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Hello. I am an aspiring/somewhat good fanfic writer who wanted to ask you if you had any tips for writing? I can write well but a lot of times It's more that I can't physically write. I'll have the entire story written up in my head but I just can't put the words on paper. Do you have any tips for this kind of writers block? It's my biggest problem right now.

Writer’s block is the bane of our existence. It comes at different times and for different reasons. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can find the reason and snuff it out at the source. Sometimes we want a fic to be well-received and unintentionally pile on the pressure. Sometimes we get a bad review and it knocks our confidence. For me, personally, I get “writer’s block” because I study writing. When it comes to writing for fun I’m burnt out. 

My preferred method of tackling writer’s block is freewriting. There are multiple ways you can do this, many of which will serve to better your writing in time. 

What is Freewriting?: give yourself a time slot. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Thirty seconds. Write without stopping – without thinking about what you’re doing. Just. Write. Sometimes you’ll write something amazing. Sometimes it’ll be terrible. Either way, congratulations, you’ve written something. 

Now we’ll decide what kind of freewriting you might benefit from.

Location Freewriting: having trouble describing settings? Go outside. Write about the first thing you see. Write about the place you’re in. Focus on your sense. What can you smell? What you can you see? What can you hear? Write it. Go nuts. This is the one place you can overwrite, if necessary, to try and shake off the burden of writer’s block.

Character Freewriting: facebook is useful for this. Look at somebody’s profile picture. Write about them based on their appearance. Describe how they look. Describe what you think their personality might be like. 

POV Freewriting: a lot of people struggle with perspective. They’ll describe an entire room to their reader without considering its importance to the character. The best way to conquer this is to walk into a room. Any room. And make a list of what you see. Then it’s time to freewrite a description mentioning the things you listed and only those things. Afterwards, go back into the room and look around. Did you notice the crack in the wallpaper? Did you notice the stain on the table? If not, they weren’t relevant to you. Would they be relevant to your character?

Dialogue Conversation: listen to the way someone speaks and imagine them having a conversation. If this doesn’t work – get a clip up on youtube or watch a tv show. Snag a line and create your own conversation. It’s especially useful to look up the punctuation of dialogue. I found this site particularly helpful for that.

Internal Freewriting: write about what you’re feeling. Don’t think – just write. Write as though you’re filling out your journal for the night without recalling the day. This is a great way to learn how to write first person perspective. It’s also a good way of discovering why you’re struggling with writer’s block and what you want out of yourself. It’s also a nice way to learn how to convey emotion. 

Music Freewriting: listen to a song. Think about the mood it presents. Write. Just keep writing. Don’t think about anything. Write a description of a person, of a place or even convey a scene.

If freewriting doesn’t work: READ. Being immersed in writing you enjoy and admire will prompt you into wanting to write. It might not be an immediate sensation. It might come to you at 3am when you’re thinking back on a scene you like. It might come to you in the middle of the day as you recall a quote from your favourite book.

I have a blog ( @xensorcell ) where I compile writing advice. You can find it all arranged by lists of topic here.
How To Be In Love With The Bane Of Your Existence - Chapter 1 - wordsss - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Being in love is never easy. But being in love with your childhood best friend who is both essential and detrimental to your continued existence, is much, much, much harder. So dear reader, congratulation, by picking up this book you already took the first step towards regaining handle on your life. Unfortunately, things only get harder from here. But fear not! Follow this complete step by step guide and recovery is assured.


anon prompted:  I read this and aw, please write this: We’re both professors in the same department and it enhances your reputation with the students as a mysterious enigma and my reputation as a stone-cold terror if we pretend to hate each other, plus when we back each other up in departmental meetings everybody’s so surprised they give in right away.
also for my klainebingo prompt “office”

Sorry it took me so long to fill this!!! Hope you enjoy anon :) (in case anyone is confused, Blaine teaches History of Musical Theater - I never explicitly state it lol.)

