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Hi, what do you mean by "the opening of 2x14 was a deliberate negative parallel to Alex and Maggie’s scene from 2x09 in every respect" I'm not sure the writers are trying to be negative on purpose. I genuinely think they are oblivious.

I’m going to address that last sentence before I answer: being frustrated with a storyline because you don’t like it or don’t understand its purpose does not mean the person who created it is bad at their job. It just means you disagree.

That said, let me expand upon what I meant:

Kara’s morning-after scene with Mon-El in 2x14 intentionally juxtaposes Alex’s morning-after scene with Maggie from 2x09.

Similarities: both scenes start with similar background music and we can tell that it’s morning. The first person we see enter the frame is each girl’s respective love interest, but the girls themselves are somewhere offscreen. Both scenes also contain similar establishing shots of the bedrooms in disarray – at Alex’s we see the empty bed with pillows scattered on the floor and the blankets a mess; at Kara’s we see clothing scattered on the floor leading to the bed.

Now, differences:

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We all know how astonishingly talented Thomas is and how much time, effort and love he’s put into making the SanderSides, so much that at this point it’s extremely difficult to see his characters as Thomas, even though they are all literally him. They all have their own looks and little quirks, like the way they sound, stand, the things they say, the way they move, and even their own personalities. The way Prince has his hand gestures, how Anxiety ducks his head, how Dad adjusts his glasses and Logic straightens his tie. I really, really appreciate how much thought and effort Thomas puts into them all, but I also love the little things. Like how his editing is always neat and on point, no matter how frustrating and exhausting it must be to flip scenes and add audio with 3-5 different characters. How every time they appear on screen, there is quiet music specifically for them playing in the background that you can hear if you listen carefully. How Thomas has made such great content that even though we may have our favourite characters, we love them all. I just want everyone to appreciate @thatsthat24 for his hard work, for how dedicated and amazing and lovely he is, and for his overall brilliance. We love you!

the scene: kara and lena eating lunch together because although lena’s a busy woman, kara is “worth the extra effort.” kara smiles at her as romantic music starts to softly play in the background. kara bats her eyelashes and lena starts talking about quantum entanglement, the scientific concept most commonly associated with love. kara, who has stated on multiple occasions that she finds earth science boring and hard to understand, says she cant wait to see what lena’s been working on. she hugs her and watches lena walk away with a smile on her face. 

y'all crackheads: lmao…. where are you getting this supercorp shit from youre literally making it up….


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week - Day 1/7 : the moment you knew you loved the show

I liked Supergirl right from the first episodes, but I fell in love during this scene in the end of episode 6. The whole episode had been about the anger Kara felt and during the episode she figured out it was because she felt she could never have a normal life on Earth, that her normal life ended when her parents put her on the ship when Krypton was destroyed. In the final scene she channels that anger to defeat Red Tornado while this very emotional music is playing on the background and we see flashbacks to the moment Kara lost everything. It made me cry and it made me fall in love with the show.

Amanda Delara

Så skal jeg elske deg til døden
Det er en drapstrussel, drapstrussel, drapstrussel
Hun sa: «Jeg elsker deg til døden
Det er en drapstrussel, drapstrussel, drapstrussel»

So i’m gonna love you ‘til death
That’s an death threath, death threath, death threath
She said i’ll love you ‘til death
That’s an death threath, death threath, death threath

The song playing in the background of the Sana and Yousef scene is so beautiful

Edit: It wasn’t working, so I re-uploaded it.


Hi everybody!

Here is the newly completed UI for my upcoming GxG VN, Blackberry Honey!

Blackberry Honey is a kinetic VN about two Victorian maids, Lorina and Taohua, who work at the same estate and slowly start to fall in love. It’s a relatively long VN (about 100k), which should equate to around 8-12 hours reading, and it’s more cheerful and light-hearted than my usual stories. It features a sadistic loli, frilly maid outfits, and a bunch of cute H scenes.

All the writing is done, and I’m hoping to have this released by mid/late September, depending on when the the CGs and music are completed. The writing, background art, coding, and UI is more or less finished.

My plan is to release this on Steam with a free adult patch that can be downloaded elsewhere, for people who want the full experience.

I hope you’re looking forward to it!

I. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 1: Meetings]


Dionysus (THE MORTAL LOVING GOD) sees across the room, through throngs of people. Music shakes the ground, thrums up his veins, makes him feel like he has a beating heart. 

