the backgrounds is kinda... not so awesome

MHA dub commentary ep 9

  • “Hey you! Can you tell us what it’s like to work so closely with All Might?” the reporter asks Izuku, who would probably be the best person to answer this question if he weren’t protecting a secret and also didn’t have social anxiety up the everywhere
  • Ochako, asked the same question: uuuhhhh he’s…. got muscles?
  • Iida: improvises an entire speech about All Might and i’m honestly feeling a little attacked right now b/c this is basically me with Bakugou
  • reporter: brings up the sludge villain incident. Bakugou: WALK AWAY.* (*BEFORE I FUCKING BLOW YOUR ASS UP FOR MENTIONING THAT)
  • seriously that’s such a thinly veiled threat im 
  • Bakugou no
  • Aizawa looks more like a hobo than usual today. also he just shoos the reporters out like bothersome little pests i love it
  • random but i enjoy that the reporter lady is wearing slacks instead of a skirt
  • “Naturally, everybody wanted to get their hands on All Might” and then it cuts to Shigaraki
  • hah
  • also hi Shigaraki you…. creepy motherfucker. standing there all… menacingly…….
  • okay i’m just gonna say that fucking pun was intentional on narrator!Izuku’s part because there’s no way that was an accident
  • future adult narrator Izuku is this the time to be making bad puns about the villains coming to kill your teacher/mentor/father figure

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Don't eat the food of the mindscape ( Billdip )

So this is a Billdip fic ( bill x dipper) with a Persephone and hades feel to it its kinda awesome I’ve read it a few times over the years and I love the vibe every time So this starts out with bill leaving deer teeth and other crazy stuff for dipper in his room dipper doesn’t realize it but by keeping them he has accepted a demon court ship from Bill and is as a result kidnapped to the mindscape ( very hades and Persephone) from there it gets a little beauty and the beast feel but you know no curse or anything in the background Mabel and Stan are trying to save him from Bill seriously I love this fic y'all need to read it this fic is completed with 21 chapters and a 23k+ word count

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frick I can’t draw backgrounds or proper anatomy

Ok so a certain fic dragged me into terumob hell… and that’s @uncannycookie‘s awesome fic And Nearly Letting Go.  I was tricked by the Mogami angst and now I’m a shipper oops… (I rarely ship anything but terumob is so cute).

But anyways, this thing here is from Mob being a bit of a dumby and going out in a snow storm with no shoes. Like dude, people lose toes that way.

themadzlove  asked:

Hi there! I just discovered your blog and I really love the kuro comics you've made, your art style is awesome. I noticed from your art that you ship Sheith (love your art of them too btw) and I was wondering if you have any other ships? Thanks!

Hey there! Thank you so much! :) I’m glad you like it.

Well, I do have some other ships, but I’m mostly sheith-addicted, so I only ship them in the background. I like Shance, too - so I made up the whole Kuro-comic thing… just so I could have sheith and shance at the same time. xD

I also ship Hunk/Lance - they’re so cute together. And (shame on me) I kinda developed a thing for Allura/Pidge. I’ve seen some very cute fanart with a grown-up Pidge… But since she’s still so smol in the series and Allura’s way older than her it won’t work and I keep very queit about this ship :x Because my multi-shipping ass wouldn’t be able to handle all the haters and antis that’d rage out about it. Even if I told them I only ship a grown-up Pidge with Allura.

Oh and of course I ship the whole Kuro/Keith/Shiro/Lance thing. xD

your-zipper-is-down  asked:

Listen, I've just looked since the origins of your art blog (btw you have 78 pages) And all your pieces (art, backgrounds, fanart) are so awesome? Also, sorry for the spam, I kinda carry on a little, but your art is so great? You're so talented! Have a nice day, and please never stop your work, please ♥♥♥

You’re a trooper for going in so deep! I should probably remove some stuff, there’s just too many stuff everywhere ahhaha

You are so sweet, just saw the notifications and got so so excited and happy!
Words can not describe just how happy it is knowing you like my original work ;u;

Thank you so so so much! For your support, nice words, and being a complete champion and braving all those  pages ahaha :’D ♡

HONESTLY, thank you so so much, you’ve made my entire week! ♡ ♡ ♡

- ̗̀  introduction  ̖́-

hello everyone ! i’m admin fox ( nineteen, she/they, brt. ) and i’m honestly so excited to get this group going i’ve been waiting weeks to do it tbh but um yes ok i wanna plot w lit everyone bc all the muses seem amazing ? so yeah if u wanna plot just like this or im me ! i’ve got a wanted connections page ready so if u could b a doll and check that out and hmu w your favorite it would be awesome !

