the background singing is so catchy

Everything perfect with “Two player game.”

- gay??? check ✔

- two player gAYME AGSJDNJ


- when Michael and Jeremy sing in sync my heart dies a little bit


- “Dude you are cooler than a vintage cassette.”

- the song is so fucking catchy holy s h it


- “cause guys like us are coooooool in college.”

- there’s literally no heterosexual explanation for this song whatsoever

- you gotta appreciate that music in the background 👌💯

- “dude I know, I get it-”


- “hello???”

- “son???????”


- “Pause.”

- “You know that you are my favorite person…” IM-

- “Is it really true, I’m your favowite person~?” LITERALLY DYING

- Michael is literally the c utest person fight me

- Michael and Jeremy’s soft chuckles after that make me smile, it’s so adorable djdnsj


- “And if you leave your brother behind, it’s lame. Cause it’s an ‘effed up world, but it’s a two player game, hey!” ,,,,this physically hurt me after listening to the whole play


- “hey-ey-ey!”

Harry Styles - Harry Styles - A lil review

Meet Me in the Hallway: 2, 3, 4… Love the soft, strumming guitar and Harry’s longing and haunting vocals. Just the way his voice breaks on the word “hallway”… So helpless-sounding and heartfelt. Ugh. Love that as the song nears its end, the instruments are stripped away one by one, and in the end there’s just one guitar and Harry’s voice, and then there’s just Harry’s voice holding that last note. Damn good, and a very clever choice. This song could last an hour long and I still would have to press “replay” over and over again.

Stand-out lyrics: “We don’t talk about it, it’s something we don’t do. ‘Cause once you do without it, nothing else will do.”

“Hoping you’ll come around, just let me know, I’ll be on the floor.”

Sign of the Times: Full-on-flush. I’ve talked about my love for this song many a time since it came out, so I’m moving on. (But I think it’s absolutely gorgeous and one of my faves.) 

Carolina: This song feels so old-school and cool. I was immediately struck by that thick bass throughout this song, LOVE it. Love the falsetto parts. Love the oh-yeah parts. Mayyyybe my least fave song on the album, but it’s still SOLID.

Stand-out lyric: “There’s not a drink that could sink her, how would I tell her that she’s all I think about? Well I guess she just found out”

Two Ghosts: Right away, the melody and harmonies… so lush. The acoustic guitar is so lovely, and I love the tone of the electric guitar on top - it almost sounds like it’s crying. This song gives me CNSY and Ryan Adams vibes, which I love, like it just breathes and moves in a really similar and nice way. Cool lil detail: The way he enunciates the ‘t’ in heartbeat at the end.

Stand-out lyric: “We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty. Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.”

Sweet Creature: A little Beatles-esque gem of a tune. This is such a soothing and flowy song, and his vocals match the tone perfectly. It’s warm-sounding and simple, and I love that he’s left a little air in this one. It feels organic and just sweeeet. And I love sweet.

Stand-out lyrics: “I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough. “
“Running through the garden, where nothing bothered us.”

Only Angel: Love the calming opening, which drags you into this really eerie and calming musical landscape. You’re ready to set up camp and hang out for a bit, and then Harry’s scream just rips you the fuck out of it. WAY to start a song, haha. Heavy guitar, the screams, the clapping, the background vocals, love it all. Such a colorful song. It’s red and blue at the same time. Tall and short at the same time. It’s pulsing, the beat is sick and his deep timbre gives me shivers..

Stand-out lyrics: “Couldn’t take you home to mother in a skirt that short, but I think that’s what I like about it.” 

“Broke a finger knocking on your bedroom door.”

“I must admit I thought about making you mine.”

Kiwi: I’m so here for these drums, and heavy guitars!! GOD. The attitude he has on this song?? It’s like he’s grabbing you by the collar, bringing you close and going “Nope, it’s just you and me”… *fans self* It’s edgy and very 70′s Brit rock, he’s belting out those notes with fierceness.
Love the “ding” after he sings “I’m gonna pay for it”, those little details are so cool and add so much to the complexity imo. And the gritty guitar solo is tasty as hell. You know when the shower is almost too hot to take? That sweet-spot, that’s what this song feels like.

Stand-out lyrics: “And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this.”
“I think she said ‘I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business.’”

Ever Since New York: So magical and soft. A big contrast after Kiwi, but fitting as the album cools down again. Love the drumming, there’s so much going on in this song. It’s intricate and subtle. Love that he matches his vocals to the tone and the sentiment of each track. With this song, he never tries too hard. He’s just singing like it’s the most effortless thing for him. And the stacked vocals on the chorus is a beautiful touch. Loved when he changed up the notes on this on SNL, and I wish he’d done that on the recorded version as well, but that’s a small complaint. 

Stand-out lyrics: “Choose your words, ‘cause there’s no antidote.”
“I understand I’m talking to the walls.”

