the backpockets

The Signs as Pickup Lines


I’ll treat you like my homework: Slam you on the table and do you all night long!


If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, I’m brave enough to ask you out!


You dropped something! What? (Point at the ground) Your standards.


I just wanna let you know how beautiful you are and was wondering if you could buy me a drink?


Is there a cellphone in your backpocket? Cause that ass is calling me!


Did you die recently? Cause girl, you look like an angel to me.


Your eyes are as blue as the sea I dumped my ex’s body in.


You work at a post office? Cause I saw you checking out my package.


Can you touch me? I want to tell my friends I was touched by an Angel.


Are you made out of grapes? Because you are fine as wine!


Damn Girl is your name Wifi? Because I’m feeling a connection!


I saw you girls from over there and just want to let you know that I’m taken.

Drarry pick up lines
  • Harry: Hey, Draco.. Is that a cellphone on your backpocket? Cus that ass is calling me
  • Draco: Harry wtf is even a cellphone
  • -
  • Draco: You know why I am like a squirrel?
  • Harry: Because you are kinda annoying and you steal people's food?
  • Draco: No.. Dammit Harry! Because i want to bury my nuts in you! Fuck you, you always have to ruin my pickup lines!
  • -
  • *in Astronomy class*
  • Harry: Hey Draco, there are 8 planets, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus
The Gang As Girls (Headcanons)
  • Ponyboy:
  • -she’s so adorable omg
  • -has freckles
  • -her hair goes to the level of her shoulders
  • -Soda always makes the most adorable braids of her hair
  • -likes to craft all sort of stuff
  • -has flowercrowns she made herself
  • -she just loves adding stuff to anything
  • -got plain jeans? give it to her and she’ll make a miracle out of it!
  • -doesn’t like to show off
  • -wants to grow longer hair like her sister’s
  • -small bit jealous of Soda’s hair
  • -pretty tall for her age
  • -doesn’t like loud music
  • -kinda insecure about her freckles
  • -but everyone loves them and finds them so ultra super couper extra cute
  • -gets nervous while talking about her crushes
  • -johnny’s bff
  • -just the cutest girl you’ll ever meet
  • -won’t admit but loves The Beatles
  • -would marry all 4 of them
  • -no question
  • -they’re the reason she has bangs
  • -Two-Bit has all their albums and she’s so jealous
  • -she has a diary
  • -her favourite actor is Marlon Brando
  • -favourite actress is Audrey Hemburn
  • -there isn’t a movie on this planet that moves her world as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
  • Sodapop:
  • -has long soft & shiny hair
  • -big baby eyes
  • -how does she do it???
  • -wears a lot of different hair clips
  • -uses hair spray
  • -takes good care of her nails
  • -everyone just loves her
  • -has a very weird fashion sense
  • -she can go from pink girly dress to guerrilla pants, denim jackets and big boots
  • -has a tini tiny crush on Steve
  • -no one knows it
  • -besides Ponyboy
  • -and he’s teasing her about it when they’re alone
  • -likes taking ponyboy’s stuff
  • -she still didn’t return that flowercrown she took last month
  • -Pony’s reminding her 24/7 that she has to give it back
  • -she acts like she’s keep forgetting to give it back
  • -she actually gave it to Steve
  • -so, Pony better say goodbye to your beloved flowercrown
  • -tried cooking
  • -failed
  • -Darry’s been on edge of nerves to learn her to cook
  • -nope
  • -still failure
  • -has a huge poster of Elvis in her room
  • -would sell her soul for it
  • -acts like she can wear heels
  • -no she cannot
  • Darrel:
  • -100% wonderwoman.
  • -she has hair which goes to the middle of her back but most of the time she keeps it in a tall ponytail
  • -usually wears baggy jeans and wide shirts
  • -COOKING LEVEL OVER 99999999
  • -makes the bEST brownies in whole Tulsa
  • -it’s like a social gathering whenever she makes brownies
  • -very protective of her sisters
  • -secretely knows about Pony’s “beatlemania” but won’t tell
  • -always there to save her sisters from any kind of trouble
  • -wishes they could do more stuff on their own
  • -cracks puns on a good day
  • -cracks pans against somebody’s head on a bad day (jk jk jk 😂)
  • -loves to get dressed real nice when going somewhere important
  • -her mother left her pearls and she wears them only on special occasions
  • -loves wearing bracelets
  • -for her last birthday Soda & Pony bought her a small box full of different bracelets
  • -each one for each day
  • -she was extremely happy with the present
  • -she wears them everyday, making sure they know how happy they made her with it
  • -Two-Bit is her bestie
  • -they didn’t hang out that much in since Darry started working
  • -she misses those days
  • -but they still get to hang out sometimes
  • -also listen to records
  • -she loves listening to The Who
  • -has 2 albums under her bed
  • -would wear bell bottoms 24/7
  • -makes her legs look longer
  • -plus comfortable & fashionable
  • Dallas:
  • -has boy-short hair
  • -has a blade in her backpocket
  • -cheekbones as high as her ego
  • -porcelain pretty clean face
  • -if you don’t count few bruises from last week’s fight
  • -not into girly style of dressing
  • -rocks leather jacket
  • -owns a collection of chokers
  • -has wild hair
  • -Johnny tried putting hair clips to make it look decent
  • -nope
  • -the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
  • -sometimes she goes out in a skirt
  • -rarely but it happens
  • -the girl got all the whisles
  • -and she punched every guy who even dared to say something about her look
  • -her favourite actor is James Dean
  • -she rewatched “Rebel Without A Cause” too many times
  • -feels kinda insecure about her teeth
  • -she tried not to smile too often
  • -Johnny noticed this and told her she has the prettiest & brightest teeth she ever saw
  • -since then Dally’s been laughing like crazy
  • -a huge fan of The Doors
  • -would kill if it meant she can go to one of their concerts
  • -has posters of Jim Morrison in her room
  • -and if you look a bit closer you can also see a few photos of Marilyn Monroe
  • -she absolutely adores her
  • -she and Johnny sometimes recreate scenes from “Some Like it Hot”
  • -of course, Dallas is going as Marilyn Monroe
  • - “I swear to god, if you tell anyone what we just did, not only I will beat you up, I’ll beat you up for good!”
  • - “You’ve got my word!“
  • -professional at doing makeup
  • -not many people know this since she only wears makeup during night’s out
  • -Soda is jealous of her skills
  • -has a small plant which is placed on her room’s window
  • -loves the plant
  • -she even caught herself singing to the plant so it’ll grow faster
  • Steve:
  • -a bit shorter than Soda
  • -has curly hair that goes a little above her shoulders
  • -loVES sweets
  • -specially anything with chocolate
  • -she looks tough & masculine
  • -but still adorable and effortless
  • -when she was younger she didn’t like her nose
  • -no one would even think about it but she she stood in front of a mirror, stared at her face and cried
  • -one time Soda came in and saw her crying in front of a mirror
  • -Soda walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug
  • -they sat in Steve’s room for few hours
  • -Soda didn’t wish to leave until Steve was completely satisfied with her look
  • -“Why would you even think your nose is ugly? It’s beautiful the way it is, just look at it! Look how beautiful is your whole pretty face!”
  • -since then, Steve hasn’t let even a tear
  • -her favourite movie is “Gilda”
  • -she’s a pro at fixing cars
  • -and she looks super cute in her working suit
  • -specially when she wraps a ribbon around her hair
  • -you wouldn’t even believe what kind of beauties work at DX
  • -there are times she walks out in a dress
  • -her favourite dress is dark blue with white dots all over it
  • -her favourite thing to wear on her head beside her ribbon is a flowercrown soda gave her a month ago
  • -simply loves wearing everything
  • -from all makeup, she only uses lipstick
  • -her car is the coolest car in whole Tulsa
  • -has her name written on back of it
  • -she dreams about being Rita Hayworth
  • Two-Bit:
  • -goofiest of all the gang
  • -has straight hair which comes to level of her shoulders
  • -her hair is most of the time tied in piggytails
  • -her dream is to go to Disneyland
  • -she’d take all her friends with her
  • -has a big jewerlly box she made herself
  • -she filled it with all kinds of badges
  • -she has her own collection of badges
  • -gang only knows about it
  • -she has all albums by The Beatles
  • -has no idea Pony is head over heels crazy about them
  • -she likes to wear denim jackets
  • -some of them has a mickey mouse drawn on them
  • -she likes to draw
  • -she made her own little comic series just like mickey mouse
  • -she called the comic: “Two & The Bit”
  • -she had nothing else on her mind so it was more than okay
  • -used to be very close with Darry
  • -hopes those days will be back again
  • -a big fan of color blue
  • -Paul McCartney is her idol
  • -John Lennon is her saviour
  • -the movie she enjoys watching is “Sabrina” with Audrey Hemburn
  • -she and Pony watched it together
  • -both fell in love with it
  • -Steve gave her a lolipop with Mickey Mouse’s face on it
  • -she stared at it so long
  • -she didn’t want to eat such a masterpiece
  • -but still ate it since Dally said he’ll eat it if she won’t
  • Johnny:
  • -her hair is little longer than Dally’s
  • -she has beautiful dark skin
  • -such a cutie beautie
  • -big dark eyes
  • -small nose with few smaller moles on her face
  • -she wears whatever she finds in her closet
  • -she and Pony are like the cutest duo in history
  • -she reads a lot
  • -her favourite book is “Sherlock Holmes”
  • -she watched every movie based on the book
  • -Pony lets her take some of her jewelly
  • -and Johnny lets Pony some of hers
  • -she’s amazed by Pony’s designs, like the flowercrows she made
  • -Johnny even tried writing poetry
  • -she really likes Jimi Hendrix
  • -she knows the lyrics to all his songs
  • -she even got Dallas to listen to them with her
  • -she really admires Dally
  • -but thinks she should try to not get in so much trouble
  • -really quiet
  • -doesn’t like attention
  • -wishes she could get to go to London
  • -she loves doing impressions of Sherlock Holmes
tddk: glasses headcanons


