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ASTRO’s reaction to their gf being afraid of the dark/thunder

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The storm would be making you very uncomfortable. Seeing your worried expression, Myung Jun would jump up, and, grinning, he would tell you he just had a brilliant idea. He’d leave the room, and come back with a pile of fluffy pillows and blankets. “A pillow fort!” He’d declare enthusiastically. Your eyes would light up. He’d start to place the pillows around you, and he would get way too serious about finding the right angle to make them stay in place. To tease him, you’d discretely push one of the pillows down. You’d laugh softly as his offended, high pitched exclamation would fill the room. He’d pout, but he’d actually be really pleased with himself for making you smile.

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Jinjin would think your fear of the dark was somehow adorable. He’d give you a bear hug and whisper that he was there to protect you. You’d know from his voice that he was grinning, and you would slightly push him back, telling him that you were serious. His happy expression would melt, and he’d you gaze into your eyes with all the seriousness of the world. After a few seconds, he would break the silence. “It’s not dark at all, in here.” He’d state. You’d be very confused. His lips would curve upwards. “Look at how bright my smile is!” He’d add. You’d try to stay poker-faced, but you would burst out laughing.

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Eun Woo

Immediately noticing how the violent storm was making you flinch, Eun Woo would tell you to stay there for a second, and jog out of the room. He’d come back with a cup of your favorite hot drink, and he’d hand it to you with a reassuring smile. He’d sit next to you, your arm against his. He would distract you from the sound of thunder by talking about nothing and everything. Relaxing thanks to his presence, you’d eventually fall asleep. He’d take your empty cup and put it besides him. Eun Woo would smile at your sleeping face. He’d let out a chuckle and blush when your head would fall on his shoulder.

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Like Father Like Son

Group: Actor

Pairing: Woobin x Reader

Genre: Smut

“I can’t believe this” Woo Bin said, shaking his head. He watched as your son walked out of the room, head hung low, and you laughed at the irony. 

“How can you find this funny? He has been bullying some poor kid and he’s only 6!” he said.

“I’m not laughing at him! I’m laughing because you are such a hypocrite” you said, still laughing.


“You were a bully back in school and now you’re angry that your son is doing the same thing? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” you said, standing up from the couch. You started walking to your bedroom and he was right behind you.

“I did not bully people in school” he said. You laughed and sat down on the bed. Woo Bin shut the door and you took your shoes off, throwing them to the closet. “Oh please, the first time we had sex, I saved some kid from you” you said. 

—Senior Year—

“I don’t see how you could like him. He is such a jerk; always picking on people” your friend said. You were power-walking down the hall after hearing that Woo Bin was beating on some kid. 

“Trust me, he really isn’t that bad. He has a huge sweet side to him” you defended.

“Yeah, right. He is one of the meanest people I’ve ever seen” she snorted. You ignored her and ran down the hallway, leaving her behind.

You turned the corner and seethed when you saw Woo Bin slam the poor boy against the lockers. He laughed at the boy and then dropped him on the floor. The boy started to get back up but Woo Bin and his league of idiots moved as if they might kick him. That’s when you stepped in.

“Ya!” you yelled getting their attention. Woo Bin looked up, saw your angry face, and pushed his friends away from the defenseless boy. “How could you guys attack this boy like that?” Woo Bin said, occasionally throwing glances at you. Did he really think that he would be able to talk his way out of this? You’d WATCHED him bully this kid. Now he was going to act like he had saved him? Really?

You moved to help the boy up and smiled at him before apologizing for your boyfriend’s behavior. "You boys should be ashamed of yourselves" Woo Bin was saying.

“Oh, stop. I saw you messing with him!” you said, turning around and smacking his arm. Woo Bin winced and moved back, trying to avoid your whip-like hand. It wasn’t until he was backed into a corner did he grab your hands. His friends had run away like the cowards they were. “Look, look, look, I’m sorry” he said, looking at you.

“You should be apologizing to that boy! You didn’t do anything to me!” you yelled. Woo Bin looked behind you and apologized to the boy. The boy just nodded nervously and quickly ran off. “Let go of me!” you yelled. Woo Bin released your hands and you stalked off, moving through the ring of people that had crowded around. He followed close behind you and grabbed your arm, pulling you to a stop.

“Go away, bully” you said, snatching your arm away. You’d told him months ago that you didn’t do bullies. You were not going to date somebody who was like that. You thought that he was over his irritating bully-like ways… that is, until today. 

The school bell rang and the hallways began to clear. You started to walk off and he grabbed you again. “Didn’t you hear the bell? It’s class time” you said, trying to pull your arm away again. 

“I don’t want you to just go if you’re mad at me” he said. 