Woman: Love this. His vocals are just stunning, (AGAIN) just the way he drags out the word “know” in that first line -AH! This song is so funky, so dope. It’s simple, but hella catchy. With this song, I feel like everything comes together. Like the lyrical idea feels good and goes perfectly with the sonic recording which goes great with the melody and groove. And the background vocals that start around 3:03 adds a really alluring element to the song.

Stand-out lyric: “I hope you can see the shape that I am in. While he’s touching your skin, he’s right where I should be”.

From the Dining Table: From the second you hear his lips part in this, you’re drawn in. He’s singing in a conversational way, which makes it sound really earnest and vulnerable. And that moment when the strings entered floored me the first time I heard it, it was so unexpected. A beautiful explosion of sounds. To me, this song feels like this scenario: It’s raining. You’re in bed, half asleep, there’s a candle about to smoke out, and it’s making the dozens of shadows in the room dance around..

Stand-out lyrics: “Comfortable silence is so overrated. Why won’t you ever say what you want to say.”
“Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too,”

That last one just hit you right in the gut, because it feels so damn authentic and sincere, and that’s something that runs through the whole album imo. It feels exactly like what he should be doing. It’s so him. It never feels contrived or fake. There’s so much heart in it and you can tell that there’s a lot of hard work behind it. There’s not one stand-out weak song, I start playing the first song and I just let it run until it’s done, and that’s rare for me. So THANK YOU more than I could ever explain, Harry. I’m obsessed with this record and I needed it. ❤️ 

thoughts on younger now

Younger Now: why the frogs? thats it. why the frogs, miley? 

Malibu: i said it once i’ll say it again, malibu saved the music industry and thems the facts 

Rainbowland ft Dolly Parton: dolly is adorable and anything she touches is immediately gold 

Week Without You: this is cute jam like chilling with your girls just having fun typa jam 

Miss You So Much: lol do yall remember when we got that shitty low quality ass video of her singing this at some friends wedding, this still goes off tho 

I would die for you: i’ve actually got shivers. This has me shook to my very CORE #iwoulddieforthissong

Thinkin: a BOP a JAM i’m OBSESSED this makes me want to break up with my nonexistent boyfriend 

Bad Mood: catchy as hell, miley humming in the background is more iconic than anything i’ve done in my entire life 

Love someone: “i’m starting to think you have no heart. you have no soul” “it’s time for this queen to go and run another throne” “it’d be a cold day in hell before I’d ever be your wife” SHE REALLY DID THAT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK ON HER EX I THINK HES DEAD 

She’s not him: mileys songs about her ex boyfriend- ur a piece of shit go to hell douchebag. mileys songs about her ex girlfriend- ur a beautiful perfect angel who has never done a single thing wrong in her life ever

Inspired: v nice a genuinely good pure song 


You know how there was an ask about the boys’ S/O singing Dead Girl Walking from Heathers? What if the boys heard their S/O singing Candy Store? (in all honesty that’s one of my favorite Heathers songs XD- you don’t have to do this if you don’t know Heathers, it’s fine with me- btw, I really love this blog, so keep up the good work! ^-^)

This was very fun to write! I hope you enjoy this!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • The lyrics made him raise an eyebrow.
  • The mean-spirited lyrics sounded odd with your voice, honestly.
  • But he did find it amusing that you were trying do all the parts alone.
  • So you were pulled out of the heat of the solo by a soft chuckle.
  • You start blushing because oh my god how much did he hear
  • Well, he heard enough of it to know it’s definitely from Heathers.
  • He doesn’t comment further on it.
  • But you do catch him humming it later in the day.
  • You’re pretty sure you got it stuck in his head.

Rantarou Amami

  • He is ecstatic from “You got a bone to pick?”
  • You jump when you suddenly have a backup singer.
  • But he insists that you continue.
  • So he tries to be both Heather McNamara and Heather Duke.
  • It was incredibly fun
  • Afterward, he admits that his throat is sore though.
  • The next time you try singing Candy Store alone
  • The exact same thing happens.
  • Amami’s just your background singer now, you suppose.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Oh, he knows this song alright.
  • He’s just standing to the side waiting for it.
  • The moment.
  • His grin stretches from ear to ear when it happens.
  • “Honey whatchu waiting for-”
  • “SHUT UP, S/O!”
  • He pushes you to the side and sings Heather Chandler’s part.
  • Little shit stole the finale.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He frowns at the song choice.
  • You have a nice voice and it has a catchy beat
  • But did it have to be this song?!
  • This is just a bully song!
  • You seemed to be having fun though, so he doesn’t stop you.
  • You finish Candy Store and hear somewhat reluctant clapping.
  • “Good job, I guess…”
  • When he expresses his dislike for the song, you smirk.
  • He’s changed his mind. Candy Store is fine.

Kaito Momota

  • He just so happened to walk in on you singing.
  • No big deal.
  • You sounded nice.
  • He stood behind you while continuing to drink his slushie.
  • It all went downhill when he heard one line.
  • “You just gotta prove you’re not a pussy-”
  • He did a spit take
  • All over the back of your shirt.
  • He announces his presence when you’re singing from then on.


