the banquet scene

casual reminder that

at the banquet

Victor stalked followed Yuuri with his gaze

his very focused

curious gaze…





why yuri on ice is deeper than it seems (and why you should watch it)

Everyone loves this anime, it’s taking over the internet, I get it. But from an analytical point of view, it’s actually remarkably rich in content. (There are some spoilers in this, but they are mostly minor, and you’ve probably seen them if you have been on the internet at all.)

  • unreliable narrator, yet still a legitimate perspective
    • Yuuri qualified for the GPF the year before. From an outsider’s point of view, getting that far is already a significant accomplishment. Yet, he takes the mistakes in his performance extremely seriously and is upset enough to quit skating for half a year.
    • He’s not being overdramatic. His dog has died, he’s just lost hold of his dream, he’s embarrassed himself in front of lifelong idol.
  • the story is completely different from another person’s POV (unrevealed until later)
    • Let’s talk about the banquet scene and how it changed every single episode that came before.
  • it’s not fanservice… or at least, the fanservice is justified (see above point)
    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • it doesn’t start from zero
    • At the beginning of the series, Yuuri has already been practicing skating all his life. Unlike some other stories, he doesn’t learn skating from scratch in 13 episodes and suddenly win major competitions. 
  • lgbt+ relationship!
    • The show doesn’t just hint at one. It’s a justifiable relationship and it is canon.
  • healthy representation of said relationship
    • In episode 4, Viktor asks what Yuuri wants him to be, and Yuuri tells him that he just wants Viktor to be himself. This is not idolization or unrealistic expectations. Viktor is shown to have a reason to be in love with Yuuri, and Yuuri falls for him slowly and beautifully.
  • crying/anxiety isn’t romanticized
    • There is ugly crying + anxiety that actually messes up performances
    • It shows just how harmful a coldhearted approach (like Viktor’s in episode 7) can be to someone with anxiety IRL
    • The pressure to win is actually shown to mess up some people’s performances.
  • every character has identifiable flaws and motives
    • Even Viktor isn’t the perfect idol, and Yuuri isn’t one of those ‘clumsy-protagonists-that-trips-over-their-feet-all-the-time-and-somehow-falls-into-someone’s-heart.’ They are both human, and they make mistakes all the time.
  • none of the side characters lack personalities
    • They’re never bland, and they’re never completely antagonized. All of them have backstories and sources from which they draw their inspiration.
  • character development is constant and noticeable through parallels
  • lots of foreshadowing + symbolism + hidden easter eggs
    • Welcome to Tumblr, posts that point this out are all over the place. I hope you have seen them.
  • ^ …but not enough to make it obvious who will win any round
    • The whole fandom is currently freaking out on who will win the GPF in episode 12. While the results make sense, it’s never super clear how the competitions will go.
  • the real skating routines are shown and they are all unique
    • They’re choreographed by a real skating choreographer.
  • spectacular soundtracks
  • portrayal different cultures and real landmarks
  • there is no annoying ‘love rival’ character getting between Yuuri and Viktor
    • It’s just two dorks who don’t know that they’re in love.
  • the pacing is enjoyable
    • There are no filler episodes that get nowhere. The competitions come quick enough to keep up the pressure, but there are still lighthearted moments that keep things from seeming too rushed.
  • there are actually pets that exist that are not cats
    • Both the main characters have dogs. 
  • dreams and passion are represented nicely
    • It’s clear that Yuuri loves skating. Not just because he likes Viktor, and not just because it’s something that’s accessible to him. The anime portrays the ups and downs of having a dream, losing it, and finding it again, and even through the lighthearted tone of the show, many parts of it are brutally realistic.
  • nothing comes easily
    • None of Yuuri’s wins are undeserved or given just because he’s the protagonist. He makes mistakes and he doesn’t win everything.
    • In episode 11, Yuuri still has doubts. Even though he has a clear future cut out for him, he’s still concerned about Viktor’s happiness.

TL;DR: if you don’t like Yuri on Ice, that’s fine. But it’s not a show that can be merely dismissed as fanservice. It’s a show riddled with hidden symbolism, realistic pacing, and a gay relationship that progresses beautifully. There’s a reason why YOI is this popular, and likewise, there’s a reason why it has been recognized by world class skaters. Not every element of it is 100% true to reality, but the show still depicts the sport well and has unique and likable characters with understandable motives.

YOI doesn’t just mess around with relationships, it goes all the way. And it isn’t in any way predictable. It shows the fall and rise of a dream that breaks stereotypes and inspires viewers.

when your headcanons turn canon
  • YOI anime team: here have them kissing in front of the whole world.
  • YOI anime team: here have a banquet scene!!
  • YOI anime team: here have them getting engaged in Barcelona and celebrating their engagement with the whole skating gang.
  • YOI anime team: here have them skating as a pair.
  • YOI anime team: here have them moving to Russia together.
  • YOI fandom: WHAT IF---
  • YOI anime team: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The scene in Ep.01 between Yuri and Victor did not happen after the banquet

Meaning, the scene where Victor asks if Yuri wants a photo. I don’t think it happens after the banquet, here’s why:

This is the very start of the episode, even before Yuri is shown crying in the bathroom over his loss, and we see that the image states this is the Sochi GPF. So this building here is where the competition is taking place.

