the ballad or russell and julie

When RTD was leaving DW we got “The Ballad of Russel and Julie” with David, Catherine and John. Now Moffat is leaving and I *need* a song parody video about Moffat and Gattis with Peter, Michelle and Pearl. Please make it happen.

I finally got around to hanging up my art prints from Halorvic!

About a month ago I asked myself, do I really need a art print of Donna Noble’s face to hang on my wall? Do I really?
The answer is yes, and I have no regrets, none. I also got a print of Midnight, one of my favourite planets, and one of David Tennant chain-smoking and whispering ‘I can’t do it’ from the Ballad of Russell and Julie, because when exam time comes around, I feel that in my bones. Hopefully it will give me strength when I start writing my thesis in 2015!


Let’s do it! I can"t do it!  

Please enjoy this because it’s beautiful.

You know you ship Tatennant when...

1. Ford and McDonald
2. You know every single character they’ve played while working together
3. You ship ALL the Tatennant even if they have nothing to do (Example: Sarah Postern and Barty Crouch Jr.)
4. You know by heart We Go Together and Sigh No More
5. You’ve watched/listened/read/or whatever everything they’ve done together
6. You have watched all the interviews
7. You have watched all the award givings
8. You have watched all BTS
9. You have used a picture of them at least 5 times as lock screen, home screen, wallpaper, etc.
10. You have read all the fanfics (Good and bad)
11. You learnt to love the BB Tatennant fiction
12. You know that Catherine went to see David at the opening of Richard II
13. Yow know 500 miles by heart and have watched the video millions of times
14. You know what “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” is
15, You know “The Ballad of Russell and Julie” by heart and have watched the video zillions of times
16. You follow Tatennant themed tumblr pages (including me yes yes I don’t have modesty)
17. You don’t care what situation it is you always see eye sex and flirting between them
18. You don’t get offended by the fact that Catherine knows nothing about Doctor Who, you actually think it’s adorable and love it even more when David corrects her or looks at her like she’s helpless
19. You don’t care that their Doctor Who series together was more than 5 years ago, you’re still not over them and never looss hope on the possibility of them returning
20. You always wish you had been able to see MAAN live
21. You wish they work together again soon, doesn’t matter if they’re just extras in a detergent commercial
22. You constantly build headcannons of them seeing eachother with frequency
23. You kinda wish Georgia Moffet was vanished from the planet and the universe (Not really, you just want her to poof out of the marriage to give Catherine a place)
24. You sometimes realise Tatennant is both your ultimate OTP and BROTP and it doesn’t bother you because they’re perfectly adorable both ways
25. You love the fact that one the first times they met Catherine was on a wedding dress and David on a suit
26. You can’t watch any other MAAN version because they all seem odd after all the Tatennant perfection
27. You think they deserved more than 1 Doctor Who series together
28. You can’t help noticing the way they smile when they’re around eachother
29. Your heart melts every time you watch the MAAN final dance
30. You hate that Daillie is a much more popular ship than Tatennant
31. You also know what actors/actresses they have both worked with
32. Your favorite Shakespeare play is Much Ado About Nothing
33. Your favorite Doctor Who Series is series 4 
34. You love the Lauren Cooper Comic Relief sketch of the english teacher
35. You get in a great mood every time you see something Tatennant
36. You don’t know who to be more in love with: David or Catherine
37. You love the Unicorn and the Wasp kiss even if it’s not actually a kiss
38. You can’t handle the perfection of the MAAN kiss
39. You have read my Tatennant fanfic (Really I am so modest hahaha, no really please read it)
40. You know where every single one of this little quotes is from:
-Like a parent and child! Like a… sorry what?
-Let’s do it! Let’s do it tonight!
-I can’t do it! I can’t do it tonight!
-Are we still talking about my horn? Yep
-You can’t stay appart?
-No, we can’t
-We tried
-You have to admit there’s the possibility that you fancy eachother
-Honeypuff and pickle
-When I was little I honestly thought I was going to marry Prince Andrew. When I was at school he was really good looking and who knew he liked ginger people? If I’d known that I would have picketed. It was a sad day when Fergie bagged him. 

-Andrew? Of all the Royals?
-I spent a really glorious nine months in Cardiff made wonderful by David’s wonderfulness because to work so closely with someone on a schedule that is that tight and kind of grueling, really, you spend most of your time with your costar, to do that with someone you didn’t really hit it off with would be a really tough call and so it was made delightful by being able to work so closely with David. He became a really good friend.
-Anything is to my liking, really, with David Tennant

-…Catherine Tate, who should win one of these!…The gorgeous Catherine has agreed to pick this up on my behalf, God bless her. Please, give Catherine Tate the biggest tune in the world ‘cause she so deserves it.
-Hello, love. Can you hear me?
-I can, yeah. It’s magic!
-It’s great! You’re not getting it back! Congratulations.
-I voted for you, I don’t know what went wrong.
-Oooooh….damn you! Oh, David, I’m gonna come up and see you soon.
-Yeah, when you’re coming? You haven’t been here yet. -Soon, next month. Congratulations, everyone here loves you.
-Oh, I love you and everyone there. I have to get back on stage. I have to kill Patrick Stewart, look!

-Do you like him? No
-All the funny stuff’s down to Catherine Tate. I’m just her bitch.
-Catherine Tate! All hail Catherine Tate!
-Davf & Kats
-How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!?!
-Binary binary binary binary
-With this ring I thee biodamp
-You’re not mating with me sunshine!
-You fought her off with a water pistol? I bloody love you!
-So you ain’t English then?
-Do you fancy Billie Piper, sir?
-Bite me alien boy!

41. Last but not least! If you REALLY ship Tatennant you’ll know what this is:
Something like Perfidious Snatch, or something? I’ve never seen it! Cuckleberry Wish? Gilfroy? Don’t, I’ll get this! Something like, someone Jr. Snatchy Slime Jr. or something? Someone called… Perfidious? No! Swarty?! Someone Jr., it’s someone Jr. Swarty, it’s Swarty isn’t it? Bertie!
Close, Barty… Barty something Jr.


Doctor Who - The Ballad of Russel and Julie

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