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Day 1: Pining 

Eren and Levi both staring at their phones waiting for the other to call or text or anything. It didn’t matter that they had to break up after graduation, it didn’t matter that they were on different sides of the world. They still love each other. But neither of them were going to call first because both believed the other had moved on. 


Hitsugaya – The undefeated soldier.

Lakeville, City of Lakes : Chapter 10

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 7318
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: “I have a surprise for you!”
“Those words never end well for me.”

Nightmares are keeping Dipper from sleeping. In an effort to help him recover from what happened to him in the hideaway of the Society of the Blind Eye, Mabel puts a plan into motion that involves a bit of a change in scenery from their usual summers spent in Gravity Falls. A slow, normal summer spent in Lakeville, city of lakes, full of dates, frog hunts, and fun with friends might be just the thing to take Dipper’s mind off it. Not to mention give him a few extra weeks with his boyfriend and get the comfort he needs in the aftermath of Gideon’s torture.  As they get used to this new relationship, it’s ups and downs, Wirt and Dipper also get to begin to piece together the puzzles that make up each other and build upon the foundation they set up in Gravity Falls.


Chapter 10

After seconds, minutes, or hours, there was a soft knock on the closet door. Other rooms had been searched, the small, dark closet not a place Wirt wanted to imagine him seeking shelter in, but he tried it just the same. “Dipper? Dipper, are you in there? Can I come in?” he asked, his voice easing in through the wooden door barring them from each other. “I’ve… I’ve got your hat.”

His eyes were painfully dry, rooted to a spot on the floor, and the only response he could make was a wheeze. Wirt knew about the mark, but he hadn’t seen it. He hadn’t seen the scar. No one would ever see the scar. His fingers dragged through his bangs anew. Don’t look at me, don’t look, don’t, don’t, don’t.

“Dipper? Are you okay?” Wirt’s tone rose with worry and when he didn’t receive any further response, he turned the handle. “I’m coming in. Watch the door.”

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there it is, folks, the other 2/3 of my favorite threesome >< lol! 

ah, but I’m completely serious. but, it IS June now, reckon I oughtta find a new wallpaper =/

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Bishie Bias Tag

tagged by the lovely chick-from-romancingthegames​! thank you! ^^ and I’m quoting you on at least one of these!

1. What’s the height difference between you and your bias(es)?

oh, to keep it simple I’ll do just the most bae-est of baes

Saeki - 5′10     Daichi - 6′1    Kirisawa - 5′11

Mamo  -  5′8    Kippei -  ?      Me- 5′7

2. Which type of guy is your favourite? (E.g.: Oresama, Tsundere, Sadist, etc.)

“I dont have a strict preference. I will enjoy a great variety of characters, depending on the plot and how the story works.”

and. I love the ojisans, the tsunderes, the sadists, the oresamas.  I have a hard time with the too-sweet guys, only because I’ve never met one in real life, if I have, he shrank back into the shadows from whence he came before I could ever notice… I’m used to the sweet ones being fake and silver-tongued irl.

but omg do I love a cocky bastard with a mushy sweet center that he’s only gonna show me.  melt for me, bby, don’t take no shit from anyone, but MELT FOR ME BBY!

3. All of the voltage guys are now real, which ones do you think you would actually get along with in real life?

oh geesh… Shusei, totally. let’s game it up, bby! I could see me and Yamato bickering/bantering back and forth and loving every minute of it.  I would love how in love Saeki gets, he’s also very supportive, and I need stuff like that. Mamoru, totally. nothing would get done, but we’d gel so hard.  and to be honest, I LOVE the guys with the great devotion to their jobs and super srs work ethics… IN GAME. but. irl? nah. nope. hell no.  I’m too greedy and selfish and I don’t want to feel like I have to compete with your job for attention 24-7. tone it down to about a moderate-severe work obsession, then we can talk. but severe-hyperfuckingsevere? can’t do it hun.

4. Your bias shows up at your doorstep and proclaims his love for you. What would be your reaction?

*strikes sexy pose against door frame*

“tell me about it, stud.”

*falls flat on face*

5. Tag 10 people.


all of you! please! I want to know about you and your baes!