the bahamut too maybe

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!

The one thing I really missed I FFXV was individual party members having summons that had an affinity towards them as you used them like in FF8 (the first game I played in this series). I want to do a set with some of the main characters and the god they might have an affinity with.

Just these four are sketched so far, I’ll get the other’s done later this week if I take another break.

(It will be Cor with Leviathan, Luna with Eos, and Noctis with Bahamut and one with Nyx/Regis with Bahamut too maybe????)

I like to point out small things. I cant stop talking Charioce. I dont think i will

When Charioce appeared in front of Jeanne and Nina. As you can see Jeanne was shocked and Nina concerned about Jeanne.

But as soon as Nina try to approach them. Charioce showed his sword in front of Jeanne.

And Nina stopped, because she concerned that Charioce might do something bad to Jeanne if Nina approach them. Charioce stopped Nina to approach them. Because she would have interrupt their talk.

Charioce smiled at Jeanne after he saw Nina, He might thought that “Oh so you too cooperated for this escape, But im sorry i cannot let you go”. Then he offered his bargain! He simply asked Jeanne’s cooperation. 

Some might think that Charioce threatened Jeanne in that scene. He didnt, he has different intention. As far as we can see Charioce asked like three times Jeanne’s help. It has been never threat. It was always simply ask. And he always told Jeanne the reason why he wants her help. He does not just simply “ I will kill you , if you wont cooperate with me” 

That is the threat. 

But he is not just ask Jeanne’s help. But he makes bargain with her. “If you cooperate with me, You can take what you want.” It is not threat, guys.

After that Nina shouted at Charioce that something like “Why are you like this?” But Charioce put his sword down and approached Nina. What he said to Nina was that

It was not mockery. It was him being asked simply wondered. He knows the answer himself! Because he knows that Nina is not trying to escape because she is not enjoying prison life!

And he asked wondered question again. Even though he knows it! But Nina’s answer was “No” Because that is not she is. 

“You havent changed.” It was just simple sentence that Charioce knows Nina. He knows that Nina what she is. 

After that Charioce asked Nina

I put this picture two. Because it is important. 

Would you dance with me again? This question was not mockery, was not threat , was not wondered question as well. It was simply his question that want to know by himself from Nina. It was question that has lot of meaning. The last time they met, Nina declared how she dislikes what he is doing. But his reaction before his smile was this

As you can see he does not look scary or anything. He feel hollow, sad and lonely. The girl he was interested told about how much she disliking him. Even if he is that guy who does not care his feelings, Even though he is not guy who change his mind for feelings. He is still human being. Even if he is strong willed, minded character. He still does feel.

But he asked this after that meeting, He concerned that if Nina still willing to dance with him again. Because after dance meeting, they were in battlefield, they were in different situation, Even if they were on the different side, He still concerned that “Im that guy you dislike, But if you dont mind, do you still have that wish that “ i want to dance with you again.” Do you still willing to dance with me? But Nina’s answer was

We might too much concerned Nina’s reaction for Chris’s identity. But this scene never show cases that Charioce revealed himself. Because we dont know if Charioce did know that Nina didnt release who Charioce was. Nina revealed herself. Not just she hurted herself but she hurt Charioce too. 

He asked “Would you mind?” question. But Nina’s answer was “ i cant believe it.”

And then scene did not show us Charioce expression after Nina’s “I cant believe it” They did not show us. HE IS HUGE! 

Not only Jeanne shocked at their interaction, But soldiers that helding Nina had shocked expression. Their King is asking question from this girl with gentle expression. Even though we see Nina’s expression. But did not see Charioce’s does not mean he did not hurt. But i dont think he show too much hurt expression because he strong willed, minded guy, He can put up with that, But that does not mean he did not hurt.

After that Jeanne told that cant cooperate with Charioce because she does not want to betray the Gods and people who trust her. Charioce simply just put up with that. Come on guys he is strong one there. IF he was just evil or loves to make threat. He can simply do that. But he did not. He did not say that to Jeanne “ if you dont want to cooperate with me, I will kill this Nina girl”. He did not ask Nina’s help, He did not try to use Nina. Not just Nina. Same for Jeanne too. He simply offered bargain. But as soon as she declined Charioce go along with that. Charioce has more to it. You can try to understand him.

Also one thing, this is about Tale of Love and Ruin!

Love is not only about romantic!

