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These are really cool and finally they getting put in an AC game.


Generally I never give permission to repost my art on instagram. I have my own account (natsu_buta), and since on instagram there isn’t a reblogging feature, people who follow this kind of accounts tend to save and repost again and again without giving any credits.

Writing “credits to the artist” is just so disrespectful. Like, you don’t even care where the art is from, who the artist is and who put effort into creating that picture. You “found it” and reposted it but hey, you’re nice. You’re not even claiming it’s yours! Whoever done it, not sure, don’t care, but I did a nice gesture by at least writing “credits to the artist”

It’s not like this.
During these times of extreme financial crisis, most of the artists around the net try to gain some sort of pocket money by using their talents. Often they also work and go to school at the same time, so the content they create is even more precious because they give up their little free time to create content you can enjoy.
By not citing the artist, putting a link back to their blog and let their name and art TOGETHER being spread, you’re creating a damage. You’re taking away views, you’re taking away doable fans and doable MONEY that can come to them, and maybe they rely on that pocket money to be able to meet the month’s ends.
You’re taking away the possibility that someone might want to donate to their ko-fi because they liked the art (I, for example, always do that if I find art that I like, even if I don’t follow the artist. Even if it’s just 3 dollars they might be important to them) or want to support them in some other way, even just with a reblog, or with a nice message or by following them.
And generally, you’re not helping anyone. You’re just creating damage. And putting more gas on the already annoying problem of unsourced reposts.

Please don’t be like this. Please help us to create more content instead of making things more and more difficult. During the years there have been so many artists that quit tumblr or any other sharing website because of unsourced reposts. I don’t want that. I want to enjoy their art.
Don’t make things difficult for everyone else.

This is what the foundation layer of my Zelda dress looks like. I researched the structure of couture gowns during my planning stages of this costume, but this is my first time actually making something like this.

This is a boned corselet, which is designed to shape and support the exterior layers of the dress. Unlike the similarly-named corset, a corselet does NOT cinch the waist or shape the body. It provides structure to the dress, not the body.

Mine is made from power net with flat-felled seams, spring steel boning, and built-in bra cups. It’s attached along the neckline except in the very back, where is has a separate zipper. It eliminates the need for a separate bra, so I don’t have to worry about bra straps shifting around and showing.

I also wanted to add that I don’t have any special knowledge or training that enabled me to do this – everything I know about this I learned from Google. If you’re interested in sewing but you find these terms and concepts going over your head, just Google them. Read blog posts and articles and anything else, and try to apply that learning to the things you want to make. You might be surprised how much you can teach yourself.
Next Steps on Net Neutrality | American Libraries Magazine
Librarians and library supporters have until August 16 to make public comments to the Federal Communications Commission on net neutrality.

At last count, about 10.6 million people and organizations weighed in on the agency’s May proposal to roll back rules protecting net neutrality. And there’s still time to comment!

What can you do?

  • Talk to your legislators about net neutrality when they’re home in their districts in August. As the issue moves to Capitol Hill, voices from constituents become even more important.
  • File comments in reply to the record, supporting the ALA’s filing and/or sharing your own local examples and concerns. During this second window, anyone can file a comment directly rebutting the ISPs’ arguments, rather than the FCC’s initial proposal as made. You can file directly on the FCC’s site, using the “Express” comment form or the ALA Action Center. Under “Proceeding,” enter the number 17-108, fill in the required fields, and enter your comments.
  • We invite state library associations and state library agencies to consider filing at the FCC. As part of our initial comments, ALA was joined by the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies and the American Association of Law Libraries, and we believe it’s important to show how net neutrality impacts all libraries across the United States.
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this is literally just an impulse bc i wanna steal aries’s idea but i thought that after so long i ought to hop on the bandwagon and do a follow forever! it’s gonna be really short bc i won’t be able to think of literally anyone but here ya go! a lil list of people i really appreciate or who helped me along my path to greatness, or whatever the hell you wanna call this.  

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Hello everyone, first of all, thank you to the many people who have stayed with me during my Net Neutrality protest. Thank you for paying attention.

Tomorrow is the day where the vote on Net Neutrality will be decided, so please, keep your hopes high and your energy positive.

