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The Moon

i loved this bit but not many people listen to this podcast so here it is, it has absolutely nothing to do with the bachelor family of television shows


~Before after!~

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

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Thank you so much @thebleedingwoodland for tagging me! :D It has been fun, doing this. especially… what happened next. 

Anyway, I guess the before>after speaks for itself. And here you see what I mean with ‘makeup’s supporting her sculpt’ ^- ~ 

Also, fair warning. DO NOT clone Bella…:

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Have some regular simblr post, -insert rambling about CAS and stuff here-  

‘cuz Greenie tweaked and made some sims today! :D

*Hears new followers gasps in the background because they probably thought that I’m one of those ‘I only make CC’ -simblrs*

Anyways! Tweaked Bella some more, and uhm… not that you can really see but I tried to get some of her facial shapes to look a bit like Gina Lollobrigida (Excuse my love for vintage stuff XD), which basically means

*drumrolls please!* 

Ts2 Bella+TS1 Bella+Gina Lollobrigida= My ts3 Bella AKA Here have a smoothie! :D

Yes, I know she doesn’t look anything like the actress, but I used 3 different references- or well it’s more of a excuse to find out how to get her nose to look less big and somewhat better?

Thennnn we have this guy! I bet people who don’t read the post will go all ‘OMG YOUR MORTIMER IS SO HOT’ whereas I will laugh because uhm… well I used Gunther as a base, but nope not even Goth related (or is he? hmm)

TL;DR: I made sims



MUSCARI PICTON for @cuteplumbbies bachelor challenge

family oriented ; green thump ; proper ; nurturing ; easily impressed

My name is Muscari, most people call me Usca. I don’t mind either way actually.. I grow up in a little house in the intercity of Aurora skies with my younger sister and father. Growing up i always spent my days in the forest or near the waterfalls to learn about the plant life. Botanic just fascinates me a lot. I would like to live a place where i can have my own little garden someday. Besides plant life, i also really like the idea of a big family since growing up with only one sister and an parent. Adoption is differently something i also want at some point.

I’m not the most experienced person in for dating and never really have much luck. And coming to that point in life, where i have thoughts about family and life with someone. The idea of signing up for this wasn’t that bad and Pilly seem kind and hopefully could be the one.

The Goth Family, Addams Family Style

An ancient and illustrious family, the Goth family (related to the Crumplebottom and Bachelor families by marriage) is infamous for their eccentricity and exuding style and tradition like no other family. 

~ Mortimer Goth ~ Counterpart of: Gomez Addams

Cheerful and outgoing, Mortimer brings his old country upbringing into the modern age. He is sometimes cheeky in nature, and is not one to be afraid of expressing himself. Prone to periodical bouts of foul moods, and having a prudently decadent sense of joie de vivre, Mortimer can either be a pain in the butt or a true delight. Other than being a brilliant scientist and a music synthesiser, Mortimer also takes an interest in the occult and has an unusual fondness for insects.

~ Bella Goth (née Bachelor) ~ Counterpart of: Morticia Addams

Bella - her name in Italian means “beauty” and it fits her better than her red leather corset. Descended from a long line of occultists, mystics and decadents, she has thrown convention to the wind. Her disdain for the pedestrian and normal is only matched by her sense of ennui and isolation. She distracts herself from this world with a little organ practice and exotic gardening of the lethal variety.

~ Cassandra Goth ~ Counterpart of: Wednesday Addams

In essence, Cassandra is her father’s child in terms of hobbies, interests, and external conduct, even though she looks very much like her mother. She is the quiet, mysterious type. Nobody ever knows quite what she’s thinking. She is naturally curious, peculiar in nature, has a certain level of angst bubbling just beneath the surface and like her father, is prone to bouts of foul moods.

Michael Bachelor ~ Counterpart of: Uncle Fester

A former athlete and now a Half-Average Joe next door, Michael lives between two worlds and frequently finds himself at odds with the shenanigans of his extended family (as much as he loves them). He has never really known what to do with his life, as his passions seem to evaporate as fast as they materialise.

~ Bonehilda ~ Counterpart of: Lurch


~ Agnes Crumplebottom ~ Counterpart of: Granny Frump

The Widow Darling is infamous for her reign of terror, preying upon the scantily clad and the public displayers of affection by beating them with her legendary purse. Once a bombshell of a woman with a blossoming fondness for family and romance, grief and despair took over her life when her husband Erik died during their honeymoon. She has turned for the worse since then, but nevertheless presses on with life the only way she knows how.

