the ballet instructor

  • my ballet instructor: okay everyone stand really tall, arms firm, deep breaths, ready to dance. good, good, wonderful. now repeat after me - I AM TOTALLY OUT OF MY DEPTH<p/><b>us:</b> I AM TOTALLY OUT OF MY DEPTH.<p/><b>him:</b> I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING AND THIS IS REALLY HARD<p/><b>us:</b> I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING AND THIS IS REALLY HARD.<p/><b>him:</b> good, good, that's great. you see, when you're totally out of your depth it's instinctive to stand like this [hunches up like he's terrified] like you all were doing there. what you need to do is stand like this instead! you'll still be totally out of your depth but you'll look a lot better.<p/></p>

this has been in my drafts for like half a year but for some reason i decided to finish it today….. it was supposed to be part of a set of images but lbr im lazy af lol

basically an au in which erwin is a ballet instructor and levi teaches jazz dacing, they somehow end up with their studios next to each other and become rivals (obviously with the usual sexual tension between them)


“Minako-sensei is a ballet instructor. When I was younger, I used to spend more time at her ballet class than at home. I even started skating because Minako-sensei urged me to. She’s always cheered me on, but she likes to meddle, too.”

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Could you tell me about dances with goats?

It’s an Undertum/Undertail S0riel AU where Sans is trans feminine and has pink magic, and Toriel is recently divorced from Asgore and is working through some anger issues.

(It’s a somewhat complicated and mostly indulgent ballet-dancer-and-boxer AU. Sans is a tired ballet instructor and Toriel is an amateur kick boxer, and they’re in very cuddly and worn out relationship together. ✌️💖)


dancing shoes by redhoodedwolf

So this is based off of a tumblr photo post of a dancer looking down at a puppy as it’s being cute, and of course it became sterek thanks to @clotpolesonly and @crossroadswrite

Derek Hale is the most ruthless ballet instructor in Northern California. Rumor has it that Abby Lee Dance Company along with the show Dance Moms were looking to collaborate, even give him his own show, and he turned them down. Another whisper in the streets says that he’s never hired an employee outside of his family in any capacity, because the last time he did his studio was almost burned to the ground by some jealous psycho.

Stiles isn’t so sure about the Dance Moms rumor, but he does know that Derek Hale is a force to be reckoned with, because the man glares at him the entire time Stiles is interviewing for the position of studio receptionist. It’s not the glamorous dance teacher job he’s been dreaming of, but it’s a step up. If he gets hired, he’ll be working alongside the Hale family, one of the most well known names in dance. Just even having that title on his resume will allow him to be a shoe-in anywhere he wants.

He just has to, yanno, not die under the force of Derek Hale’s glare.

“Tell me about your qualifications?” the man asks, glare shifting momentarily from Stiles over to his sister, Laura, who is sitting at his side. Stiles watches as her elbow retracts from his hip, so he gathers that the question was not asked voluntarily.

Stiles swallows thickly, shifts in his chair, licks his lips. Derek’s eyes snap back over to him. Stiles’ breath hitches. He’s not entirely sure he’s going to survive another minute under those punishingly beautiful eyes.

Oh, did Stiles neglect to mention the other rumor that Derek Hale is single, super duper gay, and has a thing for lithe guys? Stiles may have that reminder running in his head constantly. Stiles may also have a thing for muscled men with dark stubble with hair long enough to tie up in a bun on the crown of their head. Just a little.

Stiles is sure he blacked out for the majority of the interview and only comes back to himself as Laura Hale is shaking his hand, assuring him with a kind smile that they will be in touch shortly. And it doesn’t sound like a gentle let-down, either. She sounds… impressed?

Three hours later, Stiles answers his phone in the middle of cooking dinner and hears Derek Hale’s gruff voice respond to his cherry greeting with, “Is this Stiles Stilinski?”

Stiles almost knocks the pot of spaghetti to the ground. “Y-yes! Hi, hello! This is, uh, he– me!”

A second of silence passes, and Stiles worries that the man has hung up. But then a deep sigh filters through, and Derek says, “We at Hale Dance Studio would like to welcome you to the team.”

