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Funny Phantom Fopa

One time I was at a friend’s house and we were watching Harry Potter. We just had some movie site on their Xbox and we started to get a little bit bored because they’re not quite a potter fan. Their dad tells us to be quiet because he’s going to bed, (thin walls in this house, and it was reasonably late at night.) My friend tells me to pick some random movie, and since I knew they’d never seen Phantom of the Opera well I had to share that. I started playing Phantom from the Royal Albert Hall and played it at a random point in the show because we wouldn’t have time to watch it all. 

However what I forgot was the volume on the TV was full blast because for some reason the Harry Potter movie was very, very, very quiet. 

So, full blast in this friends room, ear piercingly loud, with their father in bed, we heard:


Throwback to a year ago, when I drew Baz and Simon staring longingly at one another across a restaurant placemat.

jerseydevious  asked:

are american people actually really enthusiastic to other countries? like, is that a thing?

Okay, so I’m from a place where you don’t speak to strangers without pressing practical reasons, the word ‘friend’ is reserved for someone you are okay with having around your house an entire day, and the weather and early darkness hampers many socialising activities standard in other places for much of the year. I’ve spent most of my life in Britain, land of defensive sarcasm and weaponised politeness. Most problems are solved by not talking about them, around here. Point being that I’ve been raised into two very reticent cultures.

That said, Americans are slightly terrifying in their enthusiasm. I’ve seen enough clips of American TV shows to have been shocked multiple times by the sheer animation and verbosity displayed by the people on camera. Testimony from people who often deal with tourists has indicated that Americans are almost always amongst the most forward. The people with American accents who come into the coffee shop where I work always seem to be the chattiest. (Which isn’t a good thing, because I freeze up under pressure and tend to forget basic politeness words and phrases like ‘sorry about the delay, the kitchen’s understaffed’.) Those posts that float around Tumblr encouraging people to come talk to the blogger always read as resolutely American to me, although that may be unfair. My family uses ‘very American’ as code for showy.

And you people are loud. Every conversation I’ve had with an American has left me with the lingering impression that I sound about as lively as a rock when I talk.

I have a Texan friend whom I often converse with over Skype call, and time zones being what they are, it’s often very late over here when I can catch him. So of course, I end up yawning. He once burst out laughing after I yawned mid-sentence, and when I asked what had set him off, he said that I had a ‘baby yawn’. He actually burst out laughing because I somehow managed to have an understated yawn. Now I’ve heard that Texas is outlandish even for the US, but this guy’s an anxious introvert with a tendency to suppress his own feelings for the sake of others. I can’t help but imagine that being around a Texan extrovert would be enough to give me a migraine.

So long story short, I can’t speak for the rest of the world’s opinion with certainty, but yes, your being weirdly enthusiastic is A Thing.

The Signs as Rihanna Albums
  • Good Girl Gone Bad (Hate that I love you, Umbrella, Rehab, Don't stop the music): Taurus, Pisces
  • Rated R (Te amo, Rude Boy, Russian Roulette, Hard, Rockstar 101): Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Loud (Love the way you lie, California king bed, Only Girl, Man Down, S&M): Cancer, Libra
  • Talk That Talk (We found love, Where have you been, You da one, Talk that talk): Aries, Sagittarius
  • Unapologetic (Diamonds, Pour it up, Stay, What Now, Nobody's business): Gemini, Leo, Aquarius
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