the backgrounds is kinda... not so awesome

MHA episode 3 dub commentary

  • “Age: Unknown” i wonder when we’re gonna get canon confirmation for how old All Might is
  • also i enjoy that the backdrop to this scene is a anime render of All might from one of the manga covers/colorspreads
  • i’m sorry is All Might on the fucking cover of a fashion magazine named “Torzan”
  • i always enjoyed how All Might told Izuku that he could be a hero while in his true form. no facades or bombastic masks, just the real Toshi talking to Izuku.
  • also i love this background music
  • i think it’s kinda funny how Izuku is literally on the ground sobbing and Toshi is sorta just… standing there, staring at him
  • i mean they’re happy tears, but still
  • Toshi this kid was just sobbing his eyes out and is so confused and your first response is to laugh and say “YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW!!” Toshi no
  • “DO YOU WANNA ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!!”  i love the little sound affects of him spitting up a gallon of blood during this line of dialog
  • also i enjoy the difference between Bombastic All Might’s voice and Dramatic Toshi’s voice
  • i always found it kinda funny how they’re in the middle of a residential neighborhood and yet Toshi is just telling the secret of One for All to Izuku without a care in the world that someone might overhear
  • “Someone gave you this quirk…? No way!” “Yes way!”
  • i love Toshi’s dialog omg
  • more fucking amazing background music fuck i love this soundtrack
  • Toshi does this really silly little movement in the middle of this dramatic music and i’m just. laughign. what a dork
  • “Hey, hey, hey! It’s pretty comfy up on this fridge, how are you doing down there!” “NNNNRRRRRGHHHH….!!!!”
  • All Might you little shit lmao
  • what the fuck All Might is 600lbs?????
  • 560lbs IS STILL A LOT OF WEIGHT TOSHI what the fuck how much does he weigh in his true form because  w hat  the uf c k
  • i refuse to believe that Toshi’s true form weighs more than 160lbs
  • the fact that Izuku goes into a mini existential crisis so quickly here kinda makes me laugh
  • don’t worry my child it’ll be alright
  • also the difference between All Might’s voice in his hero form is interesting to me, because he speaks so bombastically towards Izuku even tho there’s no real need to do it, which makes me wonder if it’s just sort of. instinctual by now to speak like that in that form
  • All Might just casually hits his knuckle against the side of the fridge and leaves a baseball sized dent in it
  • the fact that All Might created this ridiculously well planned schedule for the next 10 months of Izuku’s life just shows how fucking smart he is
  • i know i keep mentioning it but i really enjoy the difference in All Might’s voice when he’s in different forms. it’s so subtle but it’s there. Chris Sabat is a fantastic actor
  • i enjoy the different colors of All Might’s shirts
  • i also enjoy the japanese rap here during the great background music
  • poor Inko is so confused
  • ok so i just wanna make a note here that Izuku carried All Might on his back and ALL MIGHT APPARENTLY WEIGHS 560 FUCKING POUNDS
  • Toshi is a harsh trainer
  • more amazing bg music
  • also Izuku’s voice acting during his collapse scene is really great
  • Izuku’s scream of triumph is great and has just the right amount of catching and stuttering to it
  • hearing the word “supercrap” be said in All Might’s bombastic, heroic voice makes me laugh
  • Toshi sounds so embarrassed over how one needs to pass on OFA 
  • “Get out of my way now before I set you on fire.” Bakugou chill, please
  • also i enjoy Bakugou’s pale yellow scarf, it’s so cute
  • “Thanks to All Might… I could actually become a hero!” *trips* “…. Or I’ll just die!!” #relateable
  • fuck Uraraka’s voice is like a combo of Nami’s voice and Duck’s voice and it’s fucking me up yo, that is gonna take a lot of getting used to
  • “HOLY WHOA, I JUST TALKED TO A GIRL!!!!” *dramatic violin plays*
  • oh myg od what the fuck Present Mic’s voice
  • i am gonna have to get used to that holy shit
  • he sounds like Usopp trying to be a DJ an di’m  shak;ghaskg;
  • however i will say that his voice matches the background music perfectly
  • this voice is growing on me
  • idk i just expected his voice to be higher
  • Bakugou, my son, my child, my precious… chill the fuck out yo
  • oh my god Iida is J Micheal Tatum 
  • all these new voices are fucking me up
  • i think i’m gonna get used to Iida’s voice quick tho
  • Iida my boy, you also need to chill
  • the awkward silence after every moment Mic asks for a crowd cheer fills me with joy. he tries so hard and never gives up
  • heard Uraraka’s voice again in the preview and oh man it is gonna be hard getting used to her voice

anyway that’s it for ep 3

frick I can’t draw backgrounds or proper anatomy

Ok so a certain fic dragged me into terumob hell… and that’s @uncannycookie‘s awesome fic And Nearly Letting Go.  I was tricked by the Mogami angst and now I’m a shipper oops… (I rarely ship anything but terumob is so cute).