  • his eyesight goes bad after officially becoming a hero
  • he’s nearsighted–can’t see anything beyond a few meters
  • it’s b/c of all the nights he’s spent restlessly studying
  • especially b/c of the nights where he’d leave the lights off so his mother wouldn’t know he’s up and about at outrageously late hours
  • it’s also b/c of the amount of time izuku spends on his phone–as a kid, he had pretty much stalked heroes, but into his late teens and following into adulthood, he’d started stalking the news and the dark parts of the internet for as much villain intel he can gather (most of the leads are bs, but some of them are promising)
  • he wears special contacts at work, so they don’t accidentally fall out
  • outside of work he wears his glasses
  • it really helps with keeping his identity a secret, for some reason
  • the clark kent effect y’all
  • his frames are black and pretty thick, more rectangular in shape, but with round edges
  • they’re pretty wide too
  • he likes the weight on his nose–the other options he’s seen are way too light
  • he constantly breaks his frames
  • he actually has kept his glasses in his backpocket before and absolutely shattered them once he sat down
  • shouto never let him hear the end of it
  • he probably fixes the frames himself, even though shouto is more than willing to get a professional to fix them
  • likes buying nondescript brands b/c of all the glasses he’s broken before
  • his lenses are never clean
  • whenever he wipes them they just get dirtier
  • he’d leave his glasses in the most random spots (and forget where he’d left them)
  • refers to his vision as “420p”


  • has always had bad eyesight
  • also near-sighted
  • has had pretty good eyes as a child, but they progressively got worse
  • he only realizes how bad his eyes have gotten  in his second year of U.A.
  • he couldn’t read the blackboard–it’s aizawa who notices and points it out, recommending that shouto should get glasses
  • his bad eyesight is hereditary
  • his mother’s side has had a lot of past family members diagnosed with glaucoma
  • in the past, enji made him take a lot of tests to make sure he didn’t develop glaucoma as it’d interfere with his future as the “number one hero”
  • all the test results showed he was fine, though shouto still takes mandatory check-ups just in case
  • he also wears special contacts at work
  • they’re the same brand as izuku’s
  • his frames tend to be more on the expensive side, because he unintentionally chooses super expensive designer frames
  • he likes how they look okay
  • his frames are made of silver wire
  • they’re more round in shape, and the lenses are relatively wide, but not as wide as izuku’s
  • he barely feels the weight of his glasses
  • he also keeps them impeccably clean
  • izuku doesn’t know how he does it
  • unlike izuku, he keeps his frames in their actual glasses case whenever he’s not using them
  • has only ever owned one pair of frames
  • good on u shouto ur 10x better than me
Sweet As Pie (Ethan)

Summary: Requested by a few. Ethan is a barista at your local coffee shop and he writes stupid puns on your cup every time you drop by.
Word Count: 2,326
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m still reeling from 1k followers ughhh, you guys are everything. Hope you enjoy this! Let me know if you want a part two, might make it smutty. xx

It had started last semester. You had been sleep deprived during finals and had studied all night, eventually feeling like you had to go and take a walk outside for some fresh air. It was nearing 6AM by the time you had found  yourself outside the deserted coffee shop, so you had shrugged and walked in to grab something to drink. Maybe sugar and caffeine would keep you awake.

The barista that was standing behind the counter was utterly gorgeous and you had lost your voice for a second as you saw him walk around, wiping down the counter and pushing his long curls from his forehead with a rough hand, humming. His nametag had said Ethan and he looked gorgeous in the obligatory white shirt that clung to him in all the right places. You had marveled at the stripe of red at the front of his hair, stuttering out your order when he had smiled gently, greeting you.

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nct 127 at the movies

feel free to request stuff!


  • stops a fight from breaking out about what movie to see by drawing lots
  • “who tf wrote transformers”
  • herds 9 loud people into the cinema lobby with a pained smile on his face
  • since when are cinemas so b i g wtf
  • stares at his ticket in utmost confusion (taeyong: does this say fourth floor??)
  • they get lost lol
  • they all have to run back to the lobby bc they forgot to buy food
  • buys traditional cinema food thank u very much:)))
  • where the f u c k is their movie theatre
  • wait is this 3D
  • stares at his popcorn sadly bc he knows gonna spill it when something comeS OUT OF THE FUVKIN SCREEN
  • gives up his good seat for winwin
  • grabs the hand of whoever is next to him when scared (johnny: pls let go i can’t feel my fingers)
  • feels guilty when they leave bc there’s popcorn everywHERE (donghyuk: how did u get popcorn in ur hair / taeyong: don’t)


  • is not caring an emotion
  • wrote transformers
  • that’s how much he doesn’t care
  • pouts when he’s forced to change out of his sweatpants
  • hasn’t been to the cinema in 93 years
  • races donghyuk to the slide and wins bc he cheated
  • “leave me here”
  • buys the least expensive food item bc he came here to sleep
  • stares at the despicable me movie poster for an unnerving amount of time
  • steals everyone’s jackets and builds a nest
  • finishes all of his food before the trailers even start (yuta: u monster / taeil: fight me)
  • glares at every tall person who enters
  • hoe don’t do it
  • tall person: *sits in front of him*
  • nods off when the lights go down


  • doesn’t like korean dub (doyoung: we don’t like u either)
  • ugh
  • cheers up but still doesn’t like korean dub
  • stares at the prices of the food in disgust
  • buys a max sized bag of popcorn and is in a better mood
  • wears the 3D glasses unironically whilst they’re looking for their theatre
  • fingerguns at the guy who checks their tickets???
  • “do you need a car seat:)” @ taeil
  • almost gets kicked in the face
  • can’t stretch out his legs and suffers
  • imitates the trailer guy voice under his breath until the entire cinema tells him to shut it
  • it’s better in the original (ot8: shut u p)
  • 5min into the movie and he’s already out of popcorn
  • slides down in his seat when he realises there’s a smol person behind him
  • gets a cramp


  • y e s
  • hyped and ready to fucking GO
  • why is he so hyped about going to the movies
  • sprints into the lobby and taeyong looks like he wants to d i e
  • uUhuuUHhhhH ball pit
  • pushes mark into said ball pit (yuta: goodbye:) / mark: why does this always happen)
  • very !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the only one who knows where they’re going
  • winks at the despicable me poster (doyoung: disgust i ng)
  • buys cheetos and wipes his fingers on doyoung
  • avoids death numerous times
  • offers the tickets guy a cheeto
  • willing to fight a lil kid for a good seat
  • whoop whoop whoop when the lights go down
  • jumpscares aren’t as scary when you sorta miss the plot


