the balloon and the whale

please look up the canberra centennial sky whale. its a $35,000 hot air balloon commissioned for the city’s hundredth birthday and it looks like a whale with eight massive dangling titties 

Sun-Moon Tunes

I’m going to make separate, spread-out posts with lyrics for each of these songs; this is just for reference! I’m adding links in here as I make them.

Aries sun:

Aries moon– She Starts Fire by Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston

Taurus moon–  The Start of Something Beautiful by Gold Celeste

Gemini moon– Sick Shit by together PANGEA

Cancer moon– Beetles by Warpaint

Leo moon– Better by Teen

Virgo  moon– Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple

Libra moon–  Labyrinthian Pomp by Of Montreal

Scorpio moon– Tuff Luv by He-Art

Sagittarius moon– Motorcycle by Weaves

Capricorn moon– Don’t Touch my Bikini by The Halo Benders

Aquarius moon– Oh Bondage, Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex

Pisces moon– Presence by Globelamp

Taurus sun:

Aries moon– Harness Your Hopes by Pavement

Taurus moon– I Can See My House From Here by The Glands

Gemini moon– Drunk Text Romance by Cyberbully Mom Club

Cancer moon–  Time for the Blues by Smog

Leo moon– Pink Cigarette by Mr. Bungle

Virgo  moon– Unfucktheworld by Angel Olsen

Libra moon– New Harmony by Eerie Wanda

Scorpio moon– Bury Me by Girls’ Names

Sagittarius moon– Can of Worms by Gold Celeste

Capricorn moon–  Don’t Let It Get To You by Rostam

Aquarius moon– In The Beginning by Weyes Blood

Pisces moon– Dreamin’ Slow by Mac Demarco

Gemini sun:

Aries moon– Poobrain by ShitKid

Taurus moon– Grass Cannons by Olivia Tremor Control

Gemini moon– Before The World Was Big by Girlpool

Cancer moon– Carousel Ride by Rubblebucket

Leo moon– The Party’s Crashing Us by Of Montreal

Virgo  moon– 1 4 2 by Inner Wave

Libra moon– Warned You by Good Morning

Scorpio moon– I’m Not Myself by Boardwalk

Sagittarius moon– Heads or Tails by Shannon and The Clams

Capricorn moon– Washington Moon by Globelamp

Aquarius moon– Boogie Down by MGMT

Pisces moon– Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc by Milo

Cancer sun:

Aries moon– Cut Your Bangs by Girlpool

Taurus moon– She’s So Lovely by Beach House

Gemini moon– Indian Food by Dumbo Gets Mad

Cancer moon– Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind by Vashti Bunyan

Leo moon– Falling And Laughing by Orange Juice

Virgo  moon– Slow Like Honey by Fiona Apple

Libra moon– Too Busy to Love Me by Orca Team

Scorpio moon– Future Primitive by Papercuts

Sagittarius moon– On A Bus by Baseball Gregg

Capricorn moon– I Lost Something in the Hills by Sibylle Baier

Aquarius moon– Leave Me Alone on the Moon by Beck

Pisces moon– Lula by Scout Niblett

Leo sun:

Aries moon– Dancing In The Dark by Downtown Boys

Taurus moon– Good Day by The Dresden Dolls

Gemini moon– Billions of Eyes by Lady Lamb

Cancer moon–  Triphallus, to Punctuate! by Of Montreal

Leo moon– Big Sis by Sales

Virgo moon– I Can’t Handle Change by Roar

Libra moon– Sad Pony Geurrilla Girl by Xiu Xiu

Scorpio moon– Love Comes In Spurts by Richard Hell

Sagittarius moon– Fiya by tUne-yArDs

Capricorn moon– jake- keep it together by Josh Hodges

Aquarius moon– Get Lonely by The Mountain Goats

Pisces moon– Deathwish // Deathbed by Forever Lesbians

Virgo sun:

Aries moon– Constant Headache by Joyce Manor

Taurus moon– I Get Nervous by Lower Dens

Gemini moon– Throwing Knives by Video Age

Cancer moon– Make Out Song by The Rosebuds

Leo moon– Guts by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Virgo  moon– Magnet’s Coil (acoustic) by Sebadoh

Libra moon– Parentheses by The Blow

Scorpio moon– You’re Smiling (But I Don’t Believe You) by Margaret Glaspy

Sagittarius moon– Cosmos by Yabadum

Capricorn moon– Angel by Chaka Khan

Aquarius moon– Crash by Sales

Pisces moon– Tiniest Lights by Angel Olsen

Libra sun:

Aries moon– Knock That Door by Enon

Taurus moon– Lovetown by The Glands

Gemini moon– She Lives On my Block by Chicano Batman

Cancer moon– C-86 Is Killing My Life

Leo moon– I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore by Lucy Dacus