If the vote is decided to ban Net Neutrality, i would like to take this moment to say that it has been a pleasure to reach so many of you through the power of the internet. Making this blog at the age of 13 was the best decision i ever made and im glad that it has made so many of you smile.

If the vote is decided to keep Net Neutrality, i would like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who have been paying attention and used your voices to be heard. Standing up for the things you believe in is the best thing you can do as an individual, as well as standing up for the things that are right.

Regardless of the outcome, i will definitely be changing my blog back to normal. I do want to let you all know how thankful i am for how accepting you all have been with me. From 13 to 19 i definitely have made a lot of mistakes on here: from oversharing to blatant negative remarks, and you have all given me time to change as a person and for that i will always be greatful. Thank you for helping me become a better person. Thank you for standing with me during my protest. Thank you for bringing out my positive, warm heartedness. I will never forget it 💜






There was a butterfly who fell in love with a net.
The butterfly loved being captured, but only for a short while. The butterfly would soon break free and return shortly.
The net wanted the butterfly to stay forever so it got a stronger mesh.
The butterfly came back but when it tried to leave, it tired its wings out.
He was hurting himself trying to get out but the net thought he was just loving on it.
The net finally let go so they could play and the butterfly said he would go get something but he promised to come back.
He was obviously hurt but flew away slowly and the net waited.
The butterfly never returned and the net had a hole in its mesh from where the butterfly tried to break free.
Years passed and the butterfly never came back and the net could never catch another butterfly.
They were both hurt and the butterfly stayed far away from nets, even the ones who meant well and would release almost immediately.
The net had a gaping hole where the mesh was broken and couldn’t get any butterfly to stay. It had no intention of hurting but did anyway.
I am the net and you are the butterfly, and I hope you never fall into another painful net again.
—  The Butterfly & The Net

Conspiracy Theorist Obi-Wan Kenobi

I’m not sorry for this. Please reference this amazingly constructed theory for the inspiration for this nonsense.

Quick note: HVNet = HoloVid Network, the Star Wars YouTube equivalent

His hindsight, Obi-Wan thinks, was not twenty-twenty in this instance, and he wishes he had thought ahead to the possible consequences of what seemed like an inconsequential action at the time. Mostly, he would do better in the future to remember how information, true or not, tends to spread like wildfire across the HoloNet.

Even Jedi Masters get bored.

At least, that is the excuse Obi-Wan will use if ever asked why he frequents the conspiracy theory forums that are scattered around the HoloNet.

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anonymous asked:

Heya! After a few years of posting original works online, I've slipped back into fanfic, but I'm super out of touch. I'd tried to write fanfic the way I write original stuff, and it just didn't work- I'd written something novel-length and novel-style, but looking back now it doesn't feel appropriate (and the hit count is miserable, haha!). Have you got any tips on the differences between writing original fic and fanfic, and how to jump back into the pit without embarrassing myself again?

Hi there, anon!  Thanks for your question :)

I have personal experience with this struggle, I assure you.  It seems like when a writer first transitions to original work, they feel like it’s a one-way trip – like once you’ve made the shift, you can’t go back.  But that’s purely psychological, and once you overcome it, you’ll be able to transition seamlessly between the two!

Although I’ve found that writing original fiction isn’t all that different from writing fanfiction, I’ll give you a few tips for slipping back into “fanfiction-brain”:

  • Watch (or read) the source material.  Novel-writing is all about being original, with your characters and your writing style – but fanfiction is about creating stories in the world (and in a way, the style) of the original creators.  You wouldn’t write a Captain America fanfiction in the same mindset as you wrote your high-fantasy adventure novel!  So immerse yourself in this separate world and your mindset will follow.
  • Read fanfiction in this universe.  Find some quality fanfic, with similar themes to what you’d want to write (e.g. angst, fluff, etc.).  And read it through writer’s eyes, which means paying attention to how chapters are opened and closed, how long they are, how much detail is included, and, maybe most importantly in your case, how they’re presented and marketed to readers.  Your hit problem may be more to do with your presence in the fanfiction community than anything else!
  • Re-learn the audience.  People reading original fiction are looking for new characters, universes, and conflicts to fall in love with – but fanfiction readers already love the setting and the characters.  They already know what they want, and they’re going to click away if you don’t, in some form or another, give them what they want.  So if you’re writing a complex story that’s tagged as angst, you’re going to need to put some emphasis on the angst.  If you’re writing for an audience who want feel-good fluff – no matter how much your novel-brain is saying, “This isn’t enough to fuel a story!” – you have to include some feel-good fluff.
  • Adapt to an episodic style.  Every installment of your fanfiction is going to need some sort of hook, to ensure that your readers follow up with the next chapter.  Remember that no one is paying for the whole fanfiction, so they have little reason to invest time in something that isn’t gripping their attention.  The good news: fanfiction allows us to be self-indulgent with things like angst and fluff filler, because our readers will likely enjoy it as much as we do.  So the pressure of keeping readers interested is matched with the cushion of filler!
  • And lastly, make use of your personal voice.  Fanfiction is sold by personality, just as much as story – your author’s notes, your summary, and your narrative style – so make sure to develop a stage presence.  This will make it easier to address your readers when asking for feedback, and will likely net you more followers!