  • highkey salty that they’re not gonna watch the movie he wants
  • jaehyun forces the trailer down his throat and now he’s more excited
  • walks into the lobby and lol we’re gonna get lost
  • glances at the food on display and is suddenly starv in g (doyoung: i will sell yuta for half a chicken nugget)
  • rescues mark from the ball pit
  • becomes a Film Critic
  • got fucking kid sized 3D glasses wtf
  • “we could just ask for directions y'know” (taeyong: NO WE CAN DO THIS)
  • forcefully removes yuta from a despicable me poster
  • can’t find his ticket when they finally find their theatre and has accepted death
  • oh no wait it’s in his backpocket
  • *loud straw noises* (mark: ur drink is empty / doyoung: *even louder straw noises*)
  • terrified and willing to fight this fucking movie


  • aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy nice
  • hyped for every movie except transformers bc he has standards
  • forcefully makes doyoung watch the trailer so that he’ll shut tf up
  • knows the cinema is a maze and made them go early
  • “i told u so” when they arrive
  • brought his own 3D glasses bc he’s a nerd
  • looks good in 3D glasses????
  • documents the ball pit tragedy with taeyong having a crisis in the background
  • the literal walking definition of “i told u so” and he’s gonna get hit real soon if he doesn’t shut up
  • drops some popcorn and eats it anyway (taeyong: nasty / jaehyun: fuckin try me)
  • why do they play music in theatres before the film starts
  • why is it youtuber ukulele music
  • uuuuuhhh’s under his breath when the lights go down
  • pretends he didn’t flinch when something came hurtling at them out of the screen
  • gasps louDLY when someone dies


  • is he gonna spend his life’s savings on cinema food?
  • yea…..
  • chinese dub is better (johnny: y'know what’s good? thE ORIGINAL)
  • has perfected the art of piecing together the plot of a movie when u don’t understand all of the dialogue
  • oh no wait he’s seen this movie
  • “hey doyoung, wanna know how it ends?”
  • The Troll In The Ball Pit
  • buys all of the food and semi-reluctantly shares
  • “we’ve been walking in circles for 17 and a half minutes”
  • was the One who found their theatre
  • takes off his 3D glasses when he senses something scary is gonna happen
  • laughs when everyone flinches
  • still has food left when the movie is over
  • makes doyoung give his unopened coke to the ticket guy at the door


  • honestly he’s okay with any movie
  • even transformers (ot8: *gasp*)
  • “y'know johnny has a point”
  • has he seen this movie
  • has he????? (jaehyun: it came out 3 days ago / mark: but i’ve seen it????)
  • Betrayed At The Ball Pit ~ A novel by Mark Lee
  • there are just trailers playing 24/7 and he’s transfixed
  • thEy hAvE waRM fOoD aT ciNeMas noW????
  • has accepted his fate after they walk around the entire cinema for 20 mins
  • just sits down in the middle of a hallway
  • “i live here now”
  • embarrassed when they walk into the theatre bc the ticket guy was seriously judging him
  • he recognises this one actor but can’t????remember??his name????
  • can’t focus on the movie bc w h o is this person
  • forgot to put his phone on silent and wants to die
  • makes everyone stay for the credits to see who tf this one guy was


  • netflix is a thing
  • “why do i have to bring my student ID and mark doesn’t???” (yuta: u look like a 12 y/o)
  • tries to drown taeil in the ball pit after the slide incident
  • somehow get’s taeyong to buy him food
  • wants to gO HOME
  • if they don’t find the theatre in three seconds he’s gonna explode
  • gets happy by pharrell williams stuck in his head bc he looked at a minion
  • sighs so long he gets lightheaded when the ticket guy asks if he’s rEallY old enough to see this movie
  • about to fuckin deck mark for laughing
  • popping and locking to the ukulele music
  • shakes his coke and makes someone else open it
  • has to make sarcastic comments during the movie to keep himself sane
  • forgets how to breathe for the first jumpscare
  • keeps taking off his 3D glasses to see what the movie looks like without

“Alright, have fun up there!”, you told Harry, giving him a quick peck on the lips. He grinned.

“Always do.”

Then he left, going backstage, leaving you with some friends by the barricades.

Shortly after Ed ended his song, took a big gulp from his water bottle and then gave the crowd a massive smile.

“You lot are absolutely lovely. Now, I have a little surprise for you. A friend of mine is here tonight and I would like him to join me on stage. What do you think?”

The crowd cheered loudly. You could hear a few fans, standing a little ways away, yelling at each other.

“Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be Harry, isn’t it?”

“Aaaah, if it’s Harry I’m gonna die.”

“Oh God, Harry and Ed! HARRY AND ED!”

You grinned. You loved how passionate Harry’s fans still were, even after all these years.

“Alright, you heard ‘em! Come on up here, Harry! Harry Styles everyone!”, Ed was just saying.

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@acrknowyou & erwinsalive headcanon-productions proudly present:

Modern AU where Levi actually can get drunk and gets super mushy then, especially when Erwin’s the driver. He’ll try to touch him very inappropriately all the time until Erwin negotiates that he can put his hand in his backpocket to touch his ass.

Once they and the rest of the gang are back in the car he’ll lean close to Erwin from the backseat (him in the front-seat would end in too much distraction for Erwin and probably certain death) and say stuff like: 

“Erwiiiiin…I…liter…LITERLALLY never loved anybody like I love…I love you. I mean… relashnsheps never lasted more than like..3 months. And we..WEEE we are together for what…like? 8 yrs? Thats really fucking long and I love you. My mom..she loooves you as well…always asks when we’ll get…married. You know…If you…OR I ever asked I think I’d say…I do.“ 

Erwin chokes and almost drives against a tree, the rest of the car is cackling after the shock has faded and Levi only vaguely remembers the next day. When they arrive home Erwin takes his clothes off and put him into bed tho and in the morning hes sitting smiling on the edge of the bed with a glass of water, a painkiller and a kiss on the forhead for Levi.

V x MC+ Rika (Angst Fic)


So…. Here it is! In order to celebrate, here’s a little angsty fic about V, MC and Rika. I apologise to anyone who does support/like her, I haven’t played the secret endings yet, so maybe I’ll understand her a little better after I’ve played them. Until then! Enjoy this little thingy and let me know if you want a part two! - Michelle Xx

These past eleven months have been amazing. Tough and difficult at times, but amazing and wonderful nonetheless. After the first RFA party hosted by you, you and V became closer by working so well together for the RFA. After a while it wasn’t even awkward anymore to call him Jihyun. And as time passed, feelings started to grow.

You managed to break that wall he had build up for himself. Always saying that ‘everything is fine’, 'I’ll handle it’, 'this is my fault, I’m sorry, I’ll take care of it’. He finally started to realise that sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to be the one who needs help. To admit when you’ve let it come to far. And to ask for that help.

You started to care and love the man just as much as he did for you. Sometimes it has still hard for him. The RFA would always remind him of his fiancée. Or ex-fiancée, actually. After all that she did to him, he still held a tiny little spot for her in his heart. And you accepted that. At one point in both their lives, they loved each other in a healthy way. Besides, you occupied the rest.

After some convincing from you and Jumin, he finally agreed to the eye surgery. The operation is in two days. These past few days have been full of nerves, excitement and fear at the same time. But you always told him that you’d be by his side and together the two of you could take on the entire world.

The entire world, but not Rika.

Two days before the operation she decides to show up at Jihyun’s apartment in the poring rain. To take him back and go back to normal like nothing had happend. When you opend the door and were too shocked to react for a moment, she made her way inside.

As she walked into the living room, Jihyun called out: “Who’s that at the door, my love?”

“The woman who you promised your heart too,” Rika answered.

That set you into motion to close the door and follow her. When you came into the living room, you found Rika standing calmly across from where Jihyun was sitting on the couch with his mouth open. Taking his glasses of slowly, he got up and felt around with his hands to make sure he wouldn’t bump into anything that wasn’t in his clear sight.

“Ri-Rika?” he asked.

