the bamfiest

I really love Edna Mode? Like, she’s not just a fashion designer– she’s a fashion designer who lives in a high-security mansion with an entire secret underground lab in which she manufactures textiles strong and versatile enough to withstand the abilities of the heroes who will wear them and the villains who will attempt to destroy them. 

This lady probably holds multiple degrees in scientific fields most folks don’t even know exist. She could have gone into research or academia like most folks in her position, but at some point during (or prior to) her education she decided that she was going to find a way to combine her passion for science with her flare for fashion, and the end result was being the go-to designer for the most powerful people in the world. That’s just…really awesome to me.

In a movie full of overt badasses, she is quietly the BAMFiest of them all.

why dont we talk more about how mcu natasha is some kind of fucking technological wunderkind though?

i mean—really. yes, she is a kickass superspy who could crush you with her thighs. yes, she is a master manipulator who can read you like a children’s book and make you wonder which way is up. yes, she is vulnerable and strong and works with complex motivations towards a goal that’s not quite redemption but always in the service of doing what she feels is the right—and oftentimes the hardest—thing, the thing no one else can or will do. yes, she is pretty much the bamfiest bamf who has ever bamfed in all the ways i just described.

but im also pretty sure she’s kind of a computer genius.

i don’t think it’s any accident that natasha is the one who gets rhodey’s systems back online in IM 2. i don’t think it’s any accident that natasha is the one who gathers intel on the Lumerian Star, then tries to decrypt the flash drive in that Apple store and even SAYS (not even smugly, just matter of factly) that the person who developed the encryption is only slightly more advanced than she is. i don’t think it’s any accident that natasha is the one who hacks SHIELD’s systems and airs their dirty laundry, and she makes it look deceptively easy even though i'm guessing it’s hard enough that your average, idk, SHIELD technician can’t do it.

natasha navigates the keyboard with ease. her face is the picture of concentration and curiosity. she does things that im so used to seeing the requisite geek guy doing, and the fact that she does that despite being originally positioned as the femme fatale with nothing more to offer than a catsuit and a pretty face? AMAZING.

i’m just obsessed with exploring the idea that natasha’s skillset is way more diverse than acting as the muscle, or the confidante, or the investigator, or the hulk-tamer. that she is intelligent in several ways, in a similar way to another avenger, in fact (when you think computer hacker, you think tony, dont you? HA! natasha will show you) and that it’s a subtle but important intelligence that actively moves the plot along.

i’d love to see more of what natasha does. what she knows. how she learned. but im not going to lie, this facet of her? the one that lives out in the open and is so important but so often unseen? i want to know more about that.

or this is how it could have happened:

oh my god wait what if:

saito has been trying to get eames to do this inception on fischer for like 6 months, and eames keeps saying no because he’s not really into the whole will-altering business,

so saito sends people undercover to find out what eames’ ultimate weakness is, and how he can use it; and it’s THIS DUDE NAMED ARTHUR WHO’S WEIRDLY SHACKLED TO THIS INCOMPETENT MORON NAMED COBB WHO KILLED HIS WIFE AND IS ON THE RUN FROM THE US GOV’T, and the only way eames will do inception is if arthur is doing inception, and the only way arthur will do inception is if cobb will do inception, and Saito is like, SIGH, THE THINGS I DO FOR EXCELLENCE

so he sets up a bogus job with cobol engineering to convince cobb to “run” the inception job, all so that eames will finally say yes

and that’s why saito just magically happens to already be in mombasa, because he’s keeping an eye on his investments ie EAMES

and that’s why eames is just magically able to whip up the whole inception schemata, because he’s been planning this whole job for months already by himself