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Dandelions: finished summary!

again, I’m sorry I had to stop this project. I had a LOT more story to tell and my depression just wasn’t letting me have the motivation to do so. School is starting back up again and I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on any comic pieces once that happened so here is the summary of what I want to do with the rest of the story! 

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Concept: the little eel faces on Kaldur's hands change their expression depending on his mood

Being a good archer means having a good eye for detail, and Artemis has never been anything but excellent.

So it’s understandably galling when she realizes, three years into their friendship, that Kaldur’s tattoos are more than they seem.

They’re at the annual League Winter Solstice Party when she first notices, snatching his wrist as he’s about to hand Harper (on a short break from his fruitless quest to find whoever-the-fuck, Speedy, the first Roy Harper) a glass of mulled wine.

“Why are your tattoos happy,” she slurs, squinting through the pleasant buzz of alcohol. The Watchtower falls under international rules when it comes to alcohol–everyone eighteen and over is legal, and like any self-respecting American teen, she’s taking advantage while she can.

“Can they be happy? Harper, hey, Roy,” she says, and shoves Kaldur’s hand in Roy’s face. She gestures to the smiling eels that adorn Kaldur’s hands. “Am I drunk? Why are his hand snakes so, so smiley?”

Roy hmm’s, faking intrigue while shooting Kaldur an amused look. He probably thought Artemis didn’t see it, which she totally did, because detail, but she chooses not to mention it. Because, well, answers.

“No clue what you’re talking about, Blondie,” Roy says, smirking. “Does someone need a glass of water, kiddo?”

“Fuck your water,” Artemis murmurs, dropping Kaldur’s wrist. She steals the mulled wine first, downing it in one gulp to prove a point.

Roy throws his hands up in mock defeat. “Careful, Kal,” he jokes, “Looks like we got a badass over here.”

Kaldur smiles, warm with amusement at their antics. “A badass who I sincerely hope doesn’t think that a hangover will be getting her out of training tomorrow,” he teases gently, eyes dancing.

It’s a look that she doesn’t get to see on him often, Artemis realizes with a pang. Suddenly nostalgic, she throws her arms around the both of them, drawing them together.

“We should dance,” she asserts firmly, gesturing drunkenly with one heel-clad foot at the impromptu dance floor. Zattanna and Rocket are already up there, swaying drunkenly to Nat King Cole. “C’mon.”

She manages to pull the two of them to the floor, all three rocking gently in awkward tandem before Wally comes and pulls her away for a dance of their own–Kaldur I can understand, but don’t tell me you’re leaving me for Harper of all people, babe–and as she’s pulled away she sees Roy throw Kaldur’s arms over his shoulders as he leads the other man in a drunken waltz.

As Wally spins her around the room–he’s had three times the number of drinks as her, at least, but speedster metabolisms and so on–she catches a glimpse of Kaldur’s face tucked over Roy’s shoulder, blush flushing his high cheeks bones. She can see the little eels, too, grinning, where they rest on the strong muscles of Roy’s neck.

Well I’ll be damned, she thinks, and resolves to tease the two of them with this story when they finally get their shit together.

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Volleyball!NCT Dream AU

So I know I said that I couldn’t see Dream as a volleyball squad, but after watching a bit more of youth volleyball, I could see the Dreamies as a squad! 

Outsides: The big guns. These boys are all about the offense. The go-to attackers ready for any set, even off of a 1-point pass. Get the most sets and make the most errors, but their kills make up for any points lost

Mark Lee

I know what you’re thinking, “you put mark at libero last time!” Well yes I did, but that was a completely different squad. With U/127, he would absolutely be the libero. With Dream, however, he would be an outside hitter. He is one of the most athletic members of the Dream team and they need his strength and power on the left pin to crush down balls. He is also one of the smartest players due to his experience. He’s played the game for a long time and with that, his toolbox has expanded as well. Loves hitting the sharp angle when it’s open. When he hits it, expect the largest, brightest smile. Most of the time he hits line though, it’s away from the two main passers and if they play the rotations right, will take the setter out of the play. He serves a jump float when behind the line. In practices, he always works on his top spin serve, but always goes back to the trusty float. Since he is a libero on another squad, his passing ability is exceptional. Very rarely does this team get out of system and a large portion of that is thanks to Mark. Yes, the team may have its own libero in Chenle, but he doesn’t have the experience playing as many elite teams as Mark has which is why Mark mentors Chenle. Mark takes his experience and shares it. He doesn’t want the whole team revolving around him - after all, there is no I in team.

Originally posted by nctmark

Lee Jeno

The definition of a power hitter (I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS ARMS LIKE JENO CALM THE FUCK DOWN.) During the drafting of this, I thought that he was maybe like the second most athletic on the dream squad but recent studies have shown that that’s a lie. Jeno = power and that goes for wherever he is on the court. In the front, he very rarely uses off speed unless the opposition has been picking up his hammered balls. From the back line, he has a crazy top spin jump serve (that to be honest Libero!Chenle is afraid to return during practice.) From the back court, he loves running the BIC attack. That’s his bread and butter. It’s so exhilarating to just fly in behind the middle attacker and attack basically an open net, it gives him such a thrill. He’s the fourth best passer on the team but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He just has to complete with an outside who is a libero at heart, an opposite with libero training, and their actual libero for that title. Passing is more of an after thought to him (which is why he is still under Opposite!Haechan in passing.) He’d rather let Libero!Chenle take a ball in the back row so he can get in position for the combination play than getting eliminated from the play in the first touch. Off of the court, he is a total gym rat. He always want to head to the gym in order to get stronger. A man’s gotta keep his vertical am I right?

Originally posted by na-jmin

Middle Blockers: Part 1 of the major defense of each team. Height and speed are needed, although height can be substituted for a mad vertical. Don’t get set often but their efficiency is through the roof.

