, legally.  Illegally.  Yeah.”

Oh my God.”  Steve was pretty sure Sam was going to have a heart attack. “Why did I not know this?!”

Bucky wriggled around so he could face Sam better.  “It was prohibition for us.  People were still drinkin’.  Steve needed medicine and an honest job didn’t pay as much as we needed. So.”  He shrugged.

“So I managed logistics and Bucky did the literal heavy lifting. Not really that big a deal.” 

Clint was grinning a mile wide.  “This is so much better than I could imagine.  Steve, you had mob connections.”  


Bucky hummed.  

What?!”  Sam squeaked.  

Steve made a defenseless gesture.  “Families like that have long memories.  They know I’m alive.”  He nodded towards the bar.  “You think I buy my liquor?”

Bucky grinned.  “You always did ingratiate yourself.” He looked at Sam.  “He was their best-selling supplier Brooklyn had.  They owe him; he helped keep them in business long enough for for prohibition to end and for them to make real money.”  Bucky held up his glass and let Dum-E cart it over to the bar, smiling wickedly.  “Another whiskey.”  

  • Zemo: Pop
  • Bucky: ???
  • Zemo: Six
  • Bucky:
  • Zemo: Squish
  • Bucky: No.
  • Zemo: Uh-uh
  • Bucky: NO.
  • Zemo: Cicero
  • Bucky: NO!!!
  • Zemo: Lipschitz
  • Bucky [voiceover]: Well, I was in such a state of shock, I completely blacked out. I can't remember a thing. It wasn't until later, when I was washing the blood off my hands, I even knew they were dead.

“Caught” - Digital Oil Painting

I liked the other painting of them dancing so much, I decided to do another one, this time with the added challenge of the Winter Soldier arm. They were dancing in the dark so no one would see, but Nat’s phone had infra-red and a flash. :P

If you like my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving for a wheelchair lift and new battery.

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my fave headcannon is Tony knows all the moves to formal dancing and although he grumbles he absolutely loves dancing and when bucky comes back, since he used to dance alot they find any excuse to dance and they eventually fall in love, before that tho, to buckys surprise, tony dip kisses him at a gala cos he got carried away and then panics cos obvs bucky won't feel the same

Lmao is this not Canon, would Maria not have insisted that her son learn all these dances (Don’t think about a young!Tony dancing with Maria and beaming at her because he’s pretty good and with a partner like his mother he feels amazing, it will make your heart hurt when you think about Maria being dead and Tony swaying around the hall by himself, arms around an invisible partner.)

I bet that to heal the anger and hurt, they try and talk about innocuous things instead of things that are emotionally charged. One day Bucky blurts out, “I miss swing dancin’ and the Lindy Hop. Today’s dances ain’t got nothin’ on them.” The closest Tony ever got to Swing was watching at competitions but he’s done the Lindy Hop. Tony haltingly admits that he’s always wanted to try swing dancing, but his instructors had only wanted to focus on ballroom. “I can pasodoble like a champ, though,” Tony says after a moment when Bucky’s sympathetic eyes are too much. Bucky’s expression goes flat. “The pasta-what-what?” “Get out of my workshop you heretic,” Tony orders immediately.

Tony suggests Bucky dance with Steve, because doesn’t Steve miss it, too? “I thought we were trying to work things out,” Bucky says, pained. Tony is a little bewildered by it. “Wha-?” “Why would you tell me to go get my feet tromped on by a brick wall with two left feet?” Tony can’t help a bark of laughter. Steve can apparently somersault out a window and land on his feet like a cat but can’t dance to save his life. How sad.

So sometimes they dance together, just for nostalgic purposes. And then Bucky gets cleared for public events, and they dance together just to impress people. (It works. Pepper is jealous. “You never danced like that with me.” “You never let me dance with you like that, Pepper. You didn’t try to lead but you didn’t let me do my job to lead properly, either.”) Their dances become the highlight of the galas. A couple of professional dancers are invited by a petty debutante pissed off at Tony for one reason or another, and they put the rest of the couples to shame.