There is no excitement in his voice, despite the fantastic news he is carrying, but Stiles doesn’t care. He has enough excitement for the both of them. “Yes! Yes, okay, I accept!”

“Good. Come down to the studio at noon tomorrow to discuss your contract with Laura, and you can begin working at the start of next week when classes resume.”

“Yes!” Stiles quickly jots down a note for himself to remember to go to the studio at noon as he squashes the phone between his ear and shoulder. “That sounds good to me! See you then!”


Stiles frowns at the phone as the call is suddenly disconnected, but then Scott is bursting through the front door, and Stiles face beaks out into a grin. “Scotty! You’ll never believe what just happened!”

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Raised by my Xingona mama and abuelita. Grew up with my father in prison. My mom worked 3 jobs throughout my childhood and still we sometimes struggled to put food on our plates, had to figure out which bills wouldn’t get paid certain months. I have witnessed so much death in my community as a result of gang violence, police brutality, health disparities and mental health issues. I am a survivor of violence (institutional, community, and partner) and battle anxiety and trauma every day.

I was the first in my family to go to college (I almost didn’t even go. My ballet folklorico instructor in high school pushed me to apply & I saved up my lunch money for 3 weeks to afford ONE college application.)
In 2011, after experiencing a severe mental breakdown, suicide attempt and academic dismissal, I returned & graduated with a double major in Chicanx Studies and African/ African-American Studies and minor in Social and Ethnic Relations. Went back to my community roots & put in hella work just like I had set off to do when I started this whole journey.

I am now the first in my family to also pursue graduate school and will be receiving my Masters degree in Chicanx Studies with a concentration in Comparative Ethnic Studies THIS WEEKEND.

I have dedicated my life work to creating healing praxis in which Ethnic Studies, art, and culture are tools for trauma informed approaches for educators working with youth of color who navigate systems of violence.

“It takes a long time for women to feel it’s alright to be chingona. To aspire to be a chingona!…You are saying, ‘This is my camino, this is my path and I’m gonna follow it….”- Sandra Cisneros

For all of the muxeres in my family, my first teachers in Chingona-ness… This is for them.

PhD., I’m coming for you next, boo boo. 💞
From A Random Playing Card (22775 words) by Noitratoxin [AO3]

Chapters: 15/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, Lilia Baranovskaya, Yakov Feltsman, Phichit Chulanont
Additional Tags: more character to be added, the skating world is here, ballet!au, kid Yuri!AU, Yuuri is Lilia’s protege, teaching Yakov’s young skaters, Viktor is VIktor, There will be pining, and well timed cockblocking by yours truly, the one and only Yuri Plisetsky, Lilia and Yakov are (unofficial) doting grandparents TM, Danseur Yuuri, ballet instructor!AU, dad viktor, Slow Burn, slow fkn burn, because sweet Yuuri is oblivious AF, im sorry i dont know how to tag, Mild Language, surprisingly, Phichit curses

In training premier danseur, Katsuki Yuuri, under the guidance of Lilia Baranovskaya was asked to train the new generation of Russian figure skaters in ballet and found himself with a 4 year old Yuri Plisetsky, adopted son of the one Viktor Nikiforov, clinging to his legs demanding he comes home with him.

Yuuri wasn’t sure if this was healthy for his sanity.

Chapter 15 Summary: Lilia have Yuuri feels

Avengers as high school kids

Tony Stark: ridiculously rich kid who smuggles alcohol and drugs

Steve Rogers: Valedictorian, teacher’s pet, Champion swimmer, wrestler and weight lifter.

Thor: captain of the football team, star quarterback

Bruce Banner: dorky, unlikely best friend of Tony Stark, extremely brilliant, prone to accidentally blowing up the lab

Natasha Romanoff: Black belts in 3 different martial arts, gold medalist in gymnastics, junior ballet instructor, fluent in 9 languages

Clint Barton: Class clown, loves archery and hiking, third best athlete behind Steve and Thor, also really good at geography and art

Wanda Maximoff: Quiet girl, loves Literature classes, an absolute beast when it comes to Mathematics and the only person in the district better than Tony at it. Usually seen with her twin brother.