When he almost in front of her, she reached for his hand and spoke softly: “Yes, Jihyun. I’m home again.”

This is where you stepped in. You walked to stand between them, facing Rika with a death glare. “Just what the hell do you think you are doing here?” you spoke with a stern voice.

She closed her eyes to sigh and then smiled. “Because after everything that has happend, I want to start over again. Kind of like a reset at life. And what better place to start than with my true love?”

You couldn’t believe your ears. Reset? She thinks stuff like this gets forgotten in the blink of an eye? Behind you you could hear Jihyun struggling to find the right words for the situation.

“Rika… Alot has happend since I left Mint Eye… How could you even forgive me for leaving you?” he says.

You turn around to look at him with disbelief. He caught your movement and looked down at you. “Are you serious here!?” you said. “She blinded you, Jihyun! You lied for her to protect the RFA, she made believe that what she was doing to Saeran was acceptable because of an idea she has about how the world should be! And you’re asking her how she could forgive you!”

“My love, please calm down,” he said while putting his hands on your shoulders. “I know that, but… You don’t know her. I should’ve helped her more, better. And now she’s here to get that help. This can be a good thing for her.”

While you were trying to figure out his words, figure out how he could be defending her, Rika walked around you to stand next to him and took of his hands of shoulder to hold it in one of her own. “No, Jihyun. This can be something good for us. Like old times.”

Before he could even look back at her, you already pushed her against the wall and tried to tower over her. Barely an inch between the two of you. If looks could kill, she’d actually be dead this time.

“How fucking dare you to come here and talk about the two of you like you’re still together!? Like you didn’t blind him as some sort of fucked up punishment for nothing! He didn’t do anything wrong! He went along with every one of your crazy ideas 'for a better world where there are no lies and pain’. He betrayed the trust of one his friends by letting you torture his brother. Do you hear what I’m saying? You tortured someone! Actually, no, you tortured two people, the other one being the man you claim to love so much. All because you have some fucking God-complex or something! Seriously, what the hell do you think that coming over here will do for you? Huh? You get back together and pretend like nothing happend? Like you didn’t fuck everyone up?! That everyone would just forget the fact that-”

“MC, stop it! Stop talking like that!”

You stop spewing hateful words at the cowering woman in front of you. It wasn’t until you stopped that you realised that you were shouting by now. You turn your head to look at Jihyun, who just told you to stop.

He slowly walked over to where you two stood. You could see that he was trying really hard to keep his sights focused on his goal. It hurt you to see him like that. To know that the person who caused him this was in. His. House. In. Front. Of. You.

“She needs help,” he begins, “and the first time I tried to help her, I was unable to do that. I won’t make that mistake again. I’ll make sure she’ll get the proper help this time. And maybe she can eventually come back to the RFA-”

“Are you serious, Jihyun!” you yell. You turn back to her and keep glaring at her, trying to see if it will turn her into dust. “How can you still defend her?! After all she did, you are still defending her!”

“Because I love her.”

For a moment, one that seemed to go on forever, you stopped breathing. Those… those words… He didn’t really just say that… Right? You must have heared it wrong. Then again… Are you really that surprised? Even after all these months of being together, a small little part of him still held on to Rika. Still loved her with every breath he’d take until his death.

Realising what he said, he stammers: “I’m- I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mea-mean to say-”

“Yes, you did,” you quietly interrupt him. “You did mean it.”

Not even realising you had started to look at the floor, you looked up and saw her smiling. To anyone else it may have seemed kind, but you saw past that. You saw the victory in her eyes of gathering another perfect piece for her perfect world. A world in which your existence was not present.

You walk backwards and slowly make your way to the front door. You hear the two people behind you walking behind you. They seemed so far away. But you could hear him clearly: “Please MC, let me explain.”

With your hand on the doorknob, you take one last look back. They looked perfect together. Like they could really take on this cruel world. And you didn’t belong anywhere in it.

With a breaking voice and wet eyes, you say: “You don’t have to explain anymore, Jihyun. I know my place now.”

Without waiting for a reply from either of them, you open the door, walk out and close the door behind you. You run to the stairs and run down all of the flights of steps. Once you reach the lobby, you run to the door and make your way outside. You look around to see which direction you want to go to, but realise that it doesn’t really matter.

You turn to the left and start running again. Faster and faster. The tears are rolling down your cheeks and your heart beat goes so fast, you’re not sure you can feel it anymore. After running for what seem like forever, you stop to catch your breath. You look around again and find yourself lost.

Panic starts to set. And pain. And you don’t know which one is worse. But you do know that you need help. Thankfully, you had it in your backpocket. With shaking hands, you dial the number of the only person that you know could help you. After a few rings your call in answered.


“Saeyoung… Can you please help me?”

some thoughts on james flint’s tragic ending

i let my mouth run on the silverflint/dimplemas situation to my buddies, and i just wanna toss my theorising out into the ether before 405 comes along and destroys all of it haha.


essentially, silver holding back the info is twofold, and we can’t know which it is until he plays his cards - is he trying to keep flint focused on the war? is he wondering how strong flint’s attachment to him is compared to thomas? (bc he prob rightly suspects flint would drop everything if he could get thomas back, even if he’s blocking it now.) so having it in his backpocket as an emergency break, so to speak, can be useful both to get flint out of the way and to get him to relinquish the dangerous situation he is in. it can easily go either way and depends on so many factors we haven’t seen explored yet.

i’m also wary bc of the cast/writers going so hard on the silverflint in interviews, “love of his life” etc. i think flint is absolutely in love w silver rn, all the “oh i see” and dropped eyes @ silvermadi etc, it’s not even subtle anymore. so if flint is finally finding his own humanity and vulnerability again, even if it is through unselfish, unrequited love, that must mean a lot to him, and even if he gets a bittersweet, lasting reunion w thomas, he’d still be leaving silver behind, who at this point has also become integral to his very functioning. they absolutely are soulmates, kindred spirits, in many ways that thomas and james can’t be right now. at the same time, john is coaxing the human back out, which might be the very thing enabling james to reconnect with thomas, at the cost of leaving behind the one person who descended to his darkest depths and never recoiled, even joined him and supported him throughout. leaving that behind is fucking tragic in its own right. (even if i don’t believe like some ppl that thomas couldn’t possibly accept james back, i don’t think he’s nearly as blandly innocent as many ppl argue.)

plus all this saying how james had thomas, he had miranda, NOW he has silver who is a summation of all those relationships and perhaps “the one he needed the most”. gimme bittersweet thomas/james, both of whom are forever changed by their experiences and pain, for whom injust england is no longer an abstract idea, who lie awake back to back at night, comforted by having each other but knowing there’s places each has gone that neither can ever touch, and that’s ok, but it’s painful too. gimme thomas sitting on the bed and holding marcus aurelius when a few months have passed and james takes another of his occasional solitary trips to the shore where he’ll stare out at the horizon just because, because maybe there’ll be sails far-off. and thomas knows it’s not a judgment on himself and his love w james, but he knows there are things he might never be able to offer him bc that’s just how the world is.

Faking it (Grayson) Part 1/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 1,423
Warnings: None.
A/N: I felt like trying out something new, this is gonna be divided into parts, I don’t know how many just yet. And there will be lots of pining in this. But it’ll be fun! Feedback is appreciated, that way I know if you guys like it and want more xx


“It smells delicious in here,” Ethan said as he walked out of his room and towards the kitchen. He ran his fingers through his hair, still damp from the shower and sat down by the counter.

You glanced at him quickly, focusing back on cutting up the paprikas without getting too close to your fingers with the knife.

“That’s just me,” you joked and snorted out a laugh when you heard Ethan chuckle. “I’m making a new dish, I found the recipe online and decided that the both of you would be the ones to try it first.”

“So we’re gonna get poisoned tonight?” Ethan asked and you stopped chopping to look up at his grinning face. You picked up a piece of paprika and flung it at his stupid face.


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Lucky (Spicyhoney)

Due to a request: Spicyhoney!I now have “How to rob people” on my search history and it was surprisingly and worryingly easy to find a really good guide.

