the bank: 2013

PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES. West Bank. April 4, 2013. A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to throw a stone during clashes with Israeli soldiers. Unrest in the West bank city escalated following the funeral of Maysara Abu Hamdeya, a prominent member of the anti-Israeli resistance widely regarded as a national hero. The 64-year-old prisoner was serving a life term in an Israeli jail and suffering from throat cancer, for which he did not receive treatment.

Photograph: Mussa Qawasma/Reuters

karpao  asked:

New L.O.Λ.E. here! already in love of Nu'est! I have no idea about the fansigns!Can’t believe it! They're so talented,not just gorgeous, I really hope they make it better and not disbanded, they have so mucho to offer! Sometimes I hate that kpop only focuses on korea, when they have so many fans around the world. (it's so hard to support kgroups overseas, I'm also supporting KNK, and it's really hard, god! I'm even trying to learn korean so I can read daumcafe and melon and to support them)😊

It’s really frustrating, but Pledis really, really messed up when it came to promoting them. They sent the boys overseas within the first year and a half of their careers, before they even had a stable fanbase in Korea. They also rarely let the boys just show their personalities to fans, and the more you look at it, the more it seems NU’EST was just an experimental group for Pledis, dipping them into as many foreign markets as possible (which made it nearly impossible for them to stay in touch with fans back home). 

Another issue was with Pledis trying to boycott stations when Pledis didn’t have the power to do this. Pledis was a small company, still is, and decided to boycott Music Bank in 2013, which also hurt the idols under the company at the time (Afterschool, Orange Caramel, NU’EST). 

There’s also the issue that in 2013, Pledis decided to make the fancafe private/exclusive, right as the fanbase was beginning to deteriorate, so it made it harder for fans to be involved. On top of that, this is where the schedule was updated, and the schedule even wouldn’t (and still to this day isn’t) be updated in a timely manner, so it made it impossible for fans to attend live stages and other events to support the boys because they couldn’t plan for it (dates would often only be added the day-of or a day before the event would take place). 

Then, on top of all this, Pledis hasn’t even opened up registration to become a LOVE in years (since 2013) and they haven’t even given NU’EST an official lightstick and they haven’t had official Korean merchandise since 2013 (and even then, the merchandise sold was offered by Loen Entertainment, and not through Pledis themselves). 

There are multiple ways Pledis made it hard for NU’EST to maintain a steady fanbase, and it’s enraging when you realize just how long the list is. Then, being an overseas fan and knowing that there is little you can do to support makes it that much more frustrating (especially since there are so many more of us than K-LOVEs) . K-pop is a highly competitive industry, and if you don’t have the popularity in Korea, your career is basically as good as over. This is why I was willing to support the boys 100% when they decided to go on Produce 101, even though it broke my heart to know they were going. These boys are fighters, they are young. They refuse to give up on their dreams, no matter how much they have to humble themselves to reach them. If anyone deserves success in K-pop, it is definitely NU’EST. 

I’m sorry, I got a little ranty there. But thank you so much for recognizing the talents of our boys and becoming a LOVE. It means the world to me and more than words can explain to the boys. Thank you.