the back of his shirt says 'doctor in training'

Bucky Barnes prompts

Common actions;
• relentlessly staring people down. Sometimes it’s unintended and other times he really, really hates the person
• he has wolf eyes, which unnerves most agents. The team don’t care because they’re the team. But Peter’s classmates? Oh, son..
• Bucky is sent to collect Peter from class due to an urgent recon mission. Bucky towers over guys probably named ‘Chad’ and nearly snarls at one kid. He is not allowed back on campus at the behest of Steve.
• breaks more punching bags than Steve. They start a tally.
• threatens to beat up Sam on a daily basis; has yet to do so.
• cannot operate a smartphone well. Accidentally sent a chin-shot to Tony, who will not shut up about it.
• recieving a nude from fem!reader and accidentally crushing his phone. He, like Steve, breaks a lot of phones.
• mild phobia of JARVIS/FRIDAY, which is intensified when he’s near Vision.
• runs from the tower to Brooklyn and back each morning
• does not understand his sex appeal; frequently forego’s shirts.
• enjoys making people think he and Natasha are sleeping together. They are just good friends.

• loves fruit, especially plums and cherries.
• thinks sushi is weird, but OK. Will not eat chow mein, says the smell reminds him of a doctor in HYDRA
• loves the smell and taste of honey. Reader wears a perfume called nectar. Unintentionally teasing him.
• fucking HATES the smell of ants (this is a real thing. Some people can smell ants)

Possible story ideas (ones with an asterisk have been used or are common);
• sent to train SAS vets for ground warfare. *used in dawnkiwi’s upcoming series. Shes fine with it be used elsewhere
• 'hate-fuck’ *
• barista!reader and Bucky *
• reader!survivalist trainer. She teaches the team tactical skills to survive extreme situations.
• deaf!reader *
• Peter x Bucky (if you do write this, please tag me. Please. 👀👀👀)
• language barrier between bucky and the reader. They speak a very isolated and old language, so communication is tough. Can be funny.

Will update the list!

A Hiccup in the Plan [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Author’s Note: I was pleasantly surprised at the reception of my last Jacob Frye imagine! When you guys leave me sweet little notes or asks like that regarding anything I write, I hope you know that it really is encouraging, because a lot of times when I write for a character for the first time I’m very uneasy. But I have a lot of fun writing them and it makes me happy that you guys think I’m doing a good job! I love you guys(:

Word Count: 1,717 

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Protective Instincts (One Shot #3)

Harry Styles One Shot

Fight Me Series (Sequel to The Boxer)

For previous One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance

“I want you to meet Sawyer.” A very large and intimidating man stood in your living room as you hid behind Harry a bit. 

“Nice to meet you ma’am.” You nodded your head and grabbed Harry’s hand. 

“Excuse us a moment Sawyer,” you pulled him along with you and into your shared bedroom. You shut the door and looked at Harry with accusing eyes. 

“Do you want to explain to me why there is a scary looking man in our home?” You practically yelled and he just shook his head and came closer to you. 

His arms came around your waist and he pulled you right into him. His body creating a warm and safe cocoon around you and you nestled your body closer. 

These past few days Harry had refused to leave you alone and you just knew it had to do with that note that he had gotten. 

He hadn’t let you see it but instead called in a favor from an old friend. The conversation had been a quick one and you were unable to decipher any of the context but you knew that Harry was worried about something. 

He had been making sure you were in his sights at all times and that you had everything you needed so you didn’t have to go out to any stores alone. You had just reached two months into your pregnancy and that made the instincts to keep you safe even greater as he rushed around to make sure you were okay. 

Whatever the note had said sent a shock wave through him and his protective instincts were kicking in. Though you appreciated his gestures you wanted a bit of breathing room. 

“I need you safe, I’m not taking chances.” Safe had become a dreaded word to hear. 

“I want some freedom Harry. You haven’t left my side since the other night and I want breathing room. You’re stressing me out,” you told him truthfully and he just buried his face deeper into your neck. You knew he knew you were right but he was in protecter mode and would not be easily swayed to change his mind. 

“Sawyer is temporary. You won’t even know he’s around.” He reasoned and you just stayed quiet. 

“I can’t let them hurt either of you.”

One of his hands came from around your back and he placed in between the both of you on your stomach. 

“I love you both so much.”

“We love you too baby. I’ll put up with Sawyer if it makes you happy,” the smile that lit up his face made a smile of your appear as he pressed kisses all over your face. 

“Thank you.” 


1 Month Later 

“I’m going with her to this appointment so we don’t need you with us Sawyer.” The man nodded at Harry and you gave a quick smile as you rushed about trying to collect all of your things. 

The drive to the doctors went by quickly and Harry was very attentive as the both of you waited in the waiting room. He held you hand and listened to you babble on about what you wanted to do to the spare room for the baby. 

“Baby we’ve got a while to think all of this through.” He laughed as your name was called. He followed you and you went into the room and sat down. 

The nurse took all of your vitals and told you that the doctor would be in shortly. Today was the day you had been planning to see a better image of your growing child. Today’s appointment would be just a check up and you would be able to hear the baby’s heart. 

There was a knock on the door and the doctor came right in along with the nurse. The doctor was a kind looking man with salt and pepper colored hair. He had a distinctive look about him but still kind. 

“Hello I’m Dr. Roberts. I am going to be your main doctor throughout the terms of your pregnancy. Lovely to meet to the both of you.” 

“Thank you, we appreciate it.” Harry had yet to say a word to the doctor but his eyes never left the mans frame as he looked at his clipboard. 

The nurse that had come in was setting up the machine and asking you to lie back. You did as asked and lifted up your shirt to expose your showing tummy. 

Just the other morning you had noticed a tiny little bump that had arrived just over night. Harry had been at the gym training when you had sent him a photo of it. 

It was odd to think that Harry was trying his absolute best to not let the situation touch you whatsoever. 

You heard through the walls though the hushed phone calls and you had noticed a hardening about him that wasn’t there just a month ago. He was juggling the season, you and the baby, as well as the enemy and it was putting a toll on him. 

He barley ate or slept anymore; it was always you first but there were times where you put your foot down and made sure he was taken care of. 

It was the worry of something happening that ate him up inside and it pained you to watch him keep things away from you in sake of yourself and your child. 

“Let’s see your baby shall we!” The doctors voice brought you back to the present and you closed your eyes and grasped Harry’s hand tighter. 

The nurse put cold jelly on your stomach and got out the wand. She handed it to the doctor and he moved it around until he found the perfect spot. 

A loud whooshing noise filled the room and you grinned as you heard it. You glanced over at Harry and saw his mouth slightly open as he stared at the screen in wonder. 

“Is the baby okay? Healthy?” He questioned right away. 

“Everything seems to be going wonderfully. The heart sounds great; and in case you couldn’t tell here is your baby. The little one is growing,” he took the wand off of your stomach and the nurse handed you a napkin to clean off the jelly. 

“Do either of you have any questions?” Neither of you spoke up so the doctor bid you goodbyes and soon the both of you were walking back to the car. 

“Are your appointments always that quick?”

“Right now they are, when I get further along they will become longer.” You subconsciously placed a hand on your stomach as his arm came around your middle and you went to his side. 

“Is it weird to you that we’re going to have a baby?” You asked him as you walked through the parking lot that was cloaked in silence. 

“Why are you-” Harry was cut off by some guy running out from between the cars and bumping into him. You stumbled but Harry’s grip on you was tight as he held you up. 

“What the fuck?” He spat at the boy who was staring wide eyed at you. 

“Congratulations,” he said with a grin and continued to run in the direction he was going in. You shook it off and continued walking to the car. 

When you got there an envelope rested on the windshield with your name written on it. You were about the get it but Harry beat you to it and tore it from where it rested. 

“Get in the car now we’ll deal with this when we’re home.” His voice was tight and his stance was as well. You did what you were told and tried not to focus on the gnawing in the pit of your stomach. 

You placed both hands over the small bump and stayed quiet as Harry drove home. 

When you arrived he jumped out of the car and got you out before ushering you into the house as he looked over his shoulder. 

He went straight to the living room where Sawyer was and threw him the envelope. 

“Another fucking one came.” Harry yelled and you flinched at his tone. You rarely ever saw him angry and when you did it was never pretty. 

“Did you look inside?” Sawyer was all business as he opened the envelope. He pulled out what looked to be a note and pictures. 

You stepped forward and what you saw had your hand fly up to cover your mouth. Photos of you around town with Sawyer or Harry were there; a copy of the ultrasound you and first gotten was there too. 

Harry snatched the note before you could take a look and with each line he read you could see him become angrier and angrier. 

It wasn’t until he got until to the bottom of the note that his angry complexion went slack. He looked up at you and blinked several times before looking back down to the note. 

“Let me see it,” you said quietly as you cautiously made your way over to him. You moved his arm a bit so you could see the writing clearly. 

You didn’t read the body of the note only the last line and you truly wished you hadn’t. 

“What a pity it would be to lose it all wouldn’t it? Watch her, you wouldn’t want to lose your family again would you?”

The long awaited 3rd installment to Fight Me is finally here! I hope you have enjoyed it. 


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