the barbie

natalunasans was also kind enough to send me some Sparkle Girls fashions. I think this blouse might be my favorite. Cute pattern, and stretchy! It… probably wasn’t meant to stretch quite this far, but that’s the life of a plus-size girl, plastic or otherwise. *shrug*

#433: “I know a lot of people believe/headcanon that Queen Genevieve is the same person as Princess Genevieve, but I just don’t see it because Princess Genevieve knew right away that Rowena couldn’t be trusted, so I think she’d have known Preminger was less than trustworthy.”

- @saeryenkalador


Wonder by Wonder by AaronMalibu
Via Flickr:
Stay safe my friends. I wish we could go to a whole new world. Not like Jonestown but a nice place like Heaven!


The top is made from a balloon. It does look very 1986 Superstar Barbie doesn’t it? Apart from the material, that is.