But anyways, this thing here is from Mob being a bit of a dumby and going out in a snow storm with no shoes. Like dude, people lose toes that way.

Wanna Know Why I Like Darcy?

It’s the same reason Ron is my favourite HP character. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of characters and Hermione is fucking awesome.


The reason I love Ron so much is because he’s average. He’s an okay wizard. He’s an okay student. Sometimes he really pulls it out of the bag, and sometimes he really doesn’t.

He’s not “special” like Harry, he’s not super intelligent like Hermione. It’s reinforced by the fact he’s got tons of family and they’re all good at something in particular.

And there’s Ron. Overshadowed a little by his friends, kinda forced into the background a bit by all the family, but he steps up to the plate anyway. He knows he’s kinda average, and he’s out there fighting because it’s the right thing to do.

Like Darcy.

She’s overshadowed by Jane and Erik. Both super intelligent scientists and working in a realm that isn’t even her area of expertise. Then Thor turns up. Maybe he’s not intelligent like Jane, but he’s special - other worldly, super strength, heir to the throne of a far off place.

But Darcy steps up. Both times. She’s stuck in an unfamiliar city in Thor 2, the world about to end, her boss and best friend has disappeared (and might be dying for all she knows), the other scientist she knows is dancing around a national landmark with his bollocks out.

She’s outmanned and outgunned, but she does what little she can anyway. Because she has to.

MCU is stuffed full of extraordinary characters. I love Black Widow, love Wanda, love Sif; love Maria Hill; but they’re not average by any means. Darcy is the little guy, the normal person in a sea of extraordinary faces.

You think by writing about that it’s self insert? I HOPE to be a person who steps up to the plate even when they know they’re outmatched. A person who does the right thing BECAUSE it’s the right thing.

I don’t need any more superheroes who have a moral responsibility to step up because they have super strength and abilities; that’s a given. Give me someone who has NOTHING and goes right ahead anyway.

God knows the world needs more of it.

majestydawn  asked:

Would you be willing to make an Ermac in his early years (y'know.. not so decaying :') ) with Kenshi as they teach each other some moves back when they were close buds Btw I have an unusually small favorites list of artists and you're on it 👌👌 keep creating because you're awesome

Ahah, absolutely! 😄 I just imagine Kenshi teaching Ermac some Tai Chi moves and Ermac, being a hot headed young lad, just loses his temper when he can’t get it right and just go recklessly into Kenshi… I bet Kenshi would be so amused by this.
Also, thank you for that flattery! I really appreciate it. ;; I will do my best not to disappoint you! 💜
Anywayyyy– Hope this will do, I kinda wanted to do some background as training as well. I can post it with transparent too if ya guys want.

kimreena  asked:

I was screaming when BigHit finally released the mv for Not Today and I was still screaming when I saw Joon at the start of the mv. I gradually stopped screaming because I could hardly see Jin. He was prominent in that one running scene but he was invisible throughout the mv. I caught glimpses of him during the chorus dance formation and that was all. Like seriously why treat Jin like this? I love all of them but this imbalance has gotta stop. I held it in when Spring Day came out but Not Today!

Yeah, it’s kinda ironic that the song talking about the fight of the underdog ‘features’ Jin fighting for screen time on his group’s MV…..

I’m very happy that Joon was so awesome, that Yoongi and Hobi looked so great, that Taehyung and Jimin both got great shots , and Jungkook I mean…wow. But this….this was like relegating Jin to the background, like one of the covered dancers. And I don’t know whose decision that was, I don’t know how Jin or BTS feels about it. I just know how I feel about it, as a fan, and what it looks like to me. 

And I’m upset, it sucks, and I don’t think there are enough people upset about it. The best gifs people could make of Jin for this MV –this MV that is 4 minutes and 50 seconds long– were the one high-quality second he had and several zoomed in shots of group dancing. And to me….that’s not okay. Not even close.

Romeo and Juliet / Isak and Even parallels

So idk if anyone realises the comparisons here. After Isak watches the Baz Luhrman Romeo and Juliet (from now on known as RJ) it just kinda seeps into everything and I have so many feelings about how awesome and underrated it is.
1. The underwater kiss - the first evak kiss is underwater in a pool dressed up in outfits and the balcony scene in RJ has a pool after a dress up party thing (??) so they’re in costumes, with a lot of making out in
2. The music omgg- so that scene where Even is walking with a cigarette behind his ear in slow motion and it’s all dramatic with cool music in the background. Well it also happens to be the music playing at the start of RJ when Romeo is being all cool and suave.
3. The church scene before ‘you’re not alone’ - this scene killed us all but the cross behind the opera singer with the blue neon lights? Yeah well that’s literally in RJ and is used to start guess what FLASHBACKS of their relationship before Romeo runs to his dying Juliet. What does Isak do, run to his troubled gay boyfriend
4. Both are super tragic- idk if I need to explain this but both have brought us all to tears at some point
5. Family - we don’t know much about Evens (Romeo in this particular example) family but lots about Isak (Juliet “ ”) like his distant parents who occasionally reach out to him but his supportive friend who guides him: Ezkild who is a kind of Nurse in this parallel.

