the bangover

25 Sexual Terms You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

1. Pearl Necklace 🔁

When a guy ejaculates sperm on a woman’s neck, it is called giving a ‘pearl necklace’.

2. Barebacking ⬅

Having sex without any condoms is called barebacking.

3. Furball ♋

When a guy goes down on a bushy girl and her pubic hair get stuck in his mouth, it is known as a furball.

4. Golden Shower 💦

This term is used for urinating on someone (with their consent of course).

5. Rimming 👅

Performing oral sex on someone’s anus is called Rimming. ATM is another term for it (Ass to Mouth).

6. Bangover 💥

Who said only alcohol gives you hangover? That exhausted feeling after a night of wild sex is called bangover!

7. Hotdog In A Hallway 🍩

This term is used for a woman’s vagina that is too wide to for a man’s penis.

8. Bear Claw 👄

A vagina with really big lips (labia) is called a bear claw.

9. Menthol ♌

The act of performing oral sex on someone while eating mint is called a menthol.

10. High Dive 🏂

The act of pulling out the penis from inside a vagina and pushing it back in, in a single push is called high diving.

11. Edgeplay 💣

Edgeplay refers to risky and dangerous sexual behavior.

12. Felching ♉

The act of ejaculating inside someone’s anus and licking or sucking the semen out is called felching.

13. Corkscrew 🔀

When you twist your wrist as you move your fingers in and out of a woman’s vagina, it is called a corkscrew.

14. Queening 🚼

When a woman sits on a man’s face to let him perform cunnilingus on her, it is called queening.

15. Snowballing ♑

Exchanging body fluids with your partners using your mouth is what snowballing really means.

16. Shrimping 💅🏼

The act of sucking your partners toes is called shrimping.

17. Splosh 🍦

Splosh is a sexual activity that involves the use of any food item that is gooey.

18. Frottage ♒

Rubbing against someone’s genitals while being completely clothed is called frottage.

19. Dirty Sanchez 🍌

When the guy rubs his penis on a girl’s lips after having anal sex.

20. Bukkake 🚿

It is the act of a lot of men ejaculating on a woman’s face at the same time.

21. Smegma 💧

The whitish substance that gets accumulated on the male genitals if they aren’t cleaned regularly is called smegma.

22. Queef 💨

A vaginal fart is known as a queef.

23. Pony Play 🏇🏽

An act of BDSM where one of the partners is made to behave like an animal is called pony play.

24. Pudendum 🌸

The external genitals of a woman are called pudendum, i.e., the vulva.

25. Creampie ♈

The act of ejaculating inside a vagina or anus is called a creampie.

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8.Hazardous Mutation
9.Nailed Casket
10.Abusement Park
11. Black Ice
12.Mind Eraser
13.Terror Shark
14.The Thrashin’ of the Christ

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