the bane of our existences

Repeat after me:

“Alec Lightwood is not the first person to love deeply and truly the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane”.

“Magnus Bane have loved truly and deeply many other people/beings in his extended lifetime before Alexander Lightwood”

and you know what’s great about it?

It’s F I N E. Really, it’s okay.

It doesn’t diminish Malec’s love story.

Because love is so much more than the “first time he has ever been loved” or “first time he has ever felt this way” tropes.

Anyway, I’m not that relevant here, but here’s my piece of thought about it.

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ive finally come to realize my gender identity and sexual orientation! the only problem is that my brain often rejects everything. i think its bc of cisnormativity and heteronormativity. its so frustrating. also, im most comfortable going with two pronouns, but i feel if i were to tell someone "she/her and they/them," i wouldnt be accepted. im not comfortable w only going by she/her. i feel more comfortable going by they/them, but im not used to it and i dont think it fully captures my identity

Ugh cisnormativity/heteronormativity is the bane of our existence and I totally understand how frustrating having our brains reject our identity. It’s good to remind it that cisnormativity and heteronormativity are bad and conforming to it hurts ourselves and other people and it is wrong.

It’s ok to have both she/her and they/them as your pronouns and people not accepting it isn’t a problem with your identity but with them and society.
Practically, you could ask some people to use she/her and others to use they/them? That way both pronoun sets would be used but people might be more accepting.

Hope this was helpful, and good luck!

-Mod Waver

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Why do people hate Rebels? I mean, I know it isn't perfect, but holy cow so many people are harsh on this show.

Oh, so many things, Anon.

Main things would have to be:

  1. Bitterness from cancellation of The Clone Wars series
  2. Expectations that come from the series essentually being made by the same development group as TCW
  3. Constant comparisons being made between TCW and SW Rebels

The thing is, there was an influx of fans who tried out the show after the cancellation The Clone Wars still feeling quite raw, and after Disney had made that decision, they correlated the emergence of TCW’s sister show as though it was supposed to be its replacement.

An incorrect assumption, for sure, but I’ve come across a lot of old fans that keep spreading apocryphal information without proper research, which is the bane of my existence on our other social media site.

It’s frustrating, but SW Rebels is not going anywhere whether they like it or not. 

It’s not perfect, but it’s a good show

 Admin CG

Deck your desk

Ideas for making your study space so cute that it’ll actually make you want to study  

Love it or loathe it, you simply can’t ignore it. No, we are not referring to the recent LGBT upsurge. We are talking about studies. Yes. It may be the bane of our existence but there is no getting away from it because no education means no good job, no good job means you don’t get a decent partner and family, and eventually have no future. Ultimately you die a miserable death in a lonely apartment with lots of pet cats. Yes, we exaggerate for effect but you get the gist. One thing that can make you more zealous about studying is a nicely organised desk. Oh, the joys of a neat, personalised and organised desk with everything in its own place! So unless you want to die alone, get de-cluttering right away for a desk that looks like an OCD’s dream come true.

Organisation is key

Some of our desks look like a nerd bomb went off; rubbles of notes and books everywhere, pens with lost caps here and there. Your clutter casualty needs immediate attention. Try to make a designated place for all the supplies and make sure you always put them back there when you are done using them. That will significantly reduce all the clutter as you won’t have to spend more than a second worrying where something should go. As for pens, raid your kitchen and find a mason jar, tin can or an old glass from a broken set to store your pens. Or you can always DIY a nice container. For your notebooks and copies use a magazine holder because there is no rule that magazine holders should only hold magazines. You can also make yourself a caddy to hold all other supplies using cardboard boxes. Or for some extra snazz make a mason jar cubby. To make life easier use a nice and big calendar and keep track of deadlines more easily.

Lighting is everything

Studying makes our future bright so it’s only fair that we study in a well-lit space too. It is best to position your desk near a light source. However, if that’s not an option get a desk lamp but make sure your lamp does not take up too much space. If you have a large window try to take full advantage of the sunlight by placing your desk near it. Working in poor lighting will stress you out and strain your eyes both of which is not good.

Zen it out

Your desk can be your zen zone too. Yes, you read that right. To get rid of the stiff mundane air and get that much needed dose of inspiration, decorate the walls of your study space with motivational quotes to get you going. You can put up some pictures of your squad or your graduation for some warmth. For a touch of greenery add some mini plants. Cactuses are the best choice because it’s almost impossible to kill them. Greenery has been proven to lower blood-pressure and stress levels, as well as purify the air. Also you can keep some colorful candies in a nice container because to some of us food is the highest form of zen. The bright colours will give a nice punch and of course who doesn’t like snacking while studying? If you really wish to channel positive energy then keep your desk as clean as possible. Keep a small trash can handy for those trash papers because it’s impossible to not make any mistakes while doing homework. The idea is to create an inviting and comfortable space.

“Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”

Now, according to Steven Moffat, the bane/joy of our existence, this infamous line means that 12 loves Clara:

“…the cracked old Caledonian gets it exactly right, he says I love you perfectly…. He’s surprised he has to say it. That’s the truth about him, he says lots of horrible things all the time, that’s because he assumes all the other stuff is taken for granted and it’s only in that moment Clara realises just how much he’s assuming is taken for granted, absolute monomaniacal devotion to her. He absolutely loves her.”