  • He’s curious as to why you keep changing your tone of voice every other line.
  • He even interrupts you to ask.
  • Well, this song is supposed to be sung by three girls-
  • Oh! This should help then!
  • He reminds you of his recording functions.
  • So you could be your own backup singers!
  • It was a cute idea, but you ended up singing the song way more than three times.
  • In the end, it sounded nice though.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta thinks this song is really pretty!
  • And your singing is really pretty!
  • By the halfway point, he’s also trying to sing the chorus.
  • But…
  • You’re pretty damn sure Gonta isn’t really listening to the lyrics.
  • Otherwise, he wouldn’t approve of such a crude song.
  • You just let him keep thinking it’s a song about a literal candy store.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’d never properly heard the song before
  • Maybe the faint sound of it come from your headphones, but that was it.
  • He doesn’t even wait for you to finish singing before he’s chuckling.
  • “Wow, I didn’t realize you could sound so bitchy.”
  • Before you could fully explain yourself, he holds up a hand.
  • “Don’t worry, I kind of like it.”
  • He sits down in front of you.
  • …What? Aren’t you going to sing the rest of the musical?

NEWSIES IN MANILA!!!!1 (I decided to post this after the show is done because I may post some spoilers lol) This is going to be a mess so bear with me.

  • It’s hard not to compare it to Newsies Live, but I feel so proud that an all Filipino cast and crew are able to create this kind of quality theater! They didn’t adopt the Tony-winning choreography but they still had those awesome jumps, spins, cartwheels, and pirouettes that would just make your jaw drop to the ground.
  • Everyone was amazing! Their singing skills are on point (I especially love Once and For All. It was so hot but I still got chills), the execution of the choreography was perfect, and there were some trick shots during Seize the Day that made everyone go WOAH and it was so fun to watch a fresh take in this show. 
  • I still hold my position that newsies are humans made out of rubber. And compared to the Broadway stage, this is too small so I’m amazed that they’re still able to fit that many newsies in that tiny stage AND they’re still flying around without falling to the audience like damn.
  • When they were singing the latter part of Carrying the Banner there were two groups dancing depending on which part they were singing it was adorable.
    The fight scene during Seize the Day is more like a dance off lol it was funny for me I’m sorry.
  • Also they knocked out Crutchie before handcuffing him AND THERE WAS BLOOD HOW DARE THEY.
  • Also the actor playing Finch is a 15-year-old boy. He was able to tap while wearing a sling! I hope he’ll have a good career in theater if ever he’ll pursue it.
  • I just realized Elmer is adorable. I thought he was gonna get the whole tray from the nun before thanking her lmao.
  • I love Race you can always depend on him, and he loves his cigar so much
  • yer werld is yer erster
  • yer erSTER
  • The characterization of Morris Delancey is very different from the original, but I think it was so cute. Can Morris be my favorite newsie now?
  • Les sounds and looks like a 13 year old boy. Sorry kid you don’t pass for 10, especially 7.
  • There were girlsies I repeat, there were girlsies!!!!!!! (And they’re dressed as girls so they’re easily seen) They were not there during Carrying the Banner but they’re there during the rest of the ensemble numbers.
  • I also want to give a shoutout to the newsies AND girlsies who were moving the towers while the cast is dancing. No one got hurt! Also, pushing around those sets is also a workout, so it’s not just the actors who got ripped lol.
  • Tap dancing is hard and tap dancing King of New York is hard but they still produced a good big tap dance number that wowed the audience.
  • Of course there were some bad points like the sound system is breaking up at some songs and Katherine’s mic was either not loud enough or it’s super loud. But the fact that the sounds are still crisp and you can hear every lyric in an open area, they still get my thumbs up.
  • My favorite number ever is Seize The Day, mostly because of their iconic newspaper dance, but for this production, it has to be Once and For All. You can really feel that it’s the last straw and these boys won’t take shit anymore and my sister said that the 3 towers formed together and became the printing press with the turning cogs and everything (I didn’t see it because I was overwhelmed with everything. I hope I had a hundred eyes while watching this) and after the key change during “There’s change coming once and for all” as they were presenting the Newsies Banner, PAPES FELL FROM THE CEILING AND IT’S THE NEWSIES BANNER AND I HELD IT HIGH LIKE A NEWSIE I’M SUCH A DORK.
  • From all that’s new in this production I love what they did during the Santa Fe Reprise. So Jack was singing in his penthouse for the first part then he threw his hat during “Captain Jack just wants to close his eyes and GO!“. Then for the remaining part of the song he went down and during the sweet piano notes after “Save my place, I’ll be there”, he looked at his hat and slowly picked it up. I know it’s a tiny change but something about that scene made me think. Jack threw his hat because being a poor and orphan newsie sucks and being on strike is worse and his friends just got beat up and his best friend got sent to the refuge and he’s so tired he just wants to escape. But he looked at his hat, picked it up, and knew that this is his reality. That’s why he said “just be real, is all I’m asking, not some painting in my head”, because at least if Santa Fe is real, then he has something else to hold on to after the riot in Newsies Square. (I have a lot of feelings okay shut up)
  • Also during the scene when Jack, Davey and Spot were waving to the newsies at Joe’s office, they were looking at the audience pretending to see the newsies ensemble at the back of the stage. Jack looked in our area and I thought he was looking at me so I nodded my head and smiled, and guess what he did? HE WAVED AND ACKNOWLEDGED MY EXISTENCE. And like a dork I waved back.
  • AND OF COURSE MY DEAR CRUTCHIE MADE ME SWEAT THROUGH MY EYES. During “watch me stand, watch me run”, he threw his crutch, spread his arms out and tried to take a step until he fell and Jack got him. Cue the tears. Also after “I don’t need a limp to sell papes, I’ve got…” he paused, went to the middle of the stage, gave a big smile and “POISONALITY!!!”. Cue more tears. He really showed that having a disability does not define you. And during Seize the Day while the whole cast is flying about he’s just in the corner cheering and flailing his arms and dancing with his crutch. I love this cutiepie so much. And he knows how to rip your heart out and step on it during Letter from The Refuge.
  • M O R R I S D E L A N C E Y
  • The music and score is phenomenal it sounds so perfect and the singing was amazing, like most of the time I had to bite my lips because the songs are just so catchy and they are hitting all of the right notes and I just want to sing it too but I don’t want to ruin it. (However Davey’s poor gUYS head is spinning was a downer, he was screaming than singing that precious note)
  • Speaking of Davey he’s one of my favorite newsies because I love his development from being a shy, background type of guy who was hesitant to join the strike he became the brains of the strike, he held down the boys who were about to soak the Scabs during Seize the Day, and he was the one who lead the rally at the theater INCLUDING the Brooklyn newsies while Jack was missing. He grew up from a boy to a man and a leader and honestly I didn’t see that in this Davey. All throughout the show he’s quiet and doesn’t have any strength to lead the newsies. It even seemed like he’s always second guessing. I don’t even see him as the protective big brother to Les. I don’t know what they were thinking for removing that character development. I have nothing against the actor though, he was amazing. I’m sorry this is such a negative point but I love Davey too much and they didn’t do him justice.
  • After curtain call they sang Carrying the Banner again and I just can’t help myself anymore. Since I was already standing up, I just sang to my heart’s content. And the newsies at our side of the stage kept on looking at me because I know all of the lyrics and I can be a newsie too????? (just kidding lmao i can’t dance for the life of me)
  • It’s just a damn good show and it’s one of the best things that I spent with my hard earned cash and I’m going to watch Newsies Live for the 150th time now goodbye