That’s all I’ve got at the moment, but if you have another question, send it in and I’ll get back to you!  Thanks again, and good luck :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

A Few Quick Reasons Why the MaDD Community Is Important:

1. MaDD is not currently a diagnosable condition, so communicating  and sharing with the community and keeping up with the blog may very well be the closest thing to “therapy” that we will get for a while.

2. Many of us MaDDers are ashamed, humiliated, or embarrassed that our default position in our mind is not in the real world. Some of us have not told anyone outside of Tumblr about this issue, even those close to us, because we fear their reaction. The community is our emotional safety net.

3. Some of us are also trying to cut back on the daydreaming and are trying many self-therapy methods to meet our responsibilities and function in our lives such as visual schedules, alarms, reward systems, among others. The encouragement from a community who knows how hard things can get is indispensable.

4. And for those of us who are ready, the community is a pressure-free space to share odds and ends about our paras and scenerios, which can be therapeutic for some of the MaDD community. 

Side Note 4a: Those outside of the community might not understand why some MaDDers are not writers or artists, but as a writer myself I can say that paras and their stories ARE NOT the same as a Writeable Narrative that is meant for an outside audience. My paras, for the most part, actually drain creative energy away from my writing projects and often deal with very personal, unsharable, and no-so-nice stuff.

It’s pretty easy to accuse MaDDers of using “snowflake labels”, but frankly I don’t care too much about labels either way except that the label helps give definition to the community. I know that my daydreaming habits are not normal or healthy, and you can call me whatever you want, but I can use all the help and support I can get. I don’t think this will ever disappear entirely, but the label does give me the permission to treat my habits as a serious issue, and since I have made the blog I have improved so much with normal day-to-day functioning and productivity, and my loved ones around me have noticed. To me, that’s worth all the proverbial eye rolls Tumblr can throw at me. :)  

I reached my goal of 5000 followers a couple weeks back, and im finally getting to my promised follow forever! Everyone listed below is followed from my main blog @wraith-reaper. Italicized and bolded names are some of my favs!


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Heyy, I think I sent you an ask before, but I'm not sure if I made that public. I'm new here, just started my tumblr blog today. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and was hoping you could recommend some more b.a.p blogs to me. I'm a rose era baby, dae biased! I'm v excited for my tumblr experience goshh sorry if I seem awkward

HEY NEW FRIEND!!!! Yes I got the other message but it’s all gucci my love. Thank you so much for liking my blog ;;; I put way too much effort into it sometimes and it makes me really happy that people like it D: ANYWAYS B.A.P blogs you’re looking for!?!?!? well you came to the semi right place since I only follow B.A.P blogs lol ANYWAYS 

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and for just strict like 100% B.A.P solid content I recommend following the nets 

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OH ALSO WElcome to the fandom We’re all really loud and extra and love the boys so much and we’re all super friendly trust, also memes, we’re all memes .-. 

fnv x skyrim crossover bcos hear me out here

ARCADE is an altmer studying restoration magic at the college of winterhold. he mostly keeps to himself, researching new spells, as many nords dont take kindly to an elf practicing magic so close to their holds. he is tight-lipped about it, but the rumors of his past association with the aldmeri dominion hold merit. he has an interest in linguistics, and is fluent in dovahzul.

