the band perry random

  • Luke: the next song we're gonna play is for the people in the crowd that don't know our band but know other popular songs.
  • Ashton: that's pretty much everyone
  • Luke: yeah
  • Ashton: pretty much
  • Okay what is this shit someone needs to finally shove in their brain that there's actually people who come just to see <i>them</i> perform, they have so little selfesteem it's almost non-existant. Why do they not finally realize i mean they've performed on bbmas and vmas, they've won their first moonman, they're nominated for a whole bunch of shit for the emas, they've been number one's and number two's in a whole shit of countries and they get mobbed everywhere they go. If that's what they think 'nobody knows our band' means then someone please hammer it into their head cause jesus what other evidence do you need, an oprah invatation for a private concert or what