I was listening to “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from the Fairly Odd Parents and now I can’t get the image of Trott dancing around singing about tooth care while flossing his tusks.

jeb! the musical

act one: jeb starts running for president. one of the opening numbers is “slow and steady”, an upbeat song about how jeb plans to win the presidency with some good old-fashioned friendliness and tiny turtles from his pocket

theres a subplot of ted cruz trying to kill donald trump in a series of tom and jerry-esque escapades. each one is accompanied by a really fast song that has to do with the murder technique

donald trump is the bully. he, cruz, kasich, rubio, and carson all sing a song to jeb, mocking him and making fun of him. they leave him crying and curled up on the floor. 

in comes bernie sanders. he doesnt like the republicans, obviously, but he feels bad for jeb so he sings him a supportive song to get him back on track. jeb gets up and smiles. he thanks bernie and skips offstage joyfully. then bernie turns to the audience, laughs, and says “that guys never gonna be president”

end of act one.

act two: in the opening, jeb is passing out turtles to people. there’s a reprise of “slow and steady” where people dressed as turtles dance with people dressed as jeb supporters in the background. 

then jeb’s mom and jeb have a duet called “all i want is mommy’s love”. his mom’s part is more catchy and its pretty much just dragging jeb. jeb’s part is heartbreaking and leaves not a dry eye in the audience. during jeb’s part, hes trying to put on a hoodie without unzipping it

then theres a scene of a democratic debate. hilary is trying to use hip lingo while bernies being reasonable about things.

then, there’s an emotional scene where jebs talking to his dad. hes talking about dropping out of the election. his father says “but jeb, this is your dream”. with tears flowing down his face, jeb says “its not my dream… its yours”

then, another ted cruz murder attempt

then jeb sings a song about how hes dropping out

then jeb walks in on a ted cruz murder attempt!

jeb tries to tell someone but no one believes him so jeb takes things into his own hands!

jeb bush stops ted cruz, but not before ted kills trump

jeb bush realizes he can amount to something in life and he lives happily ever after

