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mychakk  asked:

Do you ship Mycroft with anyone particularly? Love the blog BTW 😊


Well, it’s obvious that a man of Mycroft’s stature could be shipped with many of the characters from the show barring just a few based on these simple rules: 

1) they never met each other/never existed in their timelines

2) they hate each other and I mean REALLY despise one another to the point where they’d kill each other on sight if they could.

3) there’s no way in hell its going to happen because its morally wrong or gross.

Anyway my Mycroft ships within the fandom is as follows:


Love the ship, I like how most authors integrate Greg in either earlier in their lives to make them more like friends and the development that it gives them both. The fact that Mycroft can in more than one way affect Greg’s job and how Greg can get Mycroft to care while giving the space to do so is a wonderful way to make the ship a great one.

Mycroft/ Molly:

Oh baby, after Greg Molly was someone I was hoping that might give up on Sherlock and choose the better brother. After Greg Molly is my second favorite pairing with Mycroft because not only does she deal with Mycroft having him date her would help Molly grow a spine to stand up to him more often while having plenty of ammunition to gross Sherlock out into doing what she says. Like with Greg I would assume that Molly would give Mycroft that opportunity to feel again and there is the added bonus of a possible Holmes child to come out of it.  Sadly I don’t see too many of these but for the few that I’m hording they are my little gems.


Oddly enough after Greg there are more of this pairing than anything else. I think its fair to say that almost everyone on the show is smitten by John in one way or another so putting him with Mycroft who would value him just as much as Sherlock would be good. Same with Greg and Molly John would be someone that would bring Mycroft back down to earth and make him more ‘human’ even when he doesn’t want to be. There too would be the added bonus of ‘shut up I’m fucking your brother you twat’ that would have Sherlock gagging but it would be all in good fun.


NO. I do not ship this at all HOWEVER you are free to ship it without getting hate mail, personal attacks or the like because they are fictional beings and shipping it does not equate to condoning incest or pedophilia. Fiction is not reality no matter how addled your creative mind may be.


Very plausible ship and shrouded in mystery.They work well together sometimes without words and trust each other without question. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did turn out to be together but like anything Mark Gatiss produces for the show I will welcome it with open arms and as gospel.

Mycroft/ Irene:

Now the only time I can see this ship ever sailing is if he needed her to play his wife through some contract marriage because while Irene loves an intelligent mind she also wants a pretty package. If she was truly all about the mind she would’ve come for Mycroft but instead she sticks to Sherlock. I really don’t see how she would take to him or vice versa (as Mycroft doesn’t seem too pleased with his first impressions of Irene) but that’s what fan fiction is for! Explaining shipping and doing so with reckless abandon! 


This I would see as a one sided thing on Jim’s part as if Mycroft isn’t interested in criminals especially ones around Sherlock’s age. Don’t get me wrong I’ve come across some great ones where Jim was using Sherlock to get Mycroft’s attentions but seeing them as a working ship? Eh, not too sure but its always fun to read and see what twisted things Jim will do to get to Mycroft.

Mycroft/Mrs Hudson:





Strange ship but like with the first 3 it does bring about some interesting changes for the other characters involved. Sally would have to be nicer to Sherlock and vice versa, better funding for the police and the Christmas Dinner-those are going to be a nightmare but I would watch every second of it.

Regardless of my opinions on these ships in question shouldn’t discourage anyone from shipping whomever they like because its all just fiction. This literally hurts no one and its fun. If you find a ship that you don’t like then ignore it and you do you without trying to drag the other one through the mud because that’s petty as fuck and uncalled for.


My Unpopular Opinion: Teacher Crush Community

My unpopular opinion is more like a response to how people stereotyped the TCC (Teacher Crush Community) throughout the years. I am a member of the TCC and have been a member for 6 years now.

You can find those posts here

I’m an adult, don’t have a teacher crush anymore, but I continue to run my popular TC blog because a lot of people ask me for advice. I don’t condone to underage relationships in anyway and all of my followers know this. I tell them how to handle having a teacher crush the right way. Definitely not telling them to wear short skirts, to “stay after class,” suck on a lollipop to get their teacher’s attention, ect.

A lot of people think that this community was made so that we can share pictures of our TC and influence each other to have sex with our teacher. You can’t just type “Teacher Crush Community” into the search bar, check out two blogs out of the thousands, and expect to have a general idea of what this community is about. Those who do just that call us naive. Frankly, they’re being ignorant.

This community was made for boys and girls, who have teacher crushes, to not to feel so isolated. Being infatuated with your teacher is something that is kept a secret. 99% of the members in this community don’t want to jeopardize their teacher’s career. Many of us don’t even want to pursue a relationship (even after we are of age and not their student anymore) but many seem to forget, you can’t choose who you catch feelings for. Also, being around your teacher 5 days out of the week for hours at a time, something is bound to happen. It isn’t uncommon to have a crush on your teacher and many keep it a secret that they possess such feelings. Because everybody keeps this common feeling a secret, those who decide to share it with family or friends, they get judged for it.

This is why the Teacher Crush Community was made; to be able to share and relate to people who feel the exact same way without judgement.


so this is the post im gonna use to say hey i have a damn youtube video i just uploaded also im gonna upload it in 2 ways first off you can go to that link which i unembedded or whatever the fuck its called so it wont link you if you click it but you can copy paste it also if you dont believe me and are worried im trying to fuck ur computer with a virus put it in google search and not ur url bar ALSO if you see this message already and are on my blog or following me the next post is gonna just straight up be the video anyway. I am only doing this cause tumblr doesnt know how to handle tags on videos or something! both will be tagged though


Hello everyone! I just can’t believe my eyes, I’m so happy to be doing a follow forever, I haven’t done one in a while and I didn’t have enough time for it, you know school is a pain and during the Winter Break I have been everywhere but home with my family. Anyway, I’m so surprised to see I reached 2k+ followers knowing that my blog is always on queue and I post an edit only once a week. I can’t thank you all enough for always being with me, appreciating my blog and works, it makes me want to continue on doing what I like!

So yeah, thank you to all of my followers for appreciating my “thingyes”, even if we don’t talk, I always see you in my notification bar and you succeed every time in making me happy. I love you <3

Thank you to all of my mutuals and blogs I follow for making my dash so lively and gorgeous, I’ve met a lot of nice and talented people here who made me love Tumblr more than I already have when I came here. And of course, here’s the list of the people who I admire and want to be always happy and healthy:

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at first i wasn’t going to do one this month but then i decided to but this time i wont be able to do art prizes because school starts on 18th anyway this ends at the end of july 


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1,000 Followers, 1,000 Words

Hey guys! So, unlike most blogs, I unfortunately cannot do art or RP giveaways, so instead, as always, I’m going to be celebrating this milestone with my writing.

Specifically, a contest. Like or reblog this post to enter, and up to three winners will receive a drabble (up to fifteen-twenty paragraphs in length) on any topic they want, about any character they want (canon character or OC set in the League universe), barring sexual themes, of course.

Again, one like and reblog per entrant, and by the deadline, I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner. I’m making the cut-off July 1st, so make sure you guys pay attention.

But wait, there’s more! I’d like to give a special shoutout to @pickaxehead, who is my actual 1000th follower! Consider this a small promo for an amazing Lissandra blog, seriously, go check them out))

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has had followed me, as well as everyone in the community. You’re as important to infinite-xerath as I am, and I’ve enjoyed RPing with every one whom I’ve had the pleasure to RP with.))