Park Jisung

So I almost put this tall boy as a setter, but after much deliberation, I placed him in the middle. Either way, this boy is gonna be aggressive. His favorite ball to hit is when his server just rips one over the net, forcing the overpass from the opponent, and he just slams the ball straight down. He gets so exhilarated every time it happens. Same goes for a stuff block. He turns off the net and everyone is pointing and screaming at him and he just basks in the glory. Definitely more of a blocking middle. He can get his kills don’t get me wrong, but this kid is known for his blocking. He is first on the team! When hitting, he usually swing across his body deep into the 1 location. He usually has a high kill percentage when he hits here because either 1. the setter left early and no one is defending or 2. setters USUALLY don’t like playing defense or aren’t as skilled. When he gets into the service box, he serves a jump float. His height lets him get a good angle over the net, needing nothing but downward trajectory to send that ball curving towards the ground. He would probably be the only one to really mess with a short serve. The team can’t help but baby the small giant despite the cries from Jisung. Jisung can’t help but roast the squad despite the cries from his elders. It goes hand in hand to be honest.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Na Jaemin

So this little ball of sunshine is the other middle for the squad. He is definitely more of the attacking middle. Kills are big and flashy and he loves getting all of the attention that comes with it. Loves catching the side lines, especially the spot between locations 4 and 5, right in front of the libero. He loves testing the libero so much. Like any time he can beat them, it just adds a boost to his confidence. As for blocking, he is speedy getting to the pins and transitions well, almost too well. The exhaust he puts on his body often results in injury. When he is out, the team brings Middle!WinWin down to fill his spot. When Jaemin rotates to the back row, he serves a jump top spin but not with a lot of power. He is more focused on consistency than absolutely slamming the ball. You could have power but hit it right to them and be dug so easily. Placement is just as important. His pregame includes spending hours in the training room getting taped and his legs warmed. If anyone ever complains about soreness and pain, he always recommends his favorite remedies or methods of being taped. Is currently out due to injury and everyone loves and misses him. There are rumors he is joining the squad again and the hype could not be more real.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Right Side/Opposite: Swings from behind the setter. In charge of shutting down the outside attack, which is vital since the outside gets the most sets. Does not get set often but when they do, they usually terminate.

Lee Donghyuck (Haechan)

Like the U + 127 squad, Donghyuck would be the opposite hitter. In this team, he plays all 6 rotations defending the right side of the court. When he hits, he loves hitting line but it doesn’t always go down. He’s another one who loves testing the libero. Most of the time he will go cross though because that’s where USUALLY the worst defenders on the court are, and often that’s an easy kill. I say usually because it’s not true all the time - even Haechan is an exception to this. He has libero training meaning he is quick and balanced. He knows his spots like the back of his hand and can deliver a perfect pass. He is very vocal on the team: calling open spots, how many blockers are up, and whether the setter is front row. Basically if anything is happening, Hyuckie is calling it out. He’d normally jump float serve but if they are up by a lot, he’d try a top spin serve. Has so much heart for the game, he’ll go after anything. He sacrifices his body so much that he’s basically Jaemin’s pet. Uses 99% of Jaemin’s tape and patience. During practice, he is always asking when they are gonna do ball massages. “If I get three pancakes, can we do ball massages???” King of Pancakes, he calls himself as to him, there is nothing better. He jokes around with all the members but always reassures that he loves them with all his heart. 

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Setter: In charge of spreading around the ball, allowing the offense to be run. Need nice hands to deliver a clean ball to any area of the court. Speed is also vital as location of the first contact varies especially when the level of play increases.

Huang Renjun

This little bean is the setter of the squad. I originally had him as a middle but instantly thought twice about it. This boy is so gentle and sweet, I could see him as a setter in a heartbeat. He would definitely be more about sharing the love than slamming a ball down. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be offensive as a setter though. If the pass is tight, don’t be surprised to see Renjun slam the ball down. He likes to run a faster offense. If he could, he’d have the outsides hitting 3’s, the middles running 1’s, and the right side running I’s all the time. 3’s and I’s aren’t too common in the men’s game however so he just settles for a faster set all the way to the pins. Him and Hyuckie will dabble with I’s from time to time however. When he rotates to the back, he will serve a jump float so he can get to his base as soon as possible. He doesn’t feel the need to score from behind the service line, just get it in. As far as defending, he’s only really comfortable defending the opposite attack while in the back row. He really gets his defending going while blocking. Being able to shut down the strong pin just gives him such a confidence boost and you get to see his wonderful smile, it’s great. I have a feeling he would be the team mom always carrying snacks and extra socks and knee pads. Very very responsible.

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Libero: Have the best passing skill. Second part of the major defense team. Reserved as best receivers and servers. Height is not required as they don’t play at the net. Liberos do not take up substitutions and they wear an off-colored jersey. Goes into the back row for the middle.

Zhong Chenle

My brother from another motherChenle would be the libero on this squad. He is so energetic and active, I think he would make such a nice libero. He would be fast moving to locations and can stop on a dime when the attack is about to start their swing. If the ball is not directly hit at him, you know he will dive for it every single time. He loves getting a one handed dig, just scooping up the ball with his forearms. If they win that point, he just kind of smuggly brushes the dust off his shoulder before he just shines the brightest smile. Not one to swing to much if they are out of system and he needs to send the third ball over. Watching this kid during warm ups would be so cute. Every time he gets a good hit, everyone will be cheering as loud as they can. Liberos can’t serve in the men’s game, but during practice he would serve a jump float for the same reason as Setter!Renjun. The faster he can get to his base, the better. He looks up to Mark so much as a libero. If Chenle has any questions, he will instantly go to Mark. He is quite young and questions he’s abilities often, but the rest of the team frequently tells him how much of a good job he is doing. Every one wants to protect him, even the maknae. His cuteness is just contagious.

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I hope I didn’t use too many volleyball terms where you can’t understand. If I did, please tell me so I can make a little guide!

So the format of these, I think, is getting better and better so I’m wondering if you guys would want me to rewrite some of my older, messier au’s! If you like that idea, message me or send me an ask!


Other Volleyball AUs: ASTRO | BTS | GOT7 | SEVENTEEN | GFRIEND | KNK | MONSTA X | NCT U+127 | SF9

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Hello:) hope you're having a good day!!! I saw u doing reactions and I thought they were really good so can I ask you to do a BTS reaction of their s/o being a professional volleyball player or something? Thank you much😄

Hi there! I am having a good day actually (even though it’s humid af ew I hate it). I decided to make this one where their professional volleyball player s/o was actually teaching them to play because I thought that might be funny. So I hope it’s okay! Enjoy <3

BTS Reaction to their pro volleyball player s/o teaching them to play volleyball

J: *slams it straight into the net* “GOAL!!”
Y/N: “No, Jin, that’s bad, you have to make it touch the ground-”
J: “Don’t try and trick me Y/N I know how it works. Ground = out. Net = goal.”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Y/N: *explains the whole set of rules*
S: *is in a daze*
Y/N: “-and that’s how you play.”
S: *snaps out of it* “… so am I allowed to bounce the ball?”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

JH: *finally hits the ball to the ground on your side*
*starts screaming in triumph, pulling his shirt over his head, etc.”
Y/N: “No, Hobi, it doesn’t count if it goes underneath the net.”

Originally posted by helendrv

Rap Monster:
Y/N: “Serve it overarm like I showed you!”
RM: *serves*
*ball somehow ends up behind him*
“Does that count as a point?”

Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

Y/N: “Go go go!”
JM: *triple spin pirouette somersalt thing landing in the splits to try and hit it*
“Did I get it?” *out of breath*
Y/N: “Jimin. The ball landed on the ground like an hour ago.”

Originally posted by mochiipjm

V: *catches the ball*
Y/N: *sighs* “No, you don’t catch it that’s…”
V: *blank stare*
Y/N: “Forget it let’s just play something else.”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Y/N: “So you just-”
JK: “It’s okay, Y/N, I got this. I’m the golden maknae remember?”
*trips over shoelace*

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I have a sanvers prompt for you It's a college Au Alex is at Stanford Maggie enlisted in the military Maggie surprises Alex at her last Basketball game I saw this prompt going around it's not mine I would write it but I'm not very good

Alex aches. Every single part of Alex’s body aches. But Alex Danvers is not a quitter. She does not go quietly into the night. She will not vanish without a fight. She will play on. She will….stop quoting Independence Day in her head and just shoot the damn basket. Because Alex Danvers is graduating top of her class at Stanford in May. Because Alex Danvers is this close to being valedictorian. Because Alex Danvers is more than her mother’s expectations. Because Alex Danvers is the best women’s college basketball player in the nation, and this is her last game and she refuses to lose.

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Hi!!! Can I have a request where Kuroo's s/o is manager of Nekoma?? She's cute and is a little innocent. I think it'd be interesting Love your blog! <3


- Ever since you agreed to join the team as a manager, Kuroo has been so excited

- His smile is kind but devious, knowing that he will be enjoying what’s to come

- He loves your eagerness to get practice started as you gather all the balls, sweep the floors, make sure the nets are tied up, etc

- He thinks you look hella good in the volleyball suit the managers wear; red just really suites you, and the fluffy jacket makes you look cuddly and official, and don’t even get him started on your pants… he thinks they make your legs look great, and tbh he stares at your butt a lot

- Goes insane when you unzip his jacket for him before practice starts

- “Ah she’s so cute,” he happily sighs, expecting everyone to agree with him, but if someone were to comment on how pretty you are, he will get jealous and cut them down instantly

- Lets you mock his bed hair in front of the team just so he can hear your cute giggle

- Thinks it’s kind of funny how he’s with someone who’s innocent in some ways, but he doesn’t mind telling you about jokes the team makes about each other or even teaching you things

- Immediately covers your ears when the team says something too inappropriate

- “Kuroo, what does *this* mean?” Kuroo loves your curiosity about things but is going to kill someone if they repeat that around you

- Does not let the team make jokes about you though… but Kuroo does get to joke and tease with you

- Would not trade you for anybody. Thinks you’re the best manager there is; you’re caring towards the team, very hardworking, good at keeping up with equipment, and amazing at keeping the spirits high for the team

- Thanks you often for your hard work… supports you and tells you “good job” when you do something that’s hard… even got the team to sign a thank you card for you

- Kuroo also likes to help you a lot with tasks like filling up water bottles. He doesn’t want to overwork you, plus it gives you two time to share little side-comments with each other

- Adores it when you get excited about things… like when you secretly cheer to yourself when Nekoma scores a point or when you go and high-five Kuroo after practice about the smart move he made

- Kuroo is protective of you too. When it’s an away game, he’s always making sure people aren’t staring at you for too long, and he does not let people step all over you

- Always sits next you on the bus when going to volleyball camp. You both like to sit in the back so you can be away from loud conversations… plus you two can nap together peacefully

- Likes to make a lot of physical contact with you like wrapping his arm around your shoulder, ruffling your hair, or kissing your cheek

- Very gentle and open towards you. He’s always allowing his kindness towards you, making sure you’re okay, being gentle with your emotions and body, but also being realistic about things going on the relationship… especially during practice. You two talk a lot to keep the hype up

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Matsuhanaiwaoi #25 with iwaizumi saying it please

“I’m fine.”

Read on AO3:

The last thing any of the younger years would expect was that their senpai spent every Friday night in the gymnasium after hours.

Until midnight.

Perhaps entrusting Oikawa with a key hadn’t been the wisest idea, but at least on Friday, he was never left alone. He and his fellow third years would sneak in about 8pm, set up the net, and play 2 vs 2 for the whole 4 hours, occasionally switching things up in their teams.

Currently, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa were on one side of the net and Oikawa was setting to Hanamaki on the other.

“Take this!” He spikes hard and fast, but Iwaizumi is already leaping into position, having guessed the trajectory, and receives it with ease. The ball goes high, but Matsukawa is there, and instead of setting, he dumps it over the net right at Oikawa’s feet.

It surprises him so much that he startles, and fumbles his volley. It touches the top of the net and Matsukawa just has to tap it for the ball to fall again.

But the duo have prepared for this. Oikawa jumps backwards at the same time as Hanamaki lunges forwards, hand flat against the floor and saving the ball with a pancake.

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13 Reasons Guys- FicBite 1

This is a little list I’ll bring doing frequently from now, and is about how the 13 RW guys reacting to a particular situation. It’s inspired by the amazing @13reasonswhyilovezachdempsey .

At the big game

Zach: looks so relaxed he’s practically horizontal, but you can see that he’s a teeny tiny but nervous under that whole “I rule this shit” demeanor. He gives you a smirk before he goes for a three pointer, scoring of course, because he’s Zach Dempsey and Zach always scores. Plus, he’s 6'3! He can basically just walk up to net lol

Justin: is completely utterly focused on the game. his eyes are always on the ball, and the way he moves is almost predatory as he goes for a layup. you can see that one muscle where he keeps all his tension on his neck go taut, and he’ll be rubbing it for hours later. he doesn’t look at you much, but somehow he always knows where you’re sitting and manages to make all the action happen around there

Jeff: comes in with that amazing smile of his and makes half the room fall for him, but he only has eyes for you and after the game, runs over and puts his arm around your shoulder like ‘let’s get outta this place’

Montgomery: is new to the team but the quintessential show off, and every time he gets near the ball he makes it a point to grin at every girl in the audience. he’s not as good as Justin or Zach, but makes up for it by acting like he’s Kobe

Marcus: Is marcus even at the game? oh yes, he’s at the back with Courtney trying to make himself look good. no-one cares, Marcus

Tyler: he’s taking pictures of everyone, and when you tell him to shut up and actually come sit with you he sighs but does it, reluctantly putting the camera down

Tony: He just joined the team but is chill as hell and scores without even trying. seriously, the guy is a basketball God. he raises an eyebrow at you as he saunters down the court when everyone else is sprinting, and you grin, because tony Padilla cannot be shaken

Alex: groans for ages because he doesn’t want to come to the ‘stupid pseudo-masculine ball chasing activity’ that basketball is but comes when you drag him there. it’s great though, because he makes sarcastic jokes about all of them and you can’t stop laughing

Clay: he’s really quiet when he gets there but you guys really warm up to each other over the game and leave before the end to go hang at Monet’s or wherever. oh, and he lets you ride his bike.