And The Boy (THE BRIGHT LIGHT, IMMORTAL WITH YOUTH), with laughter in him, is drunk on more than just wine. He looks the way Dionysus hopes these nights will let him feel. 

Instantly, in the air stolen from lungs, never to be recaptured, he’s in love.

He’s also across the room so Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle instead.

II. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 2: Rumors and Background]


Those TWO (COLD TWINS) have knife sharp eyes and wicked teeth, that pull in and gut. Make you love and treat with reproach. 

Apollo has broken many hearts with love. A singing fire song.

(Artemis, does it by never giving love out at all. Quick in kindness, they fall at her knees in hope.)

Dionysus almost loves him on that alone, the wicked insanity of it all.

Rumors, of sweet ichor in his blood, wine that runs off lips, the heartless deity.

III. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 3: The pull]


He’s dancing on a table and the music is in him.

All the colors, so blinding before, have become swings of his hips. Neon colored lipsticks and shades of shoved off couches are flushes of cheeks. 

Dionysus: lustful and drunk.

Throws himself into the night.

“Apollo,” is in the shell of his ear. A prayer for the night. Dionysus screams with religious ecstasy.

IV. ACT TWO- Confrontation  [scene 1: In the presence of]

Soft skin forms soft lips forms soft words forms soft poems.

Dionysus revels in beauty, swallows the sights down hard, and he is that.

V.  ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 2: In the absence of]


with a white sun burning eyelids red.

Quiet rings loud, reverberating off four walls of unfamiliar rooms. Ataste in the air is sweet and untouched, morning.

And a spot of tangled dark clothes on a spotless carpet.


VI. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 3: Way Home]

(Setting, specific): Sunrise air sticks hot. Thoughts cloud together on humid winds. 

Sepia skin hands. Icarus, they say fell from those hands.

Tight muscled calves, to soft skinned thighs. Daphne, they say, ran herself to death chasing love, trying to run from the agony.

- Oh and how Dionysus (A GOD, ON HEAVENLY CLOUD) knows he would too. 

To wake in a cold room, to shuffle cold feet along air conditioned tile, to walk the sun’s path home. 

In those eyes were every sorrow he’s ever met. In the hot puffed breathes was the last sin he’ll ever breathe. In the pink flash tongue was the last bits of warmth before a winter you won’t survive.

VII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 4: Last thoughts (the oracle) ]


Dionysus knowing he will never find the path back to that place.

Starts the dance with a golden (enough) girl, her whispers, her teeth. “A virgin.”

There’s an ethereal step to her twirls. “Won’t be for long.”

Her neck smells of incense, her body writhes with hope.

Pain, in her eyes, in futures she sees. Wine, on her lips, sacrificed blood of her innocence.

Dionysus knows her. She is mortal.


VIII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 5: Comforts]

DIONYSUS WATCHES, dances and laugh into a listening night.

He is a god, he knows, and these are his worshipers. 

The words slur out, drunk with love and ripe with wine: 

                          “You are all I’ve ever needed.”

IX. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 6: First thoughts]

The night is a lost concept.

The day is a halo rising, a crown on gilded hair. 

Dionysus couldn’t tell how he got here but nector rests on his lips. Hard knuckled hands glide out word. From this angle: the god is blinded, he cannot see. “A Poem.” he is told. He is not the muse.

 At this table. In this light.

Words wash over him, warm as cascading light through the window. 

Dionysus can already feel his heart breaking.

X. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 1: audience]

She watches him. She watches everything. Her teeth, her mind,  her eyes, her nails are sharp. 

She ghosts soft silver over wood forest floors.

“My brother is a god of poison and disease.” Her teeth glimmer white.

“He is not good for you.” Her voice comes out throaty and soft. 

“You are a wild animal. And he loves to hunt.”


XI. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 2: Drink, maybe]

Nights like this:

Loud with silence. Loud with thought. Life eats him raw. And wisps of almost memory curl tight in his mind with rebuke.

He is unstable. Unstable is he.

XII. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 3: Next time]

Dionysus sees him across the room. Gold glints off bronze, even through the dull of lost souls he burns bright.

Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle and drinks to drown.


Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie on Broadway, British Accents and Wearing Those 'Kinky Boots'

To some theatergoers, Brendon Urie might appear to be just another actor starring in Kinky Boots, the Tony-winning Broadway musical by Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein that centers on a reluctant shoemaker and his unlikely inspiration.

But at Sunday’s performance, the audience’s Panic! at the Disco fans let out a collective gasp at the frontman’s surprise entrance, and loudly screamed as if at a rock concert when he showcased his bright, four-octave vocal range on solo numbers.

“Oh, my god, it feels phenomenal - I’m just kind of getting sandbagged with love,” Urie tells The Hollywood Reporter of making his Broadway debut in the musical through Aug. 6. “I don’t know what first attracted me to this world, but the whole universe that is musical theater just blows me away. I love it.”

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Urie, 30, goes Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter to talk dancing in heels, wandering around the West Village and writing music for a Broadway project in the future.

When did you first consider joining this show?

The first time I saw it, two years ago. I went with a friend, and, I mean, immediately just upon seeing the first couple of scenes, I had this immense appreciation for the show’s message and I just wanted to be a part of it in any capacity. By the end, I was cheering and crying and laughing and having the best time.

It took me a couple of tours, but I’m glad it worked out. We were trying to book other [tours] and I said, “No, I want to take a break. I want to see what Broadway’s like.” [Cyndi Lauper and I] have hung out a handful of times and already she’s one of my favorite people in the world.

What’s your theater background? Did you do a bunch of acting in high school?

Not at all. I was a part of the theater craft class, so I used to build the sets and be behind-the-scenes, working tech. And my siblings and I would dress up and make little home movies with lots of singing.

I grew up loving musicals: West Side Story, Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls. The Sound of Music is my favorite musical of all time. I’ve got such a crush on Julie Andrews.

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What has surprised you most about starring in a musical?

It’s so wildly different, but so much fun. I guess I expected, to a certain degree, the nakedness you feel up onstage, but it’s honestly unlike any other feeling. When I’m playing with my band in a concert, the fans are all singing the lyrics together and screaming back at you like a giant campfire. But Broadway, you’re there to perform - it’s just you and the spotlight, and you have to just run into it at 100 percent. I’ve been trying to live in the moment, forget who I am and be that character, and just feel that emotion. Luckily, the music is so powerful that when you’re singing the lyrics, you already feel the emotion. I hope people get hit with the same fire and message of love that I got when I first saw this.

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What has been the toughest part about playing Charlie Price?

Dancing in heels is actually pretty comfortable for me, and it’s harder to act like I’m not comfortable in the heels! (Laughs.) But the most challenging was the British accent. My dialect coach Amy Jo [Jackson] ran through the script with me over Skype. The hardest part was getting criticism like, “You sound Australian right now - let’s fix that.”

What new habit have you taken on?

I’m drinking more Throat Coat tea. On tour, we’ll do four shows and then a day off. Doing eight shows a week is crazy, in the best way possible. 

What have you given up?

Doing shows with my band, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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What do you do when you first wake up on a show day?

I make coffee and breakfast for my wife and I, and I walk around for at least 45 minutes. This is the most extended stay I’ve had [in New York] and the West Village is very neighborhood-y with a bunch of dogs, so it’s a nice walk.

It’s a totally different vibe from L.A., where if you walk into a restaurant, everybody turns. In New York, I don’t think anybody cares, and that’s a good thing. You can have Tom Hanks walk into a restaurant and they’d be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s Tom Hanks,” and continue to have their conversation.

What’s your preshow ritual?

I do the warm-up thing. And I actually spoiled myself and put an Xbox in my dressing room, so I could play a little.

Getty Images

Most memorable moment at the stage door?

The first night was unreal - hundreds of kids, people climbing on trees and standing on cars. I thought they were going to get arrested, honestly! And fans bring gifts -  they’ve drawn stuff for me, given me flowers and written amazing letters. That kind of love just does not cease, and each night I feel it.

Are you interested in originating a part on Broadway?

Oh, my goodness, yes, I would love that. I’ve been thinking about that more and more. I’d love to do something that I’ve written music for, stuff I haven’t written yet. That would be so fun. I’d love to get an idea down and work with some amazing creative minds on that.

If you could be in any other Broadway show, what would it be?

To be Jean Valjean in a revival of Les Miserables would be amazing. And, having grown up Mormon, I think The Book of Mormon would be a good fit. (Laughs.) That’d be pretty fun.

