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On Edge (Valentines)

Requests: “Pls do a protective/ jealous Stefan imagine. Could be smut idc but jealous is so cute!!!” (Credits to gif owners! I also kept this as fluff because fluffy and jealous Stefan seems cuter.)

Valentine’s Day was a huge deal in Mystic Falls High. Kids from your classes got to buy candy grams and to pass balloons out for their friends. So far you’d gotten a few from guys you didn’t know, balloons, teddy bears to chocolates in a box. 

 You were excited to see Stefan, you didn’t get to his locker yet but you were going to give him a candy gram and a heart shaped balloon that you blew up yourself in the school store. 

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Majestic Leo, with life flowing from him like a bleeding sunrise
the queen of the cosmos, the echo of applause and worship
full of honor and pride
although he is scorned and reliant
like the stars he cannot shine without adequate love
a royal carnival
balloons shaped like golden suns
released into the sky
Leo is the celebration of life
  • John: [hands Sherlock a bee-shaped box of chocolates]
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Honeybee. I love you. See you after work!
  • Sherlock: [much blinking]
  • John: [returns from work to find 12 dozen roses, 5 boxes of chocolates, 20 heart shaped balloons, 3 stuffed teddy bears, and 1 bedsheet-wrapped Consulting Detective in the living room] What?
  • Sherlock: That just sort of...happened.
being Ethan’s valentine would include...

requested: yes

anon: being e/gray’s valentine would include? i love your blog and it gives me life. thank youu

anon: being their valentine would include? Idk i’m just in a valentines day mood since its coming up. ty

(woooo!! so i’ve decided to do gray’s tomorrow since I already posted a gray pref today haha! hope you like it!!)

⇥ him being super duper suspicious the day before

⇥ him going all out and surprising you

⇥ he’d probably spend loads of money on you because you’re his princess and he’d do anything of you

⇥ he’d be a bit stressed because he’s worry about you not liking it

⇥ heart shaped balloons everywhere with little notes attached to their strings and written on each of them is a reason why he loves you

⇥ literally there would be so many balloons.

⇥ you’d probably tear up and jump into his arms, which would make him grin

⇥ “Wait, you like it? like love it?”

⇥ You’d be super happy and content with the valentines gift he got you but there would be more in stock

⇥ He’d probably get you a really pretty necklace with a cute pendent on it

⇥ “Ethan you didn’t!”

⇥ then after you’ve read all the notes he’d make you breakfast and then you’d remember his gift (which he would love. he probably wouldn’t even care if you didn’t give him anything.)

⇥ “All I need is your love, baby.”

⇥ spending the whole day together and being really lovey dovey

⇥ which would probably include a super awesome cute adventure

⇥ one million+ i love you’s

a/n – DF I WENT WAYYY TOO FAR WITH THIS. i want to choke omg please send help this was too cute lmao. hope you guys like it (: gray’s should be posted tmrw (::
Behold A Robot Hand With A Soft Touch
Using light-conductive materials, researchers have built a robot hand that can sense shapes and textures. Soft robotics holds promise for better prosthetics or machines with a more "human" touch.

Robotics researchers at Cornell University made a hand that has something close to a human touch — it can not only touch delicate items but also sense the shape and texture of what it comes into contact with.

Imagine a hand-shaped balloon, with light signals running through bendable so-called waveguides, pipes that carry waves, inside the fingers. When the hand touches something, the waveguides bend, distorting or changing the light signals. That change gives the robot data on whatever it is the hand is touching.

Relying on light signals also means that robotic hands could be made with cheaper materials, which could lead to cheaper prosthetic hands that give the wearer a sense of touch, says Robert Shepherd, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell who co-authored the study.

Zhao estimates her soft robotic hand could be made for under $50 — even less with mass production, though you’d need more money to add a battery and a compressor tank, for the compressed air that controls the robotic fingers. Shepherd says it’s the cheapest product of its kind.

On one memorable Valentines day Ryan gives the whole crew hearts. Not chocolate hearts or candy hearts or even heart-shaped balloons, oh no. Fresh, hand-picked, unequivocally human hearts. More thoughtful than any store-bought gift if he does say so himself.

