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What if Jon found out about a Superboy that no one else remembers? He might have asked Clark but his dad didn’t remember. Jon’s the only one looking for evidence of his lost older brother. Maybe Jon and evil Tim team up to save Kon.

Jon stepped back and looked at his wall with a smile. He and his mom had used pain rollers to cover one whole wall in black paint and he’d spent this afternoon covering it all over in glow in the dark planets and stars. He was proud of the project it had been his idea and mostly he’d managed it all by himself. He knew it would look bad-ass after dark, it looked good right now with the afternoon sun pouring through his windows. “Hmmmm” He said out loud, a year ago this star wall would have been truly perfect in his eyes, but now some embarrassed back part of his mind wondered if this wasn’t a little bit childish. He could almost hear Damian teasing him for a little a little kid bedroom. 

“Posters” he said out loud, a poster or two would give his room some much needed attitude. Posters turned out to be a bigger problem than Jon thought. For one thing he had spent his whole allowance on the glow in the dark stickers. The only posters his dad had were for old movies most of which Jon wasn’t allowed to watch and others he was sure he didn’t want to watch. Jon took to digging through the still packed moving boxers hoping to find something cool from his dad or more likely his mom’s youth. 

Jon pulled out a box from the closet that looked older and more beat up then the rest. He barely noticed the single word “Kon” written on the side, the brown packing tape was dry and starting to come loose. When he ripped open the box the first thing he saw was a rolled up poster. “Jack pot!” Jon exclaimed as he grabbed it out and unrolled it. Looking up at him was a group shot of teenagers in action poses. Jon’s eyes were drawn to the boy in the middle floating in mid-air, the one with the S on his chest. He looked just like the few high school pictures of his father that Jon had seen, he didn’t know it but the boy looked just the way Jon would in 5 years. 

“Superboy and the Ravers?” Jon read out the splashy text over the top of the poster. He’d never heard of another Superboy or ‘the Ravers’ before. There had been lots of TV shows and bad movies based off his dad over the years he knew that. He hadn’t heard of this one though, indeed he’d never heard of a Superboy TV show or anyone using the name before him. “hm” he shrugged and marched to his bedroom, he had a poster and it even had his name on it, plus he wanted to google this TV show or movie.

After carefully hanging the poster next to his bed Jon opened up his lap top and went to google. Searches with Superboy just turned up a lot of news articles on him, pictures, think pieces about how young a hero could be and rumors about who he really was. Nothing about this movie. The Ravers didn’t turn anything up. Jon learned that a rave was a kind of dance party with a lot of glow sticks and whistles that was popular in the 90s. He wasn’t sure what that had to do with figures around Superboy none of them had glow sticks. He closed his lap top. “Maybe it never got released?” he wondered out loud. That seemed likely a movie that never got made and his dad had found the poster at a junk shop or something. He resolved to ask his dad about it at dinner. 

Jon shoveled the second helping of mashed potatoes into his mouth. “slow down sweetie” Lois said but without much conviction. “sorry mom” Jon said with a smile that would have been more endearing if his mouth wasn’t full. After he swallowed he turned to his dad. “Hey dad what were Superboy and the Ravers?” Clark looked at his son over the top of his glasses. “what?” He sounded confused. Jon waved toward his bedroom “you know, the old poster I put up in my room.” 

“Oh that, ha I was going to ask you were you found it” Clark said with a smile. “I’ve never seen it before, how about you Lois, you know where it came from” Lois raised her eyebrows “No idea I just assumed it was yours” she said. Clark shook his head and looked at Jon “where’d you find it sport” Jon shrugged this conversation wasn’t very interesting, clearly one of his parents had bought it at some point and forgotten. “In a box” he answered before tucking back into his meal. 

Jon slept in a loft bed which likely saved him from having the intruder land on top of him. Their was a booming crash and Jon sat up in bed a second before his bed came crashing to the floor. Jon scrambled from the wreckage of his bed. Something had blow a massive hole in the wall of his bedroom facing out over the street. Whatever it was had slide across the floor and taken out the legs of his loft bed sending it crashing to the floor. Jon looked toward his door expecting his dad to come crashing through till he remembered it was date night and his parents could be any where on earth or off it. With a single scream he could summon his dad from anywhere but Jon was a big boy, he was a super hero, he was determined to handle this, whatever it was.