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Things I have learned from Grey (part 1/?)

2. Oh, hi, hello there. Yes, I am doing this again. No, I don’t make money off this (although I should, I’m losing brain cells for the good of humanity). You’re all welcome, by the way
3. About the book: “E L James offers a fresh perspective on the love story that has enthralled millions of readers around the world.” – it’s not fresh, it’s literally the same book, only written from a “different perspective” or whatever. That is not fresh, that is “let me make some money writing the same thing wow go me i is smart writer cookie for me”
4. It’s funny that in the About the author page, there’s no mention about E.L.James’ previous “thriller with a supernatural twist”. It’s almost like… she can’t write anything else *gasp*
5.I wonder briefly if all her skin is like that—flawless—and what it would look like pink and warmed from the bite of a cane.” – here we go again *sigh* *bangs head against wall just to be prepared*

6. What normal person thinks something like that the second that they meet someone? It’s like: “yes, hi, hello, nice to meet you, I wonder how you’d look if I beat you with a cane, yes the weather is nice today fancy a walk?”
7.A bashful, bookish type, eh? She looks it: poorly dressed, her slight frame hidden beneath a shapeless sweater, an A-line brown skirt, and utilitarian boots.” – I feel offended on behalf of all bookish people. Who says we can’t dress fancy or whatever?? Fuck you Christian.

8.It occurs to me that I could refine her motor skills with the aid of a riding crop.” – what the fuck. My dude. No. Step away from the equipment. Have some hot chocolate. Hug a puppy. And therapy. Lots and lots of therapy. Also, I dare you all to read that sentence with a straight face.
9. He’s calling her baby and sweetheart in his inner monologue and I can’t help but squirm because it’s sooooooo creepy.

13.her mouth needs training, and I imagine her on her knees before me” – yes, this book is as eloquent as its predecessors
14. Anastasia asking Christian if he’s gay sends him in a whirlwind of “omg how dare sheeeeeee, the HORROR, the BLASPHEMY”. Christian isn’t very confident in his masculinity, apparently. Also, fyi, being gay isn’t the worst thing on the planet, author.
15.I want to flog and fuck this girl in my playroom.” – I regret this endeavour that I dared take. No, really, pulling out my own nails would be more pleasant. Medieval torture sounds so much more fun than this.
16. Yeah, I’ll give you a second to get over that visual.
17. Of course he’s doing a background check on her because that’s totally normal. Background checks aren’t sexy, they’re creepy and invasive. This has been a PSA for Christian.
18.So here I am, an ass” – yes, you are accurate, very good here’s a gold star
19.I’m now behaving like a stalker” – 2 for 2 Christian, attaboy!
20. His inner monologue is so pretentious and…ugh, how can I explain this properly… it’s like a dudebro learned how to utter proper sentences
21. Kinda like this: “I’m manly and awesome, let’s DO THIS GAME ON MOTHAFUCKAAAASS *all the exclamation points*” But, you know, more articulate
22.My cock twitches in response” – so this is what I’m getting in exchange for all the “down there” monologue from the previous books. FML.

23. The amount of times he’s thought of flogging her is becoming nauseating
24.It’s coarser and chafes more if you struggle against it…my rope of choice.” – bro, no. Like, no. This is not okay. He’s actively looking for things that hurt more. This book is hurting me. Time to bring out the big guns:

25. Ana being able to tie and roll up some rope is oh so impressive to Christian, as if women are incompetent squirrels.
27. I shit you not, it’s probably what went on in Christian’s tiny sex addled brain
28.Get your fucking paws off her”. – I fucking told y’all
29. I know he’s staking a claim and telling me to back off” – oh my actual god, you’re human people get over this primeval behaviour
30.In my room. Just you, me, and the cable ties.” – sooooo romantic *gags repeatedly*
31. I’m only on page 30 hahahahahaha ahahahahahaha hahahahahaha
32. Pray for me

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed masterpost

anonymous asked:

out if curiosity what program do you use for art? and if you use pant tool SAI, what are your brush settings?

I do indeed use Paint Tool SAI !

ok I’ve doodled up some little thingies here ok yeah (they aren’t terribly great bear with me)

SO first up we have my trusty pen tool. I use this guy for everything mostly sketching + linearts ect ect

Next is this awesome brush thing. Good for painting?? very blendy. You kinda have to get used to scribbling with it though, to get vibrancy. Once you do, though, its GREAT for making palettes.

