the badass corporal

FOr SM Ficlet Prompt day, @anonnatsfan prompted me with Michiru being a corporate badass. Send me your prompts! 

Michiru had never wanted, particularly, to be a CEO, but then again, she had learned early that life is not always about what we want, but sometimes simply about what we must do.

And, she had to admit, her brother’s swift and terrible fall from grace had put a smile on her face that she had never imagined might come from her family. Ryuji had been ousted from the family dealings, and Michiru, being the youngest but also so much stronger and more clever than her sister Naoko, had been tapped as the heir apparent to the Kaioh legacy.

Her corner office, windowed on two sides with stunning views of the city, was equipped with a rich heavy mahogany desk, and her first act in this office had been to claim it as her own over Haruka’s body.

She leaned back in the brass studded cordovan leather chair. It was hard not to smile, when her holdings were doing so well under her eye, when her father had no choice but to praise her sly, businesslike demeanor. For she had one thing that Ryuji had never had, and the was the ability to charm a man without his hardly knowing it, and Michiru had never been quite so grateful for the terrible gender imbalance of the corner office set s she was when she attended a benefit and found herself suddenly graced with favors from politicians and businessmen.

Michiru did not, strictly speaking, care if they took her on her business or aesthetic merits. It all paid the same, so far as she was aware.

She had hired Rei as her assistant, and though people had warned her off of it, she could not see how it could have gone better. Rei was meticulously controlling, and no one saw Michiru unless Rei had deemed it both convenient and necessary to the day.

Rei could handle most things by herself anyhow, Michiru thought.

But perhaps the best in all this was Haruka, the whipping boy for her family’s frustrations with Michiru for so long, now the undisputed Princess Consort to Michiru’s Queen. People complimented her finely cut suits, and gifted her with watches and silk ties when they visited with the Kaiohs, and her family was forced to swallow the bile they’d had all of their life–for all of Haruka’s roughness, she was earnest in her attempts to match Michiru’s world, and without her parents’ contempt to guide them,  people found her charming, and Haruka blossomed under the attention.

She looked out at the city. Her city. It had never felt that way before, just something that she was a part of whether she liked it or not. But now, she looked over at the calendar, Rei having written in her appointments for the day, and she strolled over to her wine fridge, pulling out a Chardonnay and pouring herself a glass.

Kaioh Industries was her kingdom, and she was determined to see it flourish.

Corporal Badass Dwayne Mothafuckin' Hicks

So Pacific Rim gave us Raleigh Beckett, who is a fantastic example of a manly man character who spends the majority of his screen time being a good, loving, supportive friend/partner to the protagonist. (shut up, Mako is so the protagonist; she get the Hero’s Journey) Hooray! Glad this is a thing. Especially glad it’s enough of a Thing to be in a big summer blockbuster movie as one of the leads. 

But I’ve been thinking.

You know who else is a surprisingly good example of a macho male character (albeit not one of the protagonists) who is actually really supportive of the female protagonist and at no point acts superior or shitty to her?

Motherfuckin’ Dwayne Hicks.

At no point is he anything but supportive, and at all points he listens to Ripley because she clearly knows what the fuck she’s doing (which puts her rather out in front of all the other chucklefucks down on LV-426). When she takes over, he overrides his superior officer (asshole though Gorman is and always was) in her favor. If Gorman’s out of the picture, Hicks ought ostensibly to be in charge. Hicks immediately and consistently defers to Ripley. Why?

Because Hicks thinks with an actual mind instead of a lifetime of macho bullshit conditioning. 

When Ripley wants to bug out and nuke the entire colony? Hicks is on board. He’s not visibly frightened or panicking like Hudson. He’s cool under fire. He remembers that Ripley’s encountered this lifeform before, and he fucking listens to her advice.