Kim’s Birthday Challenge!

My birthday is next weekend! To celebrate, I have a SHIPPING challenge for y’all!

The rules are incredibly simple:

1. Write a fic- ships only! The only ship I don’t read is Sam x Lucifer. Can be literally any other SPN ship (poly is cool, too). I read all genres, so gimme the fluff and the angst, but we all know smut is my favorite.

2. The theme is music. Base your fic off a song, have them singing karaoke, put music on in the background of a smutty scene. Just include music in some way.

3. Post your fic. No need to sign up, no need to tell me anything in advance. Just post the fic and tag me in it, as well as #kimsbirthdaychallenge.

4. There’s no due date! Just, you know, before my next birthday :)

Basically, this is just a selfish birthday present to myself, because I love all of you and the wonderful ships you write. I’ll start a masterlist and add to it as people post.

Stress free and easy, I hope! Let me know if you have any questions :)

MHA dub commentary ep 9

  • “Hey you! Can you tell us what it’s like to work so closely with All Might?” the reporter asks Izuku, who would probably be the best person to answer this question if he weren’t protecting a secret and also didn’t have social anxiety up the everywhere
  • Ochako, asked the same question: uuuhhhh he’s…. got muscles?
  • Iida: improvises an entire speech about All Might and i’m honestly feeling a little attacked right now b/c this is basically me with Bakugou
  • reporter: brings up the sludge villain incident. Bakugou: WALK AWAY.* (*BEFORE I FUCKING BLOW YOUR ASS UP FOR MENTIONING THAT)
  • seriously that’s such a thinly veiled threat im 
  • Bakugou no
  • Aizawa looks more like a hobo than usual today. also he just shoos the reporters out like bothersome little pests i love it
  • random but i enjoy that the reporter lady is wearing slacks instead of a skirt
  • “Naturally, everybody wanted to get their hands on All Might” and then it cuts to Shigaraki
  • hah
  • also hi Shigaraki you…. creepy motherfucker. standing there all… menacingly…….
  • okay i’m just gonna say that fucking pun was intentional on narrator!Izuku’s part because there’s no way that was an accident
  • future adult narrator Izuku is this the time to be making bad puns about the villains coming to kill your teacher/mentor/father figure

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Loli-chan’s Anime Review: Flip Flappers

Grade: A

Quick summary: After a fateful encounter, an indecisive girl discovers the joys of adventuring into different worlds…and gradually realizes everything she knows is wrong. Disclaimer: This contains (non-sexual) shoujo-ai. 


  • The animation style is very unique, and overall quite eye catching. Everything looks like it’s been drawn in pencil, and it’s an excellent touch. It also includes many lovely ‘watercolor like backgrounds’, which remind me of Studio Ghibli’s work.
  • It has some excellent music. Both the intro and the outro are very catchy. I wasn’t fond of them at first, but they quickly found a place in my heart. I especially dig the intro, ‘Serendipity’.
  • I’m not typically a fan of most action scenes, but the action scenes in this anime are hard to keep your eyes off. They’re kept interesting and varied. 
  • One of the main characters, Yayaka, is a rare example of a good tsundere. Her personality is not overly cliche, and she’s not annoying. Moreover, her character has more depth than most tsunderes tend to. This is how a tsundere charater should be written.
  • Are you a fan of slice of life anime? Big on science fiction? Or perhaps you prefer mystery? What about magical girls? Or shoujo ai? Or mecha? You’re all winners, because this anime has a variety of genres to mix things up. It’s got something for everyone. 
  • None of the main villains are heartless, and most of them have very good motives. They are empathetic, and their characters are fully fleshed out. It makes the villains much more interesting, and overall enjoyable. Unlike most villains, you (probably) won’t hate them. These may be my favorite villains. 
  • It’s touching, and the relationships between the girls (not just the main protagonists) will make you smile. It’s kept fluffy and sweet; no sexualization here. The more platonic relationships, too, are also very pleasant.


  • If you do not like plot twists, don’t watch this. The plot is incredibly unpredictable. It may seem simple at first, but things are not as they seem. The plot twists, however, aren’t super dark and depressing. They are more….random. Everything is random, really. This makes the story line a little hard to follow at times. But don’t worry: things will become clear in the end (well, sort of). 
  • The last couple of episodes should be watched in one setting. If you don’t, the suspense may kill you. Binge-watching this is ideal. 
  • Make sure you have tissues ready when you watch episode 6, especially if you cry easily. It hurt my heart; family scenes get me every time. 