This one looks a lot the same I know but its a lil different I SWEAR. I switch between these two ↑↓ a lot they’re a gr8 pair for speedpainting

This one’s kinda like the top two but its really smooth!!!! so smooth

aaand last but not least, I like to use this nifty lil guy for backgrounds n stuff.

(I switch between Fuzystatic & Fine_Flat a lot)

I use lots of others a lot, depending on whatever effect I need (airbrush for glowing, a smoke brush for mist/fire/smoke, ect ect) But these are my main & favourites!! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

blamethevechs  asked:

Please do a version of Shitty as a teacher, telling what happens when he brings Jack in. Like, how does Jack teach those days? I really wanna know <3

Sorry for the late reply, I don’t know how to work asks at all and trying to find the right time. Also finals but psshhhh

*claps hands* Ohhhh boy let’s do this. Also, self promo, read my other High School Teacher Shitty AU 1,2,3

  • So like Shitty knows a guy who knows about history
  • It’s Jack
  • So how many kids actually follow hockey in high school?
  • Like 5 out of 20?? 7 out of 20???
  • I don’t follow hockey whoops  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • So like they are studying World War 2
  • And it’s getting somewhat boring for some kids
  • So he’s like, ‘Yo, you want to meet this really hot guy who knows about history that most people don’t study and he knows hockey stuff?’
  • And it is a half-hearted murmur but Shitty takes that as a yes
  • Friday before a three day weekend where no one pays attention anyways he calls in Jack

Jack’s Voicemail: This is Jack Zimmmermann’s voicemail, please leave your name, message and number after the tone.

Shitty: ‘Jack! Baaaabe, wanna come in and talk about World War 2 with my kids? Because I already said you did, so show up on Friday next week. And I already called everyone and asked if you were busy and you aren’t. I’ll buy you chicken tenders from the cafeteria. Okay, thanks, can’t wait to see your glorious ass.’

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Blue Exorcist Headcanon: Rin's Tail

Rin’s tail is prehensile, meaning that it can grip things.  So when he cooks, he uses three limbs instead of just two. 

Imagine Rin baking something, and instead of using an electric mixer he can crack eggs into the batter with his hands and keep stirring it at the same time with his tail around the mixing spoon/spatula/whisk.  I bet it amuses Yukio to no end, to see his brother bustling around the kitchen with the apron and everything while he doesn’t even have to turn around to open the fridge, just pulls it open with his tail and then reaches back to grab whatever he needs.

Rin would be so casual about using his tail for everyday things too, like if he drops a pencil in class or needs to carry a lot of stuff.  Just picture it: Rin’s arms all full of books with a lunchbag hanging from his tail, Kuro perched on his head for the ride.  Then Yukio decides to test how strong it is and hangs his lunchbag on Rin’s tail too, noticing that it actually curls around the handles of both bags so that they don’t fall off.

They just walk to class like that, Rin barely noticing the extra weight.  His friends all stare at him when they walk in, and then somebody starts laughing because his tail is basically being treated as a glorified coatrack and it’s just so bizarre to see.  Later, Mephisto might chide Rin a bit since the tail is one of a demon’s most vulnerable body parts, but Rin would probably just kinda shrug and be all like, “But how else was I supposed to carry everything?”

(“It’s called a bookbag, Nii-san,” Yukio would chuckle unobtrusively in the background.  Rin sputters and ignores him.)

And then Rin finds out that monkeys use their (also prehensile) tails to help them grip branches and such as they swing through the trees.  And then he decides that he wants to try it, because he found a video or something online and it looks awesomely fun.  So, later that day, Yukio pokes his head into the dorms- noticeably empty -before hearing some sort of commotion outside.

Yukio looks out the window, just in time to see Rin fall headfirst out of a tree, leaves in his hair and uniform all smeared with dirt and sap.  His tail twitches comically as he pulls himself up and then shimmies up the trunk to try again, like a giant oversized monkey-squirrel thing.  His friends, who are all standing around watching, alternate between laughing uproariously and shouting words of encouragement.  Kuro’s bouncing around everybody’s feet with Nii (or Nee; I’ve seen it spelled both ways) either riding on his back or summoning thick pads of moss to soften Rin’s crash landings.  Whichever it is, the entire situation is absolutely hilarious.

Of course, nobody notices Mephisto giggling while taking pictures in the background…

fanart ❀ bts // burn it all

initially wanted to draw suga and that dude on fire as well but that did not turn out very well so i thought why not just show some appreciation for the awesome set of the fire mv. was just kinda playing around with new brushes. i might do more because i had fun painting this. 

estaraswanberg replied to your post “estaraswanberg replied to your post “Obligatory Apology Post” …”

well, *I* actually found you via your funny pictures of various Arlen versions in ESO and saw we seem to have similar geeky and probably age backgrounds, considering which kinds of things you reblog. So I’m here for the pictures. Never played The Secret World.