Pharos was beautiful as fuck

Every time I go to write about my experience at Pharos I stop because honestly, it’s like how do I even put it into words. The visuals were crazy, the people were great met a lot of dope people. Shout outs to you Nicole and the whole line squad I lost y'all in the end. My feet were so fucking sore from all the standing and so once I finally got inside the dome there were projectors all around the room and the universe was being projected onto the walls around the dome. Before we went in they locked out phones in these bags but a couple people had cut there’s out once inside and were passing the ripped bag around. Some guy snuck his Tascam in so there’s audio from the first show. I heard them saying he performed three different versions but I listened to the midnight a show in the tent and it was def the same songs but maybe they changed by the day. If you were expecting rapping Bino you would have been highly disappointed because he sang the entire time and that boy’s falsetto was on point the entire night. The music was very funk, jazz, and blues inspired I was def getting D'Angelo and Prince vibes. He wore braids and had individuals braided onto the end of his hair. His outfit was these pink and yellow furry pants and he had tribal paint all over his face that glowed under the lights. He was def in full character he def build a city more like a galaxy inside the globe the visuals danced and changed with the songs there were skeletons and these long-legged monsters. He moaned at us, screamed & growled at us, it was just a great experience and I honestly wasn’t even tripping off my phone I was just enjoying & consuming the music. It is different from anything he’s ever done and how it was presented makes it that much more beautiful. At one point the visuals began falling towards our heads and they were dressed in red and near the end, this giant blue planet grew and grew before bursting over our heads which I assumed to be Pharos. I’m jumping everywhere and this honestly these words ain’t shit compared to the experience but I had to finally write something out. There was also 4 screening of the show Atlanta which was sick, they had food trucks which were hella taxing us and the liquor booth had all we fucked up with them weak ass expensive drinks but real niggas got their liquor in creatively. Them carne asada fries hit though that chipotle Sriracha was fire….“I want you to hit it, hit it and quit it” had the craziest funk sounds and Ludwig on the guitar were killing it that guitar solo was lit and homegirl with the beautiful ass afro on the keys killed as well, like blessing y'all! The harmonies from the background singers on the second song were hella catchy as well. He closed the show with a song about being yourself and following your dreams… “Keep all your dreams keep standing tall, if you’re strong you cannot fall, there is a voice inside us all so smile” …Overall it was dope and I fuck with singing Bino so if you’re a fan of his singing then you’ll love this project ….

Top 10 Favorite Things about the DCOM Descendants...

1. Prince Ben (OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!)

2. Bal (Ben x Mal)

3. Mal’s/Dove’s singing (Her voice is amazing! Love “If Only” so much, it’s such a powerful song!)

4. The villains bickering (Those actors played off each other so well!)

5. Jay being flirty, protective, hilarious, athletic and well…Jay!

6. Chad hugging Doug in fear (They can be seen frozen as so in the background when Maleficent attacks and freezes all the people in place. TOO FUNNY.)

7. The costume choices (They were modeled well off of the characters’ clothes that were worn in the actual movies.)

8. The songs (Some were catchy, some were emotional and inspiring, and some were just plain weird! Lol, but I really did love them all!)

9. Prince Ben

10. PRINCE BEN - Did I mention that I love him?  Seriously, my love for him is ridiculous! R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S!  ;)

Chat out of the Bag - Miraculous Non-Spoiler Review

Heyo, my ladybugs and tomcats! 

In honor of Miraculous Twitter bombing day, I have arrived to give a thorough, non-spoiler review of Miraculous. I want to warn you all, that these are just all my personal thoughts on the show and opinion, but regardless, it is a wonderful show.

Gif Credit: @miraculousladybuggifs


If there’s something I love in a good TV Show, Movie, or Video Game, it’s a good plot. I’m sure that all if you can agree with me that having a good plot is imperative to having a great product. And I can tell you, that Hawkdaddy / Papapillon, our beloved Thomas Astruc, has created this masterpiece of a story.

The overall premise of the story, as told by Wikipedia is this:

Set in modern-day Paris the series focuses on a teenaged junior high school girl, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and her classmate, Adrien Agreste. When evil arises in Paris, Marinette transforms into ‘Ladybug’, while Adrien transforms into 'Chat Noir’.

However, neither know each other’s secret identities: Marinette doesn’t realise that her school crush, Adrien, is Chat Noir and Chat Noir doesn’t know that his partner and crush, Ladybug, is actually Marinette.

Together, they’re a crime-fighting duo who protect Paris against the mysterious villain, Hawk Moth and his akumas.

Now, you might be thinking, oh, it’s your average cliche romance story. It’s not. Of course, there are a lot of romantic elements inside this show, there is also plenty of action, suspense, and mystery. Each episode has it’s own mini-arc and ends usually pretty nicely. The ways that the episodes progress is also very unique and creative and I don’t think it has been done before in TV Series! Although, you’d have to watch it to find out what I mean :)

There are moments where this show rips my heart in two. This show can get depressing. This show can make you laugh. This show can make you scream (personal experience, I have video evidence because my friend apparently snapchatted me screaming, but that’s another story).