~ Gunther Goth ~ Counterpart of: Grandpapa Addams

Gunther’s family has a long, rich history in SimNation, and though he is wealthy, he has never allowed it to incite vices and simply seems comfortable. He brought his family from the old country when his son, Mortimer, was just a lad. Having amassed quite a fortune, he is founding father of the neighbourhood. Once a high-ranking corporate man in the family business, he then turned into the world of academia to pursue his passions and fix his marriage. 

~ Cornelia Goth (née Crumplebottom) ~ Counterpart of: Grandmama Addams

Impeccably mannered and ornately refined, she often gives off a certain air of imperiousness, but she is not snooty. Like her husband, she is humble, and is very warm and courteous, but much more reserved. The steadfast Cornelia is the founder of the Sim City Bridge Society and enjoys high tea and phrenology. She is thankful to have her granddaughter, Cassandra, so nearby.

Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg

That same year - 1882 - during a visit to his mother´s native Altenburg, Konstantin met Princess Elisabeth Auguste Marie Agnes, daughter of Prince Moritz of Saxe-Altenburg and his wife Auguste, formerly a Princess of Saxe-Meiningen. Born on Wednesday, January 25, 1865, in Meiningen, the sixteen-year-old Princess was a slim young woman with a long neck and narrow waist, and light brown hair coiled in a fringe atop her head. The Grand Duke´s mother, Alexandra Iosifovna, pushed the pair toward marriage; Princess Elisabeth seemed amenable enough to the idea, but Konstantin Konstantinovich was less certain. It took nearly two year for the young Grand Duke to finally work  up the courage to propose. He could have remained a bachelor, but family pressure on him was enormous; by this time, his brother Nicholas Konstantinovich had been living in disgrace in exile for ten year, and there was little doubt that his father´s estates would devolve upon him - a fact that would necessitate heirs. Expectation may have pushed the Grand Duke toward a proposal. In the end, it is difficult to say what his true feelings about Elisabeth may have been.

Greg King & Penny Wilson: Gilded Prism


This season…..on The Bachelor:

Spunky, family oriented bachelor Pilly Weeping Willow will take on the challenge of inviting 7 different contestants into The Bachelor Mansion and finding out whether or not his ‘’true love’’ is one of them.

Are you ready for breathtaking, tear jerking, heart shredding episodes of this season’s The Bachelor?

The contestants will be residing in this house made by @morgibritt and we’ll be using the tags PWWBC along with each episode’s tags PWWBCEP1, PWWBCEP2 etc! Feel free to blacklist those if you do not want to see them on your dash :)

The Signs on the TV show The Bachelor

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries - the fake bitch in the house

Taurus - ignores drama and everyone else in the house, only there for the bachelor

Gemini - the one who treats it more like a competition than a quest for love

Cancer - the one that cries every episode

Leo - the vain but gorgeous bitchy one, always starting drama

Virgo - the only virgin in the house

Libra - the one who sleeps in makeup

Scorpio - makes out with the bachelor every chance they get

Sagittarius - sabotages the other girls

Capricorn - is only there for the amazing vacations. fakes the romance

Aquarius - the one who gossips and joins in with all the drama

Pisces - gets the first impression rose so everyone hates them but they’re actually really sweet

So you’re newly single, you’re wondering which one is The One, or you’ve been chosen to headline a network dating reality show. Regardless of your reasons (and so long as they’re the right reasons), you’re desperate to know about a future love. 

Well, kid, this spread was designed just for you! Based on the Bachelor family of products (one of my favorite guilty pleasures), this spread will give you a peak at the joys and pitfalls of your next relationship!

  1. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelorex: The attitude and any scars you bring into the relationship.
  2. The First Impression Rose: Your first impression of the datemate in question
  3. One on One: The beginning of your relationship; usually the “honeymoon phase”
  4. Two on One: Any challenges you’ll face or choices you’ll have to make in your relationship
  5. Group Dates: How your new partner gets along with your friends
  6. Hometowns: How your partner will get along with your family
  7. Fantasy Suites: Your private life together. This could be about your sex life, but more generally it’s about your day to day when you’re alone together
  8. The Final Rose: The final outcome of the relationship

(Forgive the clunky design job. This is my first time doing a mock-up like this and, frankly, this spread is super tongue in cheek so I don’t totally mind it.)