Yay! I’m happy to hear it though! I actually really love ESO though I kind of play it off and on–usually later in the summer. I dunno why, but it’s a really “summer” kinda game for me.

One Tamriel was an awesome change though, I have to say–it really opened up the entire world with the enemy scaling. This last go-round, I’ve done and seen stuff I NEVER thought I’d experience EVER, even a couple Dolmens in Cyrodiil!! As such, I’m actually looking forward to the expansion this time!

In the meantime, I’m muddling through FF14 and getting stuck in Arts n’ Crafts Hell (imagine Arlen covered in paste and little bits of cloth and the remains of food processor accidents). I hope you enjoy the screenshots anyway!

It’s Kayla! (with hollstein in the background) We had so much fun at T’s first sleepover even though he was kinda quiet the whole time but we all still love him bc quiet ppl are awesome cause then you can just listen and gossip about them later (jk). anyway i hope we can do it again or atleast hang out again soon so we can get a picture together!!

So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

Wanna Know Why I Like Darcy?

It’s the same reason Ron is my favourite HP character. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of characters and Hermione is fucking awesome.


The reason I love Ron so much is because he’s average. He’s an okay wizard. He’s an okay student. Sometimes he really pulls it out of the bag, and sometimes he really doesn’t.

He’s not “special” like Harry, he’s not super intelligent like Hermione. It’s reinforced by the fact he’s got tons of family and they’re all good at something in particular.

And there’s Ron. Overshadowed a little by his friends, kinda forced into the background a bit by all the family, but he steps up to the plate anyway. He knows he’s kinda average, and he’s out there fighting because it’s the right thing to do.

Like Darcy.

She’s overshadowed by Jane and Erik. Both super intelligent scientists and working in a realm that isn’t even her area of expertise. Then Thor turns up. Maybe he’s not intelligent like Jane, but he’s special - other worldly, super strength, heir to the throne of a far off place.

But Darcy steps up. Both times. She’s stuck in an unfamiliar city in Thor 2, the world about to end, her boss and best friend has disappeared (and might be dying for all she knows), the other scientist she knows is dancing around a national landmark with his bollocks out.

She’s outmanned and outgunned, but she does what little she can anyway. Because she has to.

MCU is stuffed full of extraordinary characters. I love Black Widow, love Wanda, love Sif; love Maria Hill; but they’re not average by any means. Darcy is the little guy, the normal person in a sea of extraordinary faces.

You think by writing about that it’s self insert? I HOPE to be a person who steps up to the plate even when they know they’re outmatched. A person who does the right thing BECAUSE it’s the right thing.

I don’t need any more superheroes who have a moral responsibility to step up because they have super strength and abilities; that’s a given. Give me someone who has NOTHING and goes right ahead anyway.

God knows the world needs more of it.

