the backseat ghost

Backseat Ghost

In 1959 Mabel Chinnery went to visit her mother’s grave. She spent the day at the cemetery with her husband snapping photos and visiting with her deceased mother. As they were leaving, Mabel decided to finish off the roll of film by snapping a picture of her husband. They were shocked when they developed the picture. Seated behind her husband is Mabel’s mother, who has been dead for many years.

Under the Stars CH2 (Jonerys FanFic)

Story Title:  Under the Stars

Summary: Modern AU, a camping trip in Colorado ends up being more than originally planned. Story will have 4 Chapters.

Chapter 2: Setting Up Camp ~ Day Two

Find Chapter 1 (Here) or read on Ao3 (Here)

Rating: Mature


Chapter title: Setting Up Camp ~ Day Two

*Jon POV*

Looking in the rearview mirror, I smirk at my large dog that’s sitting in the backseat. My husky, Ghost, in my car for the drive to Rocky Mountain National Park so I wouldn’t be alone.

Ghost is a white husky and very well-trained. The drive isn’t that far, but man, it has been slow. Driving into the mountains on a holiday weekend may be the equivalent of hell on earth.

As we get closer to the entrance of the park, we make sure to get our vehicles in a line with Sam and Gilly at the front. He has all of our reservation information for the Aspenglen campgrounds. Our campground’s entrance has decent amenities, such as bathrooms and even showers.

RMNP has everything from campgrounds deep in the mountains you can only hike to, having to make do with what you can carry, versus the drive-RV campgrounds that offer electricity plugins. We are going middle of the road with drive-in camping, which is my personal favorite. If I was hiking and carrying my gear, there is no way I’d have my six-person tent. I have done hike-in a couple of times and didn’t enjoy it. I prefer to car camp and then go on hikes during the day. I’m really looking forward to the hikes we planned for tomorrow and the next day.

The lot Sam reserved is huge. I drive straight to the furthest tent pad, my home for the next three nights. Our tent pads are spread out far enough for at least some privacy. Of course if someone is screaming at the top of their lungs during sex, we would all know what was going on in an instant.

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smiling will only save us for a while

requested by anonymous and @glitterquadricorn 

sequel to this 10k au

Seeing as you don’t have a mother to guide you through this, and neither Addy nor Warren have had kids, the entire pregnancy has turned out to be a learning process for everyone. 

Things you’ve learned about month 6, for example: swollen everything, and increased appetite.

The appetite thing is the most difficult to fix. You refuse to take most food from the others; there’s no use in them starving to death for you. You eat as much as you know you should, and don’t take any more. Everyone needs to survive, and they can’t make you the priority.

“Y/N, if you don’t eat these fruit snacks, I will smack you to next Tuesday.” Addy threatens. 

“Hey!” Doc interrupts. 

“In about four months, while someone else is holding her, ill smack you to next Tuesday.” She amends.

“Her, huh? How are you so sure it’s going to be a girl?” Doc asks.

“It’s gonna be a girl.” Hector says. Doc scoffs, and looks to you to save him.

“Come on, mom. You must have some insider knowledge.” He says. You arch a brow, crossing your arms. 

“How would I know? I haven’t exactly had an ultrasound.”

“But you’re connected to the lil dude.” He says. You laugh, and shake your head.

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