the backup dress

‘I assume you have a backup dress?’
'Two,’ she admitted, letting him help her to her feet. 'And I did reserve another date for a wedding two months from now. Different church - in case this one exploded.’
—  Waxillium Ladrian and Steris Harms, The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

The 1982 Tony Awards are the best Tony Awards ever because there was a ton of backstage shenanigans, heavy feuds between Nine and Dreamgirls, Jennifer Holliday’s iconic performance of “And I Am Telling You,” and on top of all that, Cher was there and she just kind of randomly performed “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” on top of a fake iceberg with backup dancers dressed in parkas as she stripped.

Both goalies injured in Florida. Montoya keeps going in and out of the net. Dale Tallon (coach) is on the phone trying to find a goalie. Their goalie coach is dressed as backup as Montoya plays through with difficulty.

Jane By Design Next Week's Episode

Jane. Billy. Just date each other already. You’re both too freaking cute to keep this bottled up inside. As much as I want to hate Zoey, I don’t. I just love Jane and Billy more and I know abc family won’t actually let anything happen in the next episode…because they never do until season finale. I will be beyond mad if they don’t renew Jane By Design. If they don’t Nick Roux better get himself hired real fast on another film/tv show because he is too beautiful and handsome and dapper not to be seen with ma eyes.

The Backup Dress

“You look like someone who doesn’t have plans tonight…” -Eli

“That’s insulting…” -Jane

“Yea that came out wrong…” -Eli

I love Eli ♥, there’s just something about him I just love. OMG! And Billy’s face when Jane said she had a date… His face broke my heart </3

but I mean Jane deserves to have someone since he didn’t have the balls guts to tell her and now he’s with Zoe >_>. Dakota and Kate… bleh that is so weird. I can only imagine how awkward that must be for Ben and Jane. If Kate says no to him… then I don’t know what she wants because she is obviously all over him. UGH i’m so tired of Amanda… I just want to rip her face off! Lol! I feel so bad for Rita :( but I guess she’s learning to value Ben the hard way. But i’m 100% sure that Ben still loves Rita and no matter how hard Amanda tries he will never love her as much as he loves Rita. I’m so jealous or Jane, she has a hot best friend but other than that he’s always there for her and helps her whenever she needs the help, AND she has the best relationship with her big brother…

I still have a feeling Nick & Zoe will end up together, the feeling is not so strong anymore because of what happened in the end but there might still be a chance; they do seem to have A LOT of chemistry. Ben and his baseball career :’), i’m so happy for him! Oh and the higlight of this episode, when Amanda was “setting a mood” and Ben completely turned her down and said that he still wasn’t over Rita and then Amanda says

“Shaw the Jaw?”

Then Ben replies with

“Don’t call her that again” *shuts door*

One of the best scenes in this episode!! xD… Now that conversation of Jane and Billy 

“We’re just friends, you’ve said so yourself” -Jane

But deep inside Jane knew there was something more in between there but then Billy goes and screws up the moment when he says:

“You’re not a girl girl, you’re just… Jane”

I was like whoa what?! Billy… the hell was that?! If i were Jane those words sure would’ve hurt me. I don’t even know what that’s suppose to mean. Ugh and then when Ben is talking to Rita about seconds chances and she’s sitting there thinking he’s talking about Amanda when he’s really talking about baseball… I don’t know about you guys but when Zoe was wearing Jane’s dress I really hated her. I don’t know why I just did LOL! I still want Jane and Billy together! BUT I would not mind having Eli and Jane together for awhile… they’re just too adorable… (realize how some of us don’t mind Eli and Jane but we hate Billy and Zoe together? Lol!)… I have to be honest that I got a little teary when Ben comes home all happy and Jane can’t tell him Kate left because that would mean he couldn’t go and pursue his dream. I mean I have a feeling that for some reason he’ll end up quitting sooner or later. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… I still can’t believe Nick quit but that shows that he’s really sorry about the whole Lulu situation so he’s forgiven :P… Can’t believe Rita let Ben go without telling him!

Oh and before I forget another scene I liked:

“Break a leg” -Jane

“You don’t say that in sports” -Ben

“Break… bats?” -Jane

What did you guys think?


Jane By Design Episode 16 “The Backup Dress” promo

okay. since i wasnt here to rant about jbd when it aired on tuesday, i'm ranting about it now.
  • complaint: complete and utter lack of jilly scenes. there were like, two, seriously?
  • and the whole unhooking-her-dress-for-her thing lasted like two seconds and it wasn’t that much of a big deal. they just looked at each other and it was back to normal.
  • once billy started hanging around during play rehearsals, i could pretty much see how the rest of it was gonna pan out.
  • i was sitting there laughing like a maniac when him and zoe were all broken up hehehehehe
  • nick is a tryhard.
  • ugh can’t jane’s mom just make a goddamn decision and stick to it already?! her teenage daughter does better handling two completely different lives than she does handling one, and she’s an adult! and her teenage daughter has a job and does well in school at the same time. if i were her, i’d be embarassed as fuck that my daughter goes to school, goes to work, makes tons of money, runs countless errands, keeps her sorta-boyfriend happy, keeps her boss happy, keeps her best friend happy, and looks out for ben all the time when she can’t even make the decision to stick around for her kids. ugh. im sorry shes just horrible.
  • does amanda own any clothes that arent slutty, or blue, or pink?
  • the whole guy-rejects-the-prettier-perfect-blond-cause-hes-not-over-his-dorkier-girlfriend thing was super cliched. so was amanda encouraging rita just to keep her job.
  • poor billy has to stick around the set all the time cause zoe asked him to so they could ‘spend time together’ but what basically goes on is zoe spends every second making out with nick and running lovey dovey lines with him. why in the world would you invite your boyfriend to watch that? i totally don’t blame billy for overreacting a tad when he heard them running the new lines cause his patience was probably stretched pretty thin by then.
  • eli is adorable c:
  • once jane got that look on her face when she was holding the backup dress, i could totally see where it was going. she was gonna wear it, the lady was gonna show up, same dress, same place, yada yada yada. kinda predictable.
  • i was happy for ben getting the baseball career thing, and i was glad that jane let him go do what he wanted instead of telling him that their mom left and all that. but she’s no doubt gonna get in trouble for that.
  • im sure i’ll think of more later, but lets just all say HOLY FUCK for next week’s teaser.