BOONE is an imperial. he carries several years of experience with the legion (ironic, i admit) under his belt, honing his skills with the bow and arrow and his deadliness from afar. as events involving a kidnapping by bandits led to his wife’s death, boone makes it his goal to rid skyrim of as many of them as possible.

CASS is a khajiiti caravan owner, and if her time in skyrim has taught her one thing, its that youre going to have to be twice as smart and twice as tough as any nord if youre going to make it. unlike many of her kind, cass is never found under the influences of skooma–something about a heart condition. instead, she takes her ale nordic style, and could drink any of you pretty blond boys under the table.

ED-E is a modified dwarven spider. it and its control rod were taken from dwemer ruins and enchanted by dominion mages to give it the capacity to unleash electric attacks. ED-E was then sent to carry a message all the way from summerset to the embassy in skyrim, but it never arrived.

LILY is an elderly nord woman with a secret–she is a werebear. her condition did not come from the companions, however, and she takes great shame in it. lily struggles to control her more bestial nature, and although it makes her incredibly deadly in close-combat, it makes her reckless as well. she has learned a spell to control her transformations, but by casting it she sacrifices her memories. she does so half as much as the mage who taught it to her recommended, however, so that she may hold on to at least a sliver of her humanity.

RAUL is a redguard, but more notably a vampire. he is over 200 years old, and a long-past run-in with the dawnguard has left him with burns all over his body. by day he is a sarcastic but charming blacksmith, repairing arms and armor for anyone with the septims to spare, but by night he uses his vampiric abilities to avenge the death of his sister, who was killed at the hands of bandits.

REX was a warhound in life. when he died, his owner, who just so happened to be a powerful necromancer, could not bear to be without him, and used their powers to reanimate his corpse by bringing his spirit back from aetherius. having been placed back in a mortal form after experiencing the realm of magicka brings rex great discomfort, and from time to time he requires the ritual be repeated, anchoring his spirit on nirn once again.

VERONICA is a dunmer descending from a long line of dark brotherhood members. though her skill in the trade and devotion to sithis and the night mother is remarkable, veronica is displeased with how far the skyrim chapter of the organization has strayed from its original goals and traditions, and voicing these opinions has netted much disapproval with her higher-ups.

Back to square one

I relapsed Friday night.

This is a really hard post to write and I’m really hating myself as I write it. I am really angry at myself. I’m disappointed. I’m sad. There is no justification for my relapse. But then again, you don’t necessarily need something to justify a relapse. It can be a part of a recovery and unfortunately it’s been a part of mine.

I wasn’t even having a craving. All of a sudden I found myself at the gas station and I was buying alcohol. Before I know it I drank one of the drinks I bought. I was enjoying myself for about a half hour before the depression kicked on. For a split second, I didn’t want to deal with life anymore but my girlfriend walked downstairs. I showed her the can and she just hugged me. She held me as I cried.

I had 101 days and I fucked that up.

But it’s in the past now and I can’t correct it. I can only continue with my recovery and start over again. I need to do this differently. I decided I am going to get back on the Vivitrol injection or get a prescription for naltrexone. I need the extra safety net and I want to really be successful at this. I’m also going to pick up more meetings.

I want to have a good life. I deserve to have a good life.

I’m sorry if this disappoints any of you. I try to be mostly positive with my blog. But I also try and blog things that show the reality of addiction and relapse is my reality right now. But I’m not going to let it define my recovery anymore.

The relapse didn’t bring me anything I was hoping for. That “high” you seem to get from a good buzz, wasn’t there. That instant gratification wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to numb the pain away. None of that happened. It’s no longer fun. The fun stopped a long time ago.

It’s time do better. All of us deserve better.

anonymous asked:

…………… Also it would be especially awesome if the list included some fics that are not from AO3, like ff or dreamwidth or something.

This ask was part of one submitted by a follower and we thought it needed its own post. Here is a link to the original ask

Why Archive of Our Own (AO3)? In recent years AO3 has become The Site for posting fan fic and currently it hosts a majority of the latest destiel fic. The tagging system makes it relatively easy to search and sort fics by fandoms, pairings, tags, etc. and the push-of-a-button download options are great for offline reading. We confess, these days destielfanfic mods rarely read fics on other hosting sites like fanfiction net, LiveJournal, DreamWidth or wattpad. And this is not going to change. If you want to read recent destiel fics that are posted there, we are not the blog you are looking for.