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Exactly four hours before the Musical Theater department faculty meeting, Kurt receives an email detailing the classes he will be teaching that upcoming semester. Which means that Kurt has exactly four hours to stew in anger about it, and four hours to build up one of the most dramatic entrances to a faculty meeting he’s ever given.

“What the fuck is this?” he asks as he walks in, shoving his printed out schedule in Blaine’s face. Blaine barely glances at it, his lips curling into a little smile as he sips his coffee.

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I see we have our differences, Seto. You're a little too involved in the business, but I think the general public will sympathize with me. Dueling is too dangerous in its current state. I'm not going to ban it. I'm going to regulate it. Yes, that will mean showing an ID when buying trading cards. Furthermore, vending machines won't sell booster packs after 8 PM. I can't imagine a sensible person having a problem with these proposals! I'm not taking away anybody's rights to play card games!

The one who is clueless isn’t me, Dafidus. You’re right in that I’m a duelist, therefore this affects me personally. However, you’re the opposite: too detached to see the reality of the situation. Playing card games is not just a hobby. It’s the bane of our existence, our national pride, our way of living. You can’t regulate it, just as you can’t regulate breathing. Imposing restrictions on the trade will just cause the black market to flourish. 

No, the public won’t agree with you on this one. You’re going to lose a lot of supporters in the next few weeks. …but well, that’s why I’m here. To take your place if everything goes sour. I still wish you good luck in the elections, Dafidus. 

Deck your desk

Ideas for making your study space so cute that it’ll actually make you want to study  

Love it or loathe it, you simply can’t ignore it. No, we are not referring to the recent LGBT upsurge. We are talking about studies. Yes. It may be the bane of our existence but there is no getting away from it because no education means no good job, no good job means you don’t get a decent partner and family, and eventually have no future. Ultimately you die a miserable death in a lonely apartment with lots of pet cats. Yes, we exaggerate for effect but you get the gist. One thing that can make you more zealous about studying is a nicely organised desk. Oh, the joys of a neat, personalised and organised desk with everything in its own place! So unless you want to die alone, get de-cluttering right away for a desk that looks like an OCD’s dream come true.

Organisation is key

Some of our desks look like a nerd bomb went off; rubbles of notes and books everywhere, pens with lost caps here and there. Your clutter casualty needs immediate attention. Try to make a designated place for all the supplies and make sure you always put them back there when you are done using them. That will significantly reduce all the clutter as you won’t have to spend more than a second worrying where something should go. As for pens, raid your kitchen and find a mason jar, tin can or an old glass from a broken set to store your pens. Or you can always DIY a nice container. For your notebooks and copies use a magazine holder because there is no rule that magazine holders should only hold magazines. You can also make yourself a caddy to hold all other supplies using cardboard boxes. Or for some extra snazz make a mason jar cubby. To make life easier use a nice and big calendar and keep track of deadlines more easily.

Lighting is everything

Studying makes our future bright so it’s only fair that we study in a well-lit space too. It is best to position your desk near a light source. However, if that’s not an option get a desk lamp but make sure your lamp does not take up too much space. If you have a large window try to take full advantage of the sunlight by placing your desk near it. Working in poor lighting will stress you out and strain your eyes both of which is not good.

Zen it out

Your desk can be your zen zone too. Yes, you read that right. To get rid of the stiff mundane air and get that much needed dose of inspiration, decorate the walls of your study space with motivational quotes to get you going. You can put up some pictures of your squad or your graduation for some warmth. For a touch of greenery add some mini plants. Cactuses are the best choice because it’s almost impossible to kill them. Greenery has been proven to lower blood-pressure and stress levels, as well as purify the air. Also you can keep some colorful candies in a nice container because to some of us food is the highest form of zen. The bright colours will give a nice punch and of course who doesn’t like snacking while studying? If you really wish to channel positive energy then keep your desk as clean as possible. Keep a small trash can handy for those trash papers because it’s impossible to not make any mistakes while doing homework. The idea is to create an inviting and comfortable space.