Ryan: you really think he’d come?

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it! Send me an ask or post a comment down below telling me what you want this to be about, and I am happy to write it. Seriously, any situation is good.

13 Reasons Guys- FicBite 1

Hey guys! This is a little list I’ll bring doing frequently from now, and is about how the 13 RW guys reacting to a particular situation. It’s inspired by the amazing @13reasonswhyilovezachdempsey . You might have seen this on my blog, but since I do most of my fic writing here, I only found it appropriate to put in on here :)

At the big game

Zach: looks so relaxed he’s practically horizontal, but you can see that he’s a teeny tiny but nervous under that whole “I rule this shit” demeanor. He gives you a smirk before he goes for a three pointer, scoring of course, because he’s Zach Dempsey and Zach always scores. Plus, he’s 6'3! He can basically just walk up to net lol

Justin: is completely utterly focused on the game. his eyes are always on the ball, and the way he moves is almost predatory as he goes for a layup. you can see that one muscle where he keeps all his tension on his neck go taut, and he’ll be rubbing it for hours later. he doesn’t look at you much, but somehow he always knows where you’re sitting and manages to make all the action happen around there

Jeff: comes in with that amazing smile of his and makes half the room fall for him, but he only has eyes for you and after the game, runs over and puts his arm around your shoulder like ‘let’s get outta this place’

Montgomery: is new to the team but the quintessential show off, and every time he gets near the ball he makes it a point to grin at every girl in the audience. he’s not as good as Justin or Zach, but makes up for it by acting like he’s Kobe

Marcus: Is marcus even at the game? oh yes, he’s at the back with Courtney trying to make himself look good. no-one cares, Marcus

Tyler: he’s taking pictures of everyone, and when you tell him to shut up and actually come sit with you he sighs but does it, reluctantly putting the camera down

Tony: He just joined the team but is chill as hell and scores without even trying. seriously, the guy is a basketball God. he raises an eyebrow at you as he saunters down the court when everyone else is sprinting, and you grin, because tony Padilla cannot be shaken

Alex: groans for ages because he doesn’t want to come to the ‘stupid pseudo-masculine ball chasing activity’ that basketball is but comes when you drag him there. it’s great though, because he makes sarcastic jokes about all of them and you can’t stop laughing

Clay: he’s really quiet when he gets there but you guys really warm up to each other over the game and leave before the end to go hang at Monet’s or wherever. oh, and he lets you ride his bike.

Ryan: you really think he’d come?
Thank you for reading and I hope you liked it! Send me an ask or post a comment down below telling me what you want this to be about, and I am happy to write it. Seriously, any situation is good.

-Maya ( @thirteenreasonsfics )


Okay, so I have this theory. In the first season you don’t see Iwaizumi serve the ball at all. So why is that so, because in the second season he has a very hard serve and usually the jump serves or hard serves to receive balls are shown in general - or is it just because the focus is on Oikawas killer-serves? 

Well i dont think so, i am convinced and yeah i kinda hope for it too, that Oikawa told Iwaizumi how to do them between season 1 and 2. Maybe after the lost match against shiratorizawa Iwa asked Oikawa to teach him his jump serve.  IMAGINE THAT: They did nightly practice sessions. I am pumped about that idea. Please someone do some drawings about Oikawa touching Iwa to show him the right way to do the jump serve. ^^

Oikawa: “Iwa-chan you have the wrong posture, see?” Oikawa touches Iwa right on the lower back and pushes lightly.

Iwaizumi: ”Hey, what are you doing there?” he blushes and turns his head around so Oikawa doesn’t notice.

Oikawa: “Iwa-chan just listen to me and now try it like i showed you”

Iwaizumi: “You suck at explaining stuff, Shittykawa”

But as told Iwa jumps up and for the first time in two weeks of nightly practice the ball goes over the net.

One thing I DEMAND from season 4 is for people to see how DANGEROUS Kenma is like he is a HECKIN good player like he’s GREAT but the one thing holding him back is his MIND and the team KNOWS that

Like yea he’s not as into it as say hinata but it’s still really fun for him but he just gets so distracted and kinda falls back into his mind (Kenma has a mild case of ADHD) which isn’t really his fault but it is a hinderance when your right in the middle of the 2nd set

Likewise Kenma doesn’t really get like REVVED up like sure he gets excited but he doesn’t get EXCITED ya know and the ONLY thing that gets him on edge is when something happens like when there is a definite BREAK in the game (think when hinata blocked Ushijima’s spike 2 feet from the net… Like dat)

So like when Nekoma and Fukodani versus it’s like the second set and their tied at 20 and it’s STRESSFUL BECAUSE they are both so tired and WORN and neither is pushing a lead so they both call a time out and then IDEA!!!

So they call back in and the game resumes and Fukodani scores and Kenma is really starting to get p i s s e d but little does he know this was kuroo’s plan all along (sadistic I know) and they reform and just when a chance ball goes in the air and everyone I mean EVERYONE thinks they are gonna dump it suddenly it’s YAKU???? SETTING??? WHERES KENMA???





And everyone is shiggity SHOOK and Akaashi kinda looks at him from the other side of the net and Kenma looks back and his eyes are wide and WIRED and he GRINS. LIKe SaDIstiCALLY. And he laughs clear, high pitched, seemingly light, and demented across the stadium and everyone is like whoa

And kuroo is just staring at him with the widest smirk and some of Karasuno came to see what they were gonna be working with and out of the corner of his eyes Kenma catches Hinata in absolute shock/ admiration. Terror? Either was he’s shook and then Kenma sort of lowers his gaze and smirks and please


No Thinking Allowed

Pairing: Chris Demarais/Reader
Warnings: Minor Swears
W/C: 2,191
Summary: A work outing to the beach with friends and food can’t really be too much of a pivotal moment in your life…can it?
A/N: So a day at the beach a few weeks ago left me in a mood to write one and @rojahal was more than happy to send in a flash fic prompt with a beach theme. 2k words later……

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Okay since I can’t get over the fact that this is actually canon and I actually play tennis myself, I figured it was high time I write up these headcanons:

•Ronan is a Varsity Singles player for two reasons
-He doesn’t do well with “teamwork” and would much rather have the entire court as his territory, controlling the game how he wants it to go instead of relying on a partner. He tends to yell at his partner too much and ngl he’s a ball hog
-He looks a LOT more intimidating to the opponent when it’s just them vs. this nightmare of a boy with a shark-like smile, sharp tattoo, and a swing strong enough to crack a rib

•His baseline skills are good, but his real strength lies in overhead shots and volleys

•This kid is pretty tall, which makes him look like a giant whenever he comes up to the net.