these are the like main ones off the top of my head because I really needed to vent about it. But you can see it all the way through, little hints that lean towards Baz Luhrmans directing that just give this entire season a RJ feel that makes it all the better. It just fascinates me

fanart ❀ bts // burn it all

initially wanted to draw suga and that dude on fire as well but that did not turn out very well so i thought why not just show some appreciation for the awesome set of the fire mv. was just kinda playing around with new brushes. i might do more because i had fun painting this. 

freaking-isadorkable  asked:

4, 11, 22, 50, 53, 57 :)

4. What are you looking forward to?

Potentially, flying out to Atlanta in like 3 days time to see the Bellas perform at an event for PP3!

11. are you listening to music right now?

Aha in my own right yeah, i’ve left my Digimon game on in the background to answer this and its repetitively repeating a tune aha.

22. description of crush.

Short, like 5′4 (Britts height!) long, kinda wavy brown hair, Beca Mitchell vibe is on point! and she wears eyeliner that she does in a pointed triangle and she just looks sooo good and shes so mysterious and awesome and yeah.

50. favourite picture of your idol

Thats an interesting worded question, because idol is someone ya look up to more or less, so literally in terms of looking up to someone 

I love Rebs, I think shes really inspirational and a cool role model despite what some people think! And I mean just look at those damn majestic wings.

HAVING ONE IDOL IS HARD THO. Cos like I also look up to Alexis! Love her views and values and shes just a super positive person and i need her in my life tbh.

And naturally Britt whos just ahhhhh so amazing for literally everything. 

BASICALLY THO. The whole cast are my idols in some form so i’ll stop there.

53. 5 things that make me happy

  1. Anna Kendrick
  2. Pitch Perfect - movies, soundtrack and cast
  3. Acting
  4. My german shepherd Raiko
  5. Mah regular PP Dreams

57. favourite animal(s)

Tiger, Wolve, Leopard and Fox!  

Thanks for asking dude :)

moar fanart of most awesome bleach fanfic; The Stars Rained Down Like Embers, by @copperscript (chapter 18, that sweet face-holding scene, I just couldn’t help myself)

went for the fake anime screenshot -kind of style this time :D

also known as the “lol I dunno how to background so let’s do something vague and blurry” -pic

(so I’ve never drawn bleach fanart before these fic fanarts and I’m still kinda feeling around how to draw these guys, e.g. ichi’s hair’s a lot spikier now etc)

and now I’m annoyed because the screen of my phone shows this pic with much warmer colours than my laptop screen, and I have no idea which screen is the one that distorts them XD



you guys asked me for this, so here it is! 

some side notes:

  • it originally had really awesome background music but youtubes copyright laws banned that I’m sorry :((
  • the lighting kept being dumb 
  • it was only my first try I’m sorry if its hella bad
  • its also kinda long sorry you don’t have to watch the whole thing if you don’t want to 


I watched the new episode of The Fairly Odd Parents (season 10). And there’s many things make no sense and something that seems too convenience for the story, and also something maybe trying too hard….but well let’s just focus on the things I like in this episode~ (or it’s going to be a super long post)

1. Timmy’s line in the new theme song


It’s so adorable! <3<3<3

2. Jorgen’s men purse

That’s such a fashionable bag~

3.The face Timmy and others made when Chloe being creepy.

4. Foop’s card

Is he a batman fan now? anyway that’s kinda cute.

5. Timmy being a weak helpless crybaby

It doesn’t make sense cause we all have seen Timmy doing a lot of awesome cool things and had face a lot of even more horrible situations, well… but it’s still adorable.

6. There’s a lot of background characters in this episode. (at least more than most of episodes in season 9 )

7. Sparky was not in it! (……but like….where’s Poof? They said share two fairies….so does that mean Poof is not part of the sharing plan or???)

And also since Chloe is Timmy’s neighbor that make their relationship kinda like Timmy’s dad and Mr. Dinkleberg? 


Anyways, this is my entry for the awesome Game Grumps Community Celebration! I spent the last few days working on it nonstop, which was kinda stressful, but I’m super proud of the result. Game Grumps is so important to me, I just HAD to make my piece good. And all my hard work and effort was worth it.

(Can you tell which aspects of GG each grump’s background is based on? heheh.)

Carmilla’s done. Next is Laura then Danny, then LaFerry…I want to finish all of them before June 2nd but I’m not sure if I can 

Okay so, @daveactualstrider has a coloring book tag in which they let people color in their lineart. I thought I should try my hand at it, because I had not colored anything in a while, and plus their art is quite nice. 

I hope you like it. :3c