On AO3

Stretch stood hid behind an alley, watching the people walking by. This was one of the nicer parts of the town, so it was obvious he did not belong here. His tattered, torn clothes and dirty face was easy enough to spot. He had done his best to clean himself up, but hadn’t managed very well. Yet, he was desperate. They needed money. So here he was. Doing the most stupid thing he’d ever done. Stars, may Blue never find out about this. His brother would be so ashamed.

He took a deep breath, and walked out on the street. Stretch did his best to look natural. However, he still felt the confused or frankly disgusted glances he got from the other people on the streets. Everyone looked very proper but him. Rich people and their employées. He was neither. Dirt-poor and workless. Blue earned a little money with his hot-dog stand, but that was all.

He walked past one, two, three people. Trying to force himself to do it but loosing the nerve in the last second. C’mon Stretch, he thought. You need it. He sighed, and prepared himself. As he walked past the next person, who was carrying a heavy box, he quickly moved his hand to grab the wallet sticking up from his victim’s backpocket. ¨

Then he felt a hand grab his wrist. He froze. Stretch felt his breathing speed up. No. Nononono.

”I DON’T THINK SO.” His ’victim’ stated. The voice was loud and even in his panic-muddled state Stretch knew this was someone used to being obeyed. He tried to jerk his arm free. No result. The other’s grip only tightened.

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So, we needed fluff and this was bouncing around in my head before @queseraone and @halsteadpd started talking about stuff and well this is what we’ve got. Chapter 3 of the Linstead Playlist and this is my secret little song that I’ve been keeping in my backpocket for times like this. This, ladies and gents, is called Lullaby by a band called The Dixie Chicks, and it makes my heart melt when I hear it. This chapter is ever so slightly AU and as always, songs suggestions, prompts and reviews make me a super happy human.

Happy Weekend!

They didn’t have you where I come from
Never knew the best was yet to come
Life began when I saw your face
And I hear your laugh like a serenade

Erin wasn’t quite sure how she’d managed to get here. Well. She knew how she’d gotten here and if she didn’t then she really would be in trouble. She just didn’t know how she’d managed to find her way to this moment; after all the wrong turns and turning on her heels and running back down the way she’d came. It was almost surreal to find herself in a space she never thought she would be, living a life she didn’t deserve but had always wanted.

The apartment had indeed gained that 65 inch plasma, the install guy had been an artiste. It was her one concession to Jay in the room, the damn TV and Erin had to admit, The Real Housewives did look better on that screen. It was her one guilty pleasure that only Jay knew about and even he’d laughed himself into a heap on the floor when he came home from an overtime shift to find her watching it. She’d scowled at him as he had doubled over and then fallen to his knees, eventually rolling onto his back with an arm thrown over his eyes, face red with laughter and wet from the tears. Erin had sworn him to secrecy on pain of death and when he’d calmed down he’d shrugged and simply reiterated what he’d said when she mentioned the pillow thing – Do your thing babe.

The memory brought a smile to her face as she sighed, turning to nuzzle his shoulder as he rested on the sofa, the lamp the only thing illuminating the space.

“I still don’t even understand why you’re here.” Erin stated softly, turning to look up at his tired face.

“You’re up, I’m up.” Jay had replied, voice husky, not even meeting her gaze.

“Jay, there’s no need for you to be up right now.” Erin had whispered back, kissing his shoulder when a small spark of hurt flickered in his eyes before she added “It’s a feed. We don’t have any bottles left, so there’s really nothing you can do. It has to be me.”

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War of Hearts
         - Part II

word count : 3 031
*not my gif

Y/N and Kai walked down the street , only now realising they had no idea where they were. It wasn’t Mystic Falls or her home town (Grove Hill) , that was for sure.
“We are in ATLANTA ?! How did we end up here ?” Y/N wondered out loud , looking at her phone’s GPS. It was barely 6PM.
Y/N glanced at Kai who was looking nervously around.
“Don’t worry , we’ll get to New Orleans in time for Thanksgiving dinner.” she said , squeezing lightly his shoulder. “You are not missing your favorite holiday..”
“It’s not that. I’m hungry … like hungry.
Y/N put her phone in the backpockets of her jeans and took Kai’s hand leading him into one of the small streets near by. She hadn’t realised it has been almost a day since the last time they fed.
“Put your arms around me.”
“What?” Kai asked confused.
“Just go with it okay… There is some event going on down the street. We need to blend in.”
Kai did as asked trying not to think about how good it felt to put his arms around her that way. They entered the crowd faking smiles , Y/N looked around the crowd and then saw exactly what they needed.
“There. You see them?” she said in low voice , loud enough for only Kai to hear. He followed her gaze seeing a guy trying to convince a girl , who clearly felt uncomfortable , to go home with him. “Let’s go.”
Y/N took Kai’s hand and pushed their way through the crowd.
“Hey guys. Nice party isn’t it?” Y/N said smiling excitedly , then suddenly turned towards the girl grabbing her shoulders. “Go home , sweetie.”
“I’ll go home.” the girl repeated in unison and walked away from them.
“What the hell was that ? I was just about to -”
The guy protested but Y/N didn’t give him a chance to.
“Oh but I thought we could have some fun.” Y/N said with a smile , biting her lower lip watching the guy choke from the surprise. Kai was wondering where Y/N was going with this , and as if she knew what he was thinking she glanced at him giving him a small wink. Y/N looked around noticing a small dark alley nearby and she basically pushed the guy in there , pulling Kai behind her. “Don’t move or scream.”
Y/N held the guy by the shoulders and in a second flash she sank her teeth into his neck only getting a taste before turning towards Kai who’s eyes were wide and dark with hunger. Kai looked at her , blood lightly dripping down her chin. He reached for her , wiping some of the blood with his thumb trying to fight the urge to kiss her. Their eyes met for a second and Kai nearly leaned in , except the guy groaned behind them in the exact same moment returning him to reality.
“This is going to be fun.” he muttered to himself , seeing the corners of Y/N’s mouth twitch.
Kai felt his fangs come out , his vampirism take over and sank his teeth into the guy’s neck. In all his time since he had turned , there had been barely two or three times he had fed directly yet somehow this time felt different. He could feel Y/N’s eyes on him the entire time. Maybe that’s why.
“Listen to the heartbeat , Kai. It will tell you when to stop.”
Kai tried to listen to the heartbeat as she said , but he was getting distracted , holding onto the guy’s shoulders draining an artery after artery. He felt someone’s hands on his shoulder. A wave of shock washed over him realising who it was and he pulled away from the guy the same second.
“I … I don’t …” he stammered , glancing between the guy’s body on the floor and Y/N’s eyes. He didn’t want Y/N to see this side of him , the murderous ‘not going to stop because I like it’ side.
“It’s OK. Actually you did pretty good. You didn’t kill him , he is just about to pass out from the blood loss..”
Y/N gave him a smile , kneeling down to the guy and feeding him some of her blood. He was still concious , his heart beat slowly returning to normal.
“Leave and forget about this.”
The guy got up and left as if nothing had happened. Y/N got up placing a hand on Kai’s chest for a moment. He looked startled , afraid to look at her. He wanted so badly for things to work out , for him to have her as a friend at least. He didn’t want to disappoint her in any way. Y/N cupped his face.
“Hey. You did better than me the first time I tried. Klaus had to snap my neck to stop me from finishing the guy off.” she laughed nervously. “You will get better at it and I am pretty sure you will end up having better control than I ever did.”
“I somehow doubt that.” Kai said with a small smile. “I’ll try on my own now..”
Y/N nodded , wiping some of the blood from Kai’s chin , remembering the first time they had met and how different he had been back then. He was trying to be better , she just couldn’t figure out why.

Later that night they compelled themself a car and headed for New Orleans. Kai and Y/N spent their first night back in the real world under the stars , with the car parked on the side of the road. They lay on the blanket pointing at the sky. Turned out Y/N knew pretty much all constellations. Kai was too busy looking at her instead of the sky. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have her as a friend. Her eyes sparkled in the darkness and she rarely stopped smiling. Even when Y/N was being serious about something , there was a smile on her face. If he had met her under different circumstances , he probably would’ve said she is annoyingly positive about everything. One thing had become clear to him during that first day - he loved her even more.
Y/N rested her head on Kai’s chest.
“You will love Klaus and I know he will love you. He has a little bit of a temper but other than that he is very kind and loving.”
“What about the rest of his family ? What are they like ?” Kai asked curious. He had heard stories about them from Damon a long time ago , but he trusted Y/N’s opinion way more.
“I don’t really know. I’ve met his brother Elijah but the rest of his siblings were daggered at the time.” Y/N yawned at the last words and snuggled closer to Kai who awkwardly put his arms around her.
“Get some sleep , I’ll … I’ll watch over you.”
“What would I do without you ?” she mummbled slowly drifting into sleep.

