the bag omg

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

Conservative bench press of 8 sets of 4 reps @ 95lbs! Really happy with how my setup and technique are looking lately :) its improved a lot since march!
Note: in the second set we were rushing it because the manager who hates when people record was right there LOL

Before anyone asks me why my back is arched… this is a powerlifting technique to maximize the amount of weight you can put up by shortening the bar path, securing your shoulders (to prevent shoulder problems), and incorporating leg drive. 


show: hey pay attention here while creepy nurses bring in IV bags full of this new memory-erasing drug

show (a little later): and now wiggins is going to literally point out the special drugs he’s been mixing up for sherlock in an IV bag

show: but, uh…

show: don’t worry about that second one, it’s probably nothing


Welp, I doodled a few more. I’m so sorry for the influx of Riddlers this past week. Tried with the hoodie up this time and I think he looks a little too cute. Oh, and have a transparent one while I’m at it. Thanks everyone who’s been liking my silly art of this silly puzzle gramps. Have a pleasant day folks. ;)


hwanghaes @ society6
hello everyone! i’m very excited to announce that i recently decided to open up a page on society6. many people have asked for shirts, notebooks, phone cases and more on my blog, so i decided it would be a good idea to open up a page on society6, where you guys can get my designs on a wide variety of products! i’ll try to update the page as frequently as i can (i’ve already got quite a few designs up!) and fill it up with all my designs! i’ll be taking in requests for designs you want to see on the products available on society6. they offer discounts on many products on certain days, so go check it out now to see how much you can save! thank you for your time and enjoy these designs that i’ve made with a lot of love for everyone ♡ 

inquiries: twitter ♡ e-mail ( ♡ request box

Conventions don’t happen as often as I’d like here, and this year I’ll be missing my fave because one of my faves is on the other side of the globe. So tbt Fan Expo TO a couple years ago where we were very sleepy “amies de DYAD.”

Oh sweet summer child, Dr. Flug.

You deserve all the flowers. 

Preferably woven into a crown. 

*Cries a tear*
So like
This is my new son you guys.

I will protect him with my life :’)

Iffffff you guys have never seen the show Villainous before, please go watch it, Episodes are only like a minute.

Loving my son will water ur crops and add years to ur life.

——Z  13 Jun, 2017, 4:40 pm on Nintendo 3DS

Btw I was listening to this song while drawing this and its just so gentle. Like him. :’’))))