Pietro Maximoff: Noisy, snarky, star track athlete, very talented at biology. Usually seen with his twin sister. Dislikes Clint Barton with a passion. Secretly adores romance novels and science fiction movies. Secretly writes fanfiction, only Wanda knows.

Sam Wilson: best friend of Steve Rogers, captain of the local junior baking and bird watching clubs. Owns a pet hawk that can and will peck your eyes out if given the chance. 

James Rhodes: the childhood best friend of Tony Stark, comes from a military family, usually has to defend Tony when his behavior causes people to want to kick his ass.

dancer aus
  • we work at the same studio but you’re the hip hop instructor and I’m the ballet instructor. Our styles totally clash and we hate each other but the head of the studio wants us to choreograph a piece together for the end-of-the-year recital.
  • we don’t really know one another but we always end up competing against one another at national competitions so we spend the entire time trying to out-score the other
  •  I was your partner’s understudy and whoops they broke their arm so now here I am and we can’t seem to get the hang of dancing with one another

  •  my friend drags me to your show and damn do you look good in tights
  •  we’re the only two in our class that can do all the turns and leaps our teacher wants so we always end up in the all same parts of the dances together. I don’t know anything else about you except your first name and that you can do 17 fouetté turns in a row

  •  you’re a foreign exchange ballerina/o and Madame thinks your incredible but I think you’re not hot shit
  •  I don’t even know your first name but I make your protein shake for you every morning before you go to class. You slip me a ticket one day with a wink so I guess I should do to your recital
  • we go to the same performing arts school and one day I see you stretching out in the hallway before class and I shouldn’t be turned on by the fact that you can practically bend in half ?!?!
  •  I have a choreography project due at the end of the semester and you’re the only person I can find who is willing to help me out with it
  • dancer aus  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

In which “let’s end this” means Yuri wants to retire and go back to Hasetsu to settle down, and Viktor gladly follows him. They get married regardless of the GPF and Viktor becomes an ice skating instructor in the Ice Castle while Yuri becomes a ballet instructor in Minako’s studio. Viktor grows his hair and Yuri starts wearing more feminine clothes because why not.
I really just want to make myself happy at this point lol



In other words Pearl is a ballet instructor (that’s original!), Garnet is her best partner, Steven and Connie are her star pupils and Opal…well I couldn’t decide on two very similar poses so I cheated a little
forever, darling (that's what's up) - for passenger
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forever, darling (that’s what’s up) for passenger

Word Count: 9910

Rating: General

Summary: Louis has a daughter that’s into ballet. His daughter’s ballet instructor is into him. It all works out quite nicely.

The ballet instructor

Neither of them liked the idea.

Of that, Pitch was certain. He couldn’t, however, deny that after Seraphina’s mother had left they had found themselves in a rough patch of life and couldn’t find a way out of it. So, when news came that he was the only heir in his late aunt’s will, and that she left him a huge house in France, somewhere in Paris, he took the opportunity and ran with it. The change would do both him and Seraphina good, he was certain of that. He’d perhaps even come out of the writer’s block that had been plaguing him for a while. Seraphina would see new places, meet new people. Forget her mother.

All in all, moving to France would do both of them good. That didn’t mean they liked the idea.

He would leave behind his country and his memories, Seraphina her friends.

That was why he didn’t really have the heart to scold her when she incessantly listed him all the reasons why moving to another country would be a bad idea.

“I will be without friends!”

He sighed. “You will make new ones.

“I won’t! I don’t know enough French!”

You will learn.

She pouted, cradling her bag to her chest and looking out of the car’s window. He sighed, defeated.

Tell you what, when we get there I’ll let you take up ballet. That way you’ll surely meet other kids and make friends.” He smiled as she slowly turned her head to him, a smile taking over her face.

“Oh daddy!”

And that was the story of how he found himself in the current situation, not to mention the current building. He had signed Seraphina up for ballet lessons as soon as they had settled in their new house – and by settled it really only meant by the time they had brought their stuff in. Sera had thrown herself at his neck right then and demanded he signed her up like he promised. In the end, he’d found a place that wasn’t too far from her new school so that she could easily go from one place to the other and after a brief chat with a woman he’d agreed to bring Sera in for a free lesson.