In conclusion of story, this show has an amazing story. It may not be perfect (always room for improvement, but this goes for all stories out there!), but it the one of the most enjoyable stories I’ve ever enjoyed so far


This is one of the few instances where I can get very invested into characters. This is one of those moments. Everyone loves a good character, someone they can relate to or someone they can look up to (for the young’uns). I myself, enjoy the characters on the show very much!

One thing I like about this show is how diverse the staff of characters there. The cast of characters we’re are introduced are all very multi-racial. Marinette, the protagonist of the show, is half Chinese (mother’s side) in addition to being French. Although Adrien is French, he is confirmed to be able to speak Chinese. At least two characters come from an Arabian Ancestry and there’s even more than I can’t name off the top of my head!

Not to mention that this is a mash of a French, Korean, and Japanese companies who are working together! Even Toei Animation!

It’s one thing to say that you feel for a character. There are moments where I actually felt so pained in one particular episode that for the entire day I felt like someone was strangling my heart. I just feel so attuned to them that I feel like I’m tethered to them, so every time they get hurt, I get hurt to. They’re just so relatable to me!


THIS SHOW HAS SOME GLORIOUS EYE-CANDY. I mean, just look at it! It’s absolutely AMAZING! HOW YOU NOT LIKE IT???

The battle scenes are so well choreographed and very well animated! I have to say that Miraculous has one of the most beautiful and utterly amazing CGI Animation that I have ever seen in Animated TV Show history.

LIKE WOW, IT IS SOME BEAUTIFUL SCENES. The emotions on the character’s faces are so expressive, even out of context you can tell what a certain character is feeling at one point in time! ITS AMAZING! The animation crew for this show really outdone themselves!

One of the few reasons I’ve been able to get into this show is because how beautiful the animation was. Believe it or not, I found Miraculous through a gifset of Chat Noir that my friend had reblogged. As soon as I saw it on my dash, I knew I had found something to look forward to. I was just so fascinated by how well animated that few seconds of Chat was that I was sucked into this fandom!

Voice Acting

The voice acting for this show is one thing I like about it! Although I have yet to hear the English VA’s (though I have heard their theme song), I am in love with both the Korean and French Voice Actors!

The Korean Dub is very expressive. They love to put all the little extra grunts and squeals in battle scenes. They also put a LOT of emotion into their character’s voices and some of are just so cute! The French Dub is very silky to listen to, I squee every time I heart Chat Noir’s French voice! Marinette’s French voices is so cute to listen to! French Plagg is probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard the only thing I could think of when I heard his voice is like when people were auditioning for the Plagg VA they just hired a French Butler.


Miraculous’ theme song has the one of the most catchiest songs in the universe. As soon as I heard it, I realized how much I was going to love this show.

There are currently three different version of the theme song out there and I love them! All of them has to each it’s own qualities that make it a little different! The English Opening is very catching, especially if you speak English. My friend who did not even watch the show, told me that the OP got stuck in her head after I played it a couple times during class. The Korean version has a very unique trait added to them, that a K-Pop Band is singing the songs! And last be not least, the French version sounds like it has been recorded in heaven because those voices are hmmmmmmmm……..SO GOOD! A+

Also even, the two concept songs used in earlier productions is also extremely catchy like wow. Even the music that plays in the background is pretty good, but that OP is one to drag people in. Some ear-worms crawlin’ in your brain and it ain’t coming out anytime soon.


I just want to say that the Miraculous Community is probably the most unique fandom I’ve ever been part of. Of course, not to say we’re not a perfect fandom, but this one of the best fandoms I’ve ever been part of. Almost everyone who is part of the community is extraordinarily nice and kind. We’re also very respectful and the most important component: we love the show!

Because of Miraculous, for the first time in forever, I managed to really connect with other fans. In the past, I’ve never been able to connect with other fans of the things I liked. I mean once in awhile, I speak to someone with the same interest, but this is probably the first time I’ve been able to converse to someone about something I’m fangirling over with! There is also some AMAZING fanart and fanfiction floating around on tumblr and other websites!

I’ve sometime watched episodes together with other fans at the same time and having other people watching it at the same time is very exhilarating! It’s the first time I’ve been able to do that, and for once, I feel very included!

NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT HAWKDADDY (AKA Thomas Asturc, the creator of the show) ACTUALLY TAKES TIME TO CONVERSE WITH US LIKE WHAT. THERE WAS EVEN A TIME HE ACTUALLY JOINED US IN A CHATROOM AND LIKE THANKED US, THE FANS FOR LIKING THE SHOW LIKE WHAT. WHO DOES THAT? ONLY THE GREATS FANON DAD, HAWKDADDY DOES! Like, Hawkdaddy actually take the time to converse with the fans, answer questions (or watch us suffer with the magical words ‘No Spoilers’).


I have to say something when I say that this is the first time I’m so emotionally invested into a TV Show. The only other time I’ve been so utterly obsessed is the video game series, Kingdom Hearts, but this is the first time this has happened with a TV Series.