Finding fic on other platforms on Destiel fanfic. Back in the early days of Destiel (and this blog), LJ and DW were our “go to” sites and the reviews from that time link to those platforms. You can start with our older pages (here’s the first page of fic recs, after filtering out ask responses) and then click on the authors’ name and check out their Master Lists on LJ. Beware that due to the latest changes in LJ server ownership, a lot of people are deleting their LJ blogs (see our post) and quite a few of these older links are dead. If you have a favorite fic on LJ, it is always better to make a copy by yourself (here’s how).  As AO3 became more widely used, we added links to some of these older reviews as a back-up or when authors migrated their work to AO3 (For example: X, X, X). 

Another way to find older stuff using our blog is our post about First wave destiel authors. Due to tumblr’s never ending updates, all links on the post are dead but you can easily google the names and find their blogs if they have not deleted yet. Please note that even if the authors use several fic hosting sites, not all sites will have same fics. Some authors never transferred all their stuff to AO3 and you may find more on their ff net, LJ or DW. Most authors use the same pen name across the sites, so it is always easy to check.

FanFiction Net. In May of 2012, FanFiction.Net deleted THOUSANDS of stories that had what they considered to be “mature content” and this wasn’t the first time they purged content (read this article at about the 2002 and 2012 Purges). This blog started in August 2012, right after the Purge, and since many of the stories we highlight have “mature” content, we just avoided the platform. 

What we do (and do not do). Recently we have received an increasing number of asks to make rec lists about this or that topic from what looks like eager and very recent followers. We would like to remind you about our Mission Statement that spells out clearly what we do and what we do not do here. 


  • We tag and organize Long Fic
  • We provide guides to help you find what you want
  • We answer lost fic asks privately when we know the fic or add them to our lost fic Group Asks when we don’t know it. 
  • We create rec lists that we think would be fun using fics we have read. Asks can sometimes fit with these, and so we use them. 
  • We Don’t search for fics we haven’t read (or have forgotten over the years we’ve been doing this). 
  • We Don’t search for requested kink fic, one shots or tumblr prompts.
  • We Don’t look and read new fics to fit follower requests. 

skumringkatt  asked:

hi, could I ask you something that`s confusing me in S4? Why do people suddenly seem to think John`s blog is Sherlock`s blog (like nurse Cornish and other people during the hospital visit)? In earlier seasons there was never any misunderstanding, everyone knew (!) John was writing the blog. Now its like John is completely out of the picture, Cornish doesn`t even know who he is ! And Culverton calls Sherlock the internet tec instead of famous detective.... it makes it all feel so unreal and off !

Hi Lovely!

You know what? I have no bloody idea, especially since as FAR BACK as TGG, no one knew Sherlock even had a blog AND the media was calling him “’Net ‘Tec”, and everyone praised John’s blog, so it’s a total contradiction to what was previously established in the series (much like a lot of S4…). I and others have speculated that it is proof of an Unreliable Narrator narrative at play, where TLD is actually John’s skewed view of reality, OR that it’s Sherlock’s POV and it’s how he secretly is still jealous about John’s blog popularity, so in his version the blog is about him, ergo it’s his blog. OR a mix of the two, where Sherlock takes credit for the blog because it’s about him, and John, gradually being pushed away out of the story, is starting to become “aware” of his lack of usefulness in this story (in sort of a 4th wall kind of way). Whatever the reason, I really believe a lot of S4 is unreliable narrator, or affected by the deus ex TD-12.

I honestly don’t have a good answer, Lovely; S4 confuses me and it takes a lot for me to try to connect it to other things in the narrative. My best guess is that it’s a false narrative OR if we are to take it at face value, comedy relief and nothing more.

I welcome some other alternative readings, cheers :)

anonymous asked:

i just realized after reading your blog.... i'm kind of in a relationship(open bc of our own motives but will change when he moves here) with a boy who's very intelligent and likes to build stuff. he limps bc his back is bent and his feet are misshapen. recently i've become attached in a romantic way to a friend-with-benefits who's kind of agressive and will fight his own reflection if angry enought. the messy state of my mind now aside, how long till i'm entrapped in a golden net

you worried abt a golden net but you’re irl aphrodite???