the back is prettier

there are places i wish i never went to and people i wish i never met and i’m sorry i can’t let you in. i’m sorry mostly to myself, for potentially missing out on a good thing. i’m sorry if you look at me and see only a blank space where my emotions used to be. i’ve gotten so used to covering up, so used to being anything but myself, so used to second-guessing my words to the point where i don’t speak at all, i forgot you’re not like everybody else.

but you could be, that’s the thing. you could leave and never look back. you could find somebody prettier, smarter, more selfless than me. you could sweep the rug from under my feet. and i can’t go through it. i can’t. so i keep my mouth shut and do anything i can to look pretty. so i ignore your calls and the nice things you say to me. so i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i don’t know how to change things.

—  anuptaphobia
*.:。✿*° MASTERLIST °*✿。:.*

I decided to give my masterlist a revamp since I’m coming back for 2017. It’s a bit more organised and prettier lmao. Enjoy, lovelies ♥.

* = mature content

i wrote so much smut in 2015 daaaaamn.


Holiday Blues Lead To…? *

Barbados Bonding



“How Many Is A Few?”

Unidentified Model

Jilted At The Altar

“Don’t Be Mad, Daddy.” *

The Tattooed Florist

Baby Baptism


✧  All requests from before I took a break from Tumblr ✧

Surprising The Sick

Plane Rides

Announcing Pregnancy

Disadvantages Of Pregnancy *


Touch My Body Challenge

Telling Pattie



✧  Numbers indicate parts to an imagine ✧

Time Limit *

Mutual *

Facetime *

Teach Me * 1 - 2

Confessions Over Dinner 1 - 2

Ellen Interview 

Huge Argument

Daddy *

Drunken “I Miss You”s 1 - 2

Anal *

Rough *

What Did You Call Me? *

Drunk Justin

Tell Daddy *


Girl On Girl

Fight 1 - 2



Bored Of Me



Breaking In

Jealous *

About that bb/childhood friends sheith au

I’m sorry I couldn’t muster up the energy to make this better. ;;

Basically they’re super close until Shiro has to go away for a few years for military training, etc. Then he comes back and Keef is Much Bigger, Prettier, and Very Happy to See Him. 

There are hugs. But Keef has no idea it’s no longer age appropriate to kiss ur childhood soulmate. Or look at them like that. 

Darling, you are the sun and while the sun may sometimes set it always, always rises.
—  Just another metaphor for always getting back on your feet even when you’re wiped out on the ground thinking you’ll never get up because the stars look prettier from down here, 19/08/2015

“Well, sometimes, you just have to operate on faith.”

Jeonghan as Your Boyfriend

Let’s hope my productivity will continue after school starts :)

This was requested by this lovely anon and since I’m kinda doing a boyfriend series now I was thinking about “what would sex be like with ___” but I already write a few things about it in these too so idk


  • Wants you to braid his hair
  • Buys you flower crowns
  • Kisses you at random times
  • You could be walking through a crowded street and he’ll just be like “God she’s so pretty, gotta kiss her”
  • Type of guy to fill your room with balloons on your birthday so that when you open the bedroom door you see a giant mountain of balloons
  • “I’m in love with you”
  • When you meet with the other members they’d be like “Wow you’re so pretty” and Jeonghan would just hide you behind his back and be like “Back off she’s mine”
  • “Hey guys look my girlfriend is even prettier than me”
  • Worried about you all the time
  • You can hit your waist to the kitchen counter and he’ll be like “SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE”
  • Boops your nose all the time
  • Amusement park dates
  • “Jeonghan you’re MY boyfriend not Seungcheol’s”
  • Soonyoung always asks you “So is he good in bed?”
  • And just before you can answer Jeonghan grabs you by your arm and pulls you away from him “okAY that’s enoUGH”
  • Likes to watch movies with his head on your knees
  • Sometimes he gets really emotional and start talking about how you’re very important to him
  • “Did you know that I love you a lot?”
  • punisHMENTS
  • “Don’t you think that dress is a little short, kitten?”
  • You know you’re going to get some when he calls you kitten
  • He has a thing for chokers
  • Likes it when you pull his hair
  • His favourite place to have sex is the couch


Sorry, but requests are CLOSED.


Here’s a clearer (no really!) version of the Billy & Mandy college short from 1995.  There weren’t even sentient robots back then.  Crazy, right?  Also, there was no Flash animation or any of the modern tools that make animation prettier and less toil.  Back in my day, we used to animate 300 feet in the snow, backwards!