•Whenever the opponent lobs the ball high, high in the air, sailing down towards Ronan, time seems to slow down. Ronan gracefully prepares to swipe at it, his gaze focused and unmoving as the green ball arches towards him and- SMACK he spikes it directly at the other player’s feet, scaring them half to death every time with pin-point accuracy.

•His serves are just as scary- unnecessarily powerful, but oftentimes out of bounds.

•Okay but a tennis uniform on Ronan

•Like a lot of tennis uniforms are brightly colored, and even though Ronan goes out of his way to buy black clothes, he has one shirt that’s SUPER bright blue
-It brings out his eyes ;)

•And it’s his lucky shirt b/c Gansey bought it for him- partly as a joke and partly hoping Ronan would wear it- and so far it has helped him win 90% of his matches

•Declan bought him a visor (ha Ronan in a vISOR!) once. It’s all black with grey stitching on the side in the shape of a feather because of an old Irish story Niall used to tell them about a bird that swindled the local villagers of their pride by beating them in challenges. The bird lost one day to the Witch, who turned his feathers into ribbons to be awarded to the villagers who lost.

•Declan says he bought the visor to remind Ronan not to be cocky on the court, but he really bought it to symbolically give Ronan Declan’s pride in an apology for always breaking Ronan down as a kid.

•Ronan never considers the second option, thinking his brother incapable of genuine remorse

•He does wear the visor to all his matches, though, saying it’s “too fucking hot not to have one”

•Gansey used to play with Ronan, but Gansey likes to play at a leisurely pace while Ronan plays to wIN.

•Ronan once pegged Gansey in the face and gave him a black eye

•Gansey doesn’t really want to play w/ Ronan anymore

Who’s This Guy, Mom Pt. 3 (Erik Durm)

a/n: part one is here (x) and part two is here (x


Your son pumped his fists up and down, running around in circles. Erik laid on the grass, faking dejection as his splitting image cackled. You gave him a big hoot, clapping your hands in delight.

They had been playing football for a while, and just like his father he’s really good. He has more of an eye for goal it seems though. Erik was so great with him too, you didn’t expect him to be anything less. You were super comfortable with him being alone with you guys’ son now. Being a dad came so naturally to Erik, it almost made you jealous. All those years you put into raising the little blonde-haired boy alone for him just to pick up parenting like it’s nothing…that was annoying.

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What do I get if I win?

SUMMARY: With his newly found werewolf abilities, Scott takes some time to practice lacrosse. (Y/n) walks past as he is practicing and notices an improvement in his skills as he destroys his best friend Stiles. (Y/n) ends up challenging Scott…

 Warnings: none! Just some cute stuff and minor swearing

A/N: This is my first fic of many that I’m posting! Send me requests for any fandom that you may enjoy, and I will let you know if I can write it. Please leave some comments!

“Alright Scott just take it easy on me okay? I’m fragile.” Stiles states plainly as he scoops up the ball.

“No promises. I barley have these new powers under control. So how about you just try not to suck.” Scott retorted with a smirk.

“Alright smart ass, bring it on.”

With determination in his eyes, Stiles begins running with the ball straight towards the goal on the opposite end of him.  However, he makes it only a few feet before he is brought down to the ground with a thump.

“Alright, I deserved that” Stiles says through heavy breaths.

“Sorry man, it’s really hard to control my strength.” Scott sighs. “But I’ve got to get this under control before our first game, I can’t just bring down every guy on the opposing team. Someone will know something is up.”

“Hey man, it’s alright. We can figure this out. You just need to think of something to keep you as human as possible. But also, still be able to kick some ass. We wouldn’t want you to suck as much as you used to” Stiles stated through a grin.

The boys continue to run plays when Scott notices a girl sit by the bleachers. The bleachers always had a group of students sitting on after school, either doing homework or just hanging out with friends. But this one girl grabbed Scott’s attention. (Y/n) was in Scott’s biology class but they’ve never really talked much. They would always say quick hellos and get back to their groups of friends. Neither of them knew about the mutual feelings brewing inside each other.

Stiles noticed Scott was distracted by something so he saw this as his opportunity to score on his friend. Stiles sprints full speed to the opposite goal. Eagerness filling his body as he finally has a chance to score. But before he could even shoot the ball, his face is met with a lacrosse stick sending him crashing to the ground.

“What the hell dude?!” Stiles shouts.

“I’m so sorry!” Scott replies. “I stopped paying attention and when I felt someone rushing towards me, the wolf came out. I’m sorry man.”

“It’s alright just help me up. I think you broke my ass.”

“Are you alright?” The voice was soft and concerned. Scott and Stiles turn to the voice to see (Y/N) standing right beside them.

“Yeah I’m fine. I just always forget how strong my friend is.” He says, sending a wink to Scott. “Scott I think I’m going to head to the locker room to take a shower and to save me further injuries today. I’ll text you later.”

“But we aren’t done practicing yet” Scott answers frantically.

“Hey maybe you could practice your goalie abilities with (Y/N) taking some shots at you. Hopefully she can get a few good ones in on ya” Stiles replies. Stiles chuckles as Scott curses him under his breath. The skinny brunet boy begins to limp off the field leaving Scott and (Y/N) to themselves.

“You don’t have to take any shots. I mean you’ve probably never even played lacrosse before.”

“What, scared I’ll score” (Y/n) asks with a cocky tone.

“I know you won’t” he replies with a smirk.

“Fine, you are so on Scott McCall. But what do I get if I win?”

“Hmmm, I’ll carry your books to biology for the rest of the year.” Her eyes light up with determination and amusement to his response. “But, if you can’t score, umm… you have to go on a date with me this Friday” he says with confidence.

(Y/n) pretends to think about the situation and responds with a nod signaling she’s ready to take on Scott. Either way it’s a win-win for her, so what’s really to lose?

“Here let me show you how to hold the stick to get your best chances of having a good throw.” Scott walks over to her with his lacrosse stick and places it gently in her hands. He then moves her hands to the proper areas to give her the best leverage as a blush spreads across her face. “Alright, so you’ll want to try and put your body in it to get a good throw, and it will be best if you step forward with your dominant foot. Got it?”

“Oh, you’re going down McCall” she states with confidence.  