MHA episode 3 dub commentary

  • “Age: Unknown” i wonder when we’re gonna get canon confirmation for how old All Might is
  • also i enjoy that the backdrop to this scene is a anime render of All might from one of the manga covers/colorspreads
  • i’m sorry is All Might on the fucking cover of a fashion magazine named “Torzan”
  • i always enjoyed how All Might told Izuku that he could be a hero while in his true form. no facades or bombastic masks, just the real Toshi talking to Izuku.
  • also i love this background music
  • i think it’s kinda funny how Izuku is literally on the ground sobbing and Toshi is sorta just… standing there, staring at him
  • i mean they’re happy tears, but still
  • Toshi this kid was just sobbing his eyes out and is so confused and your first response is to laugh and say “YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW!!” Toshi no
  • “DO YOU WANNA ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!!”  i love the little sound affects of him spitting up a gallon of blood during this line of dialog
  • also i enjoy the difference between Bombastic All Might’s voice and Dramatic Toshi’s voice
  • i always found it kinda funny how they’re in the middle of a residential neighborhood and yet Toshi is just telling the secret of One for All to Izuku without a care in the world that someone might overhear
  • “Someone gave you this quirk…? No way!” “Yes way!”
  • i love Toshi’s dialog omg
  • more fucking amazing background music fuck i love this soundtrack
  • Toshi does this really silly little movement in the middle of this dramatic music and i’m just. laughign. what a dork
  • “Hey, hey, hey! It’s pretty comfy up on this fridge, how are you doing down there!” “NNNNRRRRRGHHHH….!!!!”
  • All Might you little shit lmao
  • what the fuck All Might is 600lbs?????
  • 560lbs IS STILL A LOT OF WEIGHT TOSHI what the fuck how much does he weigh in his true form because  w hat  the uf c k
  • i refuse to believe that Toshi’s true form weighs more than 160lbs
  • the fact that Izuku goes into a mini existential crisis so quickly here kinda makes me laugh
  • don’t worry my child it’ll be alright
  • also the difference between All Might’s voice in his hero form is interesting to me, because he speaks so bombastically towards Izuku even tho there’s no real need to do it, which makes me wonder if it’s just sort of. instinctual by now to speak like that in that form
  • All Might just casually hits his knuckle against the side of the fridge and leaves a baseball sized dent in it
  • the fact that All Might created this ridiculously well planned schedule for the next 10 months of Izuku’s life just shows how fucking smart he is
  • i know i keep mentioning it but i really enjoy the difference in All Might’s voice when he’s in different forms. it’s so subtle but it’s there. Chris Sabat is a fantastic actor
  • i enjoy the different colors of All Might’s shirts
  • i also enjoy the japanese rap here during the great background music
  • poor Inko is so confused
  • ok so i just wanna make a note here that Izuku carried All Might on his back and ALL MIGHT APPARENTLY WEIGHS 560 FUCKING POUNDS
  • Toshi is a harsh trainer
  • more amazing bg music
  • also Izuku’s voice acting during his collapse scene is really great
  • Izuku’s scream of triumph is great and has just the right amount of catching and stuttering to it
  • hearing the word “supercrap” be said in All Might’s bombastic, heroic voice makes me laugh
  • Toshi sounds so embarrassed over how one needs to pass on OFA 
  • “Get out of my way now before I set you on fire.” Bakugou chill, please
  • also i enjoy Bakugou’s pale yellow scarf, it’s so cute
  • “Thanks to All Might… I could actually become a hero!” *trips* “…. Or I’ll just die!!” #relateable
  • fuck Uraraka’s voice is like a combo of Nami’s voice and Duck’s voice and it’s fucking me up yo, that is gonna take a lot of getting used to
  • “HOLY WHOA, I JUST TALKED TO A GIRL!!!!” *dramatic violin plays*
  • oh myg od what the fuck Present Mic’s voice
  • i am gonna have to get used to that holy shit
  • he sounds like Usopp trying to be a DJ an di’m  shak;ghaskg;
  • however i will say that his voice matches the background music perfectly
  • this voice is growing on me
  • idk i just expected his voice to be higher
  • Bakugou, my son, my child, my precious… chill the fuck out yo
  • oh my god Iida is J Micheal Tatum 
  • all these new voices are fucking me up
  • i think i’m gonna get used to Iida’s voice quick tho
  • Iida my boy, you also need to chill
  • the awkward silence after every moment Mic asks for a crowd cheer fills me with joy. he tries so hard and never gives up
  • heard Uraraka’s voice again in the preview and oh man it is gonna be hard getting used to her voice

anyway that’s it for ep 3

Moon God Saitama

From the amazing Eclipse!AU I knew about in @cinensis‘ blog~

Well this whole thing was just to try out the new watercolor paper I bought the other day so it’s not really the same design Moon Sai has in the original AU. I wanted to try and use a lot of paint to really soak the paper and see how it worked so I did this design, based in the moon’s influence over tides. Basically the concept is him while using his power to move the oceans. The cloak has a starfield on the inside and the outside goes from plain water-like colours to actual water and crashing waves. Also the original Au kind of talks a bit about it, saying that this Moon God’s heart beat sounds like the ocean (and it’s just so perfect I’m going to die). Btw the background is totally half-assed so don’t really look for logic there lol

Things I’ve learned from this: this paper works pretty awesomely, I have no idea how to draw fabric (also, proportions? poses? hah, what that) and painting water is a pain in the ass. 

moar fanart of most awesome bleach fanfic; The Stars Rained Down Like Embers, by @copperscript (chapter 18, that sweet face-holding scene, I just couldn’t help myself)

went for the fake anime screenshot -kind of style this time :D

also known as the “lol I dunno how to background so let’s do something vague and blurry” -pic

(so I’ve never drawn bleach fanart before these fic fanarts and I’m still kinda feeling around how to draw these guys, e.g. ichi’s hair’s a lot spikier now etc)

and now I’m annoyed because the screen of my phone shows this pic with much warmer colours than my laptop screen, and I have no idea which screen is the one that distorts them XD