The next day right after sunrise , they got on the road. Y/N decided to drive seeing how Kai hadn’t slept the entire night. He seemed weird when she had woken up this morning , not taking his eyes off her for a second. Around 5PM they finally got to New Orleans. They parked the car a few streets away from the compound and slowly made their way down the crowded streets. Y/N nearly danced on the way there , holding Kai’s had who couldn’t help but smile the whole way there. Somehow Y/N had found her way into his bloodstream and he loved her more with every passing moment. Though he was still scared she might change her mind and leave him. The entire night he had spent watching her sleep , stroking her hair and lightly brushing her cheeks with the back of his hand.In her sleep she snuggled even closer to him and a few times mumbled something in her sleep he couldn’t quite understand. When the sun had started to come up , he wished the night had never ended. He just wanted them to stay together , just the two of them … forever.
Kai and Y/N walked into the compound - someone had spent their time decorating the place for the holiday.
“I’ll be right back.” Y/N said whooshing away for a second to the bathroom.
Kai put his hands in his pockets , looking around - there was a large table set up with decorations and everything. He took a few steps towards it , picking up a cornucopia decoration from the table , checking it out , a smile on his face.
‘Cool.’ he mouthed.
“Who might you be ?” said a male voice with an accent making Kai glance in the direction of the voice. From the description Y/N had given him , this must be Klaus Mikaelson. Kai turned around , outstretching his hand to shake the stranger’s.
“OH Hello… I’m Kai … Parker. I’m with -”
“KLAUS !” Y/N screamed excitedly running and jumping into Klaus’ arms. Both of them laughing.
“Welcome home , little wolf.” said Klaus unable to keep the smile off his face. “I see you brought a gentleman home.. Your boyfriend I assume ? Has he been keeping you away from us ?”
“I wish …” Kai muttered to himself , Klaus glancing at him tho Y/N didn’t seem to hear his comment. She was too busy smiling , laughing and hugging two strangers that had appeared dowstairs a few moment after Klaus. The strangers seemed to be a couple. The guy was wearing a suit and had his hand wrapped around the girl’s waist. Y/N jumped up towards Kai with a smile on her face.
“Klaus , Elijah … Hayley.” she said lightly bumping her shoulder against Kai’s. “This is Malachai. He is a hybrid too , a vampire / witch hybrid…and no , he is not my boyfriend. We are just friends.”
“Best friends.” Kai corrected her , shaking hands with Elijah and Hayley.
“Yeah.The bestest of best friends.” she said kissing him on the cheek.
Klaus kept glancing from Y/N to Kai , his hands crossed on his chest and he smiled at them while shaking his head.
“Fascinating. You can tell us the story during dinner. I want to hear every detail. And your return demands celebration. We are throwing you a party … Tomorrow.”

Thanksgiving dinner had went well , sort of. Klaus kept eyeing Y/N and Kai. They told Klaus , Elijah , Hayley and Freya their story after Hope had gone to bed , not wanting to scare her. Kai seemed tense at first but as the evening went on he relaxed , specially after none of the Mikaelson’s judged him for what he had done. They were nice and even told him he can stay and live there with them. Kai had gotten his own room which was only down the hall from Y/N. He didn’t want to spend the night away from her , but was too nervous to say something unsure how the Mikaelson’s would react. Last thing he wanted was to get her family upset with him. His fears however turned out to be completely unfounded because around midnight , Y/N opened his bedroom door and walked inside.
“What ? You didn’t think I’d let you spend the night alone did you ?” she said smiling , carefully closing the door behind her. Y/N had seen Kai’s face when he realised he’d have to spend the night alone and knew how much he hated being alone , so she decided to go spend the night with him.
Kai grinned when she tossed herself on to the bed next to him.
“Won’t Klaus be angry ? I don’t want to see his bad side.” he swallowed hard. “
“He won’t.” she said turning on her side until she faced him. “So ? What do you think ? Aren’t they the best !”
Kai turned on his side too , his hand under his head. He sighed. “Yes , they are. And Klaus’ daughter .. Hope ? She is something special. No one has ever wanted to sit on my lap or play with me or anything… I like her.” he smiled.
“Yeah , she is the cutest…and I think she likes you. I am afraid I got some competition there.” she winked at him.
Kai laughed trying not to read anything into her coment. It was just who Y/N was. “No competition , sweetheart.” he said softly , watching her slowly drift into sleep.

The next morning Y/N woke up alone in Kai’s bedroom. She quickly went to take a shower and change in her room before tiptoeing downstairs and seeing the table from the evening before covered with all kinds of pastry. Literally mountains of them.
“These look so delicious. Which bakery is missing a compelled baker today?”
Klaus gave her a sideways smirk seeing her excitement. Y/N took a schtrudel from one of the platters. “Where’s Kai ?”
“He went out to grab a snack. He is quite charming , your friend.” said Klaus. “I like him…He is good for you.”
Y/N froze for a second. “What do you mean ?”
“Nothing. Kai balances you out - you are too good for your own good sometimes.”
Klaus gave her a knowing look and Y/N suddenly felt uncomfortable. What he said was true…and a part of her liked Kai and wanted him to be a little more than a friend to her but she knew if he felt something for her , he’d let her know. Or at least she hoped so.
“Can we keep the party small ? Please ?”
“Nonsense. I am throwing you the biggest , loudest party New Orleans have ever witnessed.” Klaus got up from his chair , walking across to her kissing her forehead before he headed for the basement door. “Time you meet the rest of the family , love.”
A few minutes passed and she reached for another of the pastries - a braid sugar covered pastry with creamy filling.
“MMMmmm those are the best..” she mummbled to herself as she reached for another.
Someone covered her eyes with their hands. Y/N could feel the person’s breath on her neck. The touch seemed familiar , very familiar.
Kai wrapped his arms around her from behind giving her a hug. He looked happy and excited, she hadn’t seen him this happy ever. Her heart skipped a beat seeing his smile.
“Right on the first guess ! Did you see me coming or something ?”
“Nope. I just knew. Want a bite ?” Y/N asked , holding out the cream filled pastry out for him. He took a bite , his eyes getting a little wider.
“Wow that’s amazing ! Which one is it ?” Y/N pointed at the platter and he got his own, sitting on the chair next to her. “This town is awesome..and great news - I fed and the girl didn’t pass out , though her knees seemed a little weak at first. I compelled her and sent her on her merry way.”
Y/N punched him playfully on the shoulder trying not to think about whoever that girl has been. “See ? I told you you’ll get the hang of it !”
“Yeah… Hey do you want to go out for lunch ? There is this place like 3 or 4 blocks away. It’s not big but I think you might like it.” said Kai nervously. “They have this avocado thing you seem obsessed with..”
“I better stop eating all this pastry then.” she said smiling at him.
“Is that a yes?”
“Yes.” Y/N laughed.