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I used to write nsfw mlm content a while ago and I tried to avoid being fetishistic and I didn't want a fujoshi audience. But you can't really escape them in any fandom, especially anime/manga. So yeah, not writing it anymore, because no matter what you write, it's still probably going to be majorly consumed by fetishists and I don't want that for my work. I'd only write it if my guy friend requested it of me, and even then I'm not posting anything where fujoshis can reach it

that is where it gets a bit hard to navigate and i totally understand why you’d make that decision. i have friends who do that too and i know i don’t publicly talk about nsfw hc’s bc of that. fujoshis are the bane of our existence smh

i wouldn’t really tell all lgbt writers they have to do that tho bc like we should be able to write/read about important parts of our sexuality and relationships and censoring that in fiction because of straight people isn’t the answer. i know reading non fetishizing nsfw content for me helps me deal with internalized lesbophobia

but the fact that it will be read by straight people is definitely something we have to be aware of, which is why not fetishizing it is so important. they’re gonna try to but if it’s written right, we’ve done all we can.

ugh this stuff tricky i hate it and i hate straight people

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I'm doing a creative writing piece for English which has to be at least 600 words I've written something but my teacher says i need to be more descriptive do you have any advice on any fancy sounding words or phrases i could use??

Do I? Ha! I’ve literally had this link here in my favorites for the past five months because my description sucks. No brain, I understand what you mean, but “They went there and talked and did some things” isn’t quite what I had in mind. 

Try this one first. 

Then this one.

And this one is a “How to show not tell” article.

And here’s another one.

Now, unfortunately, if you’re like me, one or two links ain’t gonna help off the get go. They can help you see things you haven’t before and, well, they are really helpful, but honestly? Practice, the bane of our existence, is what’s really gonna help.

This will sound strange, but something to think about trying is mimicry. After you’ve wrote a while, you’ll start to develop a “voice”. AKA, how you write and convey yourself. Published authors already have one. I say to try and read a lot, and take notice of how they phrase paragraphs and sentences. Try to mimic it to get your brain into noticing how things fit together, so it can get used to it. 

Good luck!

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Imagine an all girl boarding school. There are 16 students of the every mbti type. Knowing nothing more than their types, how would you divide them into 4 suites? And each suite has 2 pairs of roommates.

Okay, so again remember that I don’t believe compatibility is determined by Myers Briggs. Any type can work well (or terribly) with any other type. So these are just my personal friendship shippings

I made the roommates based more off of compatibility and the suites of more of a balance so every suite had some fun but also survived the year without alcohol poisoning or burning the dorm down :) 

INFJ and INFP: The ball of emotions, support system, has enough books to be a library room

INTJ and ENTP: The planning to destroy the world, intellectual debate, and is-smarter-than-you-and-knows-it room

ENFJ and ISFJ: The serve you cookies, love to support their friends, but also remind you that they know what’s best for you room

ISTP and ENFP: The very independently minded, spontaneous, probably out on and adventure somewhere instead of in their dorm room

ENTJ and INTP: The plot for world domination, emotions are the bane of our existence, also is-smarter-than-you-and-knows it room

ISFP and ESTP: The extremely fun, spontaneous, go to every party and do body shots off of a stranger room 

ISTJ and ESTJ: The responsible parents, make sure everyone remembers this is a school not a circus, level-headed room

ESFJ and ESFP: The go to most of the parties, friends with everyone at school, social butterflies of the dorm

Don’t worry. The change isn’t permanent.

Oh, while we’re on the topic of fonts, the best font-related comeback to say to a fellow classicist is “Get with the times, New Roman.” You’re welcome


Happy birthday to the bane of our existence, Do Kyungsoo! 

Only 22 years old, yet accomplished so much. Crazy to think that someone as cute as you is older than 5. You’re extremely talented and hardworking, with your high and long notes that you hit perfectly each time you sing and how you surprise us with your amazing abilities. 