One thing to say, GO WATCH THIS SHOW. You will not regret watching this. It’s just so amazing in so amazing in different ways! The show, characters, and animation are brilliant! The music and the voice acting are just so pleasant to listen to! The Community is just an awesome bunch to hang with!

So in conclusion…





sorry not sorry for the long post :P

Perfect- Cameron Dallas

A/n:contains smut

Guess I’ve got plans for tonight. 

You lay your head against the headboard of you bed sighing deeply. “Yo ho where are you, you got a package?” you instantly recognize the voice of your best friend Jen. “Hi Jen” you barely grumble. “Who pissed in your cornflakes?” she laughs sitting down on the bed with you. “I didn’t know I got a package” You say surprised ignoring her question. “Murph asked me to bring it up to you, it’s really sad that I’m your only visitor” “Not today” you mutter under your breath reaching for the large box. “What was that?” she asks moving it out of your reach teasingly.

“You know what. I’ve got a.. date with Cameron Dallas tonight” you announce. “Shut up for real” she gasps handing over the box. “Yeah” you shrug tearing open the box. “Google time” Jen jokes whipping out her cell phone. “Okay he has a twitter, instagram, vine, youtube channel all the basics” she announces her fingers scrolling through the google page. “He’s a beast on social media everyone loves him, oo let me check out tumblr” She continues her investigating “Before you do that check out this dress” you shriek standing up and holding it in front of your body. “When did you order that because damn” she says fingering the material lightly “I didn’t, wait there’s a note” 

Can’t wait to see you tonight ~CD

“Girl the man has taste!” Jen cries snapping her fingers glancing quickly at the dress “Dear God!”


“He’s all over tumblr from what I can gather he was part of some magcon thing” “Magcon? What even is that?” “I don’t know here you look it” she says handing you her phone. You stare at the phone scrolling through some of the pictures of him and other people. “Whatever, you keep stalking I’m going to start getting ready” you saying getting off the bed. “Sure thing hot mama” Jen rolls over on the bed continuing to look through tumblr. 

You step into your closet carrying the box with you. You lay the box down taking out all the contents. Damn he sent the whole outfit. Taking the items out piece by piece he included everything from matching bra and panties to a classic pair of diamond studs.

“Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend, oh I love him so he’s Cameron Dallas” “Jen what on earth are you singing?” you shout from the closet hearing her continue to belt out shitty lyrics about being in love with Cameron Dallas.

“This song is addictively catchy” she hits play and the song fills the 4 walls. “How do you even find this stuff?” “Stalker magic” she laughs wiggling her fingers. Jen sits down in your closet keeping you company as you get dressed letting the song play on repeat in the background.

You are just finishing getting ready when the doorbell rings. He’s early. “Hey Jen can you get the door I’m almost ready” She scoffs and rolls her eyes dramatically heading for the door.

“You can’t have him because he’s all mine ohh he’s Cameron Dallas” Jen sings as she opens the door. 

“Haven’t heard that song in a while” he smiles standing in front of the open door his hands in his pockets. “Y/n he’s here and I’m out” Jen yells leaving Cameron standing in the doorway.  You cough slightly drawing his attention. “She’s charming” he comments pointing his thumb behind him.

“Sorry about that I swear she was raised by wolves” you apologize.

“Cameron it’s nice to meet you” you smile humbly extending your hand for him to shake. 

“Wow, you look- beautiful” he fumbles with his words you hand still clasped in his mesmerized by your beauty. The dress he sent you fit you like a glove and the gold color popped against your dark skin and you pinned your hair half up making sure that the earrings were on full display.  “Thank you the dress is amazing and I love these shoes” you say touching his hand that clasped yours.

“Right you’re welcome” he replies finally letting go of your hand.  “You look mighty handsome” you compliment reaching out to fix his already perfect tie. His fitted suit is doing his body every favor. Invading his personal space you fiddle with his tie breaking the contact barrier. He smells intoxicating, the fragrance is familiar, yet still newly enticing.  He watches your hands work but you can feel his eyes lingering on your chest.

Cameron catches himself staring, “You’ve got a great place” he cough failing to swiftly change the subject and soften the sexual tension. “Yeah it’s not too bad” you shrug casually. 

“Shall we go then?” you suggest linking your arm with his. 

You relax in the car crossing your legs and the hemline of your dress inches up your thigh catching his gaze. Cameron places his arm on the back of the seat and you take the invitation and move closer nestling into his side. Taking his hand off the seat and around your shoulders you play with his fingers softly humming. He stares at you intently looking at you with a raised brow. “What?” you ask genuinely. “You were humming about how you love me so” you become embarrassed not only to be humming the song but the unprofessionalism of it all. Your client should never know you google them. “It’s alright, I kind of like it” he whispers into your ear. You smile at his words. He’s smooth.