When Y/N and Kai came back to the compound that afternoon , they found it completely transformed. Klaus hadn’t spared any expense - there were flowers , balloons and even a stage for a live band.
“Oh my God …” Y/N stopped a few steps inside , turning around taking everything in. “I told him to keep it small. Should’ve known better he’d do the opposite.”
Y/N covered her face with her hands , sneaking a peek through her fingers at Kai’s expression and then around the room again. Kai’s face was a mix of suprise , shock and a hint of terror imagining how many people might be invited to the party. She turned around buring her face in Kai’s chest for a moment. “I’m sorry. I know you don’t like crowds… I’ll talk to him get him to -”
“What are you talking about ? It’s your party. It should be about what you want. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”
“But thats what I want - a small party. Just you , Klaus and his siblings. No one else.”
Kai suppressed a smile and started saying something but in that exact moment Klaus walked in , three unfamiliar faces following him closely. Y/N’s eyes widened a little and a smile spread across her face.
“I’d like you to meet the rest of my siblings.” said Klaus. “That’s Finn … he is boring.” (Finn made a face at Klaus’ comment and then went to shake hands with Y/N and Kai.) “My other brother Kol and that’s Rebekah and Freya , who you already know.”
The girls gave Y/N a hug. Kol however took Y/N’s hand and leaned in kissing her knuckles.
“Kol Mikaelson. Where has my brother kept you hidden all this time ?” he said not taking his eyes off hers. Y/N’s cheeks flushed.
For some reason this bothered Kai so much , he found his hands had been balled into fists without he had even realised it. Then there was Klaus’ sister Rebekah who to him seemed nicer than everyone along with her sister Freya. Kai already liked them more than anyone.
“Who’s your handsome friend ? Is he your boyfriend ?” Rebekah wondered.
The corner’s of Kai’s mouth twitched for a moment.
“I’m Kai. Nice to meet you…and I’m not her b-boyfriend.” said Kai , waiting to shake Rebekah’s hand , instead she gave him a hug.
“It’s her loss.” she whispered to in his ear.
Kol suddenly looked more than excited about tonights party. He put his arm on her shoulders.
“Tonight is going to be so much fun , darling.” he said , his gaze falling on Kai and as if to annoy him more , Kol pulled Y/N even closer to him. “I’ll make sure of it.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : I’ll try and post part III by the end of the week. 😉
Reckless [Spencer Reid]

Summary // You decide to do something a little reckless and Spencer really doesn’t want you to get hurt

“Is this the only solution we can come up with?” Spencer asked, you knew the plan wasn’t the best idea as there was a lot of risk to it but you had no other leads on the unsub and with the whole police force you were quite comfortable that it would work, it had to, he couldn’t escape a club where police officers were planted both inside, outside and on the roof watching through the windows, he was such a high priority target but with no leads they didn’t have any other choice.

“I’ll do it.” You volunteered, the idea you all had come up with was to sent someone in and to make them interact with the unsub and see what happens next, he abducted all of his victims from one bar and the best plan was to let someone almost get abducted, there were fingerprints on the various places he had stayed, their bodies had obvious signs of torture and beside the unsub you had everything you needed to convict the unsub, you just needed to arrest him during any crime, yet every time before any agent decided to go to the bar he wasn’t there and with no other lead, this time though he announced it.

“Are you sure?” Hotch asked and you gave a confident nod, you were sure you would be able to handle him, he was an annoying idiot and you understood the danger of it all, the hardest part would likely be not punching him in the face for his stupid remarks, he had taped one of his abductions and torture and left it at the place where he did so for the police to find, he was clever to cover his face but many people had seen the man leave the bar every Friday, every time with a new girl who they never saw again.

“Positive, I can handle it Hotch, I’ve dealt with idiots before and I trust this team and the police force, you’ll be posted outside the building, inside the building and on the roof, it’ll be impossible for him to get away with someone, I’ve done something like this before.” You said confidently and he stared at you for a while before giving you a nod of confirmation.

“Go get ready.” You nodded and immediately decided to head for the hotel room and change into something more appropriate for going to a bar instead of work, you didn’t have anything that was too extreme but you imagined a shirt tucked in and a pair of black jeans would suffice, it was quite cold for the year so you didn’t think everyone would be walking around half naked.

As you had finished changing you noticed the door opening of the room you and Spencer shared.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked and you furrowed your brow, confused as to why he was bringing it up.

“Yeah, I’ve been in worse situations and so I don’t have anything to really loose if it really goes wrong and I got myself out of those worse situations so I’ll be fine, really.” You said as you put your phone into your backpocket and argued whether or not to bring your gun.

“What about me? What about the team?” You became even more confused.

“I won’t die, it’s not that bad but the team will keep working if something bad happens, it’s always goes like that, something goes wrong and eventually people just keep working and for you, you can’t lose something you’ve never had.” You commented and flashed him a quick smile before leaving.


The bar was filled to the brim and you spotted both Morgan and Prentiss on opposite ends of the bar and so you waited with a drink in your hand. What Reid had said got you thinking whilst you waited for the unsub to come. You knew the dangers of doing it and you had to admit you hadn’t really thought about all of the bad things that could happen because you were confident with half of the police in the state around the corner or disguised and present but he was right, everything could really go wrong but you tried to not to think about it.

You liked him, it was more of a thing that was present but you decided not to think of too much, it shouldn’t meddle with your work but you had never heard him as worried as he had then and you wondered if it was more than just caring for a friend and co-worker.

Once you spotted the unsub you decided it was better to just focus on that, deal with the situation at hand.

“You look surprisingly sad and distracted for someone of that beauty.” You stared at him for a while, he looked nothing like he did in the video and it made you wonder if they were a duo, it could be a real possiblity with one of them picking the people up and the other torturing them.

“Smooth, and you wouldn’t mind discussing my distraction with a drink.” You needed to have some form of conversation wit him to try and see if his behaviour would add up to the profile, for him to pick up all of those people he had to be both extremely charasmatic and charming but he would also be a little agressive, no one ever saw him twice, it was always on the night they met that they would be gone and found dead a few days later.

“Of course, you tell a story and I’ll listen and I’ll do the exact same, I’m sure it’ll be interesting, you are obliged to stick around when I do the same though.” He said.

“Maybe I’m not so interesting in a drink any more.” You replied calmly and there was a hint of anger.

“I don’t think you have a choice any more.”

“I can walk out, I have every single choice in the world.” You replied with a grin and the anger only seemed to grow, which was what you exactly needed, a threat to a federal agent was really enough to get him but if your theory was right, it would take a lot more than just getting him.

“You don’t, I’m in control now.” He said as he took a hold of your arm and you easily shook it loose.

“What do you plan to do? Kill me?” You said with a huff.

“If I said yes, what would you be able to do about it. You’re just a young boy/girl” He said, clearly unimpressed and you gave a smirk as you made direct eyecontact with Morgan, something the two of you decided was a sign he could go in.

“I would say you’ve officially threatened a federal agent and harassed one which is a felony.” It seemed to register surprisingly slow but when it did Morgan had him in cuffs and he seemed surprisingly shocked and kept a lingering glare on you as he was carried away.

“That went smooth.” Prentiss commented and you nodded.

“I think they might be a duo.”


“Well, think about it we’ve got someone who’s charasmetic, charming, well if you think it’s charming, and agressive. Logically though, he’s torturing them for at least three days each, he’s a regular but this guy doesn’t fit the sillhouete yet is a perfect version of the profile, I mean we saw the video, he’s supposed to be a bit stocky, shorter than average, round head, this guy’s lean, skinny and his face sharp and a bit too long, it doesn’t add up.” You said, it was clear that he fitted the profile but someone doesn’t go from shorter than average to longer just didn’t happen overnight.

“It’s.. It’s probable.”


“I’m in here!” You shouted as you did your best to keep pressure on your shoulder, you were right with your intuition, there were two unsubs, two brothers. The younger one was more charismatic and whilst he didn’t know exactly what his older brother did to them, he liked the idea of charming and flirting with people and he could act aggressive towards them which was all he needed to be in. Hotch and Prentiss had gone to cover the left side of the house, Rossi and Morgan the right side and you and Reid were tasked with checking out the backyard, there were two sheds in the backyard and you suggested splitting up to cover more ground effectively, you had picked the one with the weird basement and the second unsub. You managed to knock him out but he still had a gun in his hand and fired a shot which landed in your shoulder.

“Y/N!” Spencer said as he stormed down the stairs and immediately went to your side.

“I’m fine! It’s just a shot wound in my left shoulder, I don’t use my left arm either way so I’ll live.” You commented, it did definitely hurt but you’ve had fights that resulted in worse injuries.

“You could’ve died!” He proclaimed.

“Yeah, but I didn’t, let’s focus on that. I don’t think I can get up on that ladder honestly.” You said with a quick smile, you didn’t like to dwell on your irrational decisions nor did you like to dwell on the fact that the bullet could’ve easily hit your heart if it had strayed a bit downward an to the right.

“I can support your back, it might make it a little easier on your right shoulder.” Spencer offered and you nodded and got up, you were very attracted to leaving the damp basement underneath a wooden shed, you tried your best not to move your left arm or shoulder as you started to climb and Spencer kept a steady hand on your back, it made it easier and very slowly you managed to get up just in time for everyone to arrive.