“So what? Are you going to bully me too if I don’t listen?” you asked, smartly. He just looked at you, his eyes narrowing. The final bell rang and you turned around. Before you could try to walk off again, you were put into the air and thrown over his shoulder. "Ya! Put me down!“ you yelled at him. He ignored you and literally, carried you down the hallway kicking and punching him. It seemed like the two of you were invisible or something because nobody was paying attention to you. He carried you all the way to the teacher’s lounge and locked the door. He sat you down on the long brown table and you looked around. "You’re going to get us in trouble. Teachers could have been in here” you said.

“It’s class time” he said, as if that justified anything. You just shook your head and moved to get off of the table. As soon as your feet hit the ground, he picked you up and put you back on the table. “I want to apologize” he said. You looked away and he smiled at your childish antics.

“I already told you that I don’t want your apology and I don’t like bullies” you said, folding your arms. Woo Bin placed his hands on both of your thighs and you looked down at them. “You’re touching me” you said, attitude dripping from your voice.

“I’m not a bully” he said, leaving his hands there. 

“Could have fooled me” you mumbled. He smiled and used your thighs to pull you to edge of the table. You didn’t say anything as he stood in between your legs. “I’m sorry” he said, apologizing again.

“Stop apologizing to me” you said, keeping your eyes trained behind him. You didn’t want to look at him.  "I have a lot of kissing up to do, don’t I?“ he asked. You just stared at a spot on the wall behind him and he sighed heavily.

"Why did you do it?” you asked. 

“I don’t know. A final fling?” he groaned. Ugh, attacking some kid for fun? Who does that? You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “You’re so gross” you said, still shaking your head. He leaned in to you and rested his head on you, nuzzling into your neck.

“I’m sorry that I’m so gross” he apologized again. He was so irritating. He was just a giant lump of irritation. “I told you to stop apologizing. It’s annoying” you said, hanging onto your anger.

“I am. I am so annoying” he said. He kissed your neck and mumbled the words, “I’m sorry” against your skin. He was so annoying…and cute.

“Can I start kissing up to you now?” he asked, his lips tickling your neck. You didn’t respond and he kissed your neck once more before sitting up. He looked at you as if he were waiting for an answer. He grabbed your arms and wrapped them around his neck. He placed his hands on your waist and posed his question again. “Can I?”

You still didn’t say anything, letting him figure it out for himself. He closed in the space and lightly touched his lips to yours. When you didn’t pull away, he kissed you with more force. You could feel that the kiss was taking a turn when his fingers began to slightly dig into your side. You used your arms to pull him down closer to you, falling back against the table. You pulled your lips away and he looked at you. “If you ever do that again, don’t talk to me any more” you said seriously. He just nodded and you pulled his lips back to you.

Even though he was on top of you, it was you who had control over this kiss. It was you who playfully tugged on his lip. It was you who rubbed the side of your foot against his leg, telling him to get rid of his pants. He sat up and pulled off his lower garments. Your eyes couldn’t leave his rigid penis, being that it was the first time seeing it.

You unbuttoned your shirt and took it off. He reached around your torso to unclasp your bra and released your breasts. He sucked one of your delicious orbs into his mouth and you moaned loudly. Your legs wrapped around him as he curled his tongue around your nipple. He bit down gently and you tightened your legs around him.

“Woo Bin” you moaned. He groaned at your response and sat up. In the blink of an eye, your skirt was pushed up over your hips and your panties were nowhere to be found. He slid into you slowly and you released a slow breath. It was your first time having sex with him and being that you’d been dating for some time now, you hadn’t had sex in quite a while. He sat still, feeling your womanhood sucking him in. After a while, he pulled out slowly and rammed back in. 

You propped yourself back on your elbows as he pummeled into you, the table slightly sliding on the floor. You wanted to watch but it felt far too good to keep your eyes open. You could feel his balls slapping against you and it just excited you more. He leaned over and sucked the other breast into his mouth. Your fingers laced through the strands of his hair and you sucked in a breath as ripples of pleasure rolled through you.

You grunted as your walls contracted and you came over him. Woo Bin still pounded into you, sending after waves throughout your body. He finally pulled out and shot his load on your thighs, panting and looking down at your half naked body.

“Our first time together was spent in a teacher’s lounge. How romantic” you commented sarcastically. Woo Bin smiled with you and grabbed some napkins to clean you up before helping you down from the table.

“At least it’s memorable” he joked, passing you your bra.  


“That was one of the best days of my life” Woo Bin said, grinning. You pulled the blankets over your legs and he looked at you.


“Can I start kissing up to you again?” he asked. You smiled and shook your head. "You haven’t done anything wrong or bullied anybody" you said. 

“I can go bully the kid in the other room” he said. He jumped into the bed next to you and moved in close.

“The kid? You mean our child?” you laughed. He smiled and nestled in closer to you. “You’re right. I’m sorry for suggesting that-”

“Woo Bin! Stop! You’re such a pest” you said, pushing him away from you.

“You’re right. I’m sorry for being a pest” he said, kissing your neck.

“Stop apologizing to me!” you laughed, swatting him away. He laughed with you and you kissed his lips.