the band cities


1986. Annihilation Absolute

is the debut album by band Cities, it’s project of A.J. Pero, who is best known as the drummer for Twisted Sister. He played with Cities in their early days, left for Twisted Sister, and then returned to record “Annihilation Absolute”, the band’s only studio album.

Aside from the Twisted Sister connection, Annihilation Absolute is actually a pretty impressive American power metal album. With its solid musicianship, speedy riffs, soaring vocals and post-apocalyptic imagery and subject matter, the Cities debut fits nicely alongside early American metal innovators like Armored Saint, Warlord, Fifth Angel, and Apocrypha.

If you’re a serious 80’s metal fan, particularly of the kind of bands you’d hear on the early Metal Massacre compilations, you should definitely check out Cities. It’s fist-pumping, spiked-wristband metal all the way.

              A.J. Pero   Sal Mayn     Steve Mironovich     Ron Angel