Jon’s bed lifted and flipped and a figure rose from under it. It was Batman but Jon didn’t need x-ray vision to tell it wasn’t Mr. Wayne. Jon’s eyes lit up with fire burning as he got ready to blast this guy. “Who are you? you’re not Damian’s dad” The figure turned on him and leveled a glare of such hate Jon took a step back. “You’re not Kon” He figure hissed as he took a step forward. “I came looking for Superboy but you’re not him.” Jon puffed out his chest “I am too Superboy!” 

Faster than Jon thought any one could move the figure drew a gun out from under his cape. Jon’s eyes grew wide he saw the soft green slow escaping from the barrel of the gun. He felt the sick feeling Kryptonite always brought on. The gun had a Kryptonite bullet. “No you’re not” This fake Batman said leveling the gun aiming for Jon’s head. He took another step forward and then turned his head, slowly never lowering the gun.

The not Batman figure was staring at the poster Jon had put up that afternoon. He didn’t move for a long time, then arm holding the gun dropped to his side and he took a few unsteady steps toward the poster. One gloved hand reached out and brushed over the boy in the middle of the picture with the S on his chest. “Kon” Batman whispered “where did you get this?” he asked Jon, but in a human voice rather than the harsh growl of the Batman. “uhhh” Jon was still shocked his eyes still glued to the gun his stomach still turning with the Kryptonite. “WHERE!” Batman turned his face a mask of rage and his voice the rough bark of the Dark Knight. 

Jon jumped “A box!” he managed eyes never leaving the gun. “Bring it here, now” Batman’s voice was low and controlled but still the Batman voice. Jon ran from the room no thought but to do what he said. He carefully placed the box on the floor at Batman’s feet, the gun was gone now and Jon couldn’t feel the sick feeling of Kryptonite. Batman opened the box and pulled something out. It was a black t-shirt when he opened it up a red S was emblazoned on the front. 

Batman pressed the shirt to his face and gave a ragged sniff. Jon realized with a start, this strange gun welding Batman was crying. “He’s missing” Batman’s voice was rough with tears and totally lacking in the rough Bat voice. “Who?” Jon managed too scared to move. “Kon, the real Superboy. I… I don’t belong here. I’m from… the future” Jon’s eyes widened “Damian?” he had to know. The Batman let out a humorless laugh “no I’m not the brat, don’t ask questions about him okay?” There was something pleading in that which made Jon sure something horrible had happened to Damian in the future, maybe something his Batman had done. “Kon is in the future or he was when I left, but no one knows him here, no one remembers him, no files on him nothing it was all missing” 

“How do you know you’re in the right past” Jon offered. Batman looked at him for a long moment “Not as dumb as you look kid, I know I checked and double-” Batman doubled over and his whole form wavered violently. Jon stepped back “What the hell was that!” Jon yelled. Batman straighter up breathing heavily “I’m getting drawn back to my place in the time line, I don’t belong here, but I have to find Kon! this stuff! it’s the first proof I have that he is real! I can’t!” his whole form blurred out of focus and his voice sounded like it was coming from very far away. “I’m out of time! FIND HIM! Find Kon! all of reality might depend on-” and he was gone. 

Jon stood in the mess of his bedroom and stared at the poster. “Shit I just wanted a cool poster” Jon sad glumly as he set about rebuilding the wall of his bedroom and making plans to call Damian in the morning, he’d know what to do. 

Side Effects (Akiyoshi Zaizen)

Oh hey, a surprise!!! And it’s a long one, just 13 words shy of 3000.