I’m a fairly new Whovian. I was bored one day and there was nothing else on Netflix, so I started watching series 8 (and I’m totally pulling a River Song by working my way backwards). And although I’ve been suckered into boarding the Whouffaldi ship because of all the SIZZLE that’s gone on so far between 12 and Clara…. I don’t think Moffat’s statements necessarily mean that 12 is in love with Clara and that the relationship is romantically-inclined.

But, hey, why the fuck do I really care?

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In the final chapter when the children are there as Kaname wakes up human and they tell him Yuki's message what kanji is used for the word beloved is it an ashiteru or is the only ashiteru ever used in the extra chapter? Because at different points throughout the manga Yuki uses the word love and I was curious as to what Japanese kanji is used throughout. Basically is it suki, ashiteru, or koi throughout. I hope this does not sound like a dumb question it just has been on my mind.

Okay, heavy disclaimer here, first and foremost: I’m not an expert when it comes to the Japanese language nor do I claim to be, however, my knowledge is based on what I was taught by someone close to me that did study Japanese for years and also some of my own research.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into this lovely discussion I know that has been the bane of our Zeki ships existence for the yume’s to milk; the terms used to express or describe love in Vampire Knight.

Firstly, a bit of cultural background before we begin. When it comes to love to the Japanese, they tend to not say it but rather express it through action. They believe actions speak louder than words which is why they have these different degrees to express their love and barely actually say some of these terms in general.

So, on that note, it’s good to explain what each of these forms mean before we use manga examples of what terms were used.

“Suki” is the most common used term to express love or like. Generally, you’re gonna find most manga’s use this term rather than “Ai” or “Koi” since “Suki” is more like a beginning stage of the feeling, like a crush. It’s also used to express a general sense of like other than romantically, for example “I like cats” or something in that nature.

But this does not demean the term as if it has no meaning of romantic value though, since most Japanese probably would use this term in their life time than ever expressing the other two variations.

“Ai” and “Koi” are more on the level that translates out to “love”. However, “Ai” is a very general sense of love; it’s unconditional love, thus it can be romantic or platonic, it all depends on how it’s used or what’s the connotation being used.

“Koi”, on the other hand is set only romantically and it is the strongest form of expressing love. It’s also said to be on the selfish side since “Koi” is “always wanting” and “Ai” is “always giving.”

I’m really hoping that makes sense.. ^^;;

Now, I’ll start with “Suki” Since the first times we see it being used it was by Yuuki alone to express her love and affection for both men.

Yuuki had used “Suki” or “Daisuki” [to like/love alot] when she was young towards Kaname.

And again later on in the first arc, however, this comes to an end during the first arc towards Kaname. Yuuki doesn’t express her love with “Suki” or “Daisuki” again with Kaname except when she confesses to him after he’s turned her back into a pureblood that she was in love with her brother as a human.

The next and last time Yuuki says “Suki” directly on her own is during the second arc is in the 87th night towards Zero. It’s only this moment during Zero’s kiss when Yuuki admits to herself that she loves Zero and how the feeling is real and inside her.

Next, “Aishiteru” was used a couple of times within the manga, which would translate out to “I love you.” Kaname expressed this form in the 31st night.

The next time “Ai” used was by Zero stating and asking Yuuki, “You love me, that’s enough for you, right?”

Now, this isn’t Yuuki saying directly she loves [Aishiteru] Zero, however, contextually, this is the strongest evidence shown as to who Yuuki was in love with since Zero was confident to use “Aishiteru” to describe Yuuki’s feelings for him. In addition, Yuuki confirms the validity of Zero’s statement and inquiry by her bright smile in response to him, further cementing her feelings indirectly for Zero. Thus, it’s hard evidence as to a direct and indirect way of “Ai” being used to express Yuuki’s love and affection for Zero in a romantic way, especially since it’s Zero, the person she’s having these feelings for, affirming her feelings for him through this term.

And Lastly, “Ai” was used during the 93rd night in the form of “Aisuru” which translates “to love; to care for; to have an affection.” Shojo Beat had translated it to “beloved.” As I previously said, “Ai” is a general sense of love but depending on the contextual factor it can change. When “Aisuru” was used, Yuuki’s son was the one to deliver the message to Kaname from Yuuki, and in doing so, it’s a indirect way of Yuuki expressing her affection to Kaname but because it’s her son saying these words, it decreases the strength of the meaning of the word and can be interpreted as either Yuuki’s romantic or platonic feelings for Kaname depending on who wants to see it as such. It’s not as solid proof as appose to the zeki scene above because of the context of how the word is being used. 

Lastly, “Koi” was only used once, and that was with Zero in the extra chapter “life.” Zero confesses that he finally understands what being “in love” [Koi] feels like towards Yuuki. He expressed his feelings with the deepest and strongest term used. Koi is used to the person you know you’ll be spending as your life long partner with, so it’s not surprising how Hino wrote it as such that Zero would feel and express his love to Yuuki with this strong sense of love.