Virgo  moon– You Can’t Get It Right by Beverly

Libra moon– Stupid Cupid by Connie Francis

Scorpio moon– Archive by Mal Blum

Sagittarius moon– I Don’t Care by Prince Innocence

Capricorn moon– I Think It Would Be Great by Best Friends

Aquarius moon– Airwalker by Jeremy Jay

Pisces moon– Come On Let’s Go by Broadcast

Scorpio sun:

Aries moon– Come Up And Get Me by Death Grips

Taurus moon– Molasses by Hiatus Kaiyote

Gemini moon– Acid by Faith Healer

Cancer moon– Fever by Marine Girls

Leo moon– Habit by Ought

Virgo  moon– Healthy Sick by Sebadoh

Libra moon– Prisoner by Har Mar Superstar

Scorpio moon– Volcana! by The 6ths

Sagittarius moon– Lanterns by The Microphones

Capricorn moon– Black Leather by Joan Jett

Aquarius moon– Fucc the Devil by AJJ

Pisces moon– Kute by Alex G

Sagittarius sun:

Aries moon– History Eraser by Courtney Barnett

Taurus moon– We’ll Meet Again Someday, or We Won’t by Bill Baird

Gemini moon– Yes I’m Changing by Tame Impala

Cancer moon– Soul and Fire by Sebadoh

Leo moon– Scott Get the Van, I’m Moving by Cayetana

Virgo  moon– Touched by an Angel by The Memories

Libra moon– Casanova by Adam Green

Scorpio moon– Road by Nick Drake

Sagittarius moon– Wet Road by Scout Niblett

Capricorn moon– Change In Your Veins by The Growlers

Aquarius moon– Checkin’ Out by Sales

Pisces moon– Rollerskating by Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova

Capricorn sun:

Aries moon– Cowards by Jumbling Towers

Taurus moon– Tequila Mockingbird by The Buttertones

Gemini moon– Reality TV by Mal Blum

Cancer moon– Try(Just a Little Bit Harder) by Janis Joplin

Leo moon– World Unglued by The Growlers

Virgo  moon– Urge to Purge by Charly Bliss

Libra moon– Lust for Life by Girls

Scorpio moon– Still Not Sad by Michael Rault

Sagittarius moon– Don’t Come Home Today by Good Morning

Capricorn moon– A Mistake by Fiona Apple

Aquarius moon– New Age by The Velvet Underground

Pisces moon– Apathy by Mikal Cronin

Aquarius sun:

Aries moon– Cut from the Cloth by The Evens

Taurus moon– Stars by Angel Olsen

Gemini moon– ‘83: Foxx and I by The Magnetic Fields

Cancer moon– I’m Homesick Sittin’ Up Here in My Satellite by Doldrums

Leo moon– Freedom by Daniel Johnston

Virgo  moon– From The Sun by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Libra moon–  Oven by Miserable

Scorpio moon– California Shake by Margo Guryan

Sagittarius moon– What Would I Want? sky by Animal Collective

Capricorn moon– I Am The Changer by Cotton Jones

Aquarius moon– Broken by Gorillaz

Pisces moon– Obsidian Currents by Of Montreal

Pisces sun:

Aries moon– Convertible Balloon by Wavves

Taurus moon– Khala My Friend by Amanaz

Gemini moon– Whale by Alex G

Cancer moon– Bowser Bowser Bowser by Spencer Kingman

Leo moon– Between Your Ears by The Thin Bloods

Virgo  moon– Truly Great Thing by Sebadoh

Libra moon– Soon As I Get Home Tonight by Blah Blah Blah

Scorpio moon– Dead Deer & Other Animals by Thanksgiving

Sagittarius moon– Heaven by Pure X

Capricorn moon– Metarie by Brendon Benson

Aquarius moon– I’ve Got New York by The 6ths

Pisces moon– Sleepwalkin’ by Modest Mouse


(some of) My Sonic Fan characters ヽ(^◇^*)/

Madame Malaria the Mosquito; Splash the Sea Urchin and Lemon the cockatiel (concept) this time i wanted to experiment with Lemon since i saw these cockatiels cheeks and i though it would be cute for lemon to have those… also his beak its tinier and his head its shaped different..still a concept though.. i think i like the bowtie..

also did something with Splash.. got inspired on @spj-artredesign ‘s Boom redesign of Splash for the little freckles, i based his body design on Surf’s swits and added some details.. ^_^ i’m pretty happy with this one

an Madame Malaria its finally finished! yay

ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

character description below

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I was talking with my friend about how each ship might propose and we basically concluded that not a single ship would propose normally XD

Like Tetsu would suddenly wake up Misono next to him and go, “I just had a dream where we’re married and happy together and I really want that to be reality so please marry me!” Misono’s still half asleep and didn’t hear a single word but he just goes, “Sure. Now, go back to sleep.” Misono wakes up with a ring on his finger and no idea how it got there.