Scott runs over to goal, getting ready for his “challenge”. (Y/n) fidgets the stick in her hands for a bit as she thinks of a tactic to get it past the boy. She knew she had no idea what she was doing, but at least it was giving her a chance to talk to Scott. With a quick lung, (Y/N) goes to throw the ball, but it stops short of the goal, bouncing to the ground.

“You have to at least give me a chance to try and stop the ball. I can’t do that if you can’t even make it to the goal” Scott says between laughs. (Y/n) just rolls her eyes as she prepares for her next throw. With the next lung, the ball makes it farther this time, but right into Scott’s net.  “Getting better. But I can almost feel the victory.

Trying to think of a new tactic, (Y/N) grabs a ball.

“Scott, can you at least show me how to throw it better? This isn’t fair and you have a large advantage compared to me.” (Y/n) says while giving puppy dog eyes. Scott walks towards (Y/N) with a smirk on his face. However, to his surprise, the moment he is standing next to her, she took off running towards the goal. With all her might, (Y/n) throws the ball causing it to crash into the net of the goal.

“Yes!” she cheers. She turns around to see Scott with his mouth agape. “Ha. Ha. Looks like you lost McCall.”

“That was totally not fair. You would not have made it if I was in the goal” he playfully argues.

“Yeah well, we never said that you had to be in the goal when I scored. Just face your defeat.”

“Alright, a deal is a deal. Consider your books to be carried by me for the rest of the year.” Scott says, his tone laced with disappointment since he won’t get the date. He plays with the lacrosse stick in his hands when he hears the ringing of a phone.

(Y/n) mouths a sorry as she picks up her phone and talks to whomever was on the other end. The call was short, and only lasted a minute, but while she was on the phone Scott tried thinking of another way to get his date.

“Hey Scott, thanks for teaching me how to play, but I have to get going. I’ll see you before bio tomorrow so you can pick up my books” she says with a wink.

Scott gives a small wave goodbye as she begins walking away. She walks a few feet before she stops and turns back towards the boy filled with pity.

“Oh, and Scott, I’m still free Friday.”

sporty me - mark

Hi again! May I request for another GOT7 scenario but with Mark this time where his crush is quiet and reserve but discovers that they can be outgoing and a bit sassy upon seeing them partake in an active sport (volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc) for the first time, please and thanks. ^^ sorry if this seems confusing!!!

genre: eh, fluff again 

character pairing: female reader x mark tuan (got7)

warnings: extraness, my bad interpretation of sports, small cursing ig

a/n: i apologize for my bad explanation of volleyball. i’ve never seen an actual game live so idkkk but enjoyyyyy 

Originally posted by tuanpumpkins

Sports are an outlet for many. A way to release pent up anger, pent up frustration, joy, sadness, you name it. At our school, the sport that had the bleachers filled to the brim on game day was volleyball. Our school’s team had been undefeated for ten years straight, a tradition of winning I have never been more proud to be apart of.

I used volleyball as a way of compensating for my social anxiety outside the court.

Don’t get me wrong, people are great and all. It’s just… I can’t seem to find the words to say to them. My mind starts overthinking the worst case scenarios and the next thing I know I’ve found myself in an inner anxiety attack. But when I play volleyball, it’s different. It’s like a different soul takes part of me and controls everything. I become sarcastic and comical and I find it easier to breathe when I play the sport.

It’s a thrill that I can’t seem to find when I’m not wearing my jersey and volleyball shorts.

So when most come up to me outside of the court, asking me where the confident me has gone, I too am baffled as to where the Sporty Me has wandered off.

The person who seems to ask me where my confidence has slithered off to the most is Jackson Wang. My best friend and biggest fan. I’ve known Jackson since freshman year of high school and it’s kind of hard to imagine such an odd pairing interacting. Jackson is Sporty Me every minute of everyday. How he manages to deal with this mousy side of me is baffling but I love him for it nonetheless.

“So, you’ve got another game Friday, correct?” Jackson asks. I merely nod my head as I write down quadratic formulas for graphs, a seemingly pointless concept I may never use again, but will have to deal with now.

“Why do ask?” I murmur.

“Because a certain someone is finally going to come with me to the game,” Jackson smirks. My eyes widen and I snap my gaze to his face.

“You don’t mean..”

“Oh yes. I do. My lovely step-brother Mark is finally joining me this weekend to see you play,” Jackson cheekily smiles, shoulder bumping me. I wish I could share the excitement.

The only side of me that Mark Tuan, Jackson’s handsome step-brother, has seen of me is the quiet school girl. He’s never seen the Sporty Me before.

“Jackson, please don’t let him come! I can’t let him see me like that! I’ll be humiliated!” I cry out. Jackson scoffs and rolls his eyes and me before turning to me entirely.

“There’s plenty of other cute boys at this school who have seen Sporty (Y/N) plenty of times and still think so highly of you,” Jackson shrugs nonchalantly.

“Yeah but it’s different,” I whine.

“How so?” Jackson asks, genuinely confused.

“It’s your brother for crying out loud! My crush since forever? Ring a bell?” I ask.

“You’ll be fine, (Y/N). Now stop complaining and help me math, because I might cry if I even try to attempt this equation.”

Guess that was that.
Friday soon approaches and I’m practically shaking. I haven’t been able to think about anything other than the fact that Mark is going to see this whole other side of me that I have tried to keep secret from him for so long.

I keep trying to tell myself to ignore him and to not let him affect my playing, but the thought of him seeing that side of me and thinking badly of me has me wanting to sit in the locker room for the entirety of the game.

But unfortunately, my coach isn’t going to let that happen because she comes barging into the locker room, yelling at me to hustle my ass to court.

I do as I’m told and make my way into the gymnasium where, no surprise, the bleachers are so filled that people are forced to stand on the sides. I do a onceover of the crowd and immediately spot Jackson animatedly talking to Mark who laughs at his gesticulative brother.

I shake my head and head to our teams side of the court and begin to practice with the team. I do my best to try and ignore the crowd and focus all my nerves on the game.

It’s a big one for us; the semi-finals. We have to play better than we ever have in order to win.  With that in mind, the screams of the crowd are muffled and I take my spot as the server and I let Sporty Me take reign of Me-Me and let her work her magic.
Within the first three quarters of the game, our team is up by five and I have never been so relieved before in my life. I continue to push myself to hit the ball hard and assure it stays within the bounds of the court and goes over the net everytime.

I’m so wrapped up in the game that I can’t even hear Jackson yelling at me anymore. It’s the final thirty seconds of the game and our team is practically drained from the intense game. It’s the other teams serve and I watch as the server throws the ball in air and hits it with force, throwing it to my side of court.

