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Seriously, Galaxia’s casual lack of fuck-giving is fantastic.

Arrow Fic: All of My Heroes Sit Up Straight

A/N: post-4x05 Olicity. Sort of another installment in the “We Need to Talk About Thea” series that I started with “To Use a Crane to Crush a Fly.” Same vein. Because I kind of feel like everyone should be more worried about Thea Queen.

Title from “Second Chances” by Gregory Alan Isakov

All of My Heroes Sit Up Straight (AO3)

Oliver had been exhausted by the time they got back to the loft that night, could barely keep his eyes open even as he insisted on heating up some leftovers for both of them.

“You have to eat, Felicity,” he had grumbled when she protested, like she was a small child instead of a badass corporate CEO and master vigilante hacker. She gave him a pass, on account of the whole “leaving the realm of the living” thing.

“I…ate.” It wasn’t until the words had started to leave her mouth that she realized they were a lie. Because some days, most days, all that hacking and badassery barely left time to breathe, and today had certainly been no exception.

“What did you eat?” He had asked, with a smile that told her he already had the answer, pulling a bowl from the microwave and setting it in front of her. She just scrunched her nose up, unable to stop the sigh when he leaned across the island to kiss it away.

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