the band of lost souls

yeah it does hurt to know you lost interest in me, kind of like someone punching me in the face. And it also does pain me to walk past you, pretending we never met and never stayed up all night talking, which feels like a knife through my chest every time. But what truly hurt most, so bad that I can’t even find the words to explain it, is that you left without a single word. And I keep waiting for a sign or something from you, but I should accept that sometimes, no message is also a message.
The Mortal Instruments: A Summery
  • City of Bones: dude, where's my mum?
  • City of Ashes: Queen of the Seelie Court? more like Queen of the Annoying court
  • City of Glass: the men in my family are psychotic
  • City of Fallen Angels: demon lady has a side job of hiring weird bands
  • City of Lost Souls: the gang tries to sort stuff out while I party with my psychotic brother and mind controlled boyfriend
  • City of Heavenly Fire: my boyfriend's on fire ft. hot brother zachariah