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in the iphone calendar you can go back into the thirteenth century and beyond???? i didn’t even scroll back as far as it went because i was scared of break the space time continuum what is this did you guys know that disease ridden peasants woke up on january sixth fucking 1207 and it was a fucking saturday

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Her pregnancy was being shoved in our faces big time right before Christmas and since then crickets. Not sure what they are up to, but with Cheryl, I can guarantee this silence won't last forever.

Apparently was randomly talking about it today in the UK tabs (is that why I had anons about it??). He said some really odd things:

‘Cheryl is awesome and I am so happy for her – she is always in and out of bad relationships.”

Speaking about her pregnancy, which she is yet to confirm, said: ‘She is expecting a baby but it could be a beer belly, right?’

‘I haven’t really met Liam but I am so happy for her, she deserves it,’ the star added.

That beer belly thing…like…????

And the Daily Mail confirmed that it’s all still speculation (which at this point…):

Cheryl, 33, and Liam, 23, are alleged to be expecting a child together.

In This Bed

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Pairing: Victor / Yuuri

Rating: General

Read it on AO3

The pencil in Yuuri’s hand trailed across the edges of his notepad, leaving idle, faint doodles behind. He felt his eyelids growing heavy, and knew he’d have to get up and go back to his own room soon. But the lights above Victor’s bed were surprisingly gentle and warm, the blankets – Victor’s own – were soft beneath his cheek, and the easy silence that had fallen over the room made Yuuri feel as though he never wanted to have to move again.  

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Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to the TJLC Advent Calendar! Sorry for the delay in today’s video- apparently even ignoring time will not stop its incessant march towards series four. We hope you enjoy our Advent Christmas Special, The Prince Detective (as told by Moffat) starring a familiar face ✨⭐️🐀🌈 (he/him or ve/vim)

Drawcember 2! Pump It Up for a game?




So I’ve been working away with getting shipments out. Had a lovely night of rest last night, but going to get back at it tonight! 


I need EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT A CALENDAR to go to their orders and double check their addresses. I’ve had addresses missing street numbers, I’ve had addresses with the street name before the number…stuff is a mess. I’ve messaged a few folks and haven’t heard from them, and I will NOT be sending orders to addresses where I don’t think the calendar will get delivered.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  go check your Etsy account right now. ESPECIALLY if you’ve ordered before November 23. THANK YOU. 

suddenly the rug’s being pulled out from under you and you’re falling too fast
the world is spinning and you’re noticing the earths curvature for the very first time
you think about everyone who has ever died and wonder if every time you say goodnight or goodbye
if it could be the last time
if that will be the last picture this person sees of you
you fall and knock your teeth against the hardwood
and you let yourself cry for none of the obvious reasons

Hunkle Calendar Update

So, in case anyone was wondering, @eregyrn-falls and I have been moving forward on that Hunkle calendar scheme I concocted back at the beginning of October. We don’t have a lot to show for it just yet, because there is a considerable time crunch to get everything finished in time to ship out before the new year. BUT! We would greatly appreciate folks stirring up some interest while we start pulling things together. 

The blog we have set up for it is @gfhunklescalendar2017. There’s not much there now, but please give us a follow, because there’s sure to be a loooot of updates in the coming weeks. And, of course, any signal boosting is greatly appreciated!

I love doing the October is not the 8th month of the year analogy with biphobes who insist bi= attracted to only 2 genders.

Because they inevitably point out history. They point out how it WAS the 8th month, but then 2 months were added to the calendar which bumped it back to the 10th month of the year

Well this is the perfect example of how definitions change. And the prefix argument falls flat on its face.

October was, at one point, the 8th month. Hence the octo prefix. It was then changed. But do we change the prefix to reflect that change? No. It’s still October.

Just like bisexuality once meant encompassing two sexualities (homosexual and heterosexual). That’s where the bi in bisexuality came from. Now the definition is two or more to reflect our growing understanding on gender.

Definitions change. Things change. But we keep the name because of the history surrounding it.

Stop obsessing over prefixes.

O-Bon (Lantern Festival)

Obon is an annual Buddhist event in Japan for commemorating one’s ancestors. It is believed that each year during Obon, the ancestors’ spirits return to this world in order to visit their relatives. At the end of Obon, floating lanterns are put into rivers, lakes and seas in order to guide the spirits back into their world.

Part of the HQ!! 2017 Calendar that is now up for grabs! Check out this LINK for more details.

Hello lovelies!

As requested, I made the “full” version of my previously announced planner! Because my summer has been a lot busier than I expected, I decided to post the planner in parts and not as a whole. Today: August and September.


Because I know I will not be able to finish it in time, and I’ve been informed that some students have already started. I decided I want to give you what I have now, so you can go ahead and start planning your new academic year!

Here’s the link to the Google Drive folder in which I will be posting all new weeklies (plus updated monthlies, because I added August 16 after a request).

What’s in this pack?

  • the updated monthly spreads, in full color and minimalist
  • weeks 31 to 39 (August 1 to October 2), in full color and minimalist
  • my birthday (although I resisted the urge to mark my birthday on it (8/8))

I hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know if there’s a mistake, and tag me in your planner pics! :)

Lots of love!