“What happened?” Prentiss asked, clearly worried whilst you did your best to keep some form of pressure on the wound, it wasn’t bleeding that heavily any more but you did it just to be safe.

“I got shot by our unsub, he’s down there, I knocked him out. I told Reid we should split up, two sheds, we’d cover ground faster this way, either way I’m going to be fine, any medics here?” Hotch gave a stiff nod with dissaproving eyes.

“Good, I know I did something stupid but give me a break, I got him and I got punished for my reckless actions.” You said as you walked outside and Reid followed you.

“You can lean on me.” He offered and you smiled.

“I appreciate it though I didn’t get shot in the leg,” You said with a chuckle. “You were right, you know.”


“Well, about the whole thing in the bar, I didn’t really think about it and I guess I did kind of got lucky there were two unsubs instead of just one, I don’t know what he could’ve done in the bar,” You admitted, you had been a little afraid to admit it to yourself but it was true. “So thanks, you know for caring and pointing out my obvious recklessness.” You said.

“It’s nothing, I just.. If we’d gone together, what do you think would’ve happened?” He asked and you did your best at a shrug with one shoulder.

“We could’ve overpowered him, we could’ve both got wounded, one of us could’ve died, I.. I don’t know Spencer, so much could’ve happened but I’m happy you didn’t get hurt.” You admitted, after having got shot already you hoped he didn’t have to go through it again.

“But you did.” He said and you smiled.

“I’d take a bullet for you any day Spencer, don’t worry about me getting hurt. Medics can get this fixed and I’ll be fine any day, I think I should just try to stay back a little, lay a little low the next few cases. Either way it doesn’t matter now, it happened.” You pointed out.

“Do you still want me?” you furrowed your brow.

“How do you mean?” You had an idea what he meant and were inclined to say yes but hoped to have him clarify it a little.

“You said you can’t lose what you don’t have, do you want to have me, I ehm.. I suppose I’m asking.. If uh,  If you like me.” He said, somewhat awkward.

“I uh.. I do, yeah I’ve just tried to erm… I don’t really know, I kind of tried to surpress it, I guess, to not interfere with the work but I’ve always liked that idea.” You admitted honestly, he smiled.

“I uh.. I like you too.” He said.

“That’s good, would be awkward if you didn’t. I guess we can sort this out a bit more later but I think we should get my shoulder fixed.” You suggested with a chuckle.

“I think we should too.”

“Well now, that’s too tragic isn’t?” - Verkwan humor/fluff

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(they are so cute i can’t. my heart)

It wasn’t everyday when Seungkwan felt like cooking or baking something, but on this particular day he felt like doing something nice to his members. When they weren’t pracitcing or recording he tried to find something easy yet delicious to bake, something that was enough for all of them. He didn’t want to order it, but make it with his two hands. He even asked some of the members’ opinions on what he should do.

But as he stood in the kitchen with all the ingredients out, he noticed that something was missing - he got everything out though? He sighed, maybe there’s more baking soda in one of the many cabinets of the kitchen, or he’ll just ask one of them to hurry and get more. But there were none. He sighed when Vernon stepped into the kitchen, curiously looking at the other male but not saying a word. He sat down beside the counter where everything was placed on. Since he know the others had expectations, so did Vernon, he didn’t want to disappoint anyone and get teased by Vernon for forgetting something as important as baking soda. Maybe the muffins would work out without it?

Vernon knew very well where were the baking soda packs. It was him who stole them not long ago, when he came for water. He appreciated Seungkwan’s idea, but it was a chance to prank him and he won’t give it up. They were in his jeans’ backpocket, but he didn’t notice that as he sat down the packaging peeked out from it - so Seungkwan could easily notice it.

A pout was playing on Seungkwan’s lips, he was thinking about what could replace the baking soda - maybe salt? It looks a bit like baking soda… He left the batter to search in the fridge, maybe he put it there when he got the milk and chocolate out. Nothing. He shut the door of the fridge, and he noticed something familiar in Vernon’s pocket.

- Don’t you want to tell me something, Hansol? - he looked at him suspiciously.

- Me? Not really. - a nonchalant smile was playing on his lips.

- Haven’t you seen a couple packs of baking soda? They should be around here.

- Wait, so you forgot the baking soda? What did you think - the muffins would grow without it? - Hansol giggled.

Seungkwan was already worried and stressed enough without the younger’s teasing, he took two long strides before he was behind Vernon, reaching for his backpocket. But the boy knew well what Seungkwan wanted, so he got up quickly, walking backwards. His back hit the cabinet behind him. Seungkwan followed him fast enough to slide his hand behind Vernon, but the force Vernon pressed himself against the cabinet was painful enough for him to cry out.

And maybe it wasn’t the best time for Dino to get a bottle of water with some snacks.

- Give them back now, I need it! - whined Seungkwan, still trying to pull out his hand.

Dino just stood there for a while, shaking his head while jiggling at his hyungs’ antics before grabbing what he wanted and leaving. 

- This way I’ll never finish the muffins!

-Well now, that’s too tragic isn’t it? - a heartfelt laugh left his lips, but he wasn’t ready for Seungkwan to pull his hand away all of a sudden and his body slipped down. He fell to his butt, the baking soda falling out of his pocket. Seungkwan grabbed them and went straight to the bowl, not even giving a glance to Vernon, who now was pouting on the floor.

- You won’t even help me up, hyung?

Vernon knew that Seungkwan was sulking, but he found it cute - as his lips pouted, eyebrows knitting together and a serious expression took over his features. He got up, slowly walked to Seungkwan who was trying hard to ignore the other male, but failed when he backhugged him, resting his chin on top of his shoulder. He blushed and almost dropped the spoon he was holding, but let him do it as he tried to finish what he started.


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So I love j2 but here's my only doubt about their relationship. If they truly were trying to hide something between them wouldn't they go to more efforts to do so? I mean if it's true they're practically broadcasting it to everyone and I just can't get over that as the biggest reason it's not.

Hello, dear anon!

You’re asking a legitimate question that I’ve often pondered myself. What if it’s all fanservice and they’re genuinely happy in their marriages? Obviously that’s not what I think is going on, but I feel that it’s healthy to re-assess one’s views every now and again. Scepticism is key.

Here’s the thing - most of us tinhats believe they’ve been together from the start. Not necessarily seriously at first, but they certainly seem to have grown into quite the married couple we see today.

In the early years, they didn’t seem to hide it very well. They both had women by their side to keep up the facade, but the work was rather sloppy. Several people had their doubts from the start (have you seen A Day in the Life..?) and there were already some rumours about Jensen’s sexuality from before Supernatural (Austin Peck).

I trust you have read Speak the Truth by now? Something changed in 2008-2009. It seems as though things got a little too open for the liking of some people (anybody’s guess - mngmt, tptb, family, themselves?) as Sandra and Jared “broke up” and Jensen moved in with Jared. And oh, that ever-changing story of how that came to be…

Anyway, the solution seemed to be to up the bearding a notch. I’m not going to recount their entire story as its known to us, of course, but they got married and eventually kids came into the picture. I would call that a great deal of effort.

To me, it seems as though Jared’s breakdown in 2015 was the starting point for their glass closet phase that we’re witnessing now. I’m guessing they decided that no game is worth risking their mental healths over and that some of the barricades should be taken down. They had already reinforced their images as heterosexual men enough, as we can very well see today.

One has to keep in mind that if these men have truly been smitten with each other from the start, it’s a very difficult thing to hide. They know each other like they know their own backpockets. They have a certain flow together, certain mannerisms that have been cemented over the decade+ they’ve sticked with one another.

Granted, they are actors, but there’s no script to conventions and some of the interviews. You never quite know what to expect in those situations. You’d have to be a stone-cold conman never to slip up, especially if you’ve already established that you’re gonna go light on the bearding. A wife mention or seven at every convention and a picture every now and then should keep the image up.

Well, those are just some of the thoughts I’ve had on the subject. Forgive my lengthy response - I always feel like I have so much to say to fencesitters in particular. I hope it makes some sense!

Have a glorious week, dear anon, and stay sceptical!

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