“I can’t move my hips like that,” Bucky admits as the man twirls his pretty partner across the floor. “I can,” Tony retorts, and holds his hands up to be led. Bucky nearly chokes because Tony has been leading up until now, being the expert on all the dances that the people at these fancy-shmancy parties know. Tony scowls at him when Bucky doesn’t immediately move to take his hands. “Bucky. Fucking swing me around the floor like a ragdoll. I will be your Ginger Rogers.” “But I’m better looking than Fred Astaire,” Bucky says as he takes Tony’s hand and sets his metal one on Tony’s waist. “You can be Gene Kelly then,” Tony sighs, rolling his eyes, but there’s a grin trying valiantly to shine through his playfully-annoyed expression. “I’ll take Gene Kelly,” Bucky replies, smirking, and then swings them onto the dance floor. Tony looks surprised, but then he laughs, delighted, and Bucky has one moment to think oh no before they’re swept up in the dancing. (The petty debutante is spitting mad at the end of the night, because while they hadn’t been nearly as good as the dancers she’d hired, the dancers had still stopped to watch as Bucky did a complicated move that Tony followed seamlessly and even clapped when Bucky and Tony had come to a stop, panting. This wasn’t why she’d fucking hired them.)

And of course they pine, that’s what these idiots do best, so they enjoy their dances, fingers lingering in each other’s hands, on their shoulders and waists. Everyone knows they’re in love with each other except them and it would be irritating if they weren’t so beautiful when they looked at each other longingly while they were dancing. “I hate this,” Natasha whispers, because these idiots could be together but they look so tragically beautiful as they dance. “No you don’t,” Pepper whispers back. “You don’t know my life!” Pepper rolls her eyes. She may not know Natasha’s life but she does know that Natasha is kind of a hopeless romantic, at least when it comes to her friends’ relationships.

And then one night they’re doing the waltz, and Tony is telling Bucky how much his mother hated the waltz, how she preferred tarantella, when Bucky looks at him with soft eyes and says, “I bet she loved dancing the waltz with you, doll.” And it’s true, Maria had smiled at him fondly after they danced and said, “But I don’t mind if it’s to teach you, darling,” and she’d chattered about hating the waltz but it never stopped her from dancing it. Tony is helpless to resist, stopping and dipping Bucky deeply, leaning down to press a kiss to his lips.

Bucky takes a sharp breath and Tony comes back to himself, mortified, because Bucky is staring at him with wide eyes and oh God their mouths are still mashed together in the world’s least graceful kiss. Tony leans back, flushed, stuttering, and he tries to say he’s sorry but all that comes out is, “Oh shit,” because he’d forgotten why he couldn’t do more than dip Bucky quickly. “Fuck!” he squawks as he’s thrown off by Bucky’s weight, both of them falling to the floor. Bucky wheezes, air knocked out of him from Tony’s full weight slamming into his chest. Tony thinks it’s possible that the hand he’d had on Bucky’s back might be broken from their combined weight. Fuck.

(Tony avoids Bucky outside of the workshop for days afterward, humiliated, because Bucky hadn’t said anything, just stood up and walked away. Tony’s been rejected before, even publicly, but this… this one hurt. Because he’d really liked Bucky. Now all he’s got to show for it is a fractured hand and an empty stool in the workshop. Why did he have to go for the dip? Why did he have to kiss him? Now everything was ruined. Bucky wouldn’t want to be near him again.)

((JARVIS informs Tony that Bucky is waiting for him in the gym, and Tony is miserable but he figures Bucky wants to reject him properly, with actual words, so he trudges into the gym anyway. But to his surprise, the lights are low, and there’s music playing, and he’s helpless to resist when Bucky holds his hand out to him and says, “Let’s try this again,” because he’s just so goddamn in love with him. He lets Bucky lead, tries to soak up the warmth of not having to think, just follow, tries to remember what this feels like in case this is the last dance they’ll ever have. He wants to weep.

And then Bucky’s expression goes from serious to fond, and he turns, and Tony gasps as he’s dipped backward, nearly parallel with the floor. His “oh!” of surprise is swallowed by Bucky’s mouth, and Tony’s heart flutters as Bucky’s tongue sweeps over his bottom lip before he nips it, tugs. It’s much better than the kiss Tony gave him. Tony lets go of Bucky’s hand to grasp his other shoulder, mewling, and Bucky whispers, “I didn’t wanna say anything in front of all those people. This is just for us, doll. No one’s watching.” Tony doesn’t care who watches, but he understands what Bucky’s trying to say. He tilts his head up for another kiss. Bucky obliges.))