Sakuya would probably tease Mahiru with fake outs all week. Like he gets on his knees and Mahiru is expecting the question but it’s always, “I was tying my shoes” or “look a penny!” Then one day, he gets on his knee again and at this point Mahiru is just done with the joke and screams, “What is it this time?” Sakuya just grins and pulls out a ring box, “I think my future husband dropped his ring.”

Hyde would probably go all out with a super over the top performance. Like he has this entire dance and song number that involves all his whale subclasses and they’ve been practicing this for weeks. Hyde takes Licht to the street they first met and suddenly Licht is assaulted with balloons and dancing/singing whales. By the time it’s over and Hyde is on his knees in front of him Licht doesn’t know if he should say yes because he loves him or kick him for embarrassing him. He does both.

Kuro would probably be too hesitant to bring up marriage so I think Mahiru would. Kuro bought a ring but is still deciding how to give it to Mahiru so keeps it in his pocket for just the right moment. While he’s in the shower, Mahiru decides to wash his clothes and finds the ring. “Kuro, I found a ring in your pocket. I hope it’s for me.” Cue panicked screaming and a loud crash as Kuro stumbled out of the shower. “You’re not supposed to find it yet!” Mahiru just smiles, “whenever you feel like giving it to me, my answer will still be yes so why don’t you give it to me now.”

Man, I just want all my ships to be together and canon

Operation: Whaler

another silly & fun idea for Dishonored 2 DLCs

Corvo drops by Daud, who is relaxing on the beach in Karnaca. Corvo asks: “How did you get the Whalers into Coldridge, anyway?” 

Daud replies: “More like how did I get the whalers OUT. After I retired, they disbanded, but some got caught and Thomas led a rescue mission to break them out. They surrounded the entire place with that damn mathematical Overseer noise. Anyone on the inside couldn’t even Tether a rat. Anyone on the outside who attempted a Transversal in would rematerialize in mid-air and with no way to break their fall. So… they opted for a different solution.

Part One of Operation: Whaler  you go around Karnaca (as Emily or Corvo) finding anecdotes from disreputable sources about Whalers seen escaping Coldridge Prison in the turmoil following the downfall of the Lord Regent and the return of Emily to the throne.

Part Two: is an 8-bit sidescroller where the Whalers escape Coldridge by attaching themselves to balloons. Playing as Thomas, you must pop their balloons with your crossbow only when they are in safe areas:

  • Having managed to retrieve their gear, they won’t suffocate if they fall in water and can survive a fall from any distance into water.
  • They can survive short drops into bushes, but no more than a few metres onto rooftops, concrete or timber.
  • However, the balloon design copied from Sokolov is only a prototype and regular balloons will deflate and drop a Whaler after a short time. It’s up to you to upgrade the balloons - with better materials, or mini whale-oil tank burners to produce lift - to ensure as many Whalers as possible survive. 
  • Brightly-coloured balloons can be more easily seen by prison guards and are worth more points. 
  • Increased difficulty settings and/or later levels also include changing wind speed and wind direction, the option to spend in-game points on whiskey and cigars to distract the guards, and ‘night mode’ - escape at night, when Lizzy Stride sends a stealthed boat with her best riverhands, both riskier and with a bigger possible reward

Corvo: “… but you didn’t exactly explain how you got the Whalers into Coldridge to rescue Lizzy Stride.”

Daud: “Listen to that.”

Corvo: “… I hear nothing”

Daud: “That’s the sound of fanservice.”


29 weeks 2 days pregnant and feeling huge.

We’ve known for weeks that he was measuring bigger due to growth scans, but at my midwife appointment when i was 28weeks+6 i was measuring 31weeks+5 so basically 3 weeks bigger. He is still breech and moving more and more everyday.

I have noticed finger swelling, facial swelling, leg swelling and arm swelling!
I am turning into a balloon, or a whale, or even an elephant! A very fat person. 
My appetite is still pretty huge but is starting to work its way back down again now. 

I knew when i reached the third trimester i would start feeling crappy again, get fatter, struggle to get comfy and struggle to sleep. I was expecting it all, but secretly hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as everyone said. It’s not awful but then i am only a week and a half into it. 

Walked from my mums yesterday to Brads work, usually takes Brad 15/20minutes and me 30 minutes now i waddle slightly, but for some reason i made it in 15 minutes but it set off braxton hicks. Walking past the quiet common, i did think if these are contractions, im screwed as theres only the occasional dog walker. I was fine once i stood still.

I am loving this lovely weather but i am rather nervous about this “heat wave” thats been promised! I don’t know if i can cope with it being ridiculously hot, i am already huge and uncomfy. I thought that having a due date at the end of the June would be perfect, Get baby out before the proper lovely hot weather starts. 

I am thinking about starting to pack Lucas hospital bag, is it to soon? when did everyone start packing their hospital bags?