Overall opinion: Do not let the threat of plot twists drive you away. There are many shows that use unnecessary plot twists, and this doesn’t seem to be one of them. It was enjoyable, good for my heart, and it was very engaging.  It touched my heart in many ways, and I am likely to watch it again someday. 

No but really, i love the way bioware’s whole “we gave them human faces so the audience could empathize with them more easily” backfired so massively for 1 and only 1 reason.

Archon, the big baddy of the game, the main antagonist of the story. Has the Kett equivalent of “Baby Face”. I cannot take any scene they are in serious. It’s just too fucking hilariously adorable. Especially in a scene full of Kett not saying a single word, while super ominous music plays in the background (and i mean SUPER ominous, like, Darth Vader dramatic entrance ominous). It’s too comical, it’s supposed to be a tense plot moment but everyone is just going “AWWWWWWWWW i made the cutie patootie sad! D:”

GG BioWare. GG

So I watched the Unsteady scene of the Lucifer winter finale again and I love the way they organized the scenes to perfectly fit each area of the song it kind of shows the character’s emotions during these scenes and what they were doing and why their character was doing it. I don’t think they could have chosen a more perfect song. I’ll probably do a more in depth post about this later with more explanation as to why I think they organized the scenes in this particular way and what the words were but for now here’s just a written out list of what words of the song landed on what scene.

“Mama come here” On Lucifer dragging Charlotte out of his hell.

“Daddy I’m alone cause this house don’t feel like home” Amenadiel right before fighting

“If you love me don’t let go” Maze and Linda trying to bring Lucifer back to life.

“Don’t let go” Dan holding the ZX3 that’s going to save Chloe’s life.

“Hold on to me.” Just as Amenadiel braces himself on the doors.

“I’m a little unsteady” Maze and Linda trying to revive Lucifer with Maze crying in the background.

The music rose as Lucifer was revived.

“Hold on.” As Maze ran towards Lucifer after he woke up.

“Hold on to me” Lucifer after being revived.

“I’m a little unsteady” Maze and Linda being relieved that Lucifer is awake.

“Little unsteady” As Amenadiel is shoving all the guards back.

Music swells as Amenadiel pushes the last guard on the floor and he stands above them.

“Mother I know you’re tired of being alone” As Charlotte is being revived.

“Dad I know you’re tryin to fight ” As Lucifer stumbles out of the room to go to Chloe’s room.

“When you feel like flying” Amenadiel turns to go back into the room.

“If you love me don’t let go” When Amenadiel turns around.

“Hold” As soon as Lucifer grabs onto Amenadiel’s shoulder.

“Hold on” Amenadiel puts his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder.

to people who hate on the prequels

ok first of all:
who the fuck are you.

second of all: i 100% believe the prequels did the best in STABBING YOU IN THE HEART. There is so much emotion and angst especially in ROTS. ESPECIALLY. You fall in love with each of the characters since the phantom menace and see them grow up and become a family. Then, rots comes along to give you the reality of what has to happen for the original trilogy to make sense and you cry bc holyfuck you can’t change what must happen.
Remember the scene where all the Jedi are being murdered from order 66 and you hear that emotional deathly background music? If you’ve seen the clone wars episodes it hurts even worse because you feel like you’ve known those characters your whole life and oh! on top of that: the man who practically raised anakin has to fight him on mustafar in practically the next couple scenes. OBI WAN, THE TRUE JEDI, TELLS ANAKIN HE LOVED HIM AND WATCHES ANAKIN BECOME THE MONSTER HE FEARED. OBI WAN WENT THROUGH SO MUCH SHIT ALREADY HIS OLD MASTER QUI GON DIED IN HIS FUCKING ARMS AND TOLD HIM—NO MADE HIM PROMISE HIM TO PROTECT AND TEACH ANAKIN. AND NOW OBI WAN LOST ANAKIN TOO.
so don’t fucking tell me that the prequels were shit. they explain the back story of what vader was before he joined the darkside. and it’s painful to see such a good person like anakin skywalker get everything taken away from him.