“Mine!” I shout as I hit the ball with my forearms, numbed from how many times I’ve let the ball hit it throughout the game. The ball goes over the net and someone hits it from the center, making the ball fly into my direction once more.

“Mine!” I shout again, watching the ball fly over the net and to an empty corner. I watch the other teams players scramble to the spot, but they narrowly miss it, letting the ball bounce off the ground, earning us another point.

“Yeah! That’s how it’s done baby!” I shout, as the girls on my team crowd me, a mixture of high fives and hugs going around. The buzzer echoes throughout the gym, and I know we’ve won the semi-finals, and I through a proud fist in the air.

“Hell yeah!” I scream again, high fiving the team. The crowd runs onto the court and its filled with overjoyous parents and friends hugging our team. Jackson runs up to me and picks me up and spins me around.

“Damn girl, you did the damn thing,” Jackson smiles, letting me down gently.

“Hell yeah I did. And we’re gonna do the same thing in the finals,” I smirk proudly.

“I hope you do,” a third voice answers. I look over Jackson’s shoulder to see Mark with his hands in his pocket.

“Ahh, Mark. Thank you for coming,” I smile, feeling the Me-Me try to shove Sporty Me aside. But Sporty Me is basking in all the energy that she shoves Me-Me to the sideline and takes reign again.

“Of course. I’m so glad I came. I wouldn’t want to miss out on this. Especially if it meant seeing this side of you,” Mark gleams.

“So you noticed?” I shyly respond.

“Yeah I did. But it doesn’t matter, because I like both sides of you, anyways,” Mark says, his hand brushing my bangs out of my face. I giggle slightly and watch as Jackson slowly backs away from the situation.

“I like all of you, too, "i say awkwardly, making the both of us laugh.

"If that’s true, why don’t I take you out on a victory date?” Mark smiles.

“Right now?”

“Yeah, right now. I think sweat is sexy,” Mark teases. I teasingly shove his shoulder and he grabs my hand.

“Come on my little Champion. Let’s go out to eat.”

Football-related terms that have no direct equivalent in English


Angličan (“Englishman”) - a goal that goes in off a post

Bundesliga - what Czechs call the mullet hairstyle!

Česka ulička (“Czech alley”) - A reverse pass through the opposing defence.


Moses - dribbling between two defenders and into the penalty area (figuratively dividing the Red Sea).

Optimistblikket (“the optimist look”) - describes the focused expression on a player’s face as he intently watches the trajectory of a shot, suggesting it is going close when in fact it is travelling midles wide.

Pong- from the old Atari game, refers to the practice of knocking the ball around the back to waste time.

tå brøleabe (“toe howler”) - a desperate kick with the big toe, lacking elegance, finesse and foresight 


Panna (“door or gate”) - nutmeg (especially in Surinamese Dutch).

Vuurpijl (“rocket”) - a bad attempted clearance whereby the ball is whacked straight up in the air.


Aile de Pigeon (“pigeon’s wing”) - whereby a player raises the lower half of his leg behind him to sideways flick the ball forwards with his heel (eg Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s goal for Sweden against Italy in Euro 2004).

Le Foulard (“scarf”) - passing or crossing by bringing one leg behind the other so that legs are crossed (as often tried by Messrs Ronaldo and Cole).

Lanterne rouge (“red lantern”) - the team at the bottom of the league.

Le grand pont (“big bridge”) - knocking the ball to one side of an opponent and dashing around the other side to collect it.

Le petit pont (“little bridge”) - nutmeg.

La roulette - the Marseille turn, double drag-back, Zidane turn, Maradona turn, Rocastle 360, etc.

Le saut de grenouille (“frog’s jump”) - clasping the ball between both feet and jumping over the outstretched leg of an opponent.


Aufzugsmannschaft or Fahrstuhlmannschaft (“elevator/lift team”) - a yoyo-team (i.e. one that keeps getting promoted and relegated).

Anschlusstreffer - the goal that reduces the deficit to one (eg brings the score to 2-1 rather than 2-0).

Angstgegner (“fear-opponent”) - a bogey team.

Bauerntrick (“farmer’s trick”) - the Cruyff turn.

Bauernspitz (‘farmer’s point’) - like the Danish toe-howler, an oafish kick with the tip of the boot.

Blutgraetsche ('blood straddle’ ) - sliding tackle that goes through the opposing player.

Ehrentreffer (“honour strike”) - consolation goal, also referred to as ergebniskosmetik (“result cosmetics”).

Englische Woche (“English week”) - a week in which a team plays both at the weekend and in midweek.

Gurkerl (“gherkin”) - nutmeg (in Austria).

Kerze (“candle”) - a bad attempted clearance whereby the ball is whacked straight up in the air (like the Dutch 'rocket’, then).

Notbremse (“emergency brake”) - professional foul; when the lsat defender or the goalkeeper brings down a forward to prevent an almost certain goal.

Rote Laterne ( 'red lantern’) - the team at the bottom of the league (this theme is also found in France, where the basement-dwellers are known as 'la lanterne rouge’; in both countries, the last carriage on a train has a red light at the back).

Schwalbe (“swallow”, as in the bird) - blatant dive (also used in Dutch). Den sterbenden Schwan machen (“to do the dying swan”) is also very common.

Tunneln - to do a nutmeg.

Wembleytor (“Wembley goal”) - A 'goal’ that is awarded even though the ball didn’t cross the line. No hard feeelings over 1966, then! 


kötény (“apron”) - nutmeg.


Catenaccio (“door bolt”) - a game tactic based on rigid defence and strategic fouls.

Cucchiaio (“spoon”) - The chipped penalty into the middle of the goal (as made famous by Czechoslovakia’s Anton Panenka in Euro '76 and regularly repeated by Francesco Totti).

Il Fantasista - the man in the hole behind the front two (whom Italians clearly believe should be a creative type).

Melina - passing the ball sideways in front of the defence to waste time when you are leading.

Zona Cesarini - Injury time (named after Renato Cesarini, who struck a very late winner for Italy against Hungary in 1931).


Boranchi (derived from the Portuguese word “volante”, which means “steering wheel”) - a holding midfielder.

Jisatsu-ten (“suicide point”) = own goal

Rifutingu (“lifting”) - keepie-uppies.

PORTUGUESE (including Brazilian):

Artilheiro (“artilleryman”) - top scorer.

Brinca-na-areia (“plays in the sand”) - said of players who have excellent skills but no end product 

túnel (“tunnel”) - nutmeg.

chapéu (“hat”) - sombrero, or dink over head and dash around to collect on other side.

Drible da vaca (“cow’s dribble”) - knocking the ball to one side of an opponent and dashing around the other side to collect it.

