the balcony ii

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Still a Rose reimagines literature’s most iconic young lovers; Romeo and Juliet. Opening up the famous balcony scene (Act II, Scene II) to four dramatic young actors, this short narrative film follows characters whose identities more accurately depict the world we live in, all within the arc of the famous scene. Boldly jarring yet beautifully seamless, Romeo (Brandon Crowder, Tinuke Oyefule) and Juliet (Troian Bellisario, Will Branske) transform Shakespeare’s celebrated words to give them new life and new love. Because Love, by any other name, is still Love. 

Directed by Hazart, 2015, 13 minutes


Presentation and Baptism of Prince Albert, Heir to the Throne of Monaco (1958)

Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco (holding Princess Caroline) present baby Prince Albert to residents of the principality on (top) April 19, 1958 and (bottom) April 20, 1958 from the balcony of the Prince’s Palace.

Upon the birth of his first and only son, who immediately became heir to the throne of Monaco, Prince Rainier issued the following message to his subjects:

“You will imagine my great feeling and joy in announcing that the Princess, my beloved wife, has given birth to a Prince, who has been given the names Albert, Alexandre, Louis, Pierre this 14th day of March at 10:50 AM. I wish to share this joy with all who live on our soil, and especially with the Monegasques, who form around the Sovereign Prince a united family whose mutual affection has never ceased throughout the years.”

Albert’s birth was greeted with a 101-gun salute and a deafening din of sirens and church bells. He received the title Marquis des Baux at birth.

Prince Albert received the Grand Croix of the Order of Grimaldi, the small principality’s highest decoration. He was baptized on April 20, 1958 with Prince Louis de Polignac as his godfather and Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain as his godmother.