The Babysitter || CLOSED || impossible-gal


John Smith was an ordinary man. A professor and doctor in theoretical physics, as well as a musician and an artist on the side in his free time. He had eventually grown into a friendship with his neighbor, Dave Oswald, and as the years went by he watched him meet his wife and go from a messy, stereotypical bachelor to a family man and a father. No, he wasn’t Dave best friend in the slightest, nor was he John’s. But they kept in touch: exchange of small Christmas gifts and birthday cards, a night on John’s balcony with an ice cold beer.

But the one thing John swore to never do for anyone was babysit. There was a reason he taught adults– he had no wife, let alone children, and was from a very small family that was mostly too dead to produce any young relatives for him to deal with. But somehow Dave managed to wrangle him into doing it.

The first night was a trial. Dave and his wife, Ellie assured him that their little Clara merely needed a small dinner that evening, along with a bedtime story before she’d be out like a light. So he sighed to himself nervously, sending them off before going into the unknown realm of babysitting.

100 HORSE BREEDS 39. Przewalski Horse

Przewalski’s horse, or Dzungarian horse, is a rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse native to the steppes of central Asia. In the 15th century, Johann Schiltberger recorded one of the first European sightings of the horses in the journal of his trip to Mongolia as a prisoner of the Mongol Khan. The horse is named after the Russian colonel Nikolai Przhevalsky (1839–1888) (the name is of Polish origin and “Przewalski” is the Polish spelling). He was the explorer and naturalist who first described the horse in 1881, after having gone on an expedition to find it, based on rumors of its existence. Many of these horses were captured around 1900 by Carl Hagenbeck and placed in zoos. As noted above, about twelve to fifteen reproduced and formed today’s population.

The native population declined in the 20th century due to a combination of factors, with the wild population in Mongolia dying out in the 1960s. The last herd was sighted in 1967 and the last individual horse in 1969. Expeditions after this failed to locate any horses, and the species had been designated “extinct in the wild” for over 30 years. After 1945 only two captive populations in zoos remained, in Munich and in Prague. The most valuable group, in Askania Nova, Ukraine, was shot by German soldiers during World War II occupation, and the group in the United States had died out. Competition with livestock, hunting, capture of foals for zoological collections, military activities, and harsh winters recorded in 1945, 1948 and 1956 are considered to be the main causes of the decline in the Przewalski’s horse population. By the end of the 1950s, only 12 individual Przewalski’s horses were left in the world.

Since 2011, Prague Zoo has transported twelve horses to Mongolia in three rounds, in cooperation with partners and it plans to continue to return horses to the wild in the future. In the framework of the project Return of the Wild Horses it sustains its activities by supporting local inhabitants. The Zoo has the longest uninterrupted history of breeding of Przewalski’s horses in the world and keeps the studbook of this species. As for the endangerment of the Przewalski’s horse, the status was changed from “extinct in the wild” to “endangered” in 2005. On the IUCN Red List, they were reclassified from “extinct in the wild” to “critically endangered” after a reassessment in 2008 and from “critically endangered” to “endangered” after a 2011 reassessment.

Today most “wild” horses, such as the American Mustang or the Australian Brumby, are actually feral horses descended from domesticated animals that escaped and adapted to life in the wild. In contrast, the Przewalski’s horse has never been domesticated and remains the only truly wild horse in the world today. Przewalski’s horse is one of three known subspecies of Equus ferus, the others being the domesticated horse Equus ferus caballus, and the extinct tarpan Equus ferus ferus. There are still a number of other wild equines, including three species of zebra and various subspecies of the African wild ass, onager (including the Mongolian wild ass), and kiang.

In the wild, Przewalski’s horses live in small, permanent family groups consisting of one adult stallion, one to three mares, and their common offspring. Offspring stay in the family group until they are no longer dependent, usually at two or three years old. Bachelor stallions, and sometimes old stallions, join bachelor groups. Family groups can join together to form a herd that moves together.

The patterns of their daily lives exhibit horse behavior similar to that of feral horse herds. Stallions herd, drive and defend all members of their family, while the mare often displays leadership in the family. Stallions and mares stay with their preferred partner for years. While behavioral synchronization is high among mares, stallions other than the main harem stallion are generally less stable in this respect.

Horses maintain visual contact with their family and herd at all times and have a host of ways to communicate with one another, including vocalizations, scent marking, and a wide range of visual and tactile signals. Each kick, groom, tilt of the ear, or other contact with another horse is a means of communicating. This constant communication leads to complex social behaviors among Przewalski’s horses.