This is based on true events that happened to myself from today. - Damn allergies!! The first part is about 95% true. The second part gets a little dramatic extreme. See instead of pushing through it, I bailed out and went home after I was crying hysterically to the 6th coworker I spoke to. Glorious hormonal side effects of a new medication i decided to try for allergies. what a waste of money -_- Screw that, after today i’m going back to allegra! The pregnancy part happened too. I had like 3 people including my manager ask if I was pregnant. Cause otherwise a teary female at work would just be odd. lol

Enjoy my lovelies! I apologize this isn’t a requested fic, I will try my best to get my next one done this week hopefully (or next at least)

Today was absolute misery, and it was only ten in the morning so far. I was trying my hardest to concentrate on work, but my brain just wouldn’t function today. My head felt woozy, my body felt way too hot like it was overheating. Spinning around too fast gave me a strange lightheaded feeling. Almost as if I was about to pass out but not quite. The strength to keep holding my head up flew out of my body. I groan as my poor aching hot head collapses onto my hands. As horrible as I felt, I couldn’t go home though. Our deadline was approaching and the entire team needed me to pull my own weight. Besides I couldn’t let Aki down, he depended on me.

“Hey Pommy, are you alright?” Minato hushes from his desk next to mine.

“I’m fine, its just allergies.” I insist even though my forehead feels hotter than ever and my eyes start to prickle. After a long hot summer it was finally fall. A gorgeous season full of lovely colors, hot chocolates, crunchy leaves, and oversized sweaters. Autumn also came with a much unappreciated burst of allergy symptoms. Recently my typical medicine ran out. When I went to restock it wasn’t on sale and too expensive to afford at the moment. Needing an allergy medicine asap though, I picked up a cheaper nasal spray with good reviews. It worked fine for the first few days, but it seemed the medicine was kicking in at last, along with horrid side effects.

“Well the growler’s on his way over so pull yourself together.” Minato warns me in a harsh whisper. I groan again as I wipe my eyes and lift my head back up. I turn back to the computer to try and work just as Akiyoshi announces himself behind me.

“What the hell is this?” Akiyoshi growls, forcing my chair to spin around and face him. The quick movement made the fainting feeling return. I had to grab hold of the desk to stabilize myself.

“Kelly!” He growled annoyed I wasn’t paying attention to him.

“Yes-” I start to reply but couldn’t respond any louder than a whisper. My eyes felt hot and oh so tired. Minato cut me off and addressed Akiyoshi.

“Boss, she’s obviously not feeling well-” But he didn’t get far before Akiyoshi growled shortening his input.

“She can fight her own battles, she doesn’t need you being her brave knight.” He barks, his eyes flashing dangerous over to Minato. I was positive Akiyoshi was only jealous of Minato. The closeness he could express where my Aki had to hide his affections at the office. Typically he encourages the comradery feeling of the Seasonelle team. Maybe today was a worse day than we knew of. I couldn’t leave now that was for sure. Minato gives a tiny shrug and mouths ‘I’m sorry’ to me. I respond with a small nod, the teeny motion is enough to send my head spinning again.

“Kelly!” Akiyoshi thunders again, his height towering ridiculous above me. He had his arms crossed over his broad chest, a bunch of papers crushed in one hand. He would be intimidating if I wasn’t dating him, unaware of his sweet sensitive side that is. Particularly how animal documentaries left him a crying puddle of a former man.

“Kelly!” He growled again growing impatient, I tried focusing on him.

“Sorry, yes?” I wish my eyes would calm down, the prickle feeling was getting stronger and they felt so warm. Damn it! The allergy medicine should have made me feel better, not worse.

“What the hell is this garbage?” Akiyoshi yells as he crumbles the papers in his hand and threw them down at me.

“There are grammar mistakes everywhere. With spelling mistakes so simple even a grade schooler could have done a better job.” Akiyoshi’s harsh thunderous voice was all it took. My hot prickled eyes at last- burst into tears.

“Kelly?” Akiyoshi steps backwards, his angry speech faulting. The tears running down my cheeks caught him off guard. No one had ever cried while getting yelled at before. And it was me of all people! I could tell he wanted to take me in his arms, kiss senseless and apologize over and over. But he couldn’t. The two of us were still in the office.

“Boss! What did you do? She’s crying!” Minato screeches and hurries over. He wraps an arm around my shoulder, pulling me against him. I was too weak to protest, but wanted to apologize to Akiyoshi for being in another man’s arms. These bad feelings swell inside causing more tears.

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