  • Love is all about Jeanne’s motherly love to El
  • Love is all about Mugaro’s love for Azazel
  • Love is all about Azazel’s love for Mugaro
  • Love is all about Hamsa, Bacchus and Rita’s parental love for Nina
  • Love is all about Nina and Favaro’s teacher and apprentice relationship
  • Love is all about Favaro and Kaisar’s friendship
  • Love is all about the new born friendship between Nina and Jeanne
  • Love is all about Azazel and Nina’s partnership
  • Love is all about Sofiel’s kindness that wants to help El
  • Love is all about Favaro’s love for Amira

But why it is not love, cant be love, cant become love when it comes to Charioce? Why he cant feel love? Everyone can love someone and loved by someone. Why Charioce only cant feel that? Even if he is evil or not. Anybody can feel love.This is tale of Love and Ruin guys. Love is big element of this series. Also Charioce is one of the main characters. When all guys feeling love and loved by someone one or another, only Charioce does not mean cant feel love and loved by someone. Tale of Love and Ruin applied to Charioce as well.

  • Love is all about Nina’s love for Charioce
  • Love is all about Charioce’s love for Nina

Love and Peace! Guys

Love and Ruin!


So I’m just wondering, does Azazel have two bald spots behind his ears where his lower horns used to grow from? Like, if you cut off an animal’s horn there’s this kind of spot there, right? Azazel’s horns were mutations to begin with (he’s a fallen angel, after all, he didn’t originally have them) but I guess the effect should be the same… and those were pretty large horns, too.

Or maybe after he lost the horns it was like “somethingsomething ~*magic*~” and he had skin and hair back there…

I’m weirdly invested in knowing this. (Yes, I know he just has hair, bah. :D)

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All the Nina haters are so annoying. They expect her to take up responsibility for a cause that has nothing to do with her, and do the one thing she never wanted to do because of her lack of control of it. I mean, I feel for Azazel, I really do, but he shouldn't have forced her into something that she had no control over. Why isn't Nina allowed find happiness and embrace it? Why is Azazel allowed to belittle her when he doesn't get his way?

I agree. Since Nina apologized and somehow seemed sorry for what she wasn’t able to do (not that that was her fault anyway, she just couldn’t trnasform, it’s not like she didn’t want to) I thought people would go easy on her now, but I guess I was wrong?  ( p′︵‵。)

I personally think Azazel isn’t even angry at her, he understood. He’s probably angry at himself for his recklessness and his rushed plan. He had too much trust in the red dragon and got blinded by the redemption anticipation, and that caused his comrades’ brutal death.
(Not to mention, when Azazel went to the place he lost his friends, he recalled the conversation he had with Belphegor; the only thing Azazel was thinking about was the future, because he was already too sure they were going to win, and that’s what caused their failure imo)

I honestly feel sorry for him too, he’s suffering for sure. And now that he knows Nina is able to tranform on her own accord, this obviously pisses him off because why now and not then, when I needed you?! came to his mind. It’s understandable, but even so it’s true he was planning to use her - did he ask for help or just assumed she would help him, after all?

So, at the end of the day, Nina really could do nothing about it, it wasn’t her fault. I can understand why people are upset about her, but guys, it all just happened with a bad timing :(

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I still cannot really hate Alessand tbh. The guy has too many dumb somewhat awkward pathetic faces that make me kind of like him. But boyyy did he fuck up. Being the cause for a war to break out gotta be a great feeling. I'm curious how he's going to handle this? Will he go fully mental after that breakdown or will he be able to turn things around in the end? Will he learn to make sacrifices? That one needs to work hard? Will he stand up for his sins? I really want to know :)

More than hating him, I’m truly, truly truly disappointed in him.

He didn’t thought through his plan. He didn’t even have a plan ffs, he just acted because “he thought it was needed for him to be accepted to the Onyx task”
Mh, sure man, and what happened when Racoon showed him what the stone does to their bodies? “I didn’t know I would have risked my life”, he said.

Well, it’s a little too late to say that, that’s what a soldier needs to accept when they take the oath, you know? You may not be in the same hardship the Onyx are, but even the Orleans are ready to face the worst case scenario just saying here, kiddo

At the end of the day, Assland is a spoiled noble brat. That’s it. And I’m somehow glad he at least is having regrets + a shaking hand. (The face Kaisar had while realizing what Assland did… He trusted him goddammit, I know he’s too much naive, but duuuuude, you broke him inside! I’m bitter because that sweet eyelashes man didn’t deserve other people turning their back on him!)

Anyway, I’m completely lost thinking about what would happen to Assland, I have like 0 ideas right now. He’s mentally breaking down as the hours are passing by, and that’s good, because his rational side is making him realize he made a mistake, a huge one. But would he be able to redeem himself? In which way? I really don’t know.

I’m kinda sorry they chose his character to be the one to kill El tbh, he was fine as the scaredy-cat young soldier who’s too lazy to act like a proper soldier.
I mean, he could have been annoying, but still bearable; now he’s put himself in such a huge mess, it’d be difficult for him to get out of that… And I doubt he’ll have the strength to actually do so, so yeah, sometimes I pity him.

The only thing I can add is that I believe his immature attitude is what made him at fault. He just needed more experience and maybe he wouldn’t have done what he did.