the barely living son

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Matsus holding their newborn son for the first time?

(( Holy shit this is a really cute prompt. Let me tell you anon, Dadmatsus are my l i f e ))

Osomatsu - He was overwhelmed with joy when his son was in his arms. A soft smile replacing his panicked face. His (s/o) giggled when his smile grew wider looking up from the baby; no words were needed for the moment. He slid the baby between his and his (s/o)’s arms. They held their son together, his (s/o) laying their head on Osomatsu with gigantic smiles.  

Karamatsu - He was worried when his hand was being used by his (s/o) to ride out the pain. He had been a nervous wreck the whole time at the hospital and as soon as everything calmed down, he blubbered. Holding onto his and his (s/o)’s son, he sniffled. “T-this is our son?” his voice was hoarse. His (s/o) brought Karamatsu closer and nodded. “Our little Karamatsu Son.”

Choromatsu - He trembled when he held their son, thoughts and worry speeding through his mind. He didn’t want to mess up, not a single moment did he want to do something wrong. His breathe hitched when his (s/o) had gently tugged at his arm. Gulping, he sighed and looked down at his son deciding that he’s gotten this far. He could handle having a son with his (s/o).

Ichimatsu - He had refused at first, saying he would drop their son. After some convincing, he stayed very close to his (s/o), sharing the weight of holding their son. A small silence fell over the two before he sniffled. His (s/o) looked up, concern filling their eyes. Despite the few tears that he had shed, Ichimatsu was smiling,”I can’t believe you stuck with garbage like me for so long to have a son…” he huffed, “Thank you…” 

Jyushimatsu - He was completely overjoyed when his (s/o) had offered to let their son be held by him. He took the baby and his eyes sparkled. His smile widened and he brushed his finger near the baby’s hands. His (s/o) giggled when Jyushimatsu gasped after his finger was grasped in two small hands. 

Todomatsu - His whole face was blank for a moment when taking the baby in his arms; he could barely believe he made a living being. When he giggled at his son, it sounded like a mix of a gasp and a chuckle. He glanced back up at his (s/o), a small grin replacing any disbelief that had shown through. “He’s almost as cute as you.” 

it still pisses me off that they casted a 43 year old and a 34 year old as james and lily in the first harry potter film

 it takes away such an important heart wrenching part to the plot because they were so much younger than that they were only 21 

it makes the wizarding war seem like so much less of a danger because we’ve got these people who look like they have lived already and while its sad that they died it doesn’t have as big of an impact as what the reality was, a young couple fresh out of hogwarts who had dreams and ambitions, who didn’t get to fulfil them, who didn’t get to raise their son, or live their life, hell they barely made it into their twenties

but that’s what happens in war, people don’t get to live their lives to the full, there is the danger that you will die young and this casting choice takes that away and doesn’t fully capture the true fear that the wizarding world was facing and man it upsets me

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Carter gets terminal leukemia and Kara starts drifting away from Cat, because she feels helpless, because just this once she can't do ANYTHING to save him, she can't fix this. And seeing him in so much pain is destroying her.

One year. One fucking year.

Tears rolled down her face as she flew high above the city and above the clouds. They had given her son one year to live and she had barely been in his life three years. The doctors had given up, Cat and Carter had given up, and now it seemed, she was being forced to. There was no cure, no science, no divine intervention. Carter was going to die and for the first time in her life, Kara was truly helpless.

Cat and Carter were currently at home making a bucket list. Despite the leukemia, he still had a spark in him that not even impending death could put out. But even so, he was weak and in pain. Every morning he took a pharmacy worth of pills just to help him get going in the morning. And every night, he struggled to stay up until his usual bed time. He rarely complained but Kara could hear his heartbeat weakening day by day. As much as it was killing Carter, it was killing her.

She didn’t know how Cat continued to hold herself together. She knew that her wife would break down at night when Carter was asleep and it was just the two of them. But she maintained a strong face for Carter during the day.

Kara could barely smile now. He son was dying and she was going to lose yet another family member.

As she neared their home, Kara used her x-ray vision to find her family in the living room, curled up on the couch. She could hear them both laughing at whatever show they were watching and it made her cry even harder. Kara wanted to memorize his laugh. It was the purest thing on this planet and she wanted to remember it every day once he finally left this world. She floated down and watched from the back window as Carter began having a coughing fit. She saw Cat sit up and start rubbing his back, offering him a glass of water. He sipped a bit before laying down, his head on her lap.

“Mom?” Carter asked, looking up.

“Yes, darling?”

“Where’s mama?” Both Cat and Kara’s hearts broke. He had only ever called Kara ‘mama’ when he wasn’t feeling well. Any other time, it had been ‘mom’.

“I don’t know sweetie.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “Maybe she’s out saving someone.”

Carter sighed. “I wish she could save me.”

Kara slammed her eyes shut and let out a harsh sob. She didn’t see Cat turning her hear and looking at her scared. Her wife had heard the sob and knew full well who it was. Cat’s eyes were filled with pain. She just wanted her wife to come in and hold both of them. But ever since the diagnosis, she had seen Kara pull away inch by inch. She didn’t think their marriage was going to last once Carter died. “I do too, Carter. I do too.”

“Rich history? Hardly. This place ain’t worth preserving, not at the cost of your own morals.” She replied, scowling, “Nor is it worth it to continue this fucked up system of damning our children to the same hell we’ve lived through.” That’s one of the things that bugged her the most. She could barely stand living this way herself, but to put her son or daughter through it? Unbearable.

“I know the thought of repeting the same story over and over again is simply archaic,” Raven spoke as she crossed her arms over her chest, “But at the same time I should want to…” 

Letting out a sigh Raven shook her head. “I’m letting Apple and Grimm slowly get to me aren’t I?”