I thank you for blessing us with your presence and preventing me from finishing any of my homework. Your smile completes our day, and your adorable face never fails to make us smile everyday. The members are so lucky to have you. Please remember than everyone treasures you a lot and you’re perfect just the way you are. Also, remember that you’re an inspiration to many, including me. Take care of yourself and stay squishy all the time.

May this year be filled with another laughter, joyous heart shaped smiles, english songs cover, ballad performance, skinships with kai and a lot more. Hope you have a truly amazing birthday and enjoy the rest of the year!


10 Questions You Need to Ask Youself About Your Story

1.       Genre?

You need to place your book in a category. It may be hard, but when writing it is important to know what you are writing about.

2.       Protagonist/ Why them?

Why is your protagonist pulled into the plot? What makes them special? Why are they so important? If it is random, then make something special about them. Make them different in a way that could affect the entire world! Make them change the plot. For example: Harry Potter is special, because he was a wizard. But even among wizards, he was the boy who lived. He was the person that could defeat Voldemort where others couldn’t.

3.       Setting, Why that World?

Why does your story take place in that world? Is there something about the world that helped the plot take place? Did an earthquake erupt? Did a politician rise to power? Has the entire existence of the universe been leading up to this moment?

4.       Why today?

Why does your story take place right at that time? Is the world coming to an end? Why couldn’t another person set the plot in place? This is most often directly related to the character, because although they don’t know it, their existence is a catalyst.

5.       What does my character want/need?

This has to do with internal vs. external desires. Their external mission (what they want) might be to save the world. Technically, they don’t need to save it, even if they are the only one who can. They want to save the world to help all the people in it and themselves. But their internal desire might be to be accepted into society. It has nothing to do with the world. Sometimes characters don’t even know their internal desires, but your job as a writer is to develop the character throughout the novel so that your character gets what they need.

6.       What is my inciting trigger/incident?

What is the things that pushed your character into the plot? You need to figure out something to motivate them, the final straw or maybe the last option for your character. Think about what gets your character out of bed in the morning. Now multiply that until they do what they never thought they could before. MOTIVATION or something that throws them into the story. For example, Katniss’s sister being called at the reaping. Ultimately, that was the incident. What’s yours?

7.       What are my three storylines?

A)     Internal

B)      External

C)      B-story

Throughout your story think about how these storylines intersect with your plot lines. The Internal storylines is with the characters self, the external is with the world, and the b-story is the love interest. These must affect the plot. USE THEM it makes things fun and interesting.

8.       Where is my false resolution?

As we all know, it is a lot of fun to ruin the lives of our characters. One way we can do this is by having a false resolution. Make everything seem okay, then have it all crumble to dust beneath their feet. Your character will be lost and confused and it really adds to the story. The false resolution will make them have a little bit of a trust issue when things do seem okay again. When it’s really bad, it can even make your characters question reality.

9.       Where is my Dark Night of the Soul?

Another fun torturing characters thing. The Dark Night of the Soul is the lowest of the low points in your story. It is where everything has been taken from your character. It is where everything seems lost and hopeless. It is where there is literally nothing. It is the darkest point, the Dark Night of the Soul. It is the point in your story where is doesn’t seem like your character can get back up.

But somehow they do. Because all beforehand you have been making them stronger. You have prepared them for this moment, even though your characters might not have realized it. Hell, even your readers might not realize it until that one moment where hope is regained. Where your character gets back up and fights. They have nothing but themselves to rely on. Make it dramatic. Have your character rise from the ashes, rise from the depths of Hell and have them defeat the big bad. The antagonist. AND WIN!

10.   Deadline?

Yes. The ever looming deadline, the bane of our existence. But I have a secret for you. Yes, come closer. Ready? IT DOESN’T MATTER! You can push through and you can write. Accept that the first draft is crap. Unless it’s not. But just write. Pump out that word count. You can do it! Don’t go back and read it, unless you need to check your facts or something. Just write and complete the deadline. YOU CAN DO IT!!!