“I have to ask, why do you need me tonight?” you ask looking in to brown eyes. “There’s an award show and my PR rep said I couldn’t take my mom or sister again” he rolls his eyes
“Family man I like that” you nod. “Yeah so she recommended your… agency rather than letting me find my own date”

“I see” you nod quietly

“You don’t mind taking a few pictures right” he asks peeking out the curtained window. You hesitate responding considering the implications. “Are you sure about that?” “Absolutely” he quips not seeing a problem. “It’s just that most clients like anonymity and you’re about to have thousands of pictures of you and I out there” he sits there quietly processing what you just told him. 

“Hadn’t thought about that at all. Sorry I’m new to this…” “It’s okay you go out there and I’ll meet you inside”

As the show rolls on you relax in your seat. Occasionally Cameron leans over and recounts a story about some interaction he had with a nominee. You ask engaging questions keeping the conversation flowing and it’s surprisingly easy. You begin to find yourself working less than normal and faking interest almost isn’t a thing. The final performer takes the stage as Cameron sets his hand on your leg initialing contact for the first time tonight.

“Your skin is so soft” he huskily whispers placing a kiss on your neck. You cup his face pulling him into your neck nuzzling him. “I can’t wait to get out of here”

You sit next to Cameron in the car sliding closer to him. His hand rests on your thigh stroking it softly. His eyes lock in on yours as if silently asking for permission. You bite your lip looking down at his hand slowly sliding it higher up your leg. His thumb rubs your soft skin and his fingers inch underneath your dress. “Come here” you motion with your index finger. You kiss him immediately running your hairs through his perfect hair. All night you had been waiting to run your hands through. He bites your lip aggressively swiftly pulling you on his lap.

The car stops. “Sir we’re here” the drives announces.

Would you like to come up?” He asks genuinely seeking your approval. He really doesn’t get that I’m going to say yes to whatever question he asks. He’s literally paying for this. “Sure”

You enter the hotel room and he suddenly backs you up against the door. “I’ve wanted this all night” he whispers against your skin shoving his hand between your legs cupping your heat. “Clearly I’m not the only one” he smirks commenting on the dampness seeping through your panties. His fingers tease you through the material his touch soft and gentle. “You’re so wet for me” he says.

Playfully you push him off of you, walking him backwards until his knees hit the seat of the chair. You pull up your dress around your waist as you climb on top of him. Cameron’s hands hold your waist as you grind into him.  

He groans as he feels the warmth of your covered heat so close. You grind your hips down into him wrapping your hands behind his head. You lean in and his him lightly sucking on his lip. He bucks his hips against you, “You’re so beautiful” he murmurs into the kiss.

His mouth caresses yours greedily as you open your mouth with ease letting him in. Cameron’s tongue explores your mouth, his tongue taking over. “That feels good” you moan as his hips grind up against you. His hands stroke your thighs and his nails dig into your skin.

You pull his tie burying his head in your neck. His head dips down to place kisses across your chest. His hands grip your breasts pushing your cleavage together. He latches on to your chest sucking on the skin. You know that if he continues you’ll end up covered in hickies. Fuck no no no.

You yank his hair detaching him from your skin. “Y-You can’t do that Cameron” you rasp breathlessly. “Do what?” he asks feigning ignorance returning his attention back to your breasts. You pull his hair again this time harder earning a groan. “Okay I get it no hickey” he frustratedly grabs your ass kneading it as you rock your hips energetically back and forth feeling him hard beneath you.

 You increase your pace to a staccato rhythm peering into his glazed over eyes. “Shit Y/n that feels, f-fuck I don’t want to come yet” he whispers trying to control the movement of your hips. You place a kiss along his neck nibbling on his jawline. “We’ve got all night, cum for me Cameron.” you whisper licking the soft patch of skin behind his ear. He tucks his head deep into your neck whispering profanities as he comes in his pants. His muscles tense and you can feel his abs tighten against you and his hands cling to your hips for dear life.   “That’s it, let it go baby” you whisper running your hands gently through his hair.

He slouches back in his chair with his eyes closed catching his breath. You swing your legs off of him tugging down you dress. “Wait where are you going?” he asks lazily looking at you through hooded eyes “Relax like I said we’ve got all night”

Part 2

klaine are painting their new living room and then wELL (nc-17) AO3

“Did you get some fresh water?”

Blaine sets the bucket down next to their paint trays with a heavy thud. “You can thank me later,” he says, smirking, and grabs his paintbrush to wash it off in the clean water.

Kurt watches him, unimpressed as the water turns from clear to the same murky colour as the previous bucketful. “You know,” he says wearily, “the whole point of fresh water is that it is fresh.”

“And? It was fresh before, now it’s been put to a good use.” Blaine grins at him lopsidedly and Kurt can’t find the power within him to do any more than roll his eyes and slather some more paint on his roller.

Kurt’s creative playlist thrums in the background, a catchy tune that makes him want to wiggle his hips and maybe do a bit of shimmying. He coordinates his strokes of the roller with the beat so that he can dance as he paints. Blaine joins him, and they sing along together, giggling and flirting with each other in their near empty living room.

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