They’re carefully thought out, each presented differently; If Ryan’s going to do something then he’s going to do it right, wasn’t about to just throw slabs of bleeding meat down on the table and call it a day - he’s not an animal.

While it took the longest to obtain, Geoff’s is the  most simple. Sitting in a basic cooler, nothing fancy, easy to identify and not meant to last. For Geoff the gift is not the organ itself but the inevitable demise of the man it came from, the involuntary donor who’s crew will no longer be trying to push their way into Los Santos.

For Jack there is a necklace, long and elegantly simple, the tapered rose-gold vial engraved with a small heart that makes her smile. Its unassuming, decorative and fashionable, perfectly belying the way the lid is sealed shut to preserve the ash within.

Ryan has never stuffed a heart with explosives before, hadn’t quite anticipated the difficulty of it, but his efforts are instantly rewarded by the involuntary way Michael snorts into laughter at the sight of the fuse snaking out of an artery. Its impossible not to join in when it goes off, humour infectious as Michael’s eyes light up, bellowing his amusement as gore rains down around them.

Ray receives what another might consider a serial killer’s love letter. A dismembered hand left in his favourite spot points him in the direction of a warehouse containing carefully arranged entrails which in turn lead to a breadcrumb trail of teeth. Thoroughly entertained Ray follows blood and gore all around the city before finding himself on the roof of an open-air parking garage, a giant blood red heart painted across the floor with the real deal placed carefully at its centre.

Gavin’s heart is in a ornamental jar, carefully preserved, bloodless and somewhat alien in appearance. It’s an almost shocking display of thoughtfulness, concession to the fact that Gavin, of all of them, would be the most disgusted, yet also somehow the one most likely to want to keep his gift. When he doesn’t have to smell it, feel the muscle gone cold in his hands, deal with the red stain of someone else’s life, Gavin is really quite delighted with the whole deal. Absolutely horrified, sure, but in that squirmy gleeful kind of way he gets, amused by his own revulsion, calling Ryan disturbing and lovely in the same breath.

Jeremy, who knows he definitely hasn’t been with them long enough to warrant a heart of his own (thank god?) watches it all play out with a bizarre mixture of amusement, horror and the tiniest pang of longing that comes along with feeling left out. At least until Ryan appears before him, as silent and terrifying as always, and thrusts a black plastic bag into his hands before ghosting away. The moment of shocked dread (whereupon Jeremy instantly realises that yeah nope warm-fuzzies of being included aside he did not need a human heart in his life actually thanks) is instantly washed away by helpless laughter when he opens the bag and catches sight of the anatomically-correct toy heart smiling cheerfully back at him. 

anonymous asked:

Are any of the MML characters a real pain to draw?

Cavendish is still kinda difficult, but Elliot is the hardest for me by far. Great character, but such a pain to draw XD Dan recently told us to think of Cavendish’s head as being a lightbulb shape (or balloon I can’t recall now) and that made it SO much easier for me to get his proportions right.

❤Valentine's Day Special #1: She Doesn't Love Me❤

Request: JASON GOING BACK TO HIS S/O AFTER HE ‘DIED’ AND GIVING A BOX OF CHOCOLATES ON VALENTINE’S DAY AS HIS WELCOME BACK…? sorry that’s the most cliché gift ever ive never truly celebrated the holiday… heh


Jason excitedly entered the patisserie. He was so happy to be back to you on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t really like these shitty holidays but knowing how much you enjoyed feeling loved in such days, he thought buying you a ton of gifts would be the best option to reveal his return to you.

And of course chocolates. You loved chocolates. Once he bought the most expensive package of chocolates he proceeded to walk to your apartment.

The huge teddy bear in his arms made it a bit hard not to drop the other things, such as flowers and heart shaped balloons.

Once out of the door to your apartment he took a deep breath. He’d get to see your beautiful face after such a long time. He’d get to cherish you once again, and he’d never leave you again. You were eachother’s first loves. What was purest than that?

As he headed to the elevator, he saw it opening before he even got the chance to approach. With a close look he saw you, you out of all people, your smiling face, your happy eyes.

The world tumbled under his feet. At that moment so much rage overwhelmed his entire being. It was only Bruce who had completely replaced him, you had replaced his spot in your heart.

The flowers fell off his hands, along with the chocolates, he wanted to be dead again.