We then see Yuri and his coach reading social media, then him crying and Yurio yelling at him, then it changes to Yuri leaving with his coach. We’re still in the same GPF building because Yuri is even wearing a name tag, and we see another shot of the outside of it when he leaves after the scene with Victor:

Oh, and if this was after the GPF and d after the banquet…it would make little sense for Victor to still be nagging Yurio over mistakes:

So yeah, this happens as soon as the GPF is done, as everyone is leaving.

Could the banquet have happened before the competition?


But this doesn’t mean the banquet doesn’t give this part new importance

It’s very likely that this scene was vital for Yuri’s drunk coaching request. He saw Victor acting like a coach to another Yuri…only to turn and ask if Yuri wanted a photo, showing that he had no inkling of what was going on with him. In the back of his mind, Yuri might have wished Victor knew more about him, that he’d coach him and the other Yuri.

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who didn't buy Victor's seemingly insta-love for Yuri? I was really struggling with that aspect at first; until we get some background in episode 10. I mean, Victor already seemed to be in LOVE with Yuri when he came to Japan and I always found it too far fetched that simply seeing the viral video would have brought that about. But with episode 10 and the video it finally started to make sense to me. Just wondering what others thought about this part of the story.

Personally, I think Victor fell in love mid-season 1. Not immediately after the banquet scene from the GPF. There was romantic interest - most likely a crush - but not actual love. That came later. (And how.)

My in-depth Victor meta covers what I believe he was thinking about while he was watching Yuuri’s viral video, but I’ll recap parts of it here.

To me, Victor looks kinda ticked off in this screencap. He doesn’t look like he’s having romantic thoughts.

My interpretation of this look is: “Why wasn’t Yuuri at the World Championship? He’s talented. He can skate. He’s skating my gold medal routine, and he should have been on that podium with me. So what’s the problem here? Does he have a bad coach? Does he not have enough support at competitions? He wouldn’t have asked me to coach him if he was getting what he needed. I hate this. I want to fix it. Fine, I’ll do it.”

When Victor arrives in Hasetsu, he is extremely flirtatious with Yuuri. And rightly so because at the GPF banquet, Yuuri was extremely flirtatious first. He likely thinks Yuuri will not only be okay with his forwardness but that he’ll reciprocate.

This is not full-blown love. This is Victor saying, “Hey, I’m into you, and I think you’re into me. Tell me more about yourself. That will also help me better understand how to help you as a coach.”

When Yuuri rejects him more than once, Victor gets confused with the mixed signals, and he ultimately backs off.

This moment at the beach was a major turning point for both of them. It marked the start of something that wasn’t a romantic relationship but a willingness to open up on a deeper level.

If you want to read more about why I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri in the first place, you’ll find that in my in-depth character analysis. It has a lot to do with what Yuuri says in that screencap above.

When Victor poses the question to Yuuri - What do you want me to be to you? A father figure, brother, friend, boyfriend? - understand that he doesn’t know his full place in Yuuri’s life. Victor is told to just be himself - and for someone who has constantly reinvented himself for other people and burned himself out in the process, that has to be wonderful to hear. 

The ending credit pictures show us the deepening of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship off the ice. We see them laughing and having fun together during the summer.

Some of the falling-in-love likely happened here.

But this is the moment. Right here.

This was when I first sat up straight in my chair and thought, Oh, shit. Victor is in love.”

Victor takes far more joy in seeing Yuuri succeed than he does in his own success. Let’s compare the smile above to the smile of the Five-Time World Championship Gold Medalist.

Look how miserable he is and how FAKE that smile looks. Now scroll back up and compare Victor’s joy over his own success to his joy over Yuuri’s.

YEAH. Victor is in love in Episode 6. Sure enough, he kisses Yuuri in the next episode, which takes place the following night.

So to answer your question, I think Victor fell in love with Yuuri somewhere in between Episodes 4 - 5.

By Episode 6, the boy is head over heels.


yuri on ice week 2017 // day 6 - history maker

option c: favourite moment/scene - the banquet scene (1.10)

I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t want Yuri to win

I mean, if he wins, then that’s great, and I’ll be so proud of him, but I don’t think he needs to

1) He has made so much progress over the course of the series, but is it realistic for him to win this quickly? I don’t want a stereotypical happy ending. I want Yuri to rank high, but not win, and be happy with his placement. I want him to be proud of how far he has come, even if he doesn’t win. Yuri was depressed at the beginning, so I want to see him be proud of himself, and to become more motivated for the future

2) If Yuri wins gold, he’ll get married. And I REALLY want Vikturi to be married. But Viktor isn’t that shallow. If we have learned anything throughout the series (and especially from the banquet scene), it is that Viktor loves Yuri for who he is. He is so stricken by this adorable mess that is Yuri Katsuki that he would even put his own career on hold to see him succeed. He has pined over Yuri for around a year now, so I severely doubt that he would leave his own marriage and happiness in the hands of the chance that Yuri might become a champion. While it is a good motivator for Yuri, and it shows how much faith Viktor has in Yuri’s abilities, I guarantee that Vikturi will get married anyway, because they love each other for who they are, not what title they hold.

I want Yuri to lose because I want Yuri to realise his own abilities and further his confidence due to his own merit, not because of a medal. I want Vikturi to get married because they love each other, not because of a medal.

I want Yuri to lose.

i love it when y’all are like 

I’ve watched the banquet scene so many times now, I love the new ed” or
I love episode ten so much, I can’t stop watching the engagement!!” 
I’m still getting over the kiss scene lol” and “This anime is magical” “They are so in love”  “The airport scene was beautiful I’ve watched it a million times”  Yoi makes me so happy