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MBTI types as Teenager

ISTJ: start playing an instrument, talk when necessary, don’t like high school too much
ESTJ: responsable, probably have part-time job, do traditional school activities (team sport, band, laboratories)
ISFJ: quite, aware of the world around them, good at pratical activities, make their group of friends
ESFJ: sensitive with others, navigate in school activities, probably popular (in some way), know many people but have few close friends
INFJ: do well in school, occupated with something that involves music or writing, sometimes moody, have their way to be rebel
ENFJ: very sensitive to others opinion and emotion, make volonteering, start programing future and college
INFP: want to be accepted, insicure of abilities, don’t like school that much, feel alone at time
ENFP: good at making friends, begin to be more introspective, love outdoor sport, stressed out about school
INTJ: procrastinate home work for more interesting things, seen as wise and smart, fight with social skills (but have few friend)
ENTJ: select group of friends, become somehow rebellious, argue with adults (even teachers)
INTP: still misunderstood, very sarcastic, get lost in their mind during class, honest, don’t care much about criticism of others
ENTP: “smart guy, poor student” (ok not always), ironic, optimistic, need alone time, funny, a joker
ESTP: try figured out what to do in future, keep emotion to theirselves, act like everything is ok, athletic
ISTP: low profile, cool, share information of their interest, like physical sports, challenge themselves with various experience
ISFP: insicure, moody, observing, shy, express throught creative activities (music and drawing especially)
ESFP: have a lot of evergy, interested in music and drama stuff, want to try everything, make friends with anyone

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one of the things i love about the tjlc gang, and maybe this is me just noticing this because we happen to be part of such a large fandom, is how we all have kind of different interests beyond sherlock. people talk about wholock a lot but not everyone i know is also into dr who. i feel like a lot of us have come from and continued onto a pretty large array of different interests which to me feels like theres this sort of universalness to johnlock that makes me really happy (’:

Rebelz: an akuma that had a mid-life crisis and is turning every adult back into teenagers so they can relieve their youth

Gabrie gets hit and everyone is expecting someone stiff and orderly, and passive aggressive.

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Cue lanky blond teen covered in piercings and band wear - sporting the most atrocious haircut that somehow also looks good on him? - and insistent on sneaking out and partying and being a flirt with worse lines and puns than Chat Noir could ever dream

And Nathalie (who I’ve always headcanoned as known Gabriel since they were teenagers) just nopes the fuck out. She’s not dealing with teen Gabe ever again. Once was more than enough.

Adrien is horrified (at the same time wondering what the FUCK happened to cause Gabriel to change so much).