(((“You just wanted to fucking show me up,” Tony accuses later. “That you could dip me to the floor but I can’t dip you!” “I’m bulkier than you, why would you be able to dip me when I have so many pounds on you?” Bucky asks, bewildered. Tony throws his hands up and begins to pace. “Unbelievable! Now you’re calling me weak!” “NO I’M NOT YOU FUCKIN’ ASSHOLE.” Tony finds he likes being kissed into submission.)))

virginia cryptids: it was born the thirteenth hour of the thirteenth day of the thirteenth week of the thirteenth month of the thirteenth year………………the moon was full, the devil was there.


“Here, put on this blindfold.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m sorry?”

Carl the Animator: “Don’t be. Grab this dart, I need to pick a color.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m so confused.”

Carl the Animator: “Dartboard in place. Ready?”

Ted the Animator: “No! There’s nothing more dangerous than ‘sharp objects you can’t see’ plus ‘Carl telling you to do something.’”

Carl the Animator: “I moved at least 70% of the fragile things. Just throw it.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, goodness, here goes…”

Ted the Animator: “…did I hit anything?”

Carl the Animator: “Beautiful! Narrowly avoided Lime Green, and barely hit the edge of Bright Blue. Blue it is, then.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m afraid to take the blindfold off.”

Carl the Animator: “Aaaaaaaand done. It’s beautiful, fear not.”

Ted the Animator: “…what.”

Ted the Animator: “What… what is… why….”

Carl the Animator: “Good choice, that. Lime Green would have looked weird, blended in with the hands and all that.”

Ted the Animator: “…why is the pig blue.”

Carl the Animator: “Maybe we should get creative on the chickens, too….”

Ted the Animator: “WHY IS THE PIG BLUE, CARL.”

Carl the Animator: “The same reason this scene has a bank executive dressed up as a green monster with purple hair in a business suit chasing chickens and teenagers while riding a pig through a rentable-for-dances barn.”

Ted the Animator: “…which is?”

Carl the Animator: “Because it can.”

Everything I loved about Star Trek Beyond

•The opening scene with Kirk and the aliens 

•"I ripped my shirt again.“ 

•The scene with Bones and Kirk drinking. 

•Kirk and Bones

•Kirk not flirting with anybody/being a womanizer 

•Sulu being gay 

•Sulu’s family 


•Kirk gazing lovingly up at Spock from the captain’s chair 

•The battle against the aliens 

•Bones and Spock getting on the turbolift together super badass 

•Bones and Spock going through the wrecked corridors together 

•Bones and Spock leaving on an escape pod together  

•Bones and Spock 

•Uhura kicking ass 

•Uhura risking her life to separate the saucer section 


•"Montgomery Scotty" 


•Kirk and Chekov sliding down the enterprise hull  

•Bones and Spock 


•”What’s your favorite color?" 

•Bones carrying Spock around 

•Bones being bothered that Spock was planning on leaving  

•Spock laughing 

•Spock insisting that he does "respect” Bones 

•Non sexualized Jaylah 

•Jaylah’s music 

•Scotty and Jaylah’s friendship 

•Uhura and Sulu’s friendship 

•"My innards feel like they’ve been to a barn dance.“ 

•Spock and Bones shared glance when Kirk says to Spock, "What would I do without you?" 

•"You gave your girlfriend radioactive jewelry?!” •"You gave your girlfriend a tracking device?!“ 

•"I’m glad you don’t respect me." 

•The motorcycle holograms 

•Kirk grabbing Jaylah’s hand midairwhilespining ashskdj 

•Scotty and Keenser’s reunion 

•I can fly anything 

•Sulu being badass 

•Spock wanting Bones to come with him 

•Spock and Bones  

•Jaylah’s "Let me do it!” Then Uhura’s “Let her do it!" 


•Sulu and Chekov tapping to the beat 

•Bones flying the alien ship 

•Spock being a "damn backseat driver." 


•Kirk’s birthday party 

•Jaylah being accepted into starfleet 

•Chekov flirting with everybody 

•Spock and Kirk 

•Everybody getting equal and quality screen time

•The main seven all saying "Space, the final frontier…" 

•The Rihanna song 

•The entire soundtrack 

•The space credits 


•Star Trek Beyond 

•The entire movie 

•In memory of Leonard Nimoy 

•For Anton


Sebastian Stan and his stunt doubles singing the Minion song or as Seb calls it:

Ha! Take that, Steve and your barber shop quartet! (Although, I’m sure Bucky was one of them 😁)

P.S. Seb…….. What are you doing???!!!! Somehow, he always ends up as the one lurking behind his friends when they sing 😂😂😂

Cue this video I posted in May: