the back of bill hader's head

Okay, here’s the drill! Hamish (Woody Harrelson) IS the sharpest tool in the shed and he’s sick of being shelved in favour of designers who don’t know their elbow from a set square. He pines for a more powertool position so that he can carve out a better future. With the structural support of his best friend, a wisecracking shovel named Dougie (David Spade), Hamish heads off to Nale University to study architecture. He’s given the cold chisel by the class favourites, Petey (Bill Hader), a protractor, Christopher (Jon Heder), a compass and Charlie (Zach Galifianakis), a calculator who try to SCREW him over, but he doesn’t let them break his spirit level, and goes back to the drawing board  to clamp down, study hard, workshop new ideas and (touch wood) make them eat his sawdust at the big end of year design competition.

So join Hamish, Dougie and a host of total tools as they team up to build this heart wrenching new animated comedy straight from the top shelf, where the performances are anything but wooden, and you might just SHED a tear. Be there or be T-square! From the builders of Soap Opera and Out of the Kitchen.