When Ripley is finally doing something that could be construed as less than optimal- going after Newt inside the melting-down nuclear reactor that is full to the goddamn brim with horrible hostile alien warriors has to be a freakin’ suicide mission if there ever was one -Hicks grabs her and physically restrains her from just straight going after Newt right then and there.

But only so he can pull out the tracker he gave to Ripley earlier (presumably because he’s got a bit of a crush on her- and it’s also cool that he noticed she gave it to Newt and didn’t be a big baby about that but was like ‘cool, Newt matters to Ripley, I’m glad I was able to help them out’) and say “We can find her with this!”


…I really like Corporal goddamn Hicks, okay? Ripley is the best character in those two movies by far (yeah I said TWO movies shut up she and Newt are safe and happy on Earth and Hicks is either a cool friend of theirs or he’s with Ripley and a good dad to Newt) and lots of people (myself included) have spewed vast quantities of words about how awesome Ripley is. 

He’s loyal, he’s sharp, he’s not here to prove anything. His masculinity is in no way threatened by Ripley being smarter than he is or in charge of him. What the fuck does he care for your patriarchal bullshit preconceptions? This is a man who is so absurdly badass that he literally falls asleep on a turbulent combat drop.

I ain’t gonna write a thesis about Hicks or anything (I could probably write one about Ripley) but I did feel this was worth a text post.

“Try Some Tenderness” Ch. 3

He heard the creak of the door opening, but paid it little mind as the shadow of feet crossed harmlessly underneath the bottom of the plastic wall into the stall next to him. Rhys was still occupied with his evening’s plans as he exited, washing his hands in the sink when a sudden, encroaching smell made him perk up, his ECHOeye activating and zeroing in on the scent. Alarmed, he whirled around, nearly running into the sudden bulk that made its presence known in the omega’s personal space. Rhys gasped, hand flying up only to be caught in a thick, sweaty grip. Rhys felt a growl pull at his lips, struggling as he was held in place by an all too familiar hand, a hand that he’d never wanted on him again. A cool ring pressed against the pulse beating through his wrist. Memories whistled through Rhys’ head, before settling heavily in his stomach. The omega swallowed thickly, glaring at the man looking down at him with an amused smirk.

Rhys found himself wishing he were anywhere, anywhere on Helios other than where he was in this moment. Hell, he’d almost rather be dropped right in the middle of a bloody Pandoran skirmish. Anywhere but pinned between a bathroom sink and the bulky frame of his ex-boyfriend.

If you’ve been following my blog, then you already know who Cyrus’ dad is. But if not, well…he makes his “grand” entrance here. I feel like I should have had Jack present in this chapter but? It was getting kind of long. He’ll feature a lot in the next ones, though. 

Kind of warnings for this one for allusions to a bad relationship, body image issues, prejudicial language against omegas, and general skeeviness. 

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Seriously, Galaxia’s casual lack of fuck-giving is fantastic.

Arrow Fic: All of My Heroes Sit Up Straight

A/N: post-4x05 Olicity. Sort of another installment in the “We Need to Talk About Thea” series that I started with “To Use a Crane to Crush a Fly.” Same vein. Because I kind of feel like everyone should be more worried about Thea Queen.

Title from “Second Chances” by Gregory Alan Isakov

All of My Heroes Sit Up Straight (AO3)

Oliver had been exhausted by the time they got back to the loft that night, could barely keep his eyes open even as he insisted on heating up some leftovers for both of them.

“You have to eat, Felicity,” he had grumbled when she protested, like she was a small child instead of a badass corporate CEO and master vigilante hacker. She gave him a pass, on account of the whole “leaving the realm of the living” thing.

“I…ate.” It wasn’t until the words had started to leave her mouth that she realized they were a lie. Because some days, most days, all that hacking and badassery barely left time to breathe, and today had certainly been no exception.

“What did you eat?” He had asked, with a smile that told her he already had the answer, pulling a bowl from the microwave and setting it in front of her. She just scrunched her nose up, unable to stop the sigh when he leaned across the island to kiss it away.

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