Embaixadinhas (“little embassies”, possibly derived from verb “baixar”, which means 'to lower’ or 'let fall’) - keepie-uppies.

Frango (“hen/chicken”) - originally only applied to when the ball went through the keeper’s legs but now the term for any goalkeeping blunder that results in a goal.

Ganhar de virada (“win by turnover”) - to come back from behind to win.

Jogador triatlo (“traithlon player”) - a player who runs about a lot and has an impressive repertoire of tricks but no end product.

Pedalada - multiple stepover.

Peixinho (“little fish”) - diving header

piscina(“big swimming pool”) - dive.


Armario (“wardrobe”) - a burly central defender.

Chalaca - the term used in Peru and elsewhere in South America (though not Chile, as becomes clear below) for an overhead kick. Chalaca is the name given to anyone from Callao, a seaport a few miles from central Lima. During the 50s, the club Sport Boys of Callo employed a string of strikers who were experts at scoring from overhead kicks 

Chilena - what Chileans calls the overhead kick.

Cola de vaca (“cow’s tail”) - to stop the ball and change direction.

Chumpigol - a shot from a free-kick that goes through the wall and into the net (especially South American).

Gambeteando (“shrimping”) - the term used for long, swerving Maradona-style dribbles.

Hacer la cama (“making the bed”) - When a player with a defender behind him doesn’t jump for a high ball in order to create the impression that the defender has held him down.

Hacer un sombrero ('to make a hat’) - dinking the ball over an opponent’s head and running around to retrieve it.

Palomita (“little dove”) - diving header

Pepinazo (“big cucumber”) - powerful long-range shot.

Rabona (“cow’s whip”) - kicking the ball from behind the other leg (Argentina).

caño - the nutmeg.

La vaselina - a chip over the goalkeeper’s head.

Veronica - a term sometimes used in Spain to describe the Zidane turn/double drag-back (according to Luca Barratti, it’s from bull-fighting where some particularly daredevil matadors perform a similar move).


Kuvalisha kanzu (“wearing the a long prayer robe”) - sombrero, to dink the ball over an opponent’s head and collect it on the other side 


Rainbow - the term used in the United States to describe the trick of flicking the ball up with the heel of one foot and instep of the other while running over it so that the ball travels from below/behind you over your head (“or what me and my mates call the Ardiles flick because he did it in Escape to Victory,” says Kevin Thomas).

Shoeshine - South African term for running the outside of the boot around a stationary ball, usually to taunt a less skilful opponent 


Ogede (“banana”) - a curling shot 




     Camilla makes a safe and standard serve to start things off! Mist sets the ball up for Clive who bumps it hard to gain speed! …But Irene misses the spike and takes a facedive instead. Ouch! The wrong thing hit the ground…

One point for Team Laslow!

     Veles readies for the next serve, and [WHISTLE BLOWS] Ooooh, he tossed it a second too soon, the set didn’t begin yet! Heh, I guess his internal clock must be a little off from this daylight.

One point for the Deliverance!

     Clive makes a serve that puts Aradia in a pinch, but she bumps it back over the net, and Lianna can’t quite get there.

Two points for Team Laslow!

     Camilla’s far more offensive with her serve this time, and BAM! Xane didn’t even stand a chance.

Three points for Team Laslow!

     Titiana comes back with an equally skilled serve right at Megan! She barely passes it to Mae, who sets it up for Nix, who… sends the play by all three of them out of bounds. Oops!

Two points for The Deliverance!

     Clives’s got that captain to captain stare-down going on. I think this is going to be an exciting serve… There it goes! Clive to Leo, who hits it back to Mist, who finds an empty corner and goes for it! Laslow’s running, and dives, but ohhhh he can’t quite get under the ball in time. Tough luck on that one!

Teams are tied up at three points each!

     Forsyth’s turn at serve and he winds up… sending it right out of the court. A little TOO much training, I suppose…

Team Laslow at four points!

     Things are heating up, the afternoon sun included! It looks like it might be getting to some of our players… You’re grounding volleys everywhere guys! Odin sends the ball into the net. Cynthia, what even was that move? It made you miss! Aradia just… dove OVER the ball? Python… [WHISTLE BLOWS AGAIN] no, you can’t CATCH it with your hands, that’s a fault! Mist is jumping on her teammate, while Cecil and Camilla both go for the ball, bumping into each other and… well there goes that set.

     YIKES! Where do even stand now?

The Deliverance taking the lead with 7 points, while Team Laslow has 6!

     Cecil tries to set up the ball for Kamui, but HITS her with it. Hey, are you alright?

Another point to 8 for Deliverance!

     The ball’s coming at you two and… er… looks like Tatiana and Aoko both thought the other were going handle that.

Seven points for Team Laslow!

     Alright Mist, now THAT’S a spike! Right past Cecil’s block!

Nine points for the Deliverance!

     Clive and Kai are keeping Leo in a nasty volley, but he’s holding his own. Clive backs off and it’s looking to be a grim mistake… aaand Leo barely gets past Kai’s defense. Nicely done.

Eight points for Team Laslow!

     Clive’s out for revenge on Leo… or redemption for himself, depending on how you look at it. Think he can manage another perfect serve? Leo’s turning out to be quite the MVP… There’s the serve… Leo’s on it… but Ah! Not on it enough.


THE DELIVERANCE MVP - Well… Captain Clive, I’d say… but it seems he’s going to concede title to MAE!

My personal congratulations to you, everyone! What an exciting round!



“Excuse me, pardon. (Y/N) could you come over here for a moment?” Turning, you see Lex standing with his hands buried in his pocket. He nods his head towards the basketball court. You stroll over.
“Lex, I have so much work to do, I’m not playing a—”
“It won’t be long. First to ten? I’ve been practicing. You’ll see, it will go faster than you think. I won’t take up your whole day.”
“You know I’m not even any good.”
“I enjoy watching you try to be.” He smiles awkwardly, dribbling the ball. “You can try to take it you know.”
“I know. I probably won’t.”
Lex shoots the ball, it goes in the net. “That’s two already. You have to attempt to make the basket. Here, your ball, okay?” He bounces you the ball.
You dribble the ball as close to the basket as you could without sacrificing too many points; Lex doesn’t try to steal or block it from you. You make it in.
“There you go! Well done, well done!” Lex exclaims. “Here, over here, over here, my ball!” He claps his hands once and you throw him the ball with a smile.
“Don’t let me win.” You informed him through a smirk.
The game kept a steady pace as the score continued to climb. He was winning, but by two points. If you could score a three pointer, you’d beat him for the first time since you have begun working with him.

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