Anyways, I hope this extensive explanation helped you, sweetie! ^^ Again, I don’t claim to be an expert but I’m pretty sure of myself on my knowledge and facts, so, take this as you will. XD


Happy birthday to the bane of our existence, Do Kyungsoo! 

Only 22 years old, yet accomplished so much. Crazy to think that someone as cute as you is older than 5. You’re extremely talented and hardworking, with your high and long notes that you hit perfectly each time you sing and how you surprise us with your amazing abilities. 

I thank you for blessing us with your presence and preventing me from finishing any of my homework. Your smile completes our day, and your adorable face never fails to make us smile everyday. The members are so lucky to have you. Please remember than everyone treasures you a lot and you’re perfect just the way you are. Also, remember that you’re an inspiration to many, including me. Take care of yourself and stay squishy all the time.

May this year be filled with another laughter, joyous heart shaped smiles, english songs cover, ballad performance, skinships with kai and a lot more. Hope you have a truly amazing birthday and enjoy the rest of the year!


Three or four years ago now I was working at Kickstarter on what we called the “community team.” The company was a year or two old and the community team meant everyone non-technical, more or less, and we switched up duties, sometimes according to the day of the week. We wrote blog posts and blurbs, debated rules, reviewed projects, curated the home page – a pretty good job! A good job that is except for the bane of most of our existence: once a week we each had to spend a day doing customer support, which meant answering all of the emails from users who were angry, confused, or otherwise in need of help. Doing support when you are not suited to it, or good at it, or semi-passionate about it, is, well, often a necessity in the early stages of a company, but also hilarious hell. A true shitshow! We’d do 100-120 tickets a day and usually end up crying somewhere in there. Or I did. I think the official ruling is that I was very bad at this, at least initially, maybe always.

Anyway, oh my god I’m dying laughing just thinking of it, one day to amuse ourselves, a couple of us on this community team (like 4 people at the time) made a very elaborate fake project and one of us approved it to go live the next morning. That day in the office we all tried to stifle our laughter as we settled into the office-wide routine of going through all the new projects that day. Back then this was still possible. We knew at one point they would come across our hilarious fake submission for a “conceptual art” project (the great “your project must fit into one of our X clearly defined categories” loophole is, of course, conceptual art). Our boss found it first, reading its title outloud while we lost our shit at our desks, hiding behind our computer monitors, going wild on gchat. I don’t remember all of it but I remember the word “POO POO” was in the project name. (LOL.) “Who acccepted this?” (LOL.) “Well it’s conceptual art, what could we say?” Immediately we started leaving fake comments about how offensive it was, assuming fake backer names and playing out amazing dramas in our messages to whoever was doing support that day. The person on duty was not in on the joke (still feel bad about that) and she summarily banned all of us for all of our personal attacks and clear flouting of the community guidelines that we had worked so hard to write.

To assume my backer character – this, I shoudl say, would never fly nowadays, or so I imagine – for this still-hilarious prank (it was April Fool’s, now I remember) I changed the Gmail identity for the email account that is linked from my (this) longstanding blog. I didn’t want to be identifiable to anyone on the back end, or to anyone answering my many support inquiries about this project creator, my ex-husband, I think I claimed, who had done me a lifetime of wrongs. My name, I unfortunately cannot forget, was “pomeraniankisses” and my avatar this photo of a grizzled old lady who had spent many years in a tanning bed. I wish I remembered what I searched for to find the photo.

Anyway it has been close to four years since that prank and I still cannot figure out how to make it so that, when I use this blog email (, I do not show up in everyone’s inbox as pomeraniankisses. I always think I’ve fixed it, then I reply to a prospective editor or literary agent or PR rep wanting to send me a free stroller, and I see in our email history that there I am, pomeranian kisses, erstwhile backer of the Poo Poo Palace, a conceptual art project that first launched in 2011 and was, if I remember correctly, cancelled a few hours later.

Frustrations from a Red Lobster worker during Endless Shrimp
  • No we don’t have wifi
  • No this isn’t a buffet
  • ‘Endless Shrimp’ doesn’t mean ‘Whatever’s on the table and five more orders so you can take it home’
  • You have been here for three hours and I have a three table section, please leave
  • Tell your kids to sit down and stop running all over the place.
  • Three pound lobsters are eighty dollars. No i’m not joking. Buy one.
  • Please for the love of god tip your servers during Endless Shrimp. If they don’t seem happy its probably because its Endless Shrimp. Everyone hates Endless Shrimp. Its the bane of our existence.
  • I don’t have anyone working over there, the table isn’t availible.
  • I am physically incapable of putting together a single table for thirty people.
  • There’s a twenty minute wait because its eNDLESS FUCKING SHRIMP
  • Yes the bar area is also part of the wait.
  • God fuck I hate Endless Shrimp so much just order one goddamned entree so I can flip the table for fucks sake I only get paid 4 dollars an hour and ES is so cheap people try to find reasons not to tip I hate this promotion so much.
  • Save me