the ballad of two moons


Here’s that Genya thing I promised! I’ll do Hanzo’s tomorrow, maybe. His is pretty funny too. The setting is that Genya and Hanzo accidentally meet up in town, and start chatting. Hanzo asks Genya about the people around him.

Genya’s description of Kojuro: naggy, somehow always angry, similar to a sister-in-law… or maybe just an old man.
Genya’s description of Shigezane: noisy, obsessed with taiyaki, CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT TAIYAKI

Genya tells Hanzo that he’s sort of similar to Kojuro, but when he starts saying that Kojuro is like a naggy sister-in-law and kind of like an old man, Hanzo is Not Pleased. Genya freaks out a little bit and is like OH MY GOD I THINK I JUST FELT THE AIR GETTING COLDER and hurriedly changes the subject.

They keep talking, but when Genya says something about Kojuro again, Kojuro suddenly interrupts. Turns out that the Date trio have overheard pretty much the whole thing. Kojuro starts scolding him in the middle of the street, but Genya is totally unrepentant. Hanzo gets Genya into more trouble by saying that Kojuro really is like a sister-in-law, just like what Genya said. Kojuro grabs Genya by the ear and yanks hard. When Genya protests, Kojuro smiles and tells him that there’s no use arguing. Genya begs Shigezane to stop laughing and help him, offering taiyaki as a bribe. Shigezane, who of course also heard the comments about him earlier, is just like haha nope! And then Kojuro drags Genya away, presumably by the ear lolololol

I note that Masamune escaped any badmouthing! Genya definitely has a soft spot for Masamune lmao

@little-lady-mimi and I watched the seiyuus do this scene live on Niconico Douga and it was FUCKING